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The Law of Attraction and the Genocide of Europeans in South Africa (Part 2 - Final)

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I ended Part 1 by stating that I was about halfway through reading Peter Balakain’s book, The Burning Tigris, A History of the Armenian Genocide, and that I was shocked to see the similarities with the current genocide of Europeans taking place in South Africa. I’m done with the book, but before I converse further on the Armenian aspect, there are a few other issues that need clarification:

As far as I’m concerned, the broad definition of “Genocide”, contains one small element (a keyword), which makes it very easy for hypocritical people (and corrupt governments – such as the ANC) to legally and morally evade the issue. I’ve highlighted this crucial word, in bold, in the definition below.

Genocide is defined as "the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group" (Victims' Rights and Advocacy at the International Criminal Court, by T. Markus Funk, March 2010, Pg.1, ISBN 0199737479).

The word “deliberate” in the above definition is the only word that throws a spanner in the works. All the other terms tally 100 percent with what is happening in South Africa at this very moment. The word “deliberate”, however, has bearing on the conscious intent of the perpetrators. It thus creates a loophole which the criminals and the government can rely on to effectively shift the spotlight away from genocide, and to thus blame the killings on other factors such as crime, poverty, etc. How many times has Malema, for example, said that chanting the words “Kill the Boer” has caused no harm? How many times have we heard the savage killers (the few that get arrested), say in court, “we never acted deliberately,”?

Of course there are many other definitions and meanings of genocide, but in the end, when analysed in depth, they all add up to the definition provided by Chalk and Jonassohn, which states: "Genocide is a form of one-sided mass killing in which a state or other authority intends to destroy a group so defined by the perpetrator.”  (Frank Chalk, Kurt Jonassohn The History and Sociology of Genocide: Analyses and Case Studies, Yale University Press, 1990, ISBN 0-300-04446-1)

The Law of Attraction was efficiently put into effect by perpetrators such as ANC Youth League leaders Peter Mokaba and Julius Malema, who encouraged their black followers to chant the words, "Shoot the Boer – Kill the Boer" (Dubul' ibhunu). Every knowledgeable person in South Africa knows that  the word “Boer” was (and still is) used as a derogatory term for any white person living in the country. The perpetrators (the executors) coined the term “Boer”, in the genocide sense, and also identified the group whom they are intent on destroying – namely, WHITE PEOPLE, hence the reason why the term “Boer Genocide”, is commonly used by pro-Afrikaans institutions and other action groups, but - as I’ve previously stated in Part 1, this is not entirely the correct terminology! It is possibly also the reasons why the genocide currently taking place is being ignored internationally, why it is being shunned by the majority English-speaking South Africans, and why the media often makes a mockery of “Boer” and even go so far as to exploit the term in order to sell their newspapers – an ingenious example of the negative use of the so-called Law of Attraction!

I found a perfect example of this mockery illustrated prominently on the very top front-page of last Sunday’s Rapport newspaper (dated 2011-07-03). I don’t have the print version in front of me now, but I can recall that the words were, “Malema: Ek wil ‘n Boer word.” (Malema: I want to become a Boer – meaning “farmer”). The headlines were a reference to an article on pg 12 of the newspaper. The online version can be read here in Afrikaans, and concerns an interview Malema had with Ferial Haffajee, the editor of the City Press newspaper. It was during this interview that Malema confessed that he wanted to be a farmer, and not the president of the country (thank goodness for that!) - Julius Malema in sy eie woorde.

The Armenian Genocide and its similarities to crimes committed on South African Europeans

The Armenian genocide refers to the deliberate and systematic destruction of the Armenian (Christian) population of the Ottoman (Islamic) Empire. Wikipedia incorrectly states that the genocide occurred during and just after World War I, and refers to its source as being:  United Nations Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, Armenian Genocide, July 2, 1985.

In reality, the chain of Armenian massacre began in its modern instance in 1878 after the Berlin Conference. It escalated in 1894-96, and occurred again in 1909 (The Burning Tigris, A History of the Armenian Genocide, Pg 156).

The genocide of the 1890,s started when Sultan Abdul Hamid II ordered massacres against the Armenians – the largest Christian minority culture in the Anatolian part of the Ottoman Empire. It took the lives of about two hundred thousand Armenians (The Burning Tigris, Preface - Pg xvi).

When the Russians when to war in 1853 in the Crimea – a peninsula jutting into the northern Black Sea – part of their justification was to protect the Ottoman Christians…. France and Sardinia, both Roman Catholic countries, joined the Ottoman Empire against Russia (The Burning Tigris, Pg 5).

“Armenians were made vulnerable by other policies that often rendered them incapable of defending themselves. They were not allowed to own weapons, which made them easy prey for Turks and Kurds.” (The Burning Tigris, Pg 9). Sound familiar?

Are readers beginning to see the bigger picture emerging? The primary targets in the current genocide taking place in South Africa, are the Christian Minority Group! The single, most prominent organization that assisted with the dismantling of the old ‘apartheid’ Christian establishment in South Africa, was “Roman Catholicism” and its close cousin, “Calvinism”. May I also remind readers that it was the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace, who helped place the mass murderer, Robert Mugabe, in a position of power! For more info. see the posting - Politics clouds mass grave in Zimbabwe.

 “Not unlike Hitler’s later nazification programs for German Youth, exemplified in the Hitlerjugend, the Young Turks now launched a program of nationalist indoctrination an paramilitary training for Turkish youth.” (The Burning Tigris, Pg 163).  

By the way: what happened with that episode concerning the ANCYL's military training?

“World War I created for the Turks a condition of total war. In short it created an armed and mobilized society, a heightened sense of national security crisis, a deepened xenophobia, and the sense of chaos that accompanies a war. Total war was a political, military, and cultural space in which genocide could occur. All these conditions were used to mobilize the ‘final solution’ for the Armenians.” (The Burning Tigris, Pg 166).
If we adopt the above passage to the current situation is South Africa, this is what we get - in short:

Crime, and its consequential chaos, has created for the Marxist-Communist ANC a condition of total war…. a cultural space in which genocide could occur. 


“Like the sultan, the Young Turks and then the Kemalists continued to deny and rationalize the Armenian Genocide. They planned the genocide and implemented it as covertly as they could, and when they were confronted by the world, they resorted to blaming the victims and rationalizing the crime, and they did everything they could to promote forgetting.” (The Burning Tigris, Pg’s 373-374).

There are so many more daunting similarities between the Armenian Genocide and the current situation in South Africa, which I would liked to have pointed out, but unfortunately my time is limited. Read the book, if you can, and prepare yourself for the worst… Knowledge is power!

The Burning Tigris can also be ordered through - now selling for only R115.56


Here is a scanned image of the Rapport headlines, referred to in this posting:

Stay tuned!


Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Another factor that is hardly ever taken into consideration, is that there are alternative ways, besides violence, to exterminate people.

One in four South Africans suffer from an addiction of some sort. Yet, less than 1% have access to treatment. More than 60% of the alcohol industry’s income is derived from misuse. Nothing is spent on treatment. Addiction & substance abuse kills more people in SA annually than HIV/Aids does. Sourced from:

The South African Government is doing the bare minimum to combat the illegal drug trade… WHY???

Laager said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

"The single, most prominent organization that assisted with the dismantling of the old ‘apartheid’ Christian establishment in South Africa, was “Roman Catholicism” and its close cousin, “Calvinism”

I am confused

I thought that Calvanism was a Protestant movement which reacted against Luther's form of Protetantism which had rebelled against the Catholic Church. Calvin's form of Protestanism.
Calvanism spawned the Reform(ed) group of churches.

The 3 branches of the Dutch Reformed Churches in South Africa all subscribed to the Calvin Protestant doctrine in one form or another

Am I right?

So how was it possible for the Afrikaner Calvanists, who had formalised apartheid in the first place to be responsible for dismantling it?

In the referendum on whether to adopt majority rule or not 72% of whites voted yes.
If we accept that 40% of whites are English who in all probability voted yes, that leaves only 32% of Afrikaners (Calvanists) who voted yes and 28% of Afrikaners (Calvanists) who voted no.

So it would seem that the majority yes vote came from English Catholics, Church of England (barely a step away from Catholics) Protestants (Methodists etc) and Jews.

Do you agree?

Laager said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


Calvin's form of Protestanism.
Calvanism spawned the Reform(ed) group of churches.

Should read

Calvin's form of Protestanism spawned the Reform(ed) group of churches

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Laager,

I think you may have misread the paragraph…. I was referring to the “Christian establishment” during the time of apartheid rule. I should maybe have placed emphasis on this by highlighting the text in bold. (I’ve done it now in the above posting)

Firstly, it was not the Calvanists who formalized the system of segregation (apartheid). It was set in motion by the British High Commissioner Lord Alfred Milner. It was a near perfect system – almost the way God intended -- BUT, as time progressed, it got horribly messed up by the elite Broederbond Calvinists of the Dutch Reformed Church, who seem to change their colours whenever it suits them.

This is a very sensitive subject to debate, because it will, most definitely, offend many of my friends and family who are members of the NG Kerk. It will also offend other good friends of mine who happen to be Catholic. The only thing I can say, which might provide some conciliation, is that people, irrespective of their beliefs, are not the enemy. It’s the System of Government that’s the enemy! (See: Ephesians 6:12)

Let’s face it Laager, we have ALL been conned!

If you can establish who created Judaism, Islam, and Catholicism, then you’re pretty close to figuring out who exactly Satan’s accomplices are on Planet Earth. I do not wish to offend nobody, but Roman Catholicism has perverted Christianity. It has caused untold suffering and bloodshed over the years, exactly in the same fashion Islam is doing now!

See also: The Unholy Roots of the Boer/Afrikaner Religion called Calvinism

Laager said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Points noted TIA - no offence taken

What I should have said is that the "Afrikaners" (i.e. National Party - which included many English voters) gave the existing status quo the formal name of Apartheid

A plethora of segregationist laws were already in place starting when the British took over the Cape in 1806.

This complete trail of segregationist legislation can be followed through the British Colonies of Cape and Natal and then through the Union of SA from 1910 to 1948 on the excellent site:

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