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The Law of Attraction and the Genocide of Europeans in South Africa (Part 1)

I sometimes get the feeling that the more we speak of a Boer Genocide, the more bigger and frightening the reality of it all becomes. I’ve often wondered what role the Law of Attraction plays in all this. This popular metaphysical ‘thought belief’ basically suggests that the more we focus on negativity, the more negativity we attract. In other words, if I understand this correctly, the mere promotion of the term “Boer Genocide” is attracting unconstructive and unsupportive elements, which are expanding the problem. It does not make any sense, or does it?

After giving this thought vibration stuff some serious consideration, it dawned on me that those who believe a Boer Genocide is in fact taking place at this very moment, are in the minority - by far, and that it’s the majority liberal mob who are propagating the ‘optimistic’ viewpoint that the cause of the horrific killings are related to normal crime. It is thus through the liberal mob’s actions that the truth is being suppressed. It is through their current actions that we’ll one day, in the future sometime, see publications in America and Europe’s leading bookstores speaking of "The Hidden South African Genocide” – (that is, if the compassionate and caring people of America and Europe have not completely vanished by then!)

I must confess that I am not a great supporter of the Law of Attraction, and the many ways this law can be applied to ‘enrich’ our personal lives, one of them being: "You are what you think, not what you think you are." I’m reasonably convinced that this law, including all the other “positive thinking” new age- related crap, is from the devil – and no one else! If you think I’m talking nonsense, then ask yourself why are the beliefs and practices associated with this so-called Law of Attraction so heavily influenced by Eastern religions, paganism, and spiritism? Take a glance at this well-researched website to see the roots of this evil.

And while I’m in a confessing mood, I might as well admit that I’m not too fond of the term “Boer Genocide” either, primarily because it refers to a very small category of people in South Africa, namely the farmers (English term for Boers). Although the farmers and those living in rural communities are often savagely attacked, tortured, and murdered, they’re not the only ones being viciously exterminated under the umbrella of Marxist-Communist Democracy.

Although I’ve often used the term “Boer Genocide” in various postings on this blog, I now regret the fact that its widespread use has grossly deformed the true scale and magnitude of the horror perpetrated on ALL EUROPEAN PEOPLE who call themselves “SOUTH AFRICAN”.

Any reference to genocide, in the South African context, should thus rightly be called, “The South African Genocide of Europeans”. Overdramatic emphasis on the term “Boer Genocide” and the statistics associated with it, is not only confusing the whole issue, but it is also, to a certain degree, obscuring the full-blown enormity of the Genocide currently taking place. This was one of the reasons why I removed the graphic stats on this blog pertaining to the number of victims of the South African Genocide, as it does not reflect the true figures.

Now that I’ve expressed my true feelings on this issue, let’s continue…

I recently posted a short article, on the sister site, entitled The Devil’s African Queen. It’s about Oprah Winfrey, “The Queen of the Talk Shows.” Have you ever heard this woman speak about the slaughter of  Europeans taking place in South African, on any of her shows?  This woman is one of the most powerful woman in America. If she really made the effort to spend just five minutes speaking about this topic, the whole Western world will, in a matter of days, be shouting “Stop the South African Genocide Now!”

Oprah Winfrey travelled to Auschwitz in 2006, accompanied by Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. Oprah said: “I feel a sense of communion with the spirits of those who died and those who survived to bear witness. I have never felt more human.” – (Oprah Winfrey, Auschwitz, January 2006.)  Well Oprah, my dear queen, have you then no communion at all with the spirits of those who have died in the South African Genocide? Is there a difference between the Auschwitz spirits and the White South African spirits, or are you patiently waiting for the number of killings to increase before speaking out?

We must not forget that several genocides have taken place on Planet Earth, that were never recognized as such while the initial stages of the planning were taking place, AND while the killings were being committed.

The Armenian Genocide, for example, was often referred to as “the forgotten genocide,” the “unremembered genocide,” the hidden holocaust,” “the secret genocide,” - AFTER it happened! – (The Burning Tigris, A History of the Armenian Genocide, by Peter Balakian.)

I’m about halfway through reading Peter Balakain’s book, and reading between the lines, I’m seeing a shocking resemblance to what’s happening in South Africa right now!

Part 2 (final) is here

Click here to read about the most recent incident related to the killing of South African Europeans. Bear in mind that there are numerous other incidents, that are not covered by the msm!


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Rightly so, I allways said that it is not just a boer (farmer) genocide but as you say a south african european genocide, many whites are slaughtered in their in suburbs, houses, driveways, roads etc,etc.
Off topic: Tia-Mysoa is it possible for me to email you offline as I would like to ask your advice about a decision I am struggling with. I know I do not know you personally however I believe you are a well informed and decent person.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Anonymous,

You're welcome to email: tiamysoa@gmail.com

Laager said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

You make a very good point TIA ------ something which I stumbled upon a while ago

The following figures are not 100% accurate but are offered to identify a trend and support your position

If the annual murder rate in the RSA is 20,000 / year,
since majority rule / "freedom" / uhuru in 1994
an estimated 340,000 South Africans have perished through violent crime in the-new-non-racial-rainbow-nation
Given that (conservatively) 80% of all deaths are the result of black on black violence, that means some 272,000 black citizens have died
The remaining 68,000 deaths are whites, coloureds and Indians
As the police do not provide statistics by race let us guess at 18,000 Coloureds and Indians being murdered

That leaves us with about 50,000 white citizens who have died violently

Adriana Stuijt on Censorbugbear maintains that about 4,000 (figure rounded up) mainly Afrikaner farmers have been killed in the rural areas

So we are left with about 46,000 whites who have been killed in the URBAN areas.
That gives us a ratio of Rural to Urban of 1:11

Folks, life in the towns and cities is much more dangerous than on the farms.
Be aware and take care

TIA is quite right in saying this is a genocide being perpetrated against all whites of European origin in South Africa and not exclusively the farmers/Afrikaners/Boere


If anyone can provide more accurate statistics to clarify this state of affairs please do so.
Your input would be most welcome

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Laager

Thanks for your valuable input!

Click here for Part 2

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