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Dark clouds on South Africa’s horizon

This posting contains a short excerpt sourced from a recently published book, authored by Pieter Oosthuizen. The book’s title is: The Neo-Genocide of Afrikaners: Perpetual genocide of Afrikaners in South Africa - (Volume 1). boasts a great feature by which one can look inside certain pages of a book. Of course, they make it impossible to simply copy/paste the text. The only way to retrieve the text is thus by physically typing it into a new document. This is how I was able to publish the words here, with the hope that Mr. Oosthuizen’s excellent book will receive worldwide publicity from My Simple Online Abode (MYSOA).

Again - as with so many other books dealing with controversial subjects like these, it is regrettable that the book is not available in South Africa’s biggest online store,

The author holds both a B Com Hons, and a BA Hons degree. He studied National Strategy at the former Rand Afrikaans University, specializing in Revolutionary War. He holds a present interest in Ethnocultural Warfare, and Genocides in the modern age.

Dark clouds on South Africa’s horizon
Sourced from Chapter 4 (Pg 12-13) - The Neo-Genocide of Afrikaners: Perpetual genocide of Afrikaners in South Africa - (Volume 1).

by Pieter Oosthuizen

News 24 reports on March 20, 2009 that approximately 30 South Africans are arrested in Brazil each month on charges of smuggling narcotic drugs. South Africa emerged as a key position in the global business of the smuggling with narcotics.

On February 4, 1994 a farmer in the Ogies district, near Witbank in Mpumalanga, was brutally murdered.

Solidarity’s list of victims reports as follows:

“Johannes George Prinsloo (64) of the farm Wildebeestfontein was assaulted by three men. Prinsloo was tortured for hours – his toe and fingernails were pulled out with a pair of pliers. He was stabbed and burned with heated firing tongs or stoking iron, all over his body.  His corpse was covered in whip lashes. His torturers forced the late Mr. Prinsloo to lie on burning coals.  He died of multiple injuries.  An inquest found that his genitals were bruised, his neck and skull were broken and his teeth were smashed.  His spleen was also torn.”

This is only one of the gruesome murders that devastate the Afrikaner community.  The debate whether these incidents are politically motivated, is irrelevant.  According to the American Armed Forces these are typical injuries in war, and genocides. The white South African community is blissfully unaware that they are involved in, and the targets of, one of the most grisly revolutionary wars within living memory.  They are also unaware of the fact that they are perceived to be the enemy, as well as the targets of terrorists.

Years of communist inspired state-propaganda and psychological warfare against the Afrikaner is taking its toll.

The ignorance is primarily due to the Marxist government’s control and manipulation of the media. That the media is important to the Marxist ANC/SACP alliance government is proven by resolution 9, as taken in Pietersburg (Polokwane) regarding the SABC:

Resolution 9, number 25 states: “The public broadcaster, the SABC, continues to play a critical role in shaping opinions of our Nation and therefore remains an important role player in the National Democratic Revolution.”

The ANC was interweaved with communism since 1928 and with the help and under instruction of the KOMINTERN (the Russia based, international management of global communism) deliberately and purposefully worked to establish a black, communist government in South Africa.

Terrorism, international terrorism as well as international organizations like the United Nations, terrorism states and strategically based communists in Western intelligence services, under which Britain’s M15’s executive chief, were instruments in the ANC’s communist struggle.  Over a period of 66 years it collaborated to establish a black communist government in South Africa.

With the presentation of South Africa to the Marxist ANC/SACP government in 1994 a whole lot of organizations rejoiced because of the 728 airports, 4700 kilometers of shore-line which landed in their laps.  Transnational crime syndicates won one of their greatest awards ever.  “Progressive” terrorist organizations jubilated about the strengthening of their ranks.  The SACP could now incessantly build their type of East Germany, like it promised in Havana in 1989.  The cultural Marxists’ grip on dark South Africa was complete.  The advocates of traditional religions could, with the aid of government, brace the traditional beliefs in the rest of Africa.

Previous terrorist comrades of the ANC, like SWAPO, FRELIMO, ZANU, PF, MPLA, and the POLISARIO FRONT, rejoiced in their comrades’ acquisition of South Africa.

Sourced from chapter 4 – (Pages 12 and 13) : The Neo-Genocide of Afrikaners: Perpetual genocide of Afrikaners in South Africa - (Volume 1) by Pieter Oosthuizen.

Published: August 2011
ISBN: 9781463675387
Pages: 316


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