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South Africa on Fire!

One of the reasons why I hate winters in Gauteng is because the place forever smells like Soshanguve. It does not matter where you happen to be travelling in the province, you WILL sooner or later, be confronted with scenes of smoke and/or fire. The Soshanguvians, Mamelodians, Atteridgevillians, and all the rest who reside in black townships may feel at home with this state of affairs, because where they come from smoke and fire is an ordinary, albeit ‘unnatural’, phenomenon that occurs throughout the year.

What is it with these people and their spellbound passion for fires? They’re crazy bedonnerd about fires; they love making fires; they sit, sing, and dance around fires; they throw things into fires; they pull stuff out of fires; they invite everyone to their fires; the more out of control their fires get, the more crazy they become; they run around holding fires, and torch anything they don’t like with their fires - like trains for example.

Could all this passionate love for fires just be a mysterious inborn yearning to get to their eternal home (hell) as soon as possible?

"With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country."
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (April 1986)

News24 user, Jonathan Henning, was on the Metrorail going to Cape Town when it stopped at Goodwood station due to a fire on board.

According to the latest reports 3 train coaches were torched in Cape Town, in an apparent arson attack at Nolungile station in Khayelitsha on Thursday morning. –
News report here.


Although veld fires are a persistent problem in the country, especially at this time of the year, few people actually know that these fires can be categorized into two basic types, namely: “natural” fires and “unnatural fires”.

NATURAL FIRES typically occur seasonally and the primary source of ignition is lightning. The occurrence thereof is thus most frequent during the rainy seasons. Natural fires are thus not a common occurrence during the dry winter season in Gauteng.

UNNATURAL FIRES, on the other hand, result from the intervention of humans and purposeful or accidental ignitions. The frequency thereof is usually higher than natural fires. These fires mostly occur in the dry season and are often protracted in certain regions by late rains. These fires are often fuelled by strong winds, but in the majority of cases the actual source of ignition or the culprits who caused it, are never exposed.


A recent article by Mike Smith entitled, The return of the Scorched-Earth policy against Boer farmers, suggests that blacks are implementing the exact same terrorist tactics employed during the Anglo Boer war of 1899-1902. His article was inspired by a recent incident that occurred in the North-West province when white farmers attempted to confront four blacks who were suspected of starting a veld fire in the area - in other words, suspected of committing arson. Shots were allegedly fired and a fight broke out between the farmers and the suspects. The two farmers, Attie Haasbroek, 58, and Henna Lochren 63, were arrested and released on R5000 bail each. Their case was postponed to September 15 for further investigation.

Furthermore – outraged (black) community members, who were unhappy because the one farmer was apparently not arrested soon enough, took to the streets, resorting to violence and barricading the road linking Schweizer-Reneke and Pudimoe with… yep, you guessed it - BURNING TYRES! – Fire, fire, fire, and more fire! –
(Full distorted media reporting can be read here). 
The reason why I say the official news report is distorted, is because whoever compiled the report had already made up their mind that the suspected arsonists were innocent. -- “Four SHOCKED occupants were accused of starting the fire, and one of the farmers allegedly fired shots at their vehicle,” Ngubane said. – (Own emphasis added for clarity).

The current fires raging in various places in South Africa all fall into the category of “unnatural” – in other words, caused by humans. It has triggered off immense havoc - to put it mildly!

The following is a brief media-rundown of what’s currently going on in various regions of the country -
(Click the headlines for more info.):

Fire damage to Sunset Ranch Game Lodge in Thabazimbi, Limpopo, is estimated at R16m, the owner's family said on Wednesday.

Eight chalets, the restaurant, bar, offices and a conference centre of the lodge, as well as the owner's house, were gutted when runaway veld fires engulfed the property on Tuesday.

Van der Merwe said most of the wild animals on the farm - including wildebeest, nyala, giraffe and eland - had been killed or had fled from the blaze.

Man burns to death in veld fires
16:26 (GMT+2), Wed, 24 August 2011

A man burnt to death and another was injured during veld fires in the North West, police said on Wednesday.

Ngubane said the fire started on Tuesday morning near Klerkskraal and Rysmierbult.

"The fire was...made uncontrollable by the strong gale force winds which were at some instances blowing at the estimated speed of 53km/h," he said in a statement.

"As a result of this... the areas of Potchefstroom North, Muiskraal, Rysmierbult, Welverdiend, Mooibank, Kromdraai, Parys, Lindequesdrift, Fochville, Enselspruit, Klipdrift and Vredefort Dome were affected."

Over 60,000 hectares of land was destroyed in the fire.

Smoke from the fires, near Potchefstroom, reduced visibility to such an extent there was a three-vehicle pile-up on the N14 between Ventersdorp and Carletonville. The highway was closed.

It was reopened once the fires were brought under control.

In Carletonville, 400 adult cattle and 18 calves burnt to death.

"Some of the cattle were killed instantly by the fire while others had to be put down by members of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and the farm owners," Ngubane said.

Bloemfontein - Five people were hurt and several major roads closed due to veld fires fuelled by strong winds in the northern Free State, North West and southern parts of Gauteng on Tuesday night.

"I cannot tell you at this stage what the damages were, but it was a huge fire. The Koppies Nature Reserve suffered a huge amount of damages."

Esterhuizen said the thick smoke was making work difficult south of Parys. Fires were also raging at Edenville and Heilbron.

SABC news reported that five people were injured when their two cars caught fire near Vredefort, in the northern Free State.

Local Working on Fire spokesperson Saayman Rossouw told OFM radio that 10 firefighting teams had been deployed to Bultfontein, Ficksburg and Clocolan since Monday.

Rossouw said fires were raging in the Steynsrus, Lindley, Kroonstad, Senekal, Edenville and Arlington areas.

Emergency services had their hands full yesterday as multiple veld fires terrorised stretches of rural land in the West of Gauteng up to the Northern parts of the Freestate.

According to ER24 paramedics in Potchefstroom isolated veld fires started early in the morning, but became more erratic and out of control as the fires were fuelled by winds of up to 60km/h. By 16:00 the fires were described as being vicious. 12 veld fires, some stretching as far as 80km wide were being reported throughout the area.

Paramedics attended to multiple motor vehicle collision in the area as thick smoke created adverse driving conditions. One particular incident had 3 bakkies and a truck collide into each other in Vogville at 10:00.


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Sooner or later these turd world savages are going to burn down the K4-express train (gautrain).These pathetic sub-sub simian bipeds have never invented or designed or developed anything but chaos. They are parasitical and pathetic.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The Gautrain has already been brought to a grinding halt TWICE in one month, by copper thieves. It’s only a matter of time before they torch it with flames.

More fire…
Protesting residents set fire to Schubart Park flats in Pretoria this morning (Friday, 26 Aug 2011) – News report here.

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Looking at the crowd by the "trial" of malema I have the following to say:"SA is f***ed".

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