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How 'Right-Wing' was Anders Breivik?

It grieves me deeply to see how the Beeld newspaper has associated a conservative South African blog with the horrific terror attacks in Norway, but I suppose one should have expected this low blow – coming from the demonic liberal mob!
“The story about the Oslo Shooter was hardly out or the leftist media jumped at the opportunity to brand the shooter a “rightwing extremist”, “Christian fundamentalist” and “conservative fanatic”, “racist”, “Nazi” and heaven knows what other leftist swear words they could muster.”
Mike Smith’s Political Commentary
The killer’s lawyer has already painted a picture of his client as being a cold and paranoid "warrior" who appears to be insane - (source here). Consequently, and by direct association, the leftist media has painted a picture in people’s heads that conservative blogs are managed by paranoid warriors who appear to be insane. Yep, we conservative bloggers better get our act together and stop broadcasting the truth. We don’t want anymore of these atrocities to happen, do we?

From what I’ve read and analysed so far it seems that all the rule books have been ripped to shreds, and that the demonic liberal mob have either gone totally bonkers, or are far more dangerous than I initially thought. 

I realized this the very moment when media reports about the incident started flooding the Christian nations of this world, and when the same antagonistic terminology was being utilized repeatedly to get their message across, a message that was undoubtedly intended for all Christians to hear, see, and clearly understand, namely: "Stop being a Conservative Christian - Lukewarm liberal Christians are okay, they’re cool - others are not!" See also the recent postings on the sister blog: The Norway Shooting Incident (Part 1 and 2). The postings approach this terror attack from a semi-political Christian perspective.

And by the way… in case you did not notice: Anders Breivik’s 1518-page ‘manifesto’ – A European Declaration of Independence – has been made freely available to the public, by the almighty powerful peacemaker of this world namely, the United Nations. Download link: - (8,062 KB)

A beautiful peace they’ve created, have they not?

Do not loose sight of the fact that Anders Breivik’s actions were motivated by insanity, and not by the ‘manifesto’ he allegedly wrote.

I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing an article compiled by a total stranger who has no links to the South African blogging scene, and most definitely not the conservative ones. The style of writing does not make for easy reading, but it does deliver a strong message, albeit in a somewhat sardonic tone, to all the demonic liberals out there.

By James Delingpole - The Telegraph (UK)
July 25th, 2011

Anders Breivik's 'manifesto' - not the fault of Right-wing bloggers

Apparently it was all the fault of Right-wing bloggers and Right-wingness generally. We know this because an important, symbolic, portentous cartoon by Martin Rowson tells us (Or not: see note below) so in the Guardian. And so does the New York Times.
More broadly, the mass killings in Norway, with their echo of the 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City by an antigovernment militant, have focused new attention around the world on the subculture of anti-Muslim bloggers and right-wing activists and renewed a debate over the focus of counterterrorism efforts.

Damn. What fools we were. There we were deluding ourselves after the USS Cole, and the Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam bombings, and the Madrid train bombings, and 7/7, and the ‘Mumbai’ Massacre and the shoebomber plot and the Heathrow plot and the LAX plot and the New York car bomb plot and the Fort Hood massacre and, oh, yeah, 9/11 that the world’s greatest terrorist threat came from Islamists who love death even more than we love Coca Cola. But this in fact was all just a red herring, brought about by the racism and Islamophobia of conservatives and libertarians and Tea Partiers to distract anti-terrorism resources from the real menace: Right-wing extremists like themselves.

Here’s comedian Charlie Brooker in the Guardian showing us all the correct way to think, using the medium of mirth. He knew, did our greatest living scourge of poor quality game shows, he just knew right from the start that the Norway killings could never have been the result of Islamist extremism. With his characteristic Swiftian scorn, he concludes:
So despite this being a story about an anti-Muslim extremist killing Norwegians who weren’t Muslim, they’ve managed to find a way to keep the finger of blame pointing at the Muslims, thereby following a narrative lead they’ve been fed for years, from the overall depiction of terrorism as an almost exclusively Islamic pursuit, outlined by “security experts” quick to see al-Qaida tentacles everywhere, to the fabricated tabloid fairytales about “Muslim-only loos” or local councils “banning Christmas”.

Yeah, stupid, Right-wing dominated media and Right-wing commentators. Fancy leaping to the conclusion as the first sketchy reports emerged that the car bombing and shooting of innocent civilians might be the work of Islamist terrorists. I mean, where’s the precedent for that?

The New York Times does even better. It has actually found a tame “expert” – ex-CIA no less – who declares of the “counterjihad” blogosphere:
“The rhetoric is not cost free.”

This, needless to say, has made the more excitable elements in the Left-wing commentariat positively explode with vengeful glee.

Here’s Greenpeace’s Head of Media tweeting, as they say, in a private capacity.

@sunny_hundal Yep, curious Twitter silence from Ms Phillips since cited on p 361-3-8 and 370 in #Oslo manifesto.

So all those commentators who’ve ever claimed – with such devilish tricks as evidence and fact-based argument – that political Islam poses a threat to Western security, and all those people who have ever expressed concern about the apparent unwillingness of many modern Muslims to integrate with their host culture, or about the double-standards of Western governments over issues like genital mutilation and “honour-killing”, or about the dangers of unchecked immigration, are tacitly responsible for the massacre of over 90 innocent teenagers by a deranged, lone-wolf killer?

Great. Glad we cleared that one up. Better clamp down on freedom of speech right away, in case any more of these atrocities happen.

*Just had a note from Martin Rowson, pointing out that the fulminator of internet hate in his cartoon is in fact a Muslim. You can tell by the crescent on his laptop, which I failed to notice. My bad. Sorry, Martin.


James Delingpole is a writer, journalist and broadcaster. He is the author of several books including 365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy, Welcome To Obamaland: I've Seen Your Future And It Doesn't Work, How To Be Right, and the Coward series of WWII adventure novels. His website is


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