Friday, February 4, 2011

Prices are going to soar, BUT we must not panic - ???

Although I find the subject of economics a rather boring one, it intrigues me why consumers here in South Africa are continuously being told not to panic, because the cost of just about everything has shot up dramatically. We are now again being told that we can expect a major hike in the fuel price soon, and that food prices are also expected to rise - AGAIN, but we must not panic - ???

This posting will reveal, among other things, why we are being told NOT to panic.

Besides rising fuel prices, which not only effects food prices but also the cost of all merchandise that relies on transport, there is not a single service in this country that has not increased its prices dramatically over the past six months, or more. I’ve spoken before about certain individuals in the legal profession that commit legal daylight robbery on a daily basis, but there is another kind of specialized criminal working in the medical profession as well. I almost fell off my chair when I read the news this morning that private hospitals are charging patients up to R23 000 for a wound dressing. Click here for the news report.

All these knock-out prices and heyday sales we see going on at present are also a big racket! When are they going to stop pulling the wool over our eyes? Now that’s a dumb question, isn’t it? Let’s re-phrase that:

When are we going to start realizing that about half of what we read in the newspapers, and half of what we hear on the radio and see on television is all propaganda, shrewdly designed to dump the sheeple of this nation into a state poverty and depression?

When you start analysing what the so-called financial experts say, and the reasons they provide why food and fuel-prices are going to increase, the absurdity of it all will eventually become quite clear. More importantly, when you have established what they are NOT telling us, then you’ll start realizing who the real con-artist are, working behind the scenes, pulling the wool over our eyes.

What is the first thing you hear when a fire breaks out in a building?


Well this is exactly what is happening right now…. The seeds of fear have been sown, and prices WILL increase, but whatever you do, DO NOT PANIC! Rush rather, in an orderly fashion, to buy all the fantastic bargains at the heyday sales that are taking place all over the country. Friday was a good day to make the announcement, as most of the sheeple are off work this coming weekend, and all shops are open on Saturday AND Sunday!

These con-artists are very shrewd with their statements… They will even give a reason why we should not panic, and this same statement is used over and over year in and year out, because it works every time!

The statement…
“Consumers need not panic just yet, as the bank said interest rates are likely to remain unchanged until the second quarter of 2012.”

It is only the date that changes, year in and year out!

This statement puts people at ease because it covers the two most precious investments people own (loaned from the bank) namely, your property and your vehicle. Oddly enough, people who do not even own a house or a car will also feel at ease, as they will only see the first part of the statement.

Other reasons given why prices will increase will make sense to most folk, because they can easily relate to events they’ve seen or experienced for themselves. These are: Severe droughts in Russia, rain in Canada and Pakistan, flooding in Australia and South Africa, chaos in Cairo, war in the Middle East, and so forth…

What the MSM will NEVER allow you to see in a negative light are the two words “Kosher” and “Halaal”, yet the certification logo's of these two religions, which represent Judaism and Islam respectively, are stamped on 99% of all canned and packaged foodstuffs.

According to the 2001 South African national census, Christians accounted for 79.7% of the population. Muslims accounted for 1.5% of the population, Hindus about 1.3%, and Judaism 0.2%. 15.1% had no religious affiliation, 2.3% were other and 1.4% were unspecified. Source

Any food-processing company who goes through the procedures of Kosher or Halaal certification will be required to pay a fixed monthly or annual fee to a group of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis (in the case with Kosher), or to an Islamic (Halaal) Inspection Body (in the case with Halaal). At the end of the day it is the uninformed consumer who pays for these additional overheads.

The MSM in South Africa will never publish the true facts and figures related to Kosher and Halaal certification in South Africa, not only because the majority of people who purchase these stamped foodstuffs are non-Jewish or non-Muslim, who represent a fractional 2% of the population, but also because it will attract negative debate on the subject, with possible connotations pertaining to racist views and anti-Semitism, which in turn can easily spark-off nationwide boycotts and riots. Even packaged bread is stamped with BOTH of these certification logo’s! Remember what happened in Mozambique last year, when bread prices increased? Refresh your memory here.

Publishing the true facts and the overall impact Kosher and Halaal certification is having on the ever-increasing price of foodstuffs and other products, even household detergents (YES, detergents as well!), will expose the elite cluster of vipers who are manipulating the economic affairs worldwide, hence the reason why there is a deafening silence on this issue here in la-la land – South Africa, because these same vipers have their puppets firmly in place in ‘their’ government.

Today's boring news…
Another big fuel price hike expected



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