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A letter to the ANC exemplifying the brewing hatred towards Whites.

I picked this up from a link provided by an anonymous commentator on one of the recent posts on Sarah Maid of Albion – post name: South Africa. One of the reasons why I’m posting this letter is to show how sick in the head Mr Eric Myeni really is. If this is what he’s prepared to tell the ANC, then imagine what he tells his circle of friends.

An Open letter to the ANC - By Eric Myeni

Dear ANC

When you first came home, you were like a long lost parent to me. I had grown up with stories of your bravery; how you came in and out of the country under cover of darkness to bomb places, fighting for my freedom. Despite this, it was the Tsietsi Mashininis that truly moved me. It was the Stephen Bikos that were immediately inspiring to me. They were here – fighting here, dying here. You, on the other hand, were either in prison, in other lands or in legendary stories.

I felt skeptical ANC. I did not vote in 1994. When everybody queued to exercise their votes on that historic day, I was shooting a movie depicting South Africa as the rape capital of the world. It was fitting because apartheid was essentially about raping people spiritually, economically, socially, physically and in every other way that it could. I wanted to remind the world that we had a lot to undo, that voting alone was not going to solve all our problems.

I withheld my vote in 1994 because I did not know you then ANC, and wished to observe you from the sidelines first, to see if you could be trusted. Four years later, I was truly impressed by how well you had done since your return. I have since voted for you in every election we’ve held since 1994 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Frankly, I don’t see who else can do a better job than you at the political helm of our nation, which is why I am angry at the media’s portrayal of you as a thieving, looting and immoral leader with no ethical boundaries.

It’s been seventeen years since you started running South Africa. An old petrol attendant summed up your leadership throughout this period when he told a friend of mine just before our latest local elections that if anyone should vote for you, it’s South Africa’s whites, because, in his opinion, nothing has changed.

In many respects the old man is right. Many black South Africans are worse off today than they were under apartheid. The gap between South Africa’s rich and poor is the widest on earth. In a nutshell, you have super-charged white people’s stockpiling of wealth, while black South Africans have remained where they were before 1994 or had their fortunes reversed. You have been a brilliant political fighter, but a dismal economic warrior for black South Africans.

Considering that we are in the midst of an economic war, I want you to know that South Africa’s white-owned media are fighting against the advancement of black people in the economic arena, using the same tactics they used during apartheid to block us from attaining political freedom when they used to scream “BLACK DANGER” at the top of their lungs and as often as possible. Those who consumed this media then saw black people as the scariest, least humane and the most crazed people on earth. South Africa’s white media sold this lie as truth in preparation for apartheid politicians to step in, detain us for as long as they wanted for whatever reason they deemed fit, torture us in whatever way they chose and murder us at will without guilt.

Today, this same white media use the same “black danger” tactics to hold black South Africans back on the economic front. The new lie that they are peddling is that we Africans are corrupt thieves who know nothing about financial matters and that, if we are entrusted with any part of our country’s economy, South Africa will become an economic basket case: “Black danger” all over again, by the same white media that did this to us during apartheid.

What I find disturbing about you ANC, is how you have been acting at the behest of this corrupt, racist and selfish media ever since you returned home; the countless number of your true friends that you have kicked in the teeth whenever a white headline traduced them. You did this to Mac Maharaj. You did this to Jacob Zuma. You did it to me twice at the SABC. And yet, when Garreth Cliff tweeted these horrible words: “Manto is dead. Good. A selfish and wicked bungler of the lowest order. Rotten attitude and rancid livers – all three of them ...,” about one of your truest friends and followers, the late Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, you invited him for tea with President Zuma!

Your loyalty to whites, it would seem, is unwavering. Your loyalty to black people, on the other hand, extends as far as the white media dictate. To this day, ANC, you still haven’t honoured those black people who represented you internally while you were in exile through organizations such as the United Democratic Front, like the late Archie Gumede. Yet, you give lectures to honour your white comrades on an annual basis.

I wrote this letter, ANC, to remind you who put you in power; to tell you that our love for you is not unconditional and that your utter economic bias in favour of white South Africa at the expense of black South Africa is undoing all your victories.

When you look in the mirror next time ANC, I want you to remember who you are.

Sincerely yours

Eric Miyeni

Sourced from: www.ciibroadcasting.com

Eric Miyeni – in brief:

Eric Miyeni is a South African writer, actor, radio and television personality. He was previously a columnist for The Sowetan Newspaper. He was sacked recently for writing an offending column about City Press editor Ferial Haffajee. He suggested the veteran journalist had been “deployed by white capitalists to sow discord among blacks”, that she harboured an “utter hatred of ANC politicians” and that in the 1980s she would “probably have had a burning tyre around her neck”. -

Miyeni is known for his role in the drama series Molo Fish and as the presenter of the magazine show Zooming In On Men. He has appeared in numerous films, including Bopha, Cry, the Beloved Country and Dangerous Ground. Miyeni holds a BA Law degree.


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Miyeni holds a BA Law degree.
My, my, what a clever K4(baboon)

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

My sentiments exactly! His a typical dangerous demonic black liberal, and their numbers are growing by the hour.

eduard said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

This uncrowned beast of the field is nothing but a third world savage. There is nothing more scary and dangerous than an educated third world savage. They have memory but no IQ or common sense to be able to reason. Their emotions are their "IQ". The third world savage has a very underdeveloped frontal lobe, hence the lack of planning and the capability for higher thinking. Wilmot Robertson points this out in his monumental work The Dispossesed Majority.

PreatorianXVI said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Maybe he should be shown who these "Privileged Chosen Ones" really are

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Some comments on Miyeni's letter from news24 users:

"OMG what next....... What a total load of cr@p. So because the ANC has not run the country and done more for the black folk, now the whites must be brought into it. Get a life Eric Miyeni" - Taboo

"WOW. AA/BEE favoring whites? You dont say! LOL..
Next joke please.." - Neil

"This Miyeni guy must smoke pot or something. The whites pay the majority of taxes, rand for rand, never mind that they are by far a minority, (fact, he is welcome to check it up), also their rates go about 25% to their areas and 75% to other areas, so they only get a quarter of the value on every rates rand spent. This goes to build infra structure for the poorer and less developed areas. If Miyeni was not so tainted mentally with his subjective racism and hatred he would observe how the ANC, bless their corrupt little souls, have at least robbed plenty from Peter (whites) to pay Paul. (Developing areas.) I actually wish the ANC would take a few satelite pictures from 1990 and 2011 to demonstarte how much infra structure they have put in place. A lot, I assure you, and I am not an ANC psycophant. But Miyeni can hardly suggest the whites are favoured anyway, we pay for it and receive no thanks or recognition, just scathing criticism from economic midgets like Miyeni, Mugabe and malema, the 3 stooges of southern africa!" - roboman1

"Guys, some of the things he is saying is true - most black people are worse off than what they were before the ANC took over. But what Miyeni does not mention, or where he has it totally wrong - the people in power are so concerned about there own pockets, they do not care about job creation or sharing wealth. Look at Julius Malema, R16m house, cars, lavish lifestyle - look at the millions of tax payers money used to buy houses for parliamentarians.What about the taxpayers money being spent on R1 million parties, holidays. So it has NOTHING to do with the ANC favouring whites, it has ALL to do with the ANC favouring THEMSELVES." - Christelle

"Oh please honestly Eric, this glorification of the ‘struggle’ is such a bunch of rubbish. If 350 years of white minority rules kept us from becoming another Angola, Nigeria, DRC or Zimbabwe etc then it was all worth it. Eric go and see for yourself what a country looks like which became independent 40- 50 years ago. See what the traffic and living conditions are in Lagos or Luanda – it will open your eyes dude. Both Angola and Nigeria are blessed with some of the biggest oil reserves in the world but strangely the money ‘never seems to reach the people’. Because the African way dictates that ‘the leaders eat first and the people get the left overs (if anything)'. Talk to the Nigerians or Angolans about free houses and social grants and they will laugh at you. Our people complain about poverty but they get fee education, free medical care, housing etc already!" - jnrb71

Sourced from: news24.com

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

KO, we all know about the problems, where they come from and where the land, with us, is heading. Some say "Get out now", that might be possible for some but not for most.

What I have not heard any body come up with, is a Workable Plan. Some say, Go Camping others say we will fight. Ja, Nee...

They used "Sun Tao's The Art of War" to get this country given to them on a Silver Platter. Good job they did too.

What's the antidote to this Marxist Venom that has been injected into our flesh and bones?

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The antidote to this Marxist Venom is Christianity. Teach them that their Saviour is NOT the government, but Jesus Christ. It’s a pity though how the liberal mob in this country (and worldwide) does its utmost to counteract this.

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