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Who Controls Global Terrorism?

Please take note that this article contains several links to other postings as well as external sources. (All links will open in a new window or tab.) This is, unfortunately, the only concise way to present a topic of this nature in a single posting, without repeating facts that have already been covered.

I’ve just noticed that the U-Know-Who have concocted another so-called al-Qaeda threat on American leaders in government, industry and media - (see news report below).

The more I read about this self-styled global War on Terror,
which some sources refer to as World War IV, assuming the Cold War was World War III, the more convinced I become that the world’s entire gang of terrorists, PLUS those appointed to exterminate this global threat, are both following orders that originate from one centralized source. It is also obvious that many of the ‘superiors’ in the lower structures of the hierarchy (on both sides) are totally unaware that a small, but influential, band of devious unseen devils are pulling the strings in this global puppet show.

Although there’s no doubt that the satanic onslaught on the minds of Americans has been devastating, the overwhelming offensive, at this point in time, as far as bombs exploding and the shedding of blood is concerned, is not taking place in America, but in numerous countries in Africa, and to a certain degree in the Middle-East.

(Bear in mind that “Middle-East” includes several Northern African countries that form part of the Muslim World - such as, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, and Sudan – to name a few. Click here to see the full picture.)

Before I discuss the African dilemma however, allow me to first present readers with the latest US news concerning this subject:

Possible Al-Qaida Hit List Targets Specific Americans
By Jonathan Dienst and Shimon Prokupecz (NBC News)
Thursday, Jun 16, 2011

An al-Qaida-linked website has posted a potential hit list of targets that include names and photos of several U.S. officials and business leaders, calling for terrorists to target these Americans in their own homes, NBC New York has learned.

The FBI has sent out a new intelligence bulletin to law enforcement agencies, warning that this new web-based threat, while not a specific plot, is very detailed. The bulletin said the list includes leaders "in government, industry and media."

The FBI has notified those individuals who are named.

NBC New York will not identify them or their companies. The list includes Wall Street firms, political leaders, leaders with think tanks and contractors who do business with the military.

The websites contain 40 specific names, 26 of them with photos attached, and they call for posting home addresses. One jihadist called for sending package bombs to any listed address as just one possibility.

An FBI spokesman declined to comment. 

The FBI is calling the list of names the most detailed web-based al-Qaida-linked threat since Osama bin Laden was killed. The list has also been discussed on another al-Qaida-linked web forum. Click here to read more of this nonsense (I’m wasting space on this page!)

Terrorism in Africa

It should be quite evident, from the above news report as well as several other sources, that the same terrorists who are threatening prominent Americans (whoever they may be???) are also the ones bombing the Middle-East and several countries in Africa to smithereens. It is also evident that these terrorists are not focusing exclusively on American targets only, and that the real motive behind all this madness is the extermination of Christians worldwide – although non-Christians have also been caught in the crossfire. Although it seems that most of the top dogs in the msm have gone to great lengths to conceal this fact, the underlying battle and root cause of all these conflicts is (and always will be) a spiritual one.

As the Middle-East dilemma is a rather complex business to cover sensibly in a single posting, I shall for now concentrate mainly on the dilemma facing Africa.

Let’s start with Sudan…

Until recently the mystifying Osama bin Laden and many other al-Qaeda leaders were based in Sudan, Africa’s largest country. We know what happened with Sudan…. Since 1983 approximately 2.5 million people were slaughtered, and about 4 million more were displaced. The conflict also spread throughout the region to neighbouring African countries.

During that time the Sudanese leadership was targeted by the US and EU, while the human rights records of several US sponsored client states including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the U.A.E., and Ethiopia were casually ignored.

In January 2011 a Judaic-inspired “democratic” referendum split Sudan into two, separating Northern Islam from Southern Christian. There were numerous scenes of jubilant celebrations as the majority southern Christians rejoiced over the everlasting peace and happiness that had finally arrived, all spurred on by the Judaic-controlled media and their celebrity puppets!  I had a feeling that this was all too good to be true, and conveyed my feelings on the sister blog, Tia4CHRIST, in an article titled: Christians in South Sudan are Poised for a Major Psyops! That was in January 2011. The article was followed-up by another one I posted on this blog: The International Judaic and the Balkanization of Sudan.

The current situation in Sudan can be read here. In short it boils down to the following: More than a hundred thousand people have fled fighting in Abyei and the neighbouring region of South Kordofan. Aid workers and reporters are saying that pro-southern groups are being ethnically cleansed. A BBC report contains an audio report from the Nuba Mountains. I wonder I many of the slain were identified from their names on the voter registration list?

Al-Qaeda involvement in other African countries
such as, Algeria, Eritrea, Libya, Somalia, and Kenya, can be viewed here. Readers will notice that Islamic extremists (influenced by al-Qaeda) are clearly identified as the attackers in the Wikipedia article, yet their victims (Christians) are not clearly recognized. In fact, the word “Christian” does not even feature anywhere in the Wikipedia article!

I think it’s maybe best to just skip the Wikipedia article (for U-Know-Who controls that too!) and go straight to reading an older article on the subject, published on the sister blog – The Persecution and Genocide of Christians in Africa. It should be an eye-opener for those who still don’t completely understand (or comprehend) what exactly is going on behind the scenes.

More Recent News:

Nigerian Islamist sect claims bomb attack - (17 June 2011)
ABUJA (Reuters) - An Islamist sect claimed responsibility on Friday for an explosion at Nigeria's police headquarters that officials fear may have been the first suicide bombing in Africa's most populous country... more here.

Nigeria Bomb Kills 15 After Christian President Installed - (30 May 2011)
A bomb exploded in a military area in northern Nigeria Sunday night, killing 15 people just hours after Christian President Goodluck Jonathan was inaugurated. Another 35 people were injured from the blast at the bar inside army barracks in Bauchi, Nigeria – a town that is a stronghold of the radical Muslim group known as Boko Haram (“Western education is sacrilege”), according to The Associated Press. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack on the military. The bombing is seen as a challenge to the authority of Jonathan, a Christian from the South, by those who want a Muslim president installed... more here.

Uganda warns of al Shabaab attacks in coming days - (27 May 2011)
KAMPALA (Reuters) - Uganda police warned soccer fans on Friday that Somalia's al Shabaab insurgents could attack them while they watch Saturday's Champions League final. Abbas Byakagaba, the director of the police anti terrorism unit, told a news conference that the al Qaeda-affiliated insurgents could also strike on June 3, the Matyrs' Day public holiday and that they had boosted security in the country. Al Shabaab, which has waged an insurgency against Somalia's Western-backed government, claimed responsibility for the bombings in Kampala while fans watched last year's World Cup final on television, killing 79.... more here.

More latest news reports and updates can be viewed on

An now for the Grand Finale:

Where does Marxist-Communist South Africa stand in all this?

On 7 May 2011 the South African media reported that - Osama killing ‘may unleash terrorism in Africa’.

SA Police spokeswoman Colonel Tummi Shai said that all of the country’s law agencies were monitoring the current situation. “We are prepared for any eventuality and have contingency plans in place to deal with any situation.” Yeah sure, I suppose that includes giving refuge and assistance to terrorists like the one that was shot dead by Somali government forces on Wednesday (8 June 2011) -- see the posting, Has South Africa become a refuge for International Terrorists?

Now if you read the various SA news reports carefully, plus the comments made by readers (forgive me for not providing all the online links – Search and you shall find!) you will quickly perceive an extraordinary tenor of sympathy for the Islamic cause coming from the majority of South African sheeple, and also from prominent South African ‘intellectuals’ - among others, Dr Firoz Osman of the Media Review Network, who has also figured out that this so-called ‘War on Terror’ has nothing to do with terrorism. Google “Firoz Osman” and you’ll see what I mean!

So what does all this mean, in simple terms?

Well, in simple terms, it means that South Africa, the so-called superpower of Africa, is owned by the International Judaic. In simple terms, South Africa is an International Terrorist Base… and terrorists DO NOT bomb their own base camp!

A Terrorist Base is often run like a prison camp, and prison camps are geared to accommodate Prisoners of War, where it is best to keep ‘the prisoners’ in humble submission – until the big ball of fire hits Mother Earth, or as Zuma often states; “Until Jesus comes!

Late Breaking News - Sunday, Jun 19, 2011

The Afrikaans Sunday Newspaper, Rapport, revealed damaging evidence proving for the first time that sniper rifles made in South Africa are being used in Libya's bloody civil war by forces loyal to embattled dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

South African Justice Minister Jeff Radebe, who chairs the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC), has previously defended South Africa’s track record on conventional arms sales, saying the country would not authorise sales if “there are grounds to believe that such arms may be used in conflict areas or by governments to commit atrocities against their own people”. And then they still get away with these lies!  

See older post on this blog: Arming Dictators All Over The World

External links to the latest news:


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They count on you not knowing
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The Jews, follow the Talmud, not the Bible, and became the moneylenders in most of Europe, lending to nations, princes, merchants and farmers.
The word Jew became synonymous with money lending and usurer.
Christians finally had enough.
On December 17, 1862, General Ulysses Grant wrote to the Assistant Adjutant General of the US Army:
"I have long since believed that in spite of all the vigilance that can be infused into post commanders, the specie regulations of the Treasury Department have been violated, and that mostly by the Jews and other unprincipled traders.
So well satisfied have I been of this that I instructed the commanding officer at Columbus to refuse all permits to Jews to come South, and I have frequently had them expelled from the department.
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This order banished all Jews from Tennessee's western military.
General Orders No. 11 declared:
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"2. Within 24 hours from the receipt of this order by Post Commanders, they will see that all of this class of people are furnished with passes required to leave, and anyone returning after such notification, will be arrested and held in confinement until an opportunity occurs of sending them out as prisoners, unless furnished with permits from these headquarters.
"3. No permits will be given these people to visit headquarters for the purpose of making personal application for trade permits.
"By order of Major Gen. Grant.
NOTE: Jews in Washington DC immediately went to President Abraham Lincoln and petitioned him.
He countermanded Grant's order and allowed the Jews to continue their thievery of the Southern states.
Jews have had control of our politicians for a long time.

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Julius Malema is shouting and ranting for the privatisation of the Mines and Banks in South Africa - That’s institutions with ‘Jewish’ interests!
That’s right Julius, keep on ranting, feel like ‘king dingeling’ - You just might get an unsuspected visit from a ‘kidon’ team.

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Call for the ICC to take action against Julius Malema.
If you believe that Julius Malema must be stopped, and that he is guilty of incitement to genocide, hatespeech, and an orchestrator of racial hatred and violence, then sign this petition, and help us to make the world see! signature goal: 1,000,000

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Let Foolius Malema carry on with his nationalisation of mines and banks and whatever. The quicker the better, for the mossad will pay him a visit, and it will not be a friendly visit.
Hypothetically, if the stoopid savages nationalise all the major institutions, the Rothschilds will send in the dumb pommies just like they did in 1899 with the Second Anglo Boer War, and these dumb pommies are going to fight for the Rothschild Empire to take back the New SA from the savages. Take note that the Afrikaners/ Boere must stay out of this fight. It is not our battle.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

A posting recently published on the sister blog TIA-4-CHRIST should provide some insight as to why the term "International Judaic" is often used on this blog.

See the article: Joseph of Arimathaea and the Lost Chapter of Acts

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