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The ANC’s Scam of Unity in Diversity

I’d like to remind folks that the ancestors of all the diverse peoples of this beautiful country called “South Africa” - the many minority groups plus the Black African majority, who are now sitting in high places, from where they rule the roost with complicated (and costly) un-sophistication, were once all foreign migrants to the southern region of this African continent. The only exception is the hunter-gatherer peoples of southern Africa, commonly referred to as Bushman or San and their historic rivals, the Khoikhoi, who entered South Africa from the north through Botswana.

The only reason why I’m mentioning this at the beginning of this posting, is because I get the impression nowadays that we, and especially White African Europeans, have all forgotten this vital fact.

Just like the World Cup Soccer event of 2010, the sport god, in the guise of “Die Bokke”, is once again being utilized to its max to shove the falsehood down our throats that we are all one and the same, and that we must all accept this fact whether we like it, or not. The media is constantly reminding us not to forget to wear our green and gold rugby jerseys on rugby-Fridays; we must all do whatever we can to show our support for our multiethnic “Bokke”; we must wave the flag; we must, jump, skip, hop, and shout “Go Bokke” with such enthusiasm that those who do not participate must eventually feel as guilty as hell!
“Go out there and do your best, and that best, is to bring the trophy back to Mzansi. That is your national duty.” - President Jacob Zuma’s words to the Springbok Rugby team, August 2011. – Source
While countless South Africans, from diverse nationalities, religions and cultures, are being brainwashed by the mainstream media to worship their amalgamated breed of multiethnic sport-gods, the ANC Government is preparing their next onslaught on minorities, aimed at demolishing their heritage, their unique identities, and ultimately their God-given rights - once and for all!

This final onslaught by the ANC, under the guise of the motto “Unity in Diversity”, is going to rage for a full year during 2012. It is called the “ANC Centennial Celebrations 2012”, in remembrance of the ANC’s 100 years of history.
God help us if Mandela kicks the bucket next year!
“Comrade, friends, fellow South Africans, The ANC centenary represents a milestone achievement not only for the ANC, but for all liberation movements in the continent and the African peoples in general.” - President Jacob Zuma. - Click here to view more.
Incidentally, the ANC celebrations will also incorporate the golden jubilee of the birth of their terrorist army, uMkhonto weSizwe (MK).

On the ANC’s official website they have dedicated a considerable number of pages dealing with THEIR 100 years of history. Their exposition starts off with the years 1860-1912, where they draw attention to certain historical facts, such as: “The Cape Influence, then “The Great Trek and the Wars of Resistance”, followed by the big lie about the so-called ‘defeat of their people’ – followed by more lies (mixed with some truths) about “Diamonds and Gold”, “Mission Education and Christianity”, “Economic Interdependence and American Influences”, “The South African War and the Union of South Africa”, and so on.

While the ANC have quite a lot to say about European origins, and how the land was invaded by them, very little (almost nothing) is mentioned about the true origins of the Black African in the southern region of this continent, and how the bloody tribal wars between them left a vast portion of the country in a state of ruin and chaos BEFORE White leaders like the Voortrekker, Andries Hendrik Potgieter,
who incidentally was also born and bred on African soil, arrived on the scene.

The ANC website makes brisk mention of one tribal war under the heading, “The Great Trek and the Wars of Resistance”. The relevant paragraph reads as follows:

“Several wars of dispossession were waged throughout the nineteenth century. These affected the kingdoms of the Xhosa, Tswana, Sotho and Zulu, among others. As these wars were taking place there were other various wars amongst the indigenous peoples themselves, e.g. the Mfecane.”

There is no mention that their own African descendants were also once foreigners to this land, and that much of the land they inhabited was stolen (forcibly invaded) from other peace-loving indigenous folk. This fact is largely hidden or suppressed, and where mention is made thereof, the facts and dates are often grossly distorted, or the blame is somehow shifted on the European inhabitants of the country, and that horrible old system known worldwide as “apartheid”.

There is no mention on the ANC’s online propaganda-pages of the true origins of the mighty Zulu nation, and that these people, together with the Swazi, Phuthi, Xhosa, Thembu, Pondo, Ndebele, and Ngoni, where once known as the “Nguni People”, whose true origins are from Egypt. The descendants of these diverse people were thus all migrants from Egypt – the whole lot!

There was seldom unity among those Nguni people, and I’m sure that if they had the ability to write and record their history like the Europeans have done, there would have been volumes upon volumes of war books on the shelves,
probably with red stickers on, warning that the content may upset sensitive readers.

The hard reality of the fact is that there is no such thing as “Unity in Diversity”, for diversity is a God-given completely natural phenomenon that cannot be unified no-matter how hard we try. It’s like mixing oil with water, weeds with flowers, donkeys with lions, and President Zuma with the Queen of England. The unity being forced upon us is thus a bogus money-wasting scam! Attempts at achieving it in a multiethnic multicultural society will only produce the same results one can expect when a rugby ball is thrown into a soccer field… Chaos!

The beauty of our creation lies in its diversity and the natural state of things. For example - when there were differences among the Nguni people, they took the natural route, split up, and defined new boundaries. By a gradual process involving much bloodshed, new tribal identities where eventually born. The same principle applies to many other nations, including the Boer/Afrikaner nation.

Birth of something new inevitably always involves bloodshed, yet in our attempts to avoid bloodshed we often infringe upon the very laws of nature. Consequently, creating unity in a diverse multicultural society is going to be a dangerous and costly mission, which will further the agenda of one group only and eventually lead to the inescapable fate of minority groups in years to come. In the process blood will continue to flow by the cruel hands of savages, who will never – not in a 100 years, understand the real meaning of love, unity, and peace!

Then there’s the disturbing issue of the anti-apartheid song “Shoot the Boer, which has been officially outlawed and declared hate speech. The ANC was quick to pronounce how appalled they were with the High Court ruling. How then can any sane person trust an organization to manage a project aimed at unifying a nation, when it so boldly and unashamedly disagrees with a High Court ruling that was made to prevent further racial hatred?

The old mid-17th century proverb which says, "Good fences make good neighbours," has always been the best approach for managing differences in society. In effect, most of us who can afford it live our lives accordingly, but on a smaller scale – to the delight of private security companies, fence and gate makers, wall builders, locksmiths, and goodness knows how many other people involved in the business of providing services and products, designed to warn and protect us from the onslaught of African savages.

The much hated apartheid regime wanted to implement the same approach on a grand scale by granting independence to the Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda, Ciskei, KwaZulu, Lebowa, QwaQwa, and many others. Through the powers of the international media their efforts were mocked, undoubtedly in furtherance of their splendid plan to create the New World Order they now openly boast about.

I know this is all old news, but I cannot help but wonder whether the ANC regrets ever listening to the advice provided by their communist-socialist partners in crime. If they cooperated and listened to the ruling government years ago, none of their freedom songs would have been declared hate speech, for it would have been sung on their side of the fence. 

The year 2012 is going to be a tough and challenging one – there’s no doubt about that!

A beautiful vision destroyed...


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