Friday, April 1, 2011

Naspers Media Psyops Continues!

I’ve mentioned this before: - The Afrikaans Naspers group of newspapers are becoming progressively more active and also more shrewd when it comes to playing on the emotions of their readers, with the purpose of ultimately influencing the future behaviour of the masses.

Although they will report on matters of crime and government corruption, and their reporting may at times appear to be anti-government, Naspers is extremely cautious when they report on matters that have a direct bearing on the true nature and true character of South Africa’s Marxist-Communist Rulers, and the people who brought them to power.

Naspers follows the exact same cautious approach when reporting on matters of Christianity, with the full realization that the vast majority of their readers are Christian. Ninety-nine percent of their reporting in this regard follows the same approach applied by the international Main Stream Media, which has a tendency to either show contempt for the Christian faith, or a tendency to create confusion and disorder in this regard.

For example: In last Sunday’s Rapport newspaper, dated 27 March 2011, which I only happened to read this morning, the main front-page displayed a wide-strip colour image of men wearing red t-shirts with the words “JESUS” printed on them. The image was displayed across the uttermost top portion of the page, a spot which immediately attracts reader’s attention, and which newspapers often use as advertising space. The words, “BUCHAN IN BOSVELD - 12” were prominently displayed in the top left corner of the image, alerting readers that the full report is continued on page 12.

(Angus Buchan is a popular full time evangelist, who initiated the convention known as Mighty Men. His latest meeting, attended by thousands of South African men, was held on a farm near Polokwane in the Limpopo province.)

I turned to page 12 in the Rapport newspaper eager to read more about Buchan’s message to the crime besieged gatvol Limpopo farmers, but what did I find there? A huge full-colour image, measuring 323mm x 130mm, of white men standing naked kaalgat, while showering under an agricultural irrigation systems. The rest of the page was filled with an assortment of photographs taken at the event.

One may ask, what then is the psyops in this? The answer should be evident if you can understand the conservative nature and pride of the white farmer. Just like music, pictures too can be used as a psychological medium to influence the consciousness of the masses. Advertising mediums do it all the time!

More photographs can be viewed online in this image gallery of Rapport

The picture of the naked farmers published by Rapport is, in my view, disgracefully scandalous (uiters swak smaak), especially in the context of the specific news item, but let’s move on…

I was delighted to see that our old friend Mike Smith, from SASucks fame, has started blogging again. I have taken the liberty of reproducing one of his latest articles published today, as it has a direct bearing on this post:

And… this is no April Fool’s joke!

Media Psy-ops against White South Africans
By Mike Smith – (From the Blog: Mike Smith's Political Commentary)
1st of April 2011

I have repeatedly posted about this in the past. This is how the media gangs up against and vilifies white South Africans.

South African Whites are already suffering under tremendous crime and are targeted for genocide by the criminally insane government.

Below are some pics that accompanied a story of an ex Bulls Rugby player who chopped off the heads of three blacks in a township.

The Bulls hail from the relatively conservative Pretoria or Northern Transvaal region.

South African Newspapers refused to publish the name of this guy for three days, but had no problem to put up pictures of white hands in cuffs or white hand holding an axe.

The BBC reported his name.

As you can see the perpetrator is BLACK. This is another blatant unprovoked attack from the Main Stream Media against White South Africans.

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