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Malema’s “Regime Change” in Botswana Rebuked

The following is an excerpt from a media statement, dated 5 October 2010, by President Zuma on the occasion of the state visit of his Excellency Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama of the Republic of Botswana to the Republic of South Africa:

5 October 2010

“Ladies and gentlemen of the media. The President of the Republic of Botswana, His Excellency Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama, is on a State Visit to the Republic of South Africa from 5 - 6 October 2010. I am delighted that he accepted my invitation to visit our country to further deepen our bilateral relations. His Excellency, President Khama and I held official talks this morning. We acknowledged the closeness of the peoples of the two countries in terms of cultural, linguistic and family ties, as well as geographical proximity. We reiterated the need for our two countries to mutually support each other in our endeavours to build a better future for all of our people. We also want to continue working together to create opportunities which will ensure economic and industrial development leading to job creation and alleviation of poverty. Our two countries currently have structured cooperation in the form of a Joint Permanent Commission for Co-operation as well as a Joint Permanent Commission for Co-operation on Defence and Security. Building on the good work done by the two structures, today we decided to elevate our relations into a Bi-National Commission, which will be presided over by the two Heads of State. The BNC will meet annually alternating between Pretoria and Gaborone. Under the auspices of the current bilateral mechanism, a wide range of Agreements are in operation, including Agriculture; Water; Transport; Environmental Affairs; Tourism; Trade; Aviation; Search and Rescue; Science and Technology; Health; Justice; Sport; and Arts and Culture…” –
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Enter Julius Malema…

On Sunday (31 July 2011) at a media conference in Boksburg, ANCYL president Julius Malema pronounced his intentions of establishing a "Botswana Command Team which will work towards uniting all opposition forces in Botswana to oppose the puppet regime of Botswana led by the Botswana Democratic Party". The idiot further remarked that "BDP led Botswana is a foot stool of imperialism, a security threat to Africa and always under constant puppetry of the United States." –
(Full report here)

Visions of Malema’s coup d'état were still bouncing back and forth between the snotty murkiness of his vacant brain, when the ANC Government made the following urgent public announcement:
The African National Congress has totally rejected and publicly rebuked the ANC Youth League on its extremely thoughtless and embarrassing pronouncements on "regime change" in Botswana.

According to the ANC, its Youth League had insulted the President (the Honourable Ian Khama), the government and the people of Botswana.

"A threat to destabilize and effect regime change in Botswana is a clear demonstration that the ANCYL's ill- discipline has clearly crossed the political line."

Malema on Sunday said that he knew that Botswana was "in discussions to open a military base for the imperialists" and that the present government of Botswana had the potential to co-operate in this matter.

The ANC said it had no policy of effecting regime changes anywhere in the continent and or in the world, and therefore it was totally unimaginable that the Youth League of the ANC could even think of such, let alone lead and put such in the public domain. 

"We want to remind the ANCYL leadership and its membership of Article F of the ANCYL constitution, which states that the ANCYL, is a mass organ of the ANC that function as an autonomous body (not independent) within the overall structure of the ANC which it is an integral part. The ANCYL's life and body politic is based on the political and ideological objectives of the ANC." -
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Additional commentary by Tia Mysoa:

The ANC government should have allowed Malema to go ahead with his actions… and this is why I say so:

Julius Malema obviously does not know the President of Botswana all that well. I don’t think this idiot is even aware that Ian Khama is also the Paramount Chief of the Bamangwato tribe in Botswana. Neither does he understand Botswana’s Laws... 

Sections 90, 91 and 93 of Botswana’s Penal Code contain various provisions on “insult” laws that limit public scrutiny of officials.

For example –

Section 90 (1)
Any person who in a public place or at a public gathering uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour is guilty of an offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months.

Section 91
Any person who does any act or utters any words or publishes any writing with intent to insult or to bring into contempt or ridicule:
(a) the Arms or Ensigns Armorial of Botswana;
(b) the National Flag of Botswana;
(c) the Standard of the President of Botswana;
(d) the National Anthem of Botswana;
is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding P500.

Section 93 (1)
Any person who in a public place or at a public gathering uses abusive, obscene or insulting language in relation to the President, any other member of the National Assembly or any public officer is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding P400.”

A quick search on google revealed that President Ian Khama takes personal insults quite seriously.

A Choppies Supermarket manager, Unnikrishman Bhaskaran was found guilty for insulting President Lt Gen Ian Khama in 2008. An employee of Choppies asked for permission to go to the toilet from Bhaskaran but in response he said, “Go ask it from the president.” These words according to Magistrate Foroma were designed to ridicule the standard of the president. The Choppies Manager was fined P500.
(Full story here)

So there you have it - Malema can get away with all sorts of crimes, including murder, here in South Africa, but not in Botswana. I challenge him to try!

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(Not Malema, I’ve had quite enough of him!)

Beautiful Botswana Okavango Delta


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Laugh Botswana has mal-emma whacked I've been meaning to tell you about what I found out about the mad french couple in sutherland - it wasn't much except that some farmers said they saw that the bodies of the couple were riddlded with holes which is corrobated by pictures I saw in the paper where the walls were covered in strike marks our task force ain't what it was.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I think the ANC should let Mal Enema go ahead. Just past customs a small group of rather humourless Batswana in police uniform will ask him politely to accompany them. Thereafter the Botswana justice system - which by african standards is remarkably competent and efficient - will have it's way with him...

Another thing - The ANC are NOW on RECORD as saying the ANCYL is NOT INDEPENDENT. I am very interested to see if they reign in his hate speech. If they do... Then this is truely the case. If they do not... They have tipped their hand that Mal Enema is either beyond their control and cannot be controlled by them, or he is doing the will of his father and High Priest of the Trouser Snake Cult - Jacob. Either way they are screwed as this now has opened them up to being held liable (legally) for Mal Enemas actions.

This array of miscellaneous Marxist scum have NOTHING to offer this country or any other except destruction and death.

While the West may be losing their ability to moderate the Clown in Charge and the rest of the Circus directly, they have more than enough influence in Botswana. And it is the British - not the Americans who wield no small amount of influence there. The government service is modelled on the British system and their top executives are trained by the British. So is their efficient albeit small army and their Police force. The military base of the US is simply an extension of their long plan to establish a FOB (Forward Operating Base) in Africa, and the LOGICAL place to do it is Botswana. Stable, Educated, Reasonably prosperous and Pro-Western.

Good luck Juju! His Excellency Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama will have your balls for breakfast if you try your dirty little tricks.

Note Mal Enemas complete and utter lack of anything to offer except death and destruction in the name of "duh masses" and "duh peepols". What a dangerous little idiot.

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