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The Future South African Bloodbath

Mike Smith has recently posted two articles on his blog - respectively titled, The signs of the brewing South African Race-War, and The shocking Parallels between Mugabe’s ”NYS Green Bombers” and Zuma’s NARYSEC youth brigade. (dead links)

I did not comment on either one of those articles, not because I was in disagreement with what was said, but because the shocking truth exposed there had my mind racing off to an earlier period in my life that I’d rather prefer to forget – but that’s another story for another time and place. I’m working on the book, but the more I think about it, the more I feel like contracting Theresa Papenfus to do the job for me, like Pik Botha has done with his recent book, Botha and His Times. BTW – I’ve noticed the old man has finally realized everything is PIKSWART around him, and he does not look all too happy about it. Apparently his new book gives some insight into a bloodbath that was diverted, hmmm – and this then brings me to the subject of this posting - so shall we get on with it then?

The question whether South Africa is heading for a major bloodbath, or not, is a subject not too many people are fond of talking openly about. Some feel that just the mere mention of the word “bloodbath” is going to bring a curse upon us, which will then, by some supernatural magic draw us into a scene of carnage. Personally, I think that too many people are taking the daily teachings of people like Oprah Winfrey and Rhonda Byrne way too seriously. All this talk about being the master of your universe, beware of your thoughts, etc… have gone to people’s heads. They’re not thinking straight… but who am I to judge!

So without judging nobody, allow met to explain what I believe is going to happen in South Africa in the future, as far as bloodbaths are concerned.

My intuition tells me that the powers in charge of world affairs don’t want anything devastatingly nasty to happen in South Africa right now, and will thus do everything in their power to stop it. They’re quite happy with the status quo – i.e. the gradual and systematic collapse of good wholesome values and morals, the corruption of minds by means of drugs and other forms of addiction, the disappearance of youngsters without a trace, the murder of 1000's of babies through legal abortion, and also the gradual and systematic killing of people of all races, which they’ve conveniently attributed to uncontrollable ‘normal’ crime, a trend that’s occurring worldwide in all democracies, and not only in South Africa.  And they call THIS progress!

TAKE NOTE: In the above paragraph I said, “the powers in charge of world affairs,” – NOT the ANC government, for they do not control nothing, they only plunder and steal whatever they can lay their hands on.

All the signs are there that we are heading for some or other major human catastrophe, but it is no easy task to predict WHEN this will happen, as I’m not Siener van Rensburg. What I do know for certain is that there will be more Black people than White people involved in this coming slaughter, particularly during the initial stages. This fact then also implies that IF a bloodbath does happen it will put the ANC government out of power – instantly, as it will greatly reduce the number of ANC voters - not by mind change at the voting polls, but by the numbers slaughtered. As for the rest of the populace, their eyes will finally be opened.

From this we can then deduce that a higher force is holding a loaded gun against the heads of big chiefs in the ANC government. Readers who have been following my postings should by now know who and what this “higher force” is. I’ve called it the “International Judaic” – you can call it want you want! For purposes of this article I shall occasionally call them “”they”” and “”them””.

The point is this - “”they”” control just about everything, including crime, which feeds a number of industries, not only the multibillion security industry, but also the illegal drug industry – one of the most effective weapons of mass destruction in ‘western’ societies! With that said, you can be sure that crime will continue to escalate, the bodies of corpses will continue to pile up in our morgues, national police commissioners will come and go, and crime stats will be manipulated to ‘prove’ that everything is under control, and looking much better than the previous years.

South Africa is a multicultural, multiethnic, multi-religious, multi-everything society - (forgive me for stating the obvious!). The unobvious fact is that South Africa is also a major experimental model for “”them””. There are various reasons why “”they”” do not want this delicate experimental model to fail.

One of the reasons is that South Africa has the infrastructure and expertise (thanks to the previous industrious era), to unite the entire African continent according to the guidelines and principles prescribed by “”them””, and which “”they”” call “democracy” - a system of ungodliness, albeit sprinkled with a generous dose of gold-coloured, sugar-coated, sparkling bulldust, and also generous quantities of useless stuff – made in China.

Another reason for “”them”” not wanting South Africa to fail, is because a successful multicultural, multiethnic, multi-religious, multi-everything society is not only good for business, but it will also convince the rest of the ‘western’ world that a multicultural, ….. multi-everything society can actually work, and that it doesn’t need any specific divine ‘unseen’ god (definitely not a Christian one) to achieve this. At this point in time their manifest god is Nelson Mandela, but that too shall pass!

It is far easier to control and manipulate a multicultural, multiethnic, ….. multi-everything society, (let’s call this long description the slave sheeple for short, shall we?) -- for the more slave sheeple there are, the quicker the rulers of this world will achieve their ultimate aspirations of a United World Order. Forget the term “New World Order” – it is not “New”, it’s as old as the hills!

Now listen carefully everyone…

If there is ever going to be a bloodbath on the southern tip of Africa, it is NOT going to be a ‘Race War’ in the sense of ‘black kills white’, or vice versa. As I’ve already stated in this article, there will be efforts to prevent this from happening, but IF it does happen you can be sure that it will be blamed on the followers of the Christian religion. (Does Oslo ring a bell?)

As I’ve stated previously, a full-scale massacre will put the ANC government out of power – instantly! But don’t get too excited yet, as they will most likely be replaced by a far more cunning and godless bunch, that is if this country continues on its current path of ungodliness. The new masters will no doubt appear to the slave sheeple as “Angels of Light” (II Cor. 11:14) - Read on and you’ll soon see the bigger picture emerging, if it hasn’t already materialized.

In a diverse country such as South Africa the followers of Christianity consist of an assorted variety of nationalities and ethnic groups, whose political views range from far-right to far-left, and whose intelligence runs from highly gifted to all-time ignorant and downright stupid – (sorry to say this!). However, the majority are a peace-loving docile bunch, who normally do not complicate their lives with politics, and - more importantly, will not take part in any form of organized violence, unless they’re pushed into a corner and forced to do so. The “pushing into a corner” is the work of the devil, but I’ll get back to this aspect shortly, and will also outright identify the means by which the bullying (pushing) will occur, IF THE NEED ARISES!

All this talk about  “Uhuru”, and the "Night of the Long Knives," is thus NOT a potential manoeuvre focused exclusively on Whites only. As previously implied, a massacre of such proportions will be a major setback for the International Judaic, as it will advertise to the entire world that “”their”” system of government (democracy) was a disastrous mistake. It will also place the so-called ‘rightwing conservative’ members of society (the small remnant that still exist) on a high pedestal from where they’ll gallantly point fingers to the liberal left – crying out, “We told you so!” This is a scenario the elite rulers of this world do not want to see unfolding.  So - my dear readers, you can rest assured that the United Nations are already on standby and well prepared to send in their troops in the event that a “Uhura” situation emerges. They’re already busy with their first round of rehearsals – see here or here, for more details.

From the above we can deduce that the chances are slim that such a ghastly massacre will involve the White Race, but this does not mean that we can relax our guard - ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Radical Islam

The coming conflict on the southern tip of Africa is going to be a war activated and waged by the puppet-religion of the International Judaic namely, “ISLAM”, and more specifically the armed radical wing of Islam, whom the elite Judaics control with devious cunningness. Forgive me for sounding repetitive, but I must make it clear that this will only happen when the usefulness of the current ANC Regime has expired, or in the event that disorder within their own ranks becomes totally unmanageable. Please keep this in mind throughout the entire article!

Now - as I've stated previously, I’m not Siener van Rensburg, but yet I have a strong suspicion that the exact same offensive strategies the communists used during the apartheid era, are also going to be employed in this current new era, when the time is ripe. The menacing gloom is brewing in Soweto at this very moment while I’m typing these words. HIS-story may quite possibly repeat itself, and Soweto may once again feature as the starting point of a conflict that will eventually explode in other densely populated areas, and eventually to the heights of global awareness. But, remember - it can NEVER be seen as a failure of democracy!

If and when this happens the International Press will place the blame squarely on Christians. As per the norm of Judaic-controlled journalism, the descriptive term “Black” will not feature in their headlines, but Christians will be blamed for igniting the fuse. Bear in mind that the majority of people in this world have no idea that Soweto is Black.

What I’ve written here is not wild speculation on my part, but is based on careful observation of what has been happening recently all over Africa! It is by this method that governments are overthrown and countries conquered.

By historical comparison Soweto has experienced an amazing rapid religious transformation towards Christianity. It is unfortunately a corrupted Catholic version, but that’s besides the point. The point is Christianity, and not Islam, is by far the most dominant religion in Soweto, and it’s growing by the hour! Yet, despite numerous angry objections from the Christian community in Soweto, the Muslims have managed to erect a massive three-storey mosque in Orlando East, Soweto - (full story here). Can you see where these is leading?

This massive mosque in the heart of Soweto, one of South Africa’s most densely populated regions, with a population of about 3 million (TAKE NOTE: majority ANC supporters!), is a small indication of what preparations are taking place for what may be ‘needed’ in the future. Bear in mind that Islamic extremists will also target those who belong to the milder Sunni branch of Islam, which is a branch the majority of South African Muslims adhere to.

The militant spirit we see coming to the fore in the ANCYL and also in the National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC) is an interconnected unified preparation for a possible future onslaught – which, in the event that it becomes necessary, will kill two birds with one stone, namely: Christianity and the ANC. Keep in mind also what Mike Smith said about the “People’s War”.

There’s a valid reason why Muslims are prominent in South African politics, and why they are represented at all levels of government, and why Anwar Dramat has been appointed as the Head of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (Hawks), as Dramat has had longstanding close ties with radical Islamic elements, long before he held the rank of Deputy Police Commissioner in the Western Cape. Do not for one moment believe the stories that these key figures were placed in their positions solely on the discretion of the ANC!

People Against Gangsterism and Drugs – (PAGAD)

Anwar Dramat is credited with playing a pivotal role in ending PAGAD terrorism in the Western Cape in the late 1990’s – yet, to this day the bombing campaign supposedly committed by PAGAD members is shrouded in mystery. Although many members were arrested, few arrests resulted in successful convictions. A fairly accurate portrayal of the PAGAD incident can be read online here. Bear in mind that the acts of terrorism described in the article happened after South Africa became a democracy, and that the majority of those involved were never apprehended. There were thousands of these radicals. What happened to them?

The PAGAD article I’ve linked to will also provide some insight into the capabilities of militant South African Muslim extremists and their connections with other militant groups, among others, the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC), and also the secretive mass movement known as Qibla, which emerged in South Africa in the 1980s as a militant pro-Shi’ite fundamentalist force, inspired by the 1979 Iranian revolution. Qibla (which means ‘the true direction of prayer towards Mecca’) was created to promote the aims and ideals of the Iranian revolution in South Africa. Qibla sought to propagate, defend and implement the strict Islamic principles associated with the Iranian revolution among Muslims in South Africa and to transform South Africa into a fully-fledged Muslim state (theocracy), under the slogan "One Solution, Islamic Revolution". –
Source: N Jeenah, Pagad: Fighting fire with fire, Impact International, 26 (9), 1996, p 9.

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I’ll end this posting with a few words taken from a song called, “Giant Puzzle” by Al’astair – just to break the tension, as too much stress and worry about horrifying future events is also not a good thing.

die ou ‘n puzzle..giant puzzle…..mhm.. net ‘n puzzle
die ou lewe..bly ‘n puzzle..giant ‘n puzzle

dan’s dit oorlog …dan weer vrede…
dan’s dit winter…en dan weer somer…

wat is tyd…..en wat is ewigheid…?
wat is anderkant…ander kant?
wat is duskant….hierdie-kant?
is my pa nog daar…is my ma nog daar…?
is my sussies daar…is my hond dalk daar?

die ou lewe..bly ‘n puzzle..giant ‘n puzzle

al wat ek weet dat ek nie weet nie
al wat ek verstaan…is dat ek nie verstaan nie
maar ek weet darem …ja ek weet darem
ek is ‘n ou stukkie….van die puzzle …..krom en skeef…

Sourced from:, where you can also listen to the song, if you want to!

God Bless, and stay alert!


Macaw said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Stunning article. Do I have your permission to print this?

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Macaw
Of course you may print this! No need to ask permission, as all documents that are freely available online are also printable. Thank you for asking though, and thank you also for the kind compliment. This article is also related to several others I’ve published. I normally provide a list of related postings at the end of an article, but have stopped doing that as I’ve noticed that people seldom follow the links. The search function in the sidebar (top left) works quite well.

A major drawback with a printed article is that links to external sources are not read, unless they’re also printed and added as annexures to the main article.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Ja... That serpent of old knows his clock is ticking. He is INTENT on the destruction of HIS ELECT - The Israelite Nation (including those who, through faith in Jesus Christ the Messiah, have been grafted into our Nation).

The story has already been published... It must just be played out.

I just pray that the Sons of God repent before disaster strikes. It is the ONLY way we will establish our freedom. No pagan force has ever stood against the Israelites when they were in repentance.

JUDGEMENT begins at home. The judgement of God is on His Elect and the whole earth is about to suffer because of the disobedience of the Israelite Nations.

May Our Father have mercy on us!!!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Related posts added to end of article, for future reference. (Show label gadget does not work) - Please use search function in sidebar (top left)!

bryan said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Is this the reason why suddenly everything sold in supermarkets is halal? as moslims are only 2% of the population it makes no marketing sense.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@Bryan – thanks for visiting! On the subject of Halaal - you may find an older article on the sister blog quite interesting: KOSHER AND HALAAL – AN UNHOLY FINANCIAL SCAM?

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Zuma opens largest mosque in Southern Hemisphere

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog
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