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The Sutherland shooting – Extreme Prejudice?

I find this entire drama concerning the Sutherland shooting incidents most upsetting, but also enlightening. The reports regarding this incident in today’s Afrikaans Rapport newspaper, dated Sunday Jan 23 2011, are deplorable to say the least, but it does however exemplify the warped mentality of the society we live in.

This blog first reported on this incident on Jan 19 2011, when news reports were still sketchy and conflicting - (See >> The Sutherland shooting: Was it a crime-scene gone wrong?)

The story was splashed today on the front-page, and also on pages 4 and 5 of the Sunday Rapport newspaper. The unusually large bold headlines read, “Mal Franse gek oor Wapens.”Mad French crazy about firearms. This heading conveys a very clear pro-ANC message, and that is: If you have a passion for firearms, then you are mad! That is the general message this newspaper wants its White Afrikaner readers to get! The other underlying message is: If your passion is firearms, then you are either going to get arrested or shot by the police, - one of the two is a definite certainty!

Don’t get me wrong here! I am not coming up for the French couple, who died in a hail of police gunfire on Friday, 21 Jan 2011. All the available ‘circumstantial’ evidence so far suggests that they shot and killed a man ** and then also pursued the police, wounding another in the process. If you live by the gun, then…

** Take Note:
Although the media is portraying that the Frenchman killed a cop, this is essentially not entirely truthful. Jacob Boleme (27), who was shot and killed (allegedly by Mr Philippe Meniére), was a trainee student-constable and thus not a fully-fledged policeman yet. He should not even have been on that potentially dangerous scene, and neither should he have been the only one carrying a gun!

The bottom line is that the killing of a potential member of the State caused feelings of extreme prejudice towards the elderly French couple, - so much so that one can easily perceive the xenophobia that habitually kicked in when the media labelled these two elderly South African citizens as “French”.

Bear in mind that this tragic incident all started because the farm owner, Mr du Plessis, wanted to evict his unwelcome tenants, who had been living on his property for more than a decade rent-free, with his full knowledge and consent! In all that time his tenants had never harmed a soul, but yet when they became fugitives – they suddenly, in an instant, became dangerous cult-freaks. Now that they are dead, they are labelled as mad gun freaks!

Incidentally, Mr du Plessis is now very upset with the police, because their police dogs killed all his chickens, they left all the gates open, and completely destroyed the interior of the house where the French couple were living. (Source: Rapport 2011-01-23 – pg 4) Can you spot the warped mentality?

I am not going to dwell too much on this incident, but I do feel there are some vital lessons to be learned from this. Call it “Lessons of Survival – for the Future” if you want!

Firstly, the timing of this incident was perfect, because during the past few months there has been relentless persecution by the ANC-regime to trace and hunt down normal civilians who own guns in this country. The consequent arrests and detention, which in 99 percent of the cases involved White firearm owners, were given substantial coverage by the press. Censorbugbear, maintained by the ex-journalist Adriana Stuijt, has reported on some of these arrests in an article entitled Whites losing legal firearms. The opening paragraph of Adriana’s article reads:

“Legal, bona-fide white arms dealers, registered gun-smiths and white, legal owners of registered self-defence guns are being arrested on ‘illegal arms-cache’ charges – while the ANC-regime ignores tens of thousands of criminal gangs’ AK47s and can’t seem to find back their stolen SAPS- and SADF-weapons... Instead the regime is cracking down on the legal firearms owned by the white victims of unprecedented gang-warfare…” Click here to read the rest.

Secondly, and more importantly, the Sutherland incident in combination with all the other incidents related to the possession of so-called “illegal” firearms by normal citizens, who have never committed a crime in their entire lives before, is an indication of things to come, for it is not police intelligence and/or outstanding detective work that is behind the recent persecution of harmless citizens, but contacts and acquaintances of these citizens, and in some cases – the friendly neighbour next door!

Jesus Christ himself predicted, more than 2000 years ago, that this is where society is heading. Many did not understand his wisdom back then, but it is becoming all the more clearer!

“For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.
And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.”
(Matthew 10: 35-34)

On the 6 o’clock news this evening (SABC 2), Mr du Plessis said: “I never thought that I, as a Christian, would be happy so see those people dead!” – or similar words to that effect. THIS mind-set, my dear readers, is what is contributing to the downfall of Christian civilization in this country, and also worldwide!

I do not know what more to say on this subject, except that it is a truly sad state of affairs when people become brainwashed by the spirit of error and not truth, and when this so-called spirit of UNITY FOR ALL is accomplishing more failures than success, - by the minute and hour!


Mac said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I'll be going up to that part of the world in a month or two the rumor mill should be in full operation and I'll get a sit-rep from my friends then I can e-mail you what's "on the ground" if you want.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks Mac - that would be great!

Skoor said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Excellent post!

Such a lot of contradictions and poor journalism dished up as 'news' in the ANC driven media. Seems like the spindoctors of 2011 passed matric in 2010!

Why would it take days before 'she went into the house and saw that all was not right' changes to 'she went inside and saw him sleeping'. Did it really take the spindoctors that long to decide what the neighbour saw, where and when!!!

I would love to see the same kind of commitment and manhunt and heli's with infra-red when next a farm murder takes place. Seriously.

You are so right with the BRAINWASHING part - and very few people can see this coming!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Skoor - thanks for the compliment!

And more than a decade of free rent with owner consent, changed to "the tenants refused to pay rent!"

or how about this one:

"Ek wou hulle skiet, maar die sektorpolisie-hoof het my gekeer..."

Suicide or manslaughter???
Rapport pg 5...

11:48 Polisie skokgranaat, 2 tellings en 4 polisielede storm die huis in, sarsie geweervuur hou 7 sekondes aan, kort stilte verbreek deur vrou wat gil, nog 'n sarsie geweervuur, gevolg daar 1 minute stilte, terwyl polisielede buite om die huis loop. Daarna 'n derde sarsie skote van sowat 7 sekondes.
11:54 polisielede kom uit huis en klop mekaar aan skouer.

I hope the French Government sends their best team of experts!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


Ménière died as a result of the “combined wounds” from his own shots and police bullets. Ménière turned the gun on his partner, Agnès Jardel, and shot her dead. He then turned the gun on himself and fired, but the shot did not kill him. With the police already in the house, the wounded Ménière made a last-ditch attempt to fight off police and opened fire on them. He died in the shootout.

The online news report:
Cultists death explained

Case closed I suppose!

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