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Communist Uproar over Clive Derby-Lewis Street

There is not a single city or town in the southern region of Africa that does not have a street renamed to “Nelson Mandela Drive”. No matter in what city or town you happen to be driving through, your bound to cross an intersection or two where a signboard boldly displays the name of this world-famous, freedom-fighting, Communist.

Not too long ago, while travelling from Pretoria on the N1 towards Randburg, I was looking out for the signboard that read, “Hendrik Verwoerd Drive”.  I was on my way to visit someone in Linden, and had travelled that same route so many times before that I never even bothered using my Garmin GPS. It was only after I had passed the huge signboard that read “Malibongwe Drive” that I realised I’d missed the old familiar turnoff.

The same thing happened to me once while travelling to Nylstroom. All the signboards along the route had changed names. It felt like I was travelling in a foreign country. Warmbaths had become Bela-Bela, Nylstroom had become Modimolle – and yes, you guessed it - I missed the turnoff! I ended up in a place called Mookgophong. Don’t ask me how to pronounce that name…. the new Communist Regime never taught us such things. All I know is that the name sounds like something that stinks!

Now I here that the communists are “disgusted” because a group of youngsters had the nerve to ‘unofficially’ rename Nelson Mandela Drive in Pretoria (on the corner of Rissik Street, in Sunnyside), to Clive Derby-Lewis Street… on Mandela’s 93rd birthday – of all days!  The press, of course, had a field day accentuating the colour of skin involved in this ‘shocking’ non-violent anti-revolutionary deed, while the colour of skin never gets mentioned when Black savages commit horrendous crimes, far worse and far more radical in nature than this petty vandalism. And... since when do media statements mention the religious affiliation of suspect offenders?

I’ve placed my own emphasis on certain phrases in the following report, to highlight the absurdity of it all.

YCL disgusted by changing of Nelson Mandela Street signs with that of Clive Derby-Lewis by Rightwingers

The Young Communist League of South Africa [Ufasimba] is disgusted by the members of the Afrikaans Protestant Church who changed street signs with the name Nelson Mandela drive to Clive Derby-Lewis drive just before Madiba's 93rd birthday (see report).

This is a sign that a few people have no respect for our democracy and the role played by Nelson Mandela is emancipating our people from the oppressive system of Apartheid. Clive Derby-Lewis is no icon compared to Madiba; in fact he is the one responsible for the death of another icon of the struggle Umkhonto Wesizwe's (sic) Chief of Staff Chris Hani. It is an insult to both Madiba and our country to change street name bearing the name of such a beacon of our struggle with that of a criminal.

As these criminals appear in court today as the YCL we say that the law must be harsh on them. They must receive a very harsh punishment to make a point to others who still habour ambitions of disrespecting our revolutionary gains and our icons. An emphasis must be made that such actions would not be tolerate (sic) and must the law (sic) will take its course.

The YCL would also appeal to the president to open the inquest into the assassination into the death of Chris Hani. Clive Derby-Lewis still owes the nation answers; we need to know who he collaborated with in the assassination of Cde Hani.

Statement issued by Mafika Mndebele, YCL national spokesperson, July 19 2011

The above report (with all its spelling and grammar errors) was sourced from:

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KENEILWE said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


Macaw said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

You should have seen the front page of the Pretoria newspaper. Total leftwing. I can only imagine the papers when he dies....

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


What do you know about the “bondage of apartheid”? You were probably not even born in that era! Your facts and your HATRED comes from the communist propaganda-lies that are fed to you, non-stop, on a daily bases. Go speak to one of your elders, who has not been brainwashed by television, and ask him if he feels truly FREE today. If he’s dead honest, he’ll tell you the truth!

Your accusations of name-calling is something you communists have also taken totally out of context. People who continuously break the simple rules of life, for example - thou shalt not kill, or thou shalt not steal, are bound to be called names. Your own kind has a special way of dealing with them, by forcing fuel-drenched tyres over the heads, setting them alight and then beating them to death with sticks and stones… in the year 2011, in a so-called FREE democratic country!

Go worship your god Madiba – forever, but leave me in peace to worship mine!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ TIA...

You should be more gentle with the poor MSM and ANC propaganda brainwashed savage. They have such tender and gentle hearts. Your harsh tone is uncalled for. Shame and sies on you. The poor misguided soul must simply be given more resources and more chances and...

Sod off - Keneilwe. First off - you ignorant bastards did not have anything to do with that street before it was named after that baby-killing scumbag besides providing the donkey labour to lay it. That we can do without you. But, our good selves deemed it fit to share the bounty of our money and the joys of productive labour with you. What thanks do we get? Oh... ..Saint Mandela is my hero, how dare you rename a street he did not build, design or have any interest in? Go and sprout your ill-informed brainwash twaddle on another forum - like news24 where you might have some traction amongst the other braindead leavings of society. This forum is for people who can see and think and find conclusions based on EVIDENCE.

eduard said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Whites who foster a wild animal should acquire one of the apes and name him nelson mandela. This should cause ahilarious uproar, and they can do nothing about it. Whites should call their dogs nelson or mandela. Play their game the way they play it - play dirty. Disrespect their godlike icons in a way they cannot do anything to you.

Adrem said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ eduard

Good one, pal,I like it. May many follow your ingenious advise!

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