Saturday, March 5, 2011

The twisted mind of a free-thinking liberal at work (Video)

This video, which was posted about 7 hours ago on Youtube, was apparently made by a Worthington Christian High School World History student. According to the accompanying note on Youtube, the video effectively presents the plight of South Africa.

The video presents no such thing! It is just another example of the liberal communist propaganda that we are bombarded with every single day of our lives. The video targets those who are on the opposite scale of “underprivileged”, in other words, the minority group of white people, and maybe a small segment of other wealthy ethnic groups who will take time off to watch Youtube videos. It is cleverly done to create feelings of guilt in the psyche of mainly the Whiteman. (If you watch the video, you will see what I mean!)

The video begins with words and accompanying song that epitomizes how the country has become a place of poverty, violence, and corruption. It places the blame squarely on the past actions of the Whiteman - and no one else but the Whiteman! Factors such as Marxist-Communist involvement in the matter, ruthless barbaric terrorism, recent government corruption and government overspending, etc… are not mentioned.

The last part of the video is asking people to donate money for medical support towards “the people”; for education of “the people”, and for providing shelter for the homeless. Graphics (and music) for the video have been carefully selected to evoke emotions of pity for the poor suffering blacks, as if this is the only segment of South African society who are suffering under this pathetic black rule!

How come, after 17 years of freedom and democracy, people are still suffering in this country, while the super-elite ANC gangsters live a life of ultra-lavishness?

I do not normally post videos of this nature on the Tia Mysoa blog, but thought I’d make an exception this time, to show the world how the misleading liberal worldview has infected the minds of Christian scholars. The fact that the producer of this video is a History student, demonstrates how warped (and deceitful) our tertiary institutions have become, and how they create devils-little-helpers under the banner of Christianity. It's enough to make one sick with sorrow!


Islandshark said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Liberal idiots!

The Rooster said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Oh you're gulping down the Kool-Aid. Apartheid almost bankrupted the country. A huge proportion of our expenses went to the militiary, police and token jobs for whiteys on the railroads etc. The restrction on movement and trade strangled the country and created massive poverty. Why do you think that since Apartheid ended we had our greatest ever period of economic growth, even under the useless A.N.C ? The A.N.C sucks, but man the Nats sucked way worse.

The average Saffer income has gone up by over 200% (inflation linked)for all race groups since 1994. This has been demomonstrated in numerous studies. So the video is rather dumb to suggest other wise.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

That video "Help South Africa" is a pack of lies. in the first place it never was legal to make an indigenous person a slave in South Africa. If you want physical evidence rather that having to look up the history, you only have to look as far as the existence of the colored race and their Malay background. Secondly the 10000 people that laid siege to the Sharpville police station were not exactly unarmed. There are photographs to prove this.

Kubu_1 said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@Rooster is a LYING COMMUNIST LIBERAL that enjoys spreading propaganda,

You Enjoy it when YOUR fellow Country men are suffering,are in pain etc.It took 30 comments and the best you could came up was the (COOKED) stats from the police that YOU cooked further.

It is always a pleasure to educate liberals, I know it is easier to talk to a brick at least it doesn’t talk back and the penetration are better.

It would be nice to know where your farm was,as you said ” ON MY farm it is safe and I slept with my doors open”, In my opinion that must have been back in the APARTSHEIDS REGEIM or inside ORANIA.

We all know Stalin and Kaddafi are your role models,come on admit it !!

I just cannot believe your sadistic pleasure you are getting when you hurt people, running them down, stepping on them, denying them right to free speech etc, You got no empathy for anyone else than YOURSELF,I believe that YOU are A VERY SICK PERSON,

A GOOD person will try to be positive not negative as you are,trying to help,let a sympathtic ear,help were they can.

No ONE ARE BELIEVING YOU , you’re a LIAR, or would I rather say LIBERAL COMMUNIST POLITICIAN ,they all the same.

Please try your utmost not to swear as we all know its your lack of vocabulary !!

BTW why is it that a young girl in YOUR COUNTRY has got a better shot in life of getting raped than finishing school(black and white and all colours in between),is this also APARTHEID fault or is this the heaven you and your communist buddies want !!and strive for.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Rooster the poester , get lost, liar!!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Jinne maar die Rooster ou is n pyn in die gat, as jy hom sien dan praat hy ka. Amper of hy geselskap soek. Skoert seuntjie die groot mense praat.

Ghost Ryder said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Here is something you might find interesting and may be of some assistance.

Contributors will help create a database of evidence documenting the intentional destruction, displacement, and denigration of the White race.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hey Rooster, come up with some FACTS, pal, because you are a LIAR. So many websites, such little time. You only managed to close one down, good luck in trying to do the rest. Go some place else, loser!

The Rooster said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Everything I post is factually supported. All you lot post in response are insults and ad hom. attacks. Tell yourselves that I'm lying enough times and it still won't make it true.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


I am in South Africa... It would seem that you are not. If you are... please tell me where, so I too can experience this Utopia. Allow me, in the meantime, to educate your sorry arse.

The average saffer income has fallen (in real terms) over the last 15 years. A very small minority of very select jobs has increased by "200%".

How can I tell... I don't need a second or third hand survey or census or some other propaganda based on a pack of lies like you do (Oh yes - you call them factually supported or some such bull). I see it first hand at the till of my shop. Right there at the point of spending. I see how the blacks have gone from buying meat to buying chicken. I see how they have gone from buying a variety of vegetables to buying only cabbage and tomatoes. I see how the whites are buying more pap and rice and less chocolate. I see how I have had to adjust my stock levels to keep up with the almost purely staple demand. I see how people now look twice before they "toss" something in the trolley. I SEE IT - DAILY!!!

If you want to spout your feel-good shit about this marxist hell-hole - at least make sure it is shit first.

The people here can see that what you spout is crap. Bullshit of the highest order. My friend (and I do use the term EXTREMELY loosely), it IS impossible to pick up a turd by the clean end. So why do you persist in trying? Even the lumpen proletariat is starting to see through your lies.

All you do with your convoluted justifications and poisoned statistics is make the SA existence to be a lie. Meanwhile the people who actually can see the evidence of their eyes just laugh and think you're a doos.

Your ideal dream world that you make up on your blog daily has no basis in the realities of the post modern South African state. Facts are facts - SA is a third world hell-hole descending into Zimbabwesque chaos. Stick around - you'll see.

"You get lies, damned lies, and STATISTICS".
I just thought I'd throw you a freebie before you put too much store in your precious "statistics".

Oh. Before I forget - the biggest period of economic growth ever in this country was in the sixties under Verwoerd. The little damp squib you call growth after 1994 was simply the existing momentum of the economy getting released. There was no real growth. Go and look at the figures. There has been a slow and continual contraction in our economy - almost from the day Mandela waltzed out of "Robin" Island.

If that is not the case - ask yourself why there is NO major gold producer left in SA? Why is the only SA owned gold producer stripping SA assets and putting every spare cent into Oz and South America?

Why has every mining house moved off-shore and has stripped their SA operations to the bone. In an era of resource boom SA resource production slid.
Oh Yeah - You think that is eco-fucki-nomic growth.

You may be a bigger doos than you think you are.

Word Fokken Wakker!!!

Kubu_1 said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


IT is NOT TRUE,its your facts ,THE FACTS are from people who deny the GENOCIDE, HOW can THIS BE TRUE?


1)Why lie about your farm, you know it is not true !!!

2)Why modify the corrupt stats and try telling that the truth! You are lying again,ITS your facts , NOT THE GOSPEL!

3)Why enjoy it when people are hurting, why swear at your farmer friends, if you don't like him walk away, why keep on tramping on people, hurting them further, in the country they trying to survive in, Do you feel a sadistic pleasure of tramping on your own kind.

4)Why rejoice when the shut down a website that you disagree with,somewhere you need to draw the line,you just dont know where, but I still believe, YOU ARE A SICK PERSON

KEEP staying on the meds

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

See the message on Mike Smith's Blog. The link was posted earlier on the previous thread.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ THIS IS SOME OF ROOSTER"s comments,what a disgruntel negative liberal COMMUNIST!!

1)ROOSTER SAID "I live on a farm. I don't lock my doors, else I would have to let my dogs out in the middle of the night. Annoying. I probably worry more about dental plaque than violent crime. It's just never happened in my area to any white person. "

2)Rooster said"Look guys. Just behave. I'm the boss now."

3)Rooster said" We might not be able to stop your host from hosting you. But we sure can blacklist their server".

4) ROOSTER SAID "I will personally help take it down. If it does it's probably written by the same people who write and exists to as an attempt by the far right to try inflare racial tensions".

As for you racial tension you are quick to judge ,but YOU are the racist !!!

5)Rooster said"Hey Adriana. Your day in the sun is over. I have ruined you with my new facts".

As we all said you took excisting lies and cook them futher,YOUR LIES ,NO TRUTH WHAT SO EVER !!!

You are a mental case,typical liberal,no feeling ,compassion,YOU ARE A TERRIBLE PERSON !

Kubu_1 said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

It seems:the more you talk about Rooster the more its eye openening experiense ,It sounds as he was part of the same old regime that sold your country,Specially the President ,not even his wife could have trusted him ,no wonder he betrayed his country and countrymen !!

My opinion is changing more and more about Rooster he is a FULL PURE BLOODED COMMUNIST

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