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Is the Genocide of Boer Farmers a Myth?

South Africa Murder Stats: JAN 1994 - DEC 2002
Before I begin this posting allow me to first stress the fact that it is not the temperament nor the rule of this blog to attack other blogs, or to defame the reputation or character of any specific individual, unless of course that person happens to be a communist, a terrorist, a known killer, a cheating con artist, or a yellow-belly traitor of Volk en Vaderland  - you get my drift?

Another important disclaimer I need to make, is that if any of the above-mentioned characters ever succeed in shutting down this blog, the backup-blog will spring into action faster than you can say  “Zuma” – so try if you want to!

I recently happened to stumble upon a newly created blog named, THE 3000 BOER FARMER "GENOCIDE" MYTH. The heading of the latest addition, dated 21-02-2011, and posted by “The Rooster”, simply reads, “The proof (19/02/2011)”. 

The posting contains a load of potentially damaging nonsense, and is nothing more than a character-assassination of Adriana Striujt, the lady who manages the list of murdered South African farmers. The latest list, which can be viewed here (as of 22-02-2011) is the same list this Rooster character is trying to rip to shreds.

Besides the blatant attempts to defame Adriana’s name, “The Rooster” also states that: “For many years various South African and international extremist right winged groups have held as the centre piece of their world view the idea that their is a white persecution happening in the Post Apartheid South Africa. Some groups going to far as to suggest genocide.”

He (I presume it is a he) goes on to provide the basis of his motivation for debunking Adriana’s murder list, by stating that:, “this list swallows in more and more unwitting minds and poisons them into race based hatred. I take comfort in knowing if the names of my dead loved ones were being used for such a ugly and divisive purpose I would not appreciate it.”

Now everyone is entitled to their opinions, as this is after all a free democratic country, is it not?

HOWEVER, when bloggers start approaching sensitive and controversial issues such as murder and genocide in a judgmental and unbecoming fashion, then Tia Mysoa strongly believes that the record must be set straight. I personally feel that if bloggers want to publish issues of this nature, then it would be advisable that they either have all the facts-and-figures on hand before doing so, or be totally silent on the matter.

I shall return to “The Rooster” and his noxious gossip in a moment, but first let’s get to grips with the following:

Gregory H. Stanton, President, Genocide Watch

The above statement, which can be viewed here, was sourced from an article on the Genocide Watch website, which deals with the 8 Stages of Genocide. Gregory Stanton goes on to say:  “The perpetrators of genocide dig up the mass graves, burn the bodies, try to cover up the evidence and intimidate the witnesses. They deny that they committed any crimes, and often blame what happened on the victims. They block investigations of the crimes, and continue to govern until driven from power by force, when they flee into exile. There they remain with impunity, like Pol Pot or Idi Amin, unless they are captured and a tribunal is established to try them.”

Now this does not sound like modern-day South Africa, but rather like the Rwandan genocide of 1994, does it not?  

Yes it does, and the reason for this is that Gregory H. Stanton presented these facts as a briefing paper at the US State Department in 1996, two years after the Rwandan genocide, which is incidentally only two years after South Africa became a democracy.

Gregory H. Stanton is the founder (1999) and president of Genocide Watch, the founder (1981) and director of the Cambodian Genocide Project, and the founder (1999) and Chair of the International Campaign to End Genocide. From 2007 to 2009 he was the President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars.

It should be obvious by now that in South Africa things work somewhat differently to the way it is normally done in other African countries, (although SA is gradually moving towards a similar way of doing things). Genocide in South Africa has, for various reasons, been a slow but systematic process, the three main reasons being:
  • citizens are still capable of defending themselves to a certain degree,
  • there are several organizations monitoring the situation, and
  • the media does occasionally report some of the crimes.
One of the “DENIAL” indicators mentioned in Gregory Stanton’s papers states: “They block investigations of the crimes.” This single indicator specifies exactly how the ANC regime has crossed the line into the denial stage, by allowing its police farce to plummet into a state of utter disgrace, so much so that they have to use the power of the media to boast about the their few odd accomplishments!  Whenever the police make an arrest or shoot a couple of robbers, you can be sure it will be screened on national television at peak viewing hours. Who are they trying to bluf, because the scum who commit these crimes do not watch the news on TV? So screening these incidents have no deterrent effect whatsoever!

Although several examples of unprofessional conduct, negligence, and plain incompetence have already been revealed in previous postings on this blog, I have, in actual fact, barely skimmed the surface.  In March 2009 the media reported a 56% increase in the number of missing police dockets over the past year. Above and beyond this atrocious state of affairs, the police have up till now been ominously  silent about the number of dockets and court papers that were destroyed when the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court burned down in October 2010.  I know for a fact that 1000’s of police dockets, court files, and arrest warrants were destroyed in that blaze, because I had a case registered under the jurisdiction of that court and several investigating officers also admitted that their investigations into a number of serious crimes, including murder dockets, had been seriously hampered. (See older posting: Has South Africa gone to hell?)

Was it a coincidence that attacks against whites in South Africa peaked to a max of  TEN ATTACKS PER DAY by mid October 2010? - I don’t think so!

Then there is that smouldering business of criminal elements working within the ranks of the SA Police… In December last year, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa announced: "We shall never get tired of ridding the SAPS of rotten apples who may be within the force; in fact we shall become more determined to ensure that only law-abiding police and staff members remain in the force.” – What a load of nonsense! They cannot even catch the murdering criminals in this country, how are they going to round up all the criminals inside the force? It is only AFTER a crime has been committed that police involvement is usually discovered!

Now let’s get back to “The Rooster”

“The Rooster” crowed: “I am of the opinion that she (Adriana Striujt) knowingly has set out to mislead and has deliberately posted individuals she clearly knows not to be farmers, or as you will see, to not even be dead on her list. As this blog moves along we wll (sic) move into looking into the motives of her list and how people from both sides have been duped and for what sinister purpose."

"The Rooster” then presents the evidence using the question-and-answer approach. He starts off with Question 1: Are there even 3000 names on the list?

Now anyone familiar with Adriana’s afrikaner-genocide-archives, will have noticed that she makes no claim that the list of names are complete. Rooster’s accusation that Adriana is knowingly misleading people because her list only contains 1165 names, is thus a blatant false assumption!

As from Wednesday, 23 February 2011, Adriana reports the death toll as being 3,788. 
Take note: she is merely stating what the death toll figures are, she is NOT stating that her list contains 3,788 names!  Adriana also publicizes the fact that she welcomes updates and corrections to her list. I wonder if  “The Rooster” went to the trouble of reporting the few errors he found?

Anyway, I went through the entire list of questions and irrational arguments on this new blog, and also had a look at the so-called errors. Bear in mind that “The Rooster” is suggesting that there are numerous errors. He basis this argument on the fact that the 1994 - 2011 list also contains names of victims prior to 1994.

After scrutinizing the list, and double checking the results, I came up with four (4) errors. Yes folks, FOUR ERRORS - This calculates to an error margin of 0.34 percent!

I eventually emailed Adriana informing her of the latest developments and also the smear campaign by “The Rooster”.

This was her response:

On this following link: are placed the copied back-ups of all the known farm murders listed by date from 1987 to 2003 - which were listed on a hacked-away website, Crime Busters of South Africa.  By the end of that year, it could be clearly seen that some 1,350 people had already been murdered on farms and smallholdings. Keith Knott who maintained this site was a meticulous record-keeper. It's the ANC-government agents who have been trying to destroy these records by hacking away such sites and then questioning their veracity. They've hacked my sites away three times since then as well. The more they do this, the more determined we will become to continue archiving the Boer genocide. Notice that Keith Knott also included the horrendous murders of the black girls and women on their smallholdings in these murders - these women were murdered because they insisted on hanging on to their land-rights, in other words for the very same reason the Boer farmers are being murdered.  And just as gruesomely: Mary de Haas, a researcher of KwaZulu Natal, recorded that usually all the female siblings and offspring of the 'recalcitrant' black woman who refused to give up her inheritance-rights to her land to a black male relative (which is demanded under their tribal laws) -- , was locked up inside their homestead and set alight. It's noticed that Boer farmers also are often set alight.

Feel free to publish this.

Best wishes

So dear readers, what do you think? Is the genocide of Boer farmers a myth?


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

could you remove the link to his website as it just increases the web rankings in search results.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Anonymous (February 23, 2011 3:50 PM )

It was already in the top rankings of google before this article was posted, which was one of the reasons I responded with two postings. This posting is now ranked 2nd on google, just below his – i.e. if you use the following words in your search: boer genocide myth (the same words that appear in the heading of this post).

majuba said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

"It's the ANC-government agents who have been trying to destroy these records by hacking away such sites and then questioning their veracity. They've hacked my sites away three times since then as well. The more they do this, the more determined we will become to continue archiving the Boer genocide."

Could this be the fate that has befallen SAS / ZAsucks?

A certain individual ran a number of U Tube clips critical of today's SA.
His themes corresponded with those of SAS and SAS actually referred its readers to his clips.

Out of the blue the said individual does a 180 deg turn and attacks SAS.
A slanging match then ensued with SAS posters.
Presumably acting on a complaint from someone SAS was pulled without warning.
Within 3 days SAS was back on line with a new host
5 Days later the new host shut it down presumably acting on a complaint
SAS reappeared on a temporary host.
This blog was hi-jacked by a number of anonymous readers who reduced it to the lowest level of profanity and racial epithets.
Result - SAS was pulled again.
You be the judge

Obviously someone out there is very concerned about the truth emerging in the blogosphere about the real RSA today .

Moral of the story: blog owners/operators have Plan B in place and be ready to act quickly when the freedom of speech police come after you.

Poster said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

In the late 80's, the years of township unrest, (which you as an ex police serviceman know more about than I), the black masses were primed and prepared for the day that power would be handed over to the ANC.
The slogans 'One Settler, One Bullet' and 'Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer' became a mantra of the 'Struggle movement', that has only gained in popularity since 1994.

Just because all out civil war didn't break out, does not in any way mean that the White minority were not intentionally targeted for ethnic cleansing, be it by murder, discrimination in the work force or just plain fear driving them out of the country.

LSouth African minority groups are being subjected to a low intensity warfare, carried out by feral gangs of criminals is a silent war that cannot be proven to have government sanction. But that does not mean that it is not supported by the ANC/SACP.
Commando units disbanded, gun laws disarming citizen, no more functioning justice system, no more efficient police force. Does that make for a picture of a government that is truely trying to protect and serve its citizens?

Big business cut the deals with the ANC in exile in Zambia to enrich a black elite and starve off nationalization, while the masses of poverty stricken remain poverty stricken and putting the blame for their lot in life on Whitey and Apartheid.

They see it as pay back time, a time to TAKE from the whites at all costs, what they have been conditioned specifically by the ANC, to believe the Whites STOLE from them ever since Van Riebeek came to the Cape.

Censorbugbear said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Solidarity trade union also listed farm-attack incidents from 1993 to 2009 - FOR ALL SEVENTY PAGES ACCESS THE GOOGLE-DOCUMENTS PAGE ON:

The Rooster said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Shoddy job. So you admit there are under 1200 names on the list ? You admit some names are before 1994 ? Now how about you also admit that those people are not all dead, white or farmers. Because that's a FACT !

Unlike censorbugbear, I am not trying to trick anyone. If I have made any mistakes they were not on purpose. Unlike censorbugbear.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks for the link Censorbugbear!

The link again:

Plaasaanvalle in Suid-Afrika - Volledige Lys

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Rooster

not all dead?

Updates, corrections: contact: or”.

Is this then not a clear declaration by Adriana that her list may be inaccurate, and that she needs public assistance and confirmation in this regard?

Did you report the errors you found?

white or farmers?

Of course it is not a list of white murdered people, and neither does Adriana make this claim. Did you read the statement that appeared near the top of the page? If not, allow me to spell it out for you, with the relevant facts highlighted in uppercase bold:

ABOUT 96% of all these reported rural murder victims below are ‘white’ Afrikaans-speakers – people who also refer to themselves as Afrikaners and/or Boers. Most of the attackers are blacks. The list also includes English-speaking commercial ‘white’ farmers; foreign visitors and white immigrants killed in rural areas such as game-lodges, lake resorts and beaches………” AND also: A SEPERATE LIST OF BLACK FEMALE FARMERS torched to death or hacked to death inside their homesteads over male-dominance related tribal land-rights disputes….”

It should be resoundingly clear, for anyone with the least bit of intelligence, that the list is NOT an exclusive list of murdered farmers, but that the VAST MAJORITY of the killings are farmers?

You’re becoming a real pain in the butt with our illogical arguments!

Majuba said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

"It should be resoundingly clear, for anyone with the least bit of intelligence,"

That is the catch.
It is not resoundingly clear to Rooster
he does not have the least bit of intelligence
he has a denialist agenda,

The next question to ask is - why?
Why is he on this denialist mission?

Let us look at the situation from a different angle
The ANC admit to 50 murders/day = 18,250/year
Interpol claims the figure is much higher
Let us conservatively compromise and call it 20,000/year
Since 1994 that would deliver 320,000 deaths
Since at least 80% of murders in South Africa are black on black that means about 260,000 black South Africans have been slain
The remaining 60,000 would be distributed amongst the Indians, Coloureds and Whites.
Conservatively whites comprise 40,000 of this total
Within this figure are the nearly 3,800 "farmer" deaths that Adriana refers to
So the real issue is not farm murders but urban killings - about 36,000.
That = about 6/day countrywide
This is what Adriana's Farmitracker and other data bases are working on establishing

Given that the ANC are extremely coy about releasing crime figures it is safe to assume that they are trying to hide something and that the above figures are pretty close to home.

So Rooster, unless you can provide factual evidence to the contrary this is the best to go on and this is what will be quoted.

So over to you - give us the real figures - if you have them, which I very much doubt.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Majuba and Poster,

Thanks for your excellent input!

“The Rooster” states among loads of other nonsense, on his new blog:

“Let me lay it out for you : I'm an libetarian neo anarchist. I hate politicians and anyone sociopaths who try and manipulate anyone with "politik", scaremongering , alarmism and snake oil….”

I am not going to waste my time with this anymore. There’s far more important things to do than argue with some kid whose smoking the green stuff.

It’s time to march on… don’t bother picking up the wounded rivals. Let them crow.. err.. I mean crawl!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Correction @ my comment above (February 23, 2011 6:50 PM)

The comment was in response to Rooster’s @ 6:28 PM

Last sentence should read: You’re becoming a real pain in the butt with your illogical arguments!

The Rooster said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Kid ? How ancient are you to consider me a kid ? I'm 35 years old.

And again Adriana read my site and the obvious cases of people who are not dead, and the very next day reposted the same list without any changes. Even thought I linked to news articles that show these people were not murdered. You're giving her way too much credit. And very few of these people are farmers...which is why when you claim you have a list of white farmers there's a the fucking problem. Don't claim that you have a list of over 3700 white farmers who have been murdered when....

it's a list of under 1200 people.
Not all are white.
Not all are dead.
Most are not farmers.
And it's since 1987.


The Rooster said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

You are being illogical my darling. You are in the face of HARD evidence putting youe head in the sand. Stop lying to your readers and to yourself.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The specific list in question is but ONE LIST maintained by ONE individual. There are several other lists maintained by several other people and organizations. The links to some of these lists were provided in this posting, but yet you keep hammering on and on about the ONE list – a list that has been hacked countless times! My main concern has absolutely nothing to do with “The List” or the errors it may contain, and neither is it my responsibility to fight Adriana’s battles for her. My concern is that people are being murdered on a daily basis in South Africa. Many of these crimes are based on racial hatred towards whites. It has become such a common occurrence that the media don’t even bother reporting all this news. It can understand how difficult it must be for someone like Adriana to keep up with a list of these attacks, and then to also constantly monitor who has died and who has survived.

Read this posting again thoroughly, and then point out to me where exactly am I lying to my readers and to myself!

You have also still not answered my question: Did you inform Adriana about the errors you found? Or did you expect her to read your entire blog, where you call her a liar and a bitch, and then to jump to your commands!

You my friend, are doing exactly what the communist propagandists have been doing for years: They feed the sheeple with a mixture of 98 percent truth and 2 percent poison. This List you keep going on-and-on about has a 0.34 percent error margin. This is the error margin you are freaking out about, and then you wonder why people get pissed off with you!

I will personally request Adriana to fix the errors on her list, if she has not already done so.

I trust this matter can now be put to rest.

Majuba said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Are you going to give us the real figures seeing as your mission is to debunk all the others?

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I have a question from someone living in Los Angeles
"Can I ask a stupid question?? Why do they target the farmers??"
What is the Psychology behind this?

Islandshark said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

You are wasting your time with the demented chicken. He constantly befouls ILSA and has been spreading his propaganda for years.

He hates Boers & Afrikaners with a passion.

He is one of those proudly disclosing that he helped bring SAS down.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Anonymous – (February 24, 2011 3:10 AM)

Why do they target the farmers?
What is the Psychology behind this?

These are very good questions, but unfortunately it is not that easy to provide a concise answer….. but I’ll try anyway:

Many people will argue that it is because White Farmers in South Africa rely too much on Black labour, but this is not the main reason why farmers have become targets. The majority of the killings in SA are perpetrated by “foreign” Blacks – “foreign” in the sense that are not from the original family stock (tribe) living in the immediate area, and also “foreign” in the sense that many are migrants from another country, eg Zimbabwe. Obviously, there will also be exceptions to this rule, but they are negligible.

A very important fact is that farmers have always been targets on the African continent, and not only in Southern Africa. In the Central African Republic (CAR) for example, where cotton, coffee, and tobacco make up a major proportion of exports, it has always been the farmers who get slaughtered. These farmers are not White but Black, and their attackers have always been Arab militias. The same phenomenon has happened in Southern Chad (bordering Northern CAR) in the fertile, rain-drenched valley where Black Christian farmers live a sedentary life. I can go on-and-on, but the point is – all over Africa, it is always the Christian farmers – the people who feed the communities, who get slaughtered. In all these cases their attackers are non-Christian. So what is this telling us?

My argument has always been that the current genocide of Boer farmers have absolutely nothing to do with the colour of their skin. This is a spiritual (occult) onslaught by demented souls of the devil himself! What right mind would want to slaughter the hands that feed them?

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the 3000-plus farmers (Boers) who have been murdered in South Africa so far, were all Christian. See also this posting on my sister blog, for more info.

Author/researcher Pieter Oosthuizen also highlights the ANC’s use of the African Occult as a terrorist weapon in his book, The Current genocide of Afrikaners – the blood-curdling realities of the Rainbow Nation. The publication is in Afrikaans, and I’m not sure if it has been translated yet. The CD or PDF-document can be ordered for R150 ($15) from Reviews of the publication can be viewed (in English) on

The liberal-minded author Isak Niehaus also illustrates in his book,
Witchcraft, Power And Politics: Exploring the Occult in the South African, how the ANC and other Marxist-Communist groups used witchcraft beliefs to further their own agenda in South Africa. Niehaus of course glorifies these witches, but it is still a very interesting read indeed – if you can read between the lines! South Africans can order his book through

I trust this short response clarifies your questions.
Thanks again for bringing it up, as it has given me the inspiration for writing another article. Stay tuned!

Majuba said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@LA Anonymous 3:10am

Despite all the technological, material, commercial, constitutional and faith benefits that white European settlers have brought to Africa, black Africans resent the coming of the white man, because he exposes their deficiencies.

Wherever the white man has settled in Africa he created thriving, viable western economies which delivered good material benefits for both settlers and natives alike.
By contrast blacks have generally retained their tribal lifestyle.

The black power mongers put out the story that the white man has "stolen" their land from them and this is the direct cause of their poverty. If they got their land back they would all be contented self sufficient subsistence farmers. The reality is that most blacks are not, and do not want to be, farmers. This has been conclusively proven by the land restitution program over the last 16 years. Wherever profitable white farms have been restored to black people they are bankrupted and run into the ground in about two years. Most blacks want a white collar with the suit and briefcase bling in the corporate world that the white man has created.

For the full story of the failure of the land restitution program Google: The Great south African Land Scandal by Dr Philip du Toit.

So why are farmers being attacked?
It is a covert terror campaign to:
(1) get the farmer off the land
(2) get the white man out of Africa.
The fact that they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction through famine and getting rid of the white entrepreneurs who create the jobs either does not concern them, or they do not have the capacity to see the consequence of their actions.

Another popular statistic that you will see bandied about is that under apartheid blacks (80% of the population) only occupied 13% of the land.
Dig a bit deeper and this is what you will find.
The black tribes of south Africa have always occupied land to the east of the 40inch rainfall line. Their survival depended on growing crops (maize/corn) and grazing cattle.
At best this is about 50% of the land area of current SA.
To the west of this line the land is semi desert like Arizona and Nevada. Blacks have NEVER occupied this territory.
In the east there is a major mountain range which takes up a fair % of the land area. Thus the remaining arable land is shared by white farmers and the black tribes. The reality is that this "13% of black land" is about 60 to 70% of what they have always occupied.

This is clearly illustrated with a visit to Google Earth.
A good example is to go to the town of Kokstad.
Move out from the town and you will see two distinct landscapes.
The first green and fertile, well manicured white farm lands.
The second, collectively owned black land which looks like a lunar landscape.
You will see these two landscapes on opposite sides of a single fence. Same soil. Same rainfall. Same sunshine. Why the difference?

Now factor in population growth.
In 1900 there were about 1m whites and about 3m blacks in what became South Africa. In 1990 there were about 5m whites and 35m blacks. The white population grew at a rate similar to Scotland, ireland and New Zealand - in other words in harmony and balance with a growing economy.
By contrast the black population exploded thanks to the following infrastructure introduced by the white man: a health service; reliable and nutritious food supply (famine was factored out of their way of life) police, law courts and prisons which curtailed faction fights between tribes. The prisoners were ultimately released back into black societies to maintain their polygamous marriage and breeding customs. This irresponsible breeding has reinforced demand for more land.

This is a very brief summary. I hope the picture is becoming clearer.
I will forward a few articles to TIA which he could post to provide more detail.

Another good site to visit is American Rennaisance to get an insight into the co-existence issues of a multi-culti society like SA.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Brilliant input Majuba!

As I’ve mentioned to LA Anonymous: - it is not easy to provide a concise answer. You have added another truthful dimension, as seen from a different perspektief albeit in summary form, but within your perspective lies the true roots of the cause.

The question is… why are black Christian farmers in other regions of Africa also being exterminated?

The conflict has spiritual roots. Communism and various associated religious sects follows the spirit or error as opposed to the spirit of truth. If the entire nation (black and white) in South Africa followed the Christian ideology we would not have this current problem. If for example, we reach a point sometime in the future where there are no more white farmers left in SA, the attacks on farmers will continue, and the aggressors will most likely be Islamic radicals.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

“The Rooster” has just posted three comments, one after the other, which I’ve deleted. He is still ranting and raving about the same old issue of errors on an old list. He is not making any tangible contribution to these discussions, so I really don’t see the benefit of keeping his spam on these pages, - for that is what his attacks have now become – mere worthless SPAM!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The Rooster is a paid for agitator of the lowest sort.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Please ignore that attention seeker called "Rooster"
His site says it all: "Kill a Whitey". For some reason this inferior liberal hates Afrikaners and Whites.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

This note is just so that you know that an absence of comments doesn't necessarily mean that no one is reading... keep up the good work.
Moenie dat "Rooster" jou uitlok nie, hy's dit nie werd nie.

The Rooster said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Nice. Censorship. Feel free to post whatever you want on my site. Unlike you I have nothing to hide, and aren't trying to pull the wool over anyones eyes.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Yet again another attempt of old chicken boy to divert traffic to his site. Avoid it like the plague... As soon as he has something worthwile to say, then allow it to be posted here. If its continuous rantings... ignore him. The mistake SAS made was to add fuel to the fire of his and old muscle boy's verbal diarrhea.
Please rooster, give us some examples of the walking dead you're so fond of when criticizing Adriana's list. We're waiting....

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hi Tia and Majuba,
Thank-you for your excellent explanations of what is going on. There have been 2 articles in the LA Times recently and I could not understand why people would “bite the hand that feed’s them” and that the SA Government seems to condone these acts of barbarity as they would surely have stepped in and done something sooner.
Will look forward to you next article.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

1000, 2000 or 3000, apart from a few "errors", why the huge dispute. The fact remains that farmers are targeted and murdered in the most gruesome manner I have read Roosters fowl (no pun intended) response to Adriana on his website. I have heard a lot , done a lot and seen a lot in my life, but the way he attacked her and vilified her left me in shock. I really think Rooster has some serious issues in life.

The Rooster said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Censored again !!!!!!

Youm know that she has lied but you won't let me demonstrate it ?

I won't let this fly. Now I wll expose you as a liar too.

The Rooster said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

At least have the integrity to remove the posts that claim I have no proof she has lied. That's an entirely bogus modus operandi to censor the person after they linked to the fact and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Show me where exactly, in any of my postings, did I call you a liar…. Don’t patronize me Mr Rooster, and don’t threaten me either!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


Anyone who wishes to provide further input, are welcome to email tiamysoa @

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The follow-up posting to this one>>

The Root Cause of Farm Murders in South Africa

Thanks to LA Anon – (February 24, 2011 3:10 AM)

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I came across a rather strange phenomenon one day while travelling along the R561 route between Tolwe and Baltimore in the Limpopo province of South Africa. A small yellow bucket was attached high-up in a branch of a Marula tree, hence the name of this posting. It’s a real funny story which I’m sure most readers will enjoy - as much as I enjoyed compiling the article  - (with illustrations).

Pretoria’s Monument for Victims of Terrorism - July 2013
Many people (including myself) had almost forgotten about a noteworthy monument in Pretoria that stood at the entrance of the old Munitoria building on the corner of Van der Walt and Vermeulen Streets (now renamed Lilian Ngoyi and Madiba Streets). When the Munitoria building was demolished on 7 July 2013 nobody could tell me whether the monument was still standing or not, so I decided to go look for myself.

Remembering The Battle of Delville Wood - July 2013
14 July marks a day when the South African 1st Infantry Brigade got engaged in the 1916 (WW1) Battle of the Somme, in France. The battle was one of the largest of World War I, in which more than a million men were wounded or killed, making it one of humanity's bloodiest battles. One specific encounter during this battle, known as The Battle of Delville Wood, is of particular importance to South Africa. The posting includes a comprehensive article (with pictures) compiled and written by Petros Kondos.

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