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White youths behaving badly - another MSM PSYOPS?

The video I’ve shared in this posting, portrays a small incident where a group of whites were behaving like hooligans in the streets of Pretoria. The abuse of alcohol on a large scale was the main cause of the chaos depicted in the video.

I witnessed the barbaric behaviour of these young adults with my own eyes on Saturday late afternoon, while travelling through the Brooklyn suburb of Pretoria. Although I was aware that it was the yearly rag function of Tukkies (University of Pretoria), which is known to get out of hand at times, especially when alcohol is involved,  the many scenes of drunkenness and hooliganism I witnessed on Saturday really shocked me to the core!

What disgusted me the most was an incident I witnessed along the side of the road while passing a bus shelter. Four young ladies, unable to walk due to their highly intoxicated state, half dressed I may add, where being helped by a black security guard. The one lay vomiting, dangerously close to the side of the road.

I can recall how in the old days this yearly function, called ‘n “jooloptog” in Afrikaans, used to be an orderly and pleasant affair. The last thing you ever noticed was students walking around carrying booze in public (as the video clearly portrays!)  If this is what the majority of our youth today call “democratic freedom”, then I do not want to be a part of this new South Africa. BUT on the other hand, does this video portray the mindset of the majority white youth in South Africa? That is the main question this posting will address – STAY TUNED AND READ TO THE END!

The Afrikaans article dealing with this story can be viewed online at www.beeld.com. I will translate the main points in English:

Chaos broke out yesterday at the University of Pretoria’s yearly rag function (jooloptog).

Marina Slabbert, a witness to the events, made a video of some of the bystanders, who jumped on a taxi in Middel Street Brooklyn. They opened the taxi door and threw a bucket of water on the passengers inside.

The bystanders also harassed other vehicles by rocking their vehicles up and down - claiming tol-fees. “They behaved worse than hooligans,” Slabbert said.

“They broke off a side-view mirror from one of the vehicles passing by. After that they tried to stop other vehicles, demanding R5 before letting them through. The broken mirror was shown to these drivers in a threatening manner.”

Mr. JJ du Preez, who was also at the rag event, witnessed how bystanders broke empty bottels on vehicles, and how they lifted the windscreen wipers of some cars.

It is not known whether the bystanders were or also students, or not.

Dir. André Wiese, commander of the Brooklyn police station, said there were thousands of people who stood watching the 7km-long rag parade. Most of those people started drinking early in the morning already.

“There was tremendous alcohol abuse. It is simply impossible to stop thousands of people from drinking,” said Wiese. (Full article in Afrikaans - Beeld).

Further comments by Tia Mysoa continues after the video.

I have been called many names since I first started this blog. The most favourite expression used is: “You are a racist!” The Sandra Laing Story and the movie SKIN, is one article where commentators have really climbed into my character. In another article, Unravelling the mystery of South Africa’s ancient stone structures, the personal attacks and vulgar language got so out of hand, that I had to delete all 24 comments and block all future ones.

By posting this article, concerning the atrocious behaviour of whites, I am not trying to disprove the fact that I am a racist, -- nor am I going to take the other route and claim that I am a REALIST. I am neither of the two, for both are manmade concepts, and the definition of both have been distorted and corrupted by man. If I had to boldly claim that I am a realist, then that too will, sooner or later, be used against me.

If readers are confused as to where I stand with my views, then maybe the points I’ve listed below will clarify the issue, - but first let’s make one thing very clear about the video I’ve posted on this page:


The main event of the Tukkies rag proceedings went smoothly, yet the Beeld Newspaper sent in their journalists to capture the chaos AFTER the event had ended. The University of Pretoria is still too white in the eyes of democratic South Africa, hence the reason why their white image needs to be assaulted by Naspers! The MAJORITY of the white youth in South Africa are decent, yet Naspers preys on the flaws of the MINORITY to create a psyops that targets the majority. They do it repeatedly until it sinks in, often using the lawless behaviour of celebrity figures to hammer the issue home.

Bear in mind that what you see in the video portrays the hooligan behaviour of a small segment of South Africa’s white population. The people you see in the video were intoxicated bystanders. Most of the bystanders were not even Tukkie students. Yet the impression has been created that THIS is what has become of the ENTIRE white youth in SA. They have become just like the kaffer-hooligans in South Africa who go around raping, killing, picketing, and plundering. This is the message our MSM wants to send into the rest of Southern Africa and also the entire world. It is these type of messages that are destroying Christianity worldwide, and giving Islamic extremists the ammunition they need to slaughter Christians.

Besides YouTube, the video is also available in the online article of Beeld. The print version of Beeld, dated February 14, 2011, also advertised the video, by informing readers where they could download it. You can thus be sure that this nasty little scene will soon be spreading across the globe -  like wildfire!

The main points I want to make in this posting (in basic simple terms), are as follows:
  • Communism is from satan.
  • Communism never died – it only changed colours.
  • Communism has conquered South Africa.
  • White Christians are the prime enemy of the Communists.
  • “Freedom” and “Democracy” are lies propagated by satan, for these concepts go hand-in-hand with addictions, substance abuse, and idolatry – satan’s tools that corrupt and enslave the mind!
  • The outcome of this victory is particularly evident in the densely populated cities of South Africa. (Get out of the cities if the pressure becomes unbearable, even if it’s only for a few days!)
  • The overwhelming majority of people who belong to the White Race, are the same people who were known as the Israelites of old – God’s people. This is a major truth the worldview has denied, confused, and distorted!
  • Satan WILL, BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE, convince the world that the entire White Race are week, - the scum of the earth! (Here I am referring directly to the above video, and the MSM’s cunning psyops.)
  • Although God’s new covenant teachings (Christian New Testament - KJV) incorporates ALL people irrespective of their skin colour, i.e. if they follow the basic rules and guidelines, the black racists in SA work for the devil, and that is another undeniable truth you will not read about in your newspapers!
  • Black racists are committing genocide against White Christians (Israelites of old). It is happening in America as well – that once proud and mighty Christian nation!
  • The racist murderers are doing it subconsciously because they worship satan, and their minds are tuned to a satanic frequency, – the Spirit of Error.
  • The video above serves a dual purpose: It will fuel the hatred of black racists more, and spread the Spirit of Error among all Christians.
  • The few traitors among our own ranks, are also fuelling hatred and inspiring chaos, but they’re doing it covertly!
  • These traitors want White Christians to despise themselves.
  • These traitors work for the antichrist. Black racists are their pawns, - their foot soldiers who spread misery and fear among Christians!
  • The traitors are in the minority, yet they rule our universities, our governments, and our minds. They fool us with their impeccable manners and speech, and their smart suits.
  • People like me, who expose the truths I’ve mentioned here are hated with an immense passion. BUT…
  • The more they hate me, the more I will continue exposing their wicked lies and deception.
I hope this makes it clear where I stand with my views.

15 Feb 2011 - (13:51PM)
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Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Boer Seun says:

Good Post Tia. The time of Jacobs Trial is almost upon him. The pity is... Most of the Whole House of Israel do not know who they are. I do not think it will be too many years now before the beast completes his evil work against us and our Glorious Lord appears again. Yeah! I cannot wait - "Gentle" Jesus, "Meek and Mild"! Coming sword in hand with the armies of God Almighty to Judge and Rule forever.

Something to look forward to... But, It is going to get v-e-r-y WILD before then - especially for Israels seed (the white race). Already the entire dark hordes of the nations stand against us.

As for the Satanic rulers of South Africa and their media lackeys. Their recompense will come. God will call His true children out of the Babylonian Beast and when that is done, there will be no more repentance.

As Jesus says: "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still; and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still."
Revelation 22:11.

Then we must look up, for our redemption is at hand.

Peace and Grace.

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