Thursday, October 27, 2011

ANCYL Mass Action - Pretoria

TRAFFIC CHAOS can be expected in Johannesburg and Pretoria for the following two days: 27 - 28 October 2011. Let’s hope that this is the worst chaos we can expect, and that in the event things do turn out nasty, that it will be the final nail in the coffin for the ANCYL and their clown president.

With 27 October also being Oliver Tambo’s birthday, I have a suspicion that the ecstatic merriment will, in all probability, get out of hand, and that the wishes of many for free board and lodging are going to come true – at taxpayers expense of course, in jail!

The Tshwane Metro Police has approved the planned “night vigil”
(see precise definition below) by the ANC Youth League that will be held on Thursday night, ahead of the march to the Union Buildings on Friday.

"The approval was granted after the Youth League secured the use of the City's Caledonian Stadium in Arcadia," said spokesperson Console Tleane.

Definition of “Night Vigil”
The term is ‘monkey speak’ for orgiastic chimpouts involving lots of booze, fried chicken and frenzied copulating. – Sourced from an article entitled: Is this the start of Uhuru? – A chilling analysis by the Uhuru Guru, which I recommend readers take note of, but whatever you do… DON’T PANIC! 

It is anticipated that the throngs of protester will enter Pretoria on Thursday late afternoon from Johannesburg – that is IF thunderstorms and rain don’t disperse them! The marchers will enter the City at the intersection of Trichard Road and Samrand Road, using the R101 (Old Joburg-Pta Road) where they will be met by and escorted by the Tshwane Metro Police.

The Weather
According to the weather forecast, there’s a 20 percent probability that Pretoria can expect some thunderstorms late in the afternoon. The probability of rain on Friday is 53 percent. 

I receive a 3-Day weather forecast everyday, sponsored by It us normally about 90 percent accurate!
The Route
There doesn’t seem to be any clarity on the exact route of the march. Jacaranda FM has published the route here, but it doesn’t make sense, unless there are several different routes that are going to be followed from the south and south-easterly directions.

Nevertheless… if I have to use my savvy, I’ll say the different routes will probably be as follows:

 (I’ve underlined the Pretoria suburbs that may be affected)

First Route:
Although the main body of the procession will start at Cnr Trichard Road and Samrand Road near Samrand Business Park, I suspect that large crowds will be moving through the suburb of Valhalla - (many of the roads mentioned by Jacaranda FM are located in Valhalla). The crowds will most probably use Ruimte Road and the Old Joburg-Pta Road, passing through the suburbs of Wierdapark, Eldoraigne, and Clubview on route to Valhalla. Others suburbs that may be affected are Hennopspark, Bronberrick, Swartkop Golf Estate, and Glen Lauriston.  From Valhalla some crowds will probably proceed along Snake Valley Road, while others will continue along the old Joburg-Pta Road all the way into Eeufees Road, passing the Voortrekker Monument, on route to Nelson Mandela Drive, and finally turning right into Pretorius Street and then into Caledonian Stadium in Arcadia.

Second Route:
Another most likely route from Cnr Trichard Road and Samrand Road will be along Olievenhoutbosch Avenue, through Eco-Park Estate and Highveld Techno Park. Others may proceed in the same direction, but along Nelmapius Drive, and meet up later with the rest along John Vorster Drive near the Centurion CBD. From there they’ll have no option but to travel through the suburbs of Lyttelton along Botha Avenue, which eventually becomes Christina De Wet Avenue - and finally Nelson Mandela Drive.

Third Route:
I’m reasonably convinced that some crowds travelling from Johannesburg will follow the Ben Schoeman Freeway (N1) all the way into the city. It is after-all the quickest route.

Road Closures

The following intersections will be closed for traffic for the procession into Caledonian Stadium on Thursday:

Cnr Nelson Mandela Drive and Willow Road

Cnr Nelson Mandela Drive and Walker Street

Cnr Nelson Mandela Drive and Jacob Mare/ Rissik Streets

Cnr Nelson Mandela Drive and Visagie Street

Cnr Nelson Mandela Drive and Skinner Street

Cnr Nelson Mandela Drive and Schoeman Street

Cnr Nelson Mandela Drive and Pretorius Street

The following intersections will be closed during the march to the Union Buildings on Friday:

Cnr Pretorius Street and Beatrix Street.

Cnr Pretorius Street and Hamilton Street.

Cnr Pretorius Street and Leyds.

Traffic Free Zone on Friday

Traffic free zone will be imposed on Friday before the march. The march is expected to commence at 10h00, from Caledonian Stadium to Union Buildings. The following intersections will be closed to create a traffic free zone:

From Cnr Church and Hamilton Street until Church and Becket Street

From Cnr Hamilton and Soutpansberg Road until Hamilton and Church Street

From Cnr Pretorius and Leydes Street until Vermeulen and Zeederberg Street

From Cnr Beatrix and Vermeulen Street until Vermeulen and Church Street 

Sourced from:

The Johannesburg routes for the mass action can be viewed here. 


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