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Africa Day 2011

Africa Day is the annual commemoration on May 25 of the 1963 founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU). On this day, leaders of 30 of the 32 independent African states signed a founding charter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Although the main objective of the OAU was to develop Africa after colonialism, very few people alive today are aware of its sinister secondary objective, which was to liberate Southern Africa from white rule.

The OAU was disbanded on 9 July 2002 by its last chairperson, South African President Thabo Mbeki, and replaced by the African Union (AU). The name and date of Africa Day, however, has been retained as a celebration of African unity.

Regular readers of this blog, and the sister blog Tia4CHRIST, should by now recognise the fact that the mere mention of the word “unity”, “One Nation”, “One People”, or similar terms, in any political organization, or system of government that controls a multicultural mixed-race society, is in fact the work of the devil (aka the antichrist), as it always leads to chaos - in other words, deliberately planned-and-executed disaster!

Unity is a concept that can only work in a society where people share common beliefs and aspirations based on the Spirit of Truth. The distortion of this truth has been satan’s primary intent and purpose since ancient days, and long before Africa was colonized by the Whiteman. Black ethnic groups in Africa number in the hundreds, each generally having its own unique language, beliefs and culture. The countless efforts to create unity among these diverse people has gone against God’s Law of Nature. Instead, it has created ruthless dictators and terrorists, whose actions have consequently destroyed the distinctive and pure God-given identity of millions. The United Nations and several other institutions of the International Judaic has deliberately sanctioned these actions, while simultaneously spreading misinformation and lies via the MSM they control. The OAU, for example, did absolutely nothing to protect the rights and liberties of African citizens from their own black political leaders, hence the reason why it was often dubbed by its critics as the "Dictators' Club". Now that we know a little more of how things work in this world, that club can just as well be referred to as the IJ-affiliated Club!

This years theme of Africa Day is "Africa and the Diaspora".  The New York celebration will be held in New York City on 31 May 2011. In Nairobi, it will be celebrated at Uhuru Park Recreational Park. In South Africa the main celebrations will be held at Zoo Lake in Johannesburg, and will take the form of a 3-day festival starting at 4pm on Friday 27 May, and ending on Sunday 29 May.

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Two years ago, I posted an article on this blog entitled A United States of Africa by 2017. The article relates to President Zuma’s inauguration, which took place at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, on 9 May 2009. It was at this main circus-event where the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi (el-Qaddafi), received an exceptionally warm welcome by the Marxist rulers of South Africa. At that point in time Gaddafi was pursuing the International Judaic’s grand plan of creating a United States of Africa - with one currency, one passport, one military force, and one government. The plan was to reach this goal by the year 2017.  Click here if you wish to read the full article.

Now that Gaddafi’s little empire has crashed, the question on my mind right now, is who is going to be the International Judaic’s new puppet and bonding-agent for unity in Africa?  Will it perhaps be President Zuma? Read the news - Zuma to visit Libya for Gaddafi exit.

Bear in mind that 52 African countries are currently members of the African Union, and that this so-called Union has only two administrative centres:  The one sits in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and the other is located in Midrand, South Africa. The Pan-African Parliament (PAP), which is to become the highest legislative body of the African Union, is also seated in South Africa, in Midrand.

God Help Africa!


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How to celebrate Africa Day:

Take something completely trivial
and f#ck it up completely.

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@ Anonymous

Hmmm... like the Zoo opposite Zoo Lake, where the leaf-eating animals are starving of hunger.

Acting communications officer of the Joburg Zoo, Candice Segal, has requested people to donate branches with leaves of palatable indigenous trees such as the Acacia thorn tree, Rhus/wax tree, Olea/wild olive tree, and Ziziphus/buffalo thorn tree. Click here to read the full article.

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