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Beware of Zuma's Psychology!

During an exclusive interview with Beeld yesterday, President Zuma again confirmed his earlier standpoint when he said that, the Afrikaner is the only white group who can lay claim to the fact that they also fought for their freedom. Although the full interview will apparently only be published in Beeld next week, it is obvious, from what has already been said so far, that Zuma is not only trying to appease the Afrikaners in this country, but he is also, in a subtle and shrewd manner, telling the Afrikaner to shut-up and accept their plight, for they have no specific geographical area in the country they can call their own, and neither do they have one specific leader who represents the entire group of Afrikaners. In reality, he is telling Whites (and not just the Afrikaner) to bury the past, to go find their own Nkandla in their imaginations, and to vote for the ANC.

This is typical psychological Marxist-Communist tricks, - that’s all it is! The Afrikaner-Boer Heritage (White Heritage) has been unduly thrashed in all parts of this country, yet Zuma has the nerve to brag about his safe and secure little spot (a real authentic, physical one) in KwaZulu-Natal.

Another thing: Why does Zuma always bring up the Anglo-Boer Wars and the issue of Boers who died in British concentration camps? That miserable war ended more than 100 years ago, -- for crying out aloud!!!  If Zuma (and others) cared to do their research properly they would have discovered that the Boers were assisted by Americans, Irishmen, Russians, Germans, and Jews.

Why does Zuma always avoid issues related to the last (most recent) wars fought on this soil and on our borders? Those brave soldiers also fought to protect the freedom of all South Africans, did they not?  Were the South African troops made up exclusively of Afrikaners only? No, an assortment of people from all ethnic groups fought on the side of South African military forces in that war. Many did this voluntary!

And lastly…
The racist blacks who are murdering whites in this country, do not distinguish between Afrikaners or English when they choose their victims. When these racist  blacks recite the hate-songs, “Kill the Boer, kill the farmer…” they are referring to ALL WHITE PEOPLE. A substantial number of farmers who have been murdered in this country, were English-speaking commercial ‘white’ farmers. (Click here to view the death toll list, with names of victims)


Afrikaners must find their own Nkandla - Zuma
By: Pieter du Toit and Lizel Steenkamp, Beeld 2011-02-17 07:00

Cape Town – The Afrikaner should find his own Nkandla, President Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday.

Not a geographical area, but a psychological home where he’s safe and has the freedom and confidence to live and express the things that are important to him.

Zuma said in an interview with Beeld – the first with an Afrikaans newspaper since he became president – he has a deep understanding for the need of some Afrikaners for a home of their own.

“For example: I work in Cape Town and in Pretoria, but then I want to go to Nkandla (in rural KwaZulu-Natal). That’s where I belong. I feel at home when I’m there.

“I can do the indlamu (a traditional dance for men), I can speak isiZulu...

“This is what some Afrikaners need on a psychological level: an Nkandla.”

He emphasised the fact that he doesn’t mean Afrikaners can or should demarcate their own area or create a separate home.

“You can’t create an Orania, you must be part of South Africa and share in what we all share.”

Proud of heritage

The president explained that historical realities have determined that various ethnic groups are concentrated in various parts of the country.

For instance, the Venda live mostly in the north of the country, the Zulus in KwaZulu-Natal and the Xhosas along the East Coast.

He said the Afrikaner is not found in a single geographical area, but all over the country. This is why they don’t have a “physical Nkandla”.

Zuma said ethnic diversity in South Africa is valuable and that he, as a Zulu, is proud of his heritage and traditions.

“Being a South African doesn’t make me any less of a Zulu. But being a Zulu also doesn’t make me any less of a South African.”

Fought for freedom

Despite his extensive conversations and meetings with Afrikaners – since taking office he has visited white squatter camps, Orania and the union Solidarity – it is still impossible for him to say who exactly represents “the Afrikaner”.

“I’ve met many different Afrikaners. Some of them don’t even want to be called Afrikaners, but rather Boere.

“So you can’t say that, since I’ve met one Afrikaner, I have met the Afrikaner (representing the whole group).”

Zuma spoke at length about the Afrikaners’ unique history and how this distinguishes them from other whites in the country.

“Some people are upset when I say this, but it’s a fact: they are the only white group who can lay claim to the fact that they also fought for their freedom, against the Brits... they died in concentration camps.

“They made a contribution to the development of South Africa and helped make it what it is today. They are an important group.

"They are the kind of group that doesn’t carry two passports, only one.”


Click here for the original Afrikaans article –  (

Beeld Newspaper (print version) promised that they would be publishing the full interview with Zuma on Tuesday – (2011-02-22)

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I just wish Mandela will die.

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every time this dumbass opens his mouth he puts a foot in it...shocking excuse for a leader!

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I agree I think the should call him Dingaan/Zuma

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

There were no Irish,jews etc assisting the Boers during the Great Trek when many lives were lost. They did not suffer the Blaauwkrantz and Weenen murders the Boers had to endure and they were not dumped in tents in a concentration camp. Get your priorities straight.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Anonymous (February 18, 2011 4:47 PM)

The third paragraph in this article is referring to foreign assistance during the Anglo-Boer War. It is not talking about the Great Trek, which occurred many years earlier in various stages during the 1830s and 1840s – so I don’t know why you are attacking info that was not mentioned in this posting!

Foreign volunteers on the Boer side, during the Second Anglo-Boer War, were Dutch, German, Russian, French, American, Irish, Polish, Scandinavian, Italian and Australian volunteers. This is a commonly known fact, and this Wikipedia article confirms it. It even gives the exact numbers involved! Take note: the article does not mention Jewish involvement, but one can presume that they were most likely from Polish and Russian background.

Although this is not an issue, in the context of this posting, your statement that there were no Jews assisting the Boers during the Great Trek is factually incorrect. Go have a look at this article by Rebecca Weiner.

My own Great Grandmother, on my mothers side, also spent some time in a concentration camp. I thus also have a lost relative or two who fought for the Boers in that war!

This posting however, is not about that period in SA history. This posting is a warning to Afrikaners that Zuma is playing psychological tricks on their minds – in the year 2011! He does this by bringing up the animosity between Boer and Brit, with the intention of stirring up 100 year-old emotions. The overwhelming majority of Boers and Brits are united today. The Zuma administration does not like that unity, because it is a unity of people who belong to the same race, - a race of people that the ANC regime would like see vanish from this soil!

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