Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Raid on State Coffers Continues

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is concerned by reports that President Jacob Zuma is seeking to hire luxury vehicles in each of seven provinces for the purpose of transporting his wives. Thus far, over R69 million has been wasted by this administration on luxury vehicles – enough to build over 1 200 RDP houses. Such expenditure is both self-indulgent and reckless in a country facing widespread poverty and unemployment.

The Presidency’s latest expenditure scandal highlights the need for Cabinet to make public the proposed amendments to the Ministerial Handbook, which sets out guidelines for benefits and privileges to which Ministers and their families are entitled. President Zuma has stalled on the release of these changes for over a year.

Far from leading by example in reining in wasteful expenditure, the Presidency has during Jacob Zuma’s tenure gained a reputation for misuse of public funds. Just last week it was revealed that almost R200 million has been allocated to the upgrading of the President’s Pretoria residence over the next three years. A further R165 million has been set aside for the building of SAPS offices and an executive military health facility at the Bryntirion Estate, where the homes of cabinet members, including the President, are situated.

Such wasteful expenditure underscores President Zuma’s insincerity when repeatedly stating his administration’s commitment to alleviating poverty, improving performance, and reforming service delivery. It makes a mockery of the R6.8 million the Presidency has pledged to save over the next three years (a mere fraction of the hundreds of millions being spent on maintaining President Zuma’s luxurious lifestyle) as proof of its supposed commitment to tackling wasteful expenditure.

DA: Statement by Athol Trollip, Democratic Alliance Parliamentary leader, on Zuma’s expenditure on luxury vehicles (01/03/2011)
Sourced from: www.polity.org.za
Edited by: Creamer Media Reporter

The following was sourced from Independent Online:

Zuma wives roll out in style
By Louise Flanagan - March 1 2011 at 09:52am

He has a presidential jet and vehicle convoys on standby, but the president wants seven more luxury cars permanently available – for his wives.

The Presidential Protection and Security Services are looking for a vehicle hire business that can provide a luxury vehicle available “at all times” in each of seven provinces, including in President Jacob Zuma’s home province of KwaZulu-Natal.

According to the tender document for the proposed contract, the vehicle must be a “luxury Class A1” sedan or 4x4. Examples of these were listed as a Mercedes-Benz S600; BMW 7 series; Audi A8 or A6; Mercedes-Benz ML; BMW X5 series; Audi Q7; Toyota Prado; Toyota Land Cruiser; or Nissan Pathfinder.


The comments posted on www.iol.co.za/news, in reaction to the above, are worthy of note.
Some are sarcastic, some are as thick as two short planks, and some are…. (well, I suppose readers can decide for themselves…)

Anonymous wrote:
Go ahead vote for the ANC again. They are not destroying this country at all. There are no convicted fraudsters out of jail due to "terminal" illness, there is no brain drain problem and there is definitely no problem with the water and electricity management systems. And poverty, it’s unheard of in this country. The ANC has promised to address all of these issues in the past and will promise to in the future (an ANC card is your ticket to heaven remember). Go on vote the ANC, you know you want to.

Mifozi wrote:
I am really tired of reading negative comments that are spurred on by jealousy. Every man wishes to be like our great president. He has many healthy wives, more than 20 children who will hopefully become president someday, and even hollywood stars look to our leader and his wives for tips on style and class. The man exudes style and is the definition of class. We are not leaders! People must realize that. When a sheep wishes to become a shepherd, there is much frustration as it is unlikely to happen, then you get all the noise and bleeting in a kraal or unflattering comments on here. You are on here with access to the internet. This is a first world country and due mainly to the hard work of our leader. His wives can do nothing all day, but instead they choose to do business and uplift our economy. Do you expect these businesswomen to drive tazz's or old toyotas? It is due to them that we have a strong rand and powerful army and economy.

Anonymous wrote:
@Mifozi, maybe you should read what people are saying. nothing to do about jealousy or his libido! they are talking about a nation that is starving, a nation with a high unemployment rate, a nation that is moving back, not forward and our President has the nerve to want 7 luxury cars for his wives. Why not spend that money on the countries enrichment and benefit. If you can understand that, then good for you otherwise continue to live in your world of blindness as to what is happening or is that you are in some way benefiting from the processes. Wise president my arse. Wake up man!

Rick wrote:
Every day, without fail the people of SA get nailed by these greedy, unashamed political tyrants. I can understand a Presidential Jet, as well as a presidential 'Limo'...I can even understand the First Lady having her own designated car. BUT, to have to have several wives, demanding several cars? What the hell?! We are paying for this...not them, we are! They make more money individually than most of us do, and yet we still have to pay for this. Its madness, truly truly mad. Defend him all you want MIFOZI, but the fact remains that its still the poor who suffer, and this is money being spent foolishly that could have been used to assist and uplift the poor. Its a shame, because with every passing day we watch powerless as our country is being raped under the thinly veiled guise of "the struggle" In what alternate reality does JZ think that renting these cars would be a wise use of OUR money? And why must they drive around in S Class', and ML's? What’s wrong with this country? I struggle, but I eat every night, I have a car which gets me everywhere I need to go...but there are people out there that don’t have it as good as I do, and its these people who should demand a more accountable president. But they wont, because he has conned them into believing he has their best interests at heart.

DarkAngel wrote:
@ Mifosi - U idiot! It's ok if you dont mind paying for these luxuries! Go get yourself 6 wives and ask Zumi to pay for them as well. Do you have ANY idea what it will cost to hire these luxury vehicles? I think not. Millions of his own people are struggling and go hungry, are dependent on dangerous transport, but no, his wives must have it all. No wonder so many people try to avoid paying taxes - cause we know where the money's going! This stupid government is stealing from the poor!

Anonymous wrote:
Absolutely absurd! 7 cars in 7 provinces available at ALL TIMES equates a 49 luxury car fleet 365 days a year. A daily rate for an S600 Benz is R6,000 per day, so with long term discounts etc, this 'little' fleet will cost about R64million per year, maybe more.

And so on…
Click here if you’re interested in reading the rest of these comments.

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R 4 245 523 879.00
Last reading taken on 2011-03-01 @ 22:04… and growing by the second!

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