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Cloak and dagger tricks - the reality of our fantasy world

In a previous posting, The KGB was not a Rock Band, dated January 5, 2011, I mentioned that I would consider posting a follow-up article concerning “intelligence agencies”, and the role they are playing in furthering the agenda of their decadent masters.

Although the previous article did not attract the response I was hoping for (which may have been a blessing in disguise), I think the time is now ripe for that follow-up posting! Way too many strange things have been happening lately, and it’s time for some light to be shed on these matters, as it does not seem as if anyone else is doing it!

South Africa’s National Intelligence Agency (NIA), like all other intelligence services worldwide, serve their masters in various ways:

Their main function is to provide their masters (the ANC government) with intelligence on domestic threats or potential threats to national stability, but on occasion they have no choice but to follow orders from foreign agencies. The recent arrest of a wealthy businessman on terrorism charges, after allegedly threatening to attack Britain and America with biological weapons, is a perfect example of cooperation between various agencies.

Although the impression is often created that the South African NIA are also responsible for the safety and wellbeing of citizens, the truth is that this is not their main concern at all, but a police function. Their main priorities lie with those (see note below **) who have endorsed their existence, and who have created the laws that legally permit them to act under a clandestine cloak, while probing into activities related to terrorism, sabotage, subversion, espionage, and organised crime.

Note **
This blog has recently started using the term International Judaic as an identifying term when referring to that mysterious hidden hand that controls the wheels and cogs of satan’s world. So when you see references such as, “they”, “those”, “the global elite”, or any other obscure reference on any of the postings, then you’ll know exactly to whom and what I am referring to. The ANC government is a mere puppet of the International Judaic, and so were many of the ‘Broederbond’ leaders of the old apartheid regime!

Another important fact one should keep in mind:

The clandestine world of intelligence is not necessarily dominated exclusively by satanic forces. Various forces - good and evil and those in-between, are at work in this cloak-and-dagger business. The nature of this business therefore makes it near impossible for a layman to determine who are the good guys and who are the bad. Another fact to take cognizance of is that the superpowers have always regarded South Africa as one of their most important ‘backyards’ – a testing ground for future intelligence activates - so to speak!

It may sound pointless to state that the defensive and offensive activities of an intelligence agency are complex, but I’ll say it anyway just to stress this fundamental fact. In simple terms the defensive side of their activities involves advising the government of the day what security measures are needed to keep them in power, but bear in mind that they also have the potential to unseat the government of the day if they feel it is necessary.

It is this offensive side where matters get really complicated, for it is their offensive actions that identify, monitor, and neutralize ‘hostile’ elements, if the need arises. It is also during these offensive actions that police members or ‘The Hawks’ are often called in to assist.

Who are South Africa’s enemies at present?

In other words, who are the enemies of the ANC government? To discover the answer to this question one only needs to identify who the NIA are monitoring, and who they are neutralizing. One would think that the answer is evident, but it is not… The entire population is being monitored! The Afrikaner-rightwing element has long ago been identified and also neutralized to a large extent. It is only the fragmented splinter-groups and their leaders who are being closely monitored at this point in time.

Modern technology which purportedly makes our lives easier, is also making it easier for government agencies to monitor suspects. The technology I’m referring to here is of course smart phone technology and related social networking applications, blogs, online forums, geotagging, etc… If you cannot see that this world is fast moving towards a system that is automatically categorizing people with similar beliefs and viewpoints into easy identifiable groups, then you must be blind!

For those of you who don’t know what geotagging is:

Geotagging is the process of adding geographical identification to photographs, video, websites and SMS messages. It is the equivalent of adding a 10-digit grid coordinate to everything you post on the internet. Geotags are automatically embedded in pictures taken with smartphones. Photos posted to photo sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa can also be tagged with location. Intelligence and security force personnel are well trained how to bypass these functions, and how to protect their own identies and their exact locations. The average sheeple-masses are not informed how to do this!

Let’s get back on track…
The term “neutralize” does not necessarily mean “eliminate” of “kill”, it can also refer to the employment of scare tactics. This brings me to the nagging question whether the ongoing murder of white farmers in South Africa is a scare tactic of the ANC government or not, and whether the murder of the Boer leader Eugène Terre'Blanche, the relentless raids on private homes to seize unlicensed firearms, the recent fiasco at the VVK gathering at Paardekraal, the closure of the renowned and controversial SA Sucks blog, etc… is part-and-parcel of the government’s attempt to neutralize ‘hostile’ elements, or not?!?

One will never know the truth, and neither will one ever be 100% sure which organizations, groups, blogs, forums, etc.. have been set up as a façade to gather intelligence. Neither will one ever know which journalists are being utilized in intelligence operations, as this publication suggests. It’s enough to drive one silly, but this is the awkward truth of the matter – take it or leave it!

Another sad but undeniable fact is - that regardless of how much circumstantial evidence is presented to build a case, it will always remain wild speculation, and wild speculation no-matter how convincing it may seem at the time, WILL eventually get labelled as a conspiracy theory, the very moment the news starts spreading!

It is the offensive side of intelligence agencies that are the most developed, the most organised, the most sophisticated, - and for obvious reasons, also the most cunning and the most secret. The true nature of their offensive techniques, and the high level of sophistication involved, are NEVER, and I repeat - NEVER, made known to the general populace. This is why I never report on matters related to the so-called leaks of WikiLeaks, as the info they share with the general populace is useless and outdated - (Click here to view a previous article on this blog related to WikiLeaks).

Even agents who are assigned to perform a specific task within an agency, or police personnel who are called in to assist, are mere cogs in the machinery, and are thus seldom aware of the main objective of the larger project. A large project will normally be decentralized into a number of smaller components, while the managers of each component are kept in the dark about the true goal and also the scale and magnitude of the project. In some cases the project may take many years to accomplish, as was the case with the KGB.

As I’ve said before, the true objectives of clandestine operations, no-matter how insignificant, are NEVER revealed to the general populace, and even if one tries to identify, from the bits and pieces of news that filter through, whether the forces at work are good or evil, you will eventually get bogged down in a grey area dotted with futile second-hand circumstantial evidence.

On the odd occasions when bits and pieces of truth do surface (usually many years later when the severity of the threat is non-existent), it will normally be publicized in novel form – in other words, as a work of fiction. This was the case for example, with Alan Elsdon’s book The Tall Assassin: The darkest political murders of the old South Africa.

The Tall Assassin

This book, which the author claims is based on fact, describes in vivid detail who were behind the assassination of Prime Minister HF Verwoerd, the death of former State President Nico Diederichs, the killing of Dutch Reformed theologian Professor Johan Heyns, the killings of Dr Robert Smit and his wife, - and many other murders and strange activities that are still shrouded in obscurity to this very day.

The mysterious words “RAU TEM”, which were spray-painted in red on the walls and kitchen cupboards at the scene of the Smit murders, are decoded in Alan Elsdon’s book. The book reveals that “RAU TEM” is an Afrikaans acronym for “Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit – Tegnies En Moord”. It was a name given to a specialist sub-unit of the Bureau of State Security (B.O.S.S.), an intelligence agency created in 1969 by Hendrik van den Bergh (aka, The Tall Assassin). Hendrik van den Bergh, the creator of the term “RAU TEM”, was the only person who knew the meaning of the name and also the location of the main base of his clandestine unit. It was situated on an island in the middle of the Vaal Dam on a piece of ground owned by the old Rand Afrikaans University (now known as the University of Johannesburg).

Ol’ van den Bergh, a fallible human being like the rest of, must have mentioned the name in a slip of the tongue one day, while sipping his brandy and coke in the private company of his chosen few who all possessed a licence to kill, a flair for adventure and a greed for money. Then one day, many years later when least expected, the dogs decided to bite the hands of the master who fed them, and sprayed the words RAU TEM on the walls of a murder scene that was not, under any circumstances whatsoever, meant to reveal a single shred of evidence linking the crime to the political affairs of the day. Robert Smit’s briefcase, containing highly sensitive information, was later exchanged for a generous ransom. For many years thereafter the media could only speculate about the Smit murders of 1977, but all those stories have remained mere gossip over the years, as not a single shred of solid evidence exists to prove that government agents were the killers.

The Smit murders is but one example of how the cloak and dagger tricks of intelligence services influence world affairs. Similar operations are going on all the time. The popular 007 James Bond series for example, is more authentic than what they seem. It is presented as entertainment, with stunning girls and incredible imagery enhanced with special effects and surround sound, to distract us from reality, and to enforce the notion that the entire presentation is all a fantastic imagined creation, i.o.w. a fantasy!

If I had to ever get totally obsessed with this topic, and start influencing 1000’s of others to the point were it becomes a national threat, you can be sure that, depending on my prominence in society and/or the severity of the threat, one of three things will happen to me: I will probably die a mysterious death, or my character and reputation will be dragged through the mud, or I’ll end up in a mental institution. The first line on my medical file will read: “This patient has seen too many James Bond movies!”

There is currently a mountain of circumstantial evidence indicating possible ANC involvement in organised crime and other cloak and dagger tricks. Their inability (or reluctance) to combat the ongoing farm murders is one example; their failure to stop the lucrative drug trade, which is destroying our youth, is another. Another very recent example is the systematic political campaign in Kwazulu-Natal to exterminate IFP councillors (Click here to view the full report issued by the IFP).

Organised Crime

Then again, there is also plenty of circumstantial evidence pointing to the fact that criminal elements, who ‘appear’ to have no connected with government, can also get away with murder. Despite the high level of sophistication in law enforcement and intelligence, there are far too many unsolved crimes in the country. One thus cannot help but wonder whether the actions of these criminal elements are possibly linked to supervised and controlled projects of the NIA, or any another intelligence agency for that matter! It is a debatable an extremely thorny issue, but when one takes into account the cunning ‘intelligence’ of these agencies (pardon the pun), then one cannot ignore the possibility that these crimes are intentionally left unsolved.

To illustrate my point I will cite three unsolved murder cases that occurred after South Africa became a democracy. There are plenty more, but for now these three cases will suffice. In the first two cases it does not seem that the ANC government was involved. In the third case (Brett Kebble) the victim had close ties to the ANC.

Hazel Crane (1951–2003)
Crane was shot dead in her car in November 2003, while traveling to the Johannesburg High Court to attend the trial of alleged Israeli mafia member Lior Saat, accused of murdering Crane's estranged husband near Sunninghill, Gauteng in 1999. Aa source close to Crane said that she knew too much, being able to identify and implicate a number of figures in the Saat murder case. She was the third state witness in the Saadt murder trial to be murdered; Julio Bascelli was shot in the head in a deserted garage soon after Avassi's death in 1999 and Carlo Binne was shot dead at the Gecko Lounge, a Johannesburg nightclub, in April 2001

Brett Goldin (1977 – 2006)
Goldin was murdered alongside a friend, Richard Bloom on April 16, 2006. The two were killed with single shots to the head in Mowbray, Cape Town, after they had left a party in the trendy Camps Bay area. They had been carjacked, assaulted and shot execution-style. Bloom, a designer, was a label manager for the Cape Town-based Maze clothing company.

Brett Kebble (1964 - 2005)
Brett Kebble was a South African mining magnate with close links to the ANC. He was shot to death in September 27, 2005, by unknown assailants. The autopsy revealed that the bullets found in his body were a rare, 'low velocity' type used by bodyguards and crack security operatives. (See also the posting: Killing Kebble: An Underworld Exposed).

Well folks, that about wraps up this posting… I better stop now before the men in black come knocking on my door!


Poster said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Brilliant post TIA. Thank you.

Macaw said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

This was utterly enjoyable. The reason that some folks (myself included) do not always comment is that they procedure to comment is a bit of a hassle if you have a slow connection.

Do not take the lack of comments as an indication of a lack of interest.
I just have one question regarding the above post regarding the Bret Goldin murder. Why did you mention this one specifically?

PS. No need to answer if the men in black are cruising slowly up and down your street... :)

Once again, an amazing article

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hi Macaw,

Glad u enjoyed it, and thanks for the compliments!

I have no specific reason for specifically mentioning Brett Goldin. The three cases were on a list in a Wikipedia category of unsolved murders in South Africa. I specifically singled out the murders that occurred after 1994, to emphasize the point that these things also happen in a so-called free democratic country.

The liberal worldview has always hammered the fact home that cloak-and-dagger stuff only happened in the ol’ evil apartheid days. Now that it is happening in a democracy these liberals have suddenly gone blind and deaf.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Very Nice!!! Keep it up. It has long been my suspicion that there is A LOT going on behind the scenes.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Very interesting - other than the Bret Golding murder - read books about Bret & Hazel crane - shocking how a lay man wouldn't have an idea of what's really going on...

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Interesting article published on Politicsweb: Roy Allen on the Smit Murders

His story contrasts somewhat with the version published in the Cape Times: New claims made about who killed Robert Smit, dated 22 November 2012.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Neutraliz(s)e always meant what it says NOBODY was ever left behind that could TALK or Scare as you report
Today I am a old man and we were ALWAYS taught what it meant
Roy Allen and I never met but his story is not correct .He had nothing to do with Smith murders.If you could ask P.W and Lang Hans they would tell you the whole story
The words RAU TEM in red was symbolic and a serious warning that a practice must stop.
Roy Allen's theory had some reasoning (very little) in the right direction

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