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Ramblings about Mandela, his facial blemishes, latest pics, and so forth...

Click here for the latest commentary on Nelson Mandela

Click here for the latest commentary on Nelson Mandela

Most regular readers of this blog should still remember that, not too long ago, there were rumours floating around that Nelson Mandela had already died, and that the ANC government were pulling all sorts of tricks to create the impression that he was still alive. This blog had absolutely nothing to do with those rumours, as I’ve always had a strong feeling that there’s no way the ANC government could pull off a scam so humongous without making a mess of things.

Nevertheless, it seems that these rumours have quietened down somewhat, and that the recent pics showing Mandela and Michelle Obama together, has also not created any controversies – not that I know of!  BUT – as I’ve stated before on this blog, we live in a cloak and dagger world where anything and everything is possible. Who knows, maybe in the future sometime - when the present generation is dead and gone, they’ll release the ground-breaking news that the man who stepped out of the Victor Verster Prison in Paarl on 11 February 1990, was not the real Mandela, but an impostor who took over his role?… As I said, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE in this crazy mixed-up world!

During January 2011, when rumours about Mandela’s death spread like wildfire on Twitter, the ANC government reacted with strong condemnation, stating that the hoax was "malicious" and “insensitive" to the Mandela family and the South African public.

Incidentally, in 2003 Mandela's death was incorrectly announced by CNN when his pre-written obituary (along with those of several other famous figures) was inadvertently published on CNN's web site due to a fault in password protection…. (so they say!)  Source:

This posting will not attempt to refute or corroborate any rumours or conspiracy theories regarding Mandela. However, I strongly believe that Mandela, although not dead yet, is most likely suffering from an age-related memory impairment - a very common condition experienced by some people who reach the age of 60 and older. People with this impairment often say and do the most bizarre things imaginable, and the older they get the weirder they become… Believe me, I have firsthand personal experience regarding this issue! 

Bear in mind that Mandela will be 93 years old next month, on 18 July 2011, and that the ANC will once again make a big issue of his birthday, at taxpayers expense – no doubt!  Whether they’ll be using images of the real live Mandela on national television – or other media, or a professional impersonator, is a question I’d prefer not to speculate on, except to say that if celebrities can do it, then what stops the ANC government from also utilizing the same services? They have, after all, the backing of the elite rulers of this world, and access to enough money to get the best ‘actor’ for the job!

More than a 18 months ago, during December 2009, there were already reports that Mandela may be losing his memory (source here), but the msm has remained silent on this, which I presume can only be because of the fact that a privileged few ‘chosen ones’ are allowed to see him in the flesh. One can only imagine that there will also be 100-and-10 requirements to be met before anyone will be allowed near Mandela.

The US First Lady, Michelle Obama, (plus her mother and two daughters) fall into the category of “privileged persons”. They recently paid Mandela a courtesy visit on the first day of Mrs Obama’s two nation-tour of southern Africa – the two nations being South Africa and Botswana. (News report here).

The very latest news report states: “US First Lady Michelle Obama said on Wednesday former South African president Nelson Mandela appeared strong and happy during a meeting with her and her family.” (view the rest here). Now why are they using an eminent world VIP to confirm Mandela’s physical and mental condition? Just wondering???

The chances are pretty good that the frail and ageing Mandela has no idea who is running the country at present, or who the VIP’s are who pop over for tea every odd now and then. I don’t think he can even recall that some of his favourite buddies are scoundrels of the highest order - such as, Gaddafi, Mugabe, etc. I’m almost 100 percent certain he gets confused with the names of his children and grandchildren, and who their mothers are. It would not surprise me in the least if President Zuma, and other high-up officials in the ANC clan, prefer to stay as far away as possible from their god, for fear of being thumped on the head with his walking stick.  I also have good reason to believe that old Madiba is really, really mad at those fellows who were unable to find his lost Makarov pistol.

As a matter of interest, and nothing else, I am going to introduce readers to a few unique qualities (skin blemishes) that are prominent on the face of Nelson Mandela. Bear in mind that these distinguished blemishes will, most definitely, be simulated on the face of hired look-alike ‘performers’, in the event that the services of such a professional are required.

One of the best high-resolution images of an older Mandela, that does not, in my opinion, look as if it were altered, doctored, or manipulated, can be viewed here. (Warning - the file size is  1,009.56 KB - Dimensions: 2,180px × 3,000px -- Photo: Dave Hogan/Stringer / Getty Images)

I’ve used this same high-resolution image to point out a few unique facial blemishes.

Take note:  There are several other unique blemishes clearly visible to the naked eye, which I'm not going to even bother mentioning. 

The next illustration depicts two well-known photographs of a younger Mandela. The two skin blemishes I’ve pointed out above also appear in these pictures, although I must admit that one has to scrutinize the pictures with profound vision, the fact remains that the skin blemishes are there (if you look carefully) and they are very similar to the ones portrayed in the first older portrait. (Bear in mind that high-resolution images of Mandela’s younger days are basically non-existent on the public domain!)

In the top picture (image below) the skin-blemish, possibly a blackhead, above the upper-lip is somewhat camouflaged by the moustache - but it is there!

The next image is a very popular portrait of Mandela, and has been used on countless websites and also in print form, but for some unknown reason the original image canvass has been flipped horizontally.

The skin-blemishes I’ve pointed out above (plus all the others) are all on the WRONG SIDE of the picture.

Click the picture to view a larger version (without the added text and arrows).

Latest photographs - Michelle-Obama Visit

The following photograph, showing Mandela sitting with Michelle Obama and her kids, is extremely amateurish. It’s hard to believe that this pic was distributed all over the world! This photograph is the perfect example of how NOT to take a picture! 

All the photographer needed to do was to shut the curtains in the background and use a flash. This simple action would have dramatically increased the quality of the overall photograph. Why this wasn’t done, simply boggles the mind!

The next close-up picture of the recent Obama-Mandela visit is also second-rate quality... (TIA), but it does show the distinguished blackhead above Mandela’s upper-lip, as well as the skin-blemish on the left side of the nose… (if you look carefully!)

As I’ve already stated – I’ve presented these seemingly insignificant details as a matter of interest only. I’ll leave the reader to ponder why Mandela’s distinguished facial blemishes were never cosmetically or surgically removed, and why recent pictures of this famous world-renowned idol are of such pathetic quality… I say no more!


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Won't be surprised if the scumbag terrorist uncrowned beast of the field had a stroke to some degree. About time this filth should take a hike to Hades. Even that useless piece of communist scum of the earth took a hike before him. Good riddance of bad rubbish.

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