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The International Judaic

Why do I have this odd feeling that the ‘magic wand’ controlling the governments and the terrorists of this world has decided that it’s time to make some damaging revelations, and that this new internet production of theirs, known as WikiLeaks, is helping to stir the pot just enough to cause a few ripples.

I don’t think I need to explain why I know there is a sinister force working behind the scenes of international affairs, because I’ve often spoken about this menacing force before in several articles on this blog. The sister blog TIA 4 CHRIST has mentioned this wicked entity by name, but as I’ve promised earlier this year, I’ve decided to keep spiritually-orientated postings separate from this one.

On the other hand, come to think about it, why should I speak with a forked tongue and confuse first-time visitors to this blog with vague terms such as “magic wand”, “brood of vipers”, and so forth? The problem though, is that the wicked entity ruling this planet has many names and many colours. I personally prefer to call this entity by its real name, satan, (without the capital “s”), but in reality this is not entirely correct as the ‘entity’ I’m referring to is satan’s collaborator - satan being their almighty god.

I’ve often considered using the term “International Judaic” while I’m writing articles of a political or philosophical nature, as I’ve noticed a few other bloggers and writers sometimes use the same term. In the same breath I must add that I cannot categorically state that I and these ‘other’ bloggers and/or writers always share likeminded viewpoints. Although these people seldom define what the term exactly means, it does not take too long to figure out that it is “The Jew” and their tricks, and the ‘New World Order’ that is freaking them out. So without any further to-do I shall, for purposes of this article as well as all future articles that may require its use, not define the term as such, but rather begin stating what it is not, and who are under the spell of this evil:

Firstly, the term “International Judaic” has no connection with Judaism, the religion of the Jewish people. It may have had its roots fixed in a certain segment of the Jewish society who followed this religion at some point in earlier time, and most definitely at the time when Christ was crucified, but not today. Secondly, the term does NOT include everyone who call themselves “Jews” today as most modern Jews are not even aware that this covert entity exists. In fact, the vast majority of peoples on planet Earth are either totally in the dark when it comes to these matters, or do not bother complicating their lives with these issues, or are already under the spell of this lot.


How do I know they’re under their spell? Well, they’re the ones who will, for example, go that extra mile to switch off the lights (Earth Hour), or who will wear white ribbons every year during the ‘16 Days of Activism’ campaign; they will voluntary hand their guns over to corrupt police officials, and encourage others to do the same; they will believe everything they see on DSTV; they will vote for the communist-socialists; they will fight for the rights of homosexuals, and for the constitutional rights to kill 1000’s of babies through legal abortion; they’re the one who squeal on their neighbours, and get them arrested on false concocted charges, whenever their ‘human rights’ feel threatened. They’re so spellbound by all these seemingly compassionate United Nations-infused ‘human rights’ campaigns that they’ll mindlessly believe they’re saving the world from a terrible wickedness. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention an important feature of this type: They are also known as the liberal, broad-minded, freethinkers of our world.

It is near impossible to define the International Judaic without reference to its biblical origins, for they themselves have strong connections with God’s adversary. If truth be told, I’d define them as influential satanists, in other word, satan is their god! They will sit in a Christian church and pray to the Christian God, but deep down in their dark souls they will always worship their god, satan! The names of those in the very top structures will not appear in any encyclopedia sources, which includes online sources such as Wikipedia, and neither will their names appear in the international media, which they control with skilful cunningness. What you will find aplenty are the names of their string-puppets, which they don’t mind sacrificing every odd now and then when they’ve served their purpose.

And last, but not least:
Besides Judaism, the International Judaics also have total control over the worlds two main religions, namely Christianity and Islam. And while I’m at it, I may as well ramble off the rest: They control the worlds economy, the international media; the worlds leading universities; international drug lords, gunrunners, and other scum criminals involved in organized crime; they control every single country’s intelligence services, and thus also the entire worlds gang of terrorists, hence the reason why they can hand over entire countries (or regions) to whomever they wish, whenever they want, as long as it furthers their agenda.

If they have so much power, then why have they not established their New World Order yet? The answer: They have already!

Christianity has been their archenemy since the time it was established by Jesus Christ himself. In actual fact, they have already succeeded in bringing dozens of once-Christian nations to their knees, - in more ways than one!

In biblical terms the International Judaic is the first beast of Revelation 13:1, (aka the antichrist). It is already here, and it is already in power! The second beast, mentioned in Revelation 13:11, is the coming false messiah (satan himself) whom will exercise all the power of the first beast to present himself to the world as the saviour of Planet Earth and all humanity, because WE, according to them, will have failed in that task.

Do not confuse this false messiah with one of the many false prophets who are already spitting their filth and confusing Christians with their evangelistic speaches! The coming false messiah is a false Jesus Christ who will deceive the entire world, because the pre-programmed peoples of this world WILL believe he is the REAL McCoy, and those who think otherwise will be butchered by the thousands, – mark my words!

I have recently published a 4-part series on the sister blog that deals with a sensational court case that is due to take place sometime in the future, and which has a direct bearing on these matters. Unfortunately for English readers, I’ve compiled the series of articles in the beautiful descriptive Afrikaans language, but if there is a need for it, I’ll consider translating them to boring ol’ English. The link to the first article is here.

The intricate symbolism related to the beasts and dragons in the Book of Revelation deserves a totally separate in-depth analysis, but as I’ve already stated, I will keep these matters apart from this blog.

My next article, which will follow in a day or two, will deal with, among other things, the worlds western intelligence services, and how they have been utilized by the International Judaics to further their many evil agendas, with special focus on Southern Africa.
(** see the comment section**)

In the mean time here is foretaste of another weak leak (WikiLeaks). Bear in mind that WikiLeaks is another brilliant invention of the International Judaic, and in my next posting I will explain why:

British trained Bangladeshi 'death squad'
2010-12-22 14:00

Berlin - Britain trained a controversial paramilitary in Bangladesh, which has been repeatedly accused of large-scale human rights abuses, leaked United States diplomatic cables show.

The cables, published by WikiLeaks, also show that Western governments were aware of the human rights abuses.

"The British have been training RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) for 18 months in areas such as investigative interviewing techniques and rules of engagement," wrote James F Moriarty, the US ambassador to Dhaka, in a confidential cable from May 2009.

The London-based Guardian newspaper noted that the RAB, established six years ago, has been accused by groups like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International of committing kidnappings, torture and hundreds of extra-judicial killings, among other grave offences.

"The (US) Assessment Team interviewed NGOs, media personnel, and members of civil society who reported that members of the RAB, possibly on instruction from senior government officials, have unlawfully used lethal force to eliminate their targets," one cable from 2008 read.

But the cable noted that parts of the population, including women, did feel more secure under the RAB, when compared with other Bangladesh law enforcement agencies. This was likely because citizens were "scarred by decreasing law and order in the last decade".

Britain's training for the RAB, which began three years ago, was being conducted in co-ordination with Washington, three separate cables show.

The embassy cable from August 2008 noted "that our ability to offer training or assistance is currently constrained by the RAB's alleged human rights violations, which have rendered the organisation ineligible to receive training and assistance" under US law.

However, that same cable also said that the RAB "seeks a broad engagement with (Washington) including human rights and counterterrorism training and recognises the need to address allegations of past abuses".

The desire to train the paramilitary forces stemmed from the US belief that the RAB was the "enforcement organisation best positioned to one day become a Bangladeshi version of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation", commonly known as the FBI. Source


Friday, December 31, 2010

I've realized that the dangers of delivering an article of this nature in a summery form can easily create the wrong impression in the minds of readers, hence the reason why I’ve decided to include this short addendum.

Readers who are familiar with my viewpoints will immediately perceive that I am trying to avoid expressions which may create the idea that I am Anti-Jew (Anti-Semitic), - the reason being that these pages are powered by Blogger, whose Content Policy places certain restrictions on the type of content that can be hosted with them.

Some people just cannot see this, and then label me outright as a Jew-lover, simply because I refuse to attack ‘The Jew’ outright. Hell people, I am not a complete idiot! I am fully aware that countless so-called “Jews” have been exceptional frontline-soldiers of Satan since the time Jesus Christ was crucified, sometime in the year AD 29. I am also aware that, in our modern day-and-age, Hollywood is but ONE place where they have firmly and squarely fixed their roots. Besides the natural order of things, a combination of several ‘attributes’ such as, foresight, intelligence, and the love of money, - to mention a few, have also played a role.

The point is: I have decided not to get too deeply involved in any debate that promotes the notion that it is the Jew Who Controls the World, - because:
  • It is my personal right to choose what topics I want to debate.
  • I have to comply with Blogger’s Content Policy, particularly the part that starts with: “Don't cross the line by publishing hate speech….”
  • I have good reason to believe that a wide variety of different types of individuals from all walks of life, and from all religions, races, and cultures, are currently being employed to further Satan’s work here on Planet Earth, and that the vast majority do not even have a cooking-clue that they’ve been dragged into Satan’s net.
I hope this addendum clarifies the issue. If not, then there are countless other blogs and websites that you can visit. May I suggest that you start here.

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Dear Readers,

I mentioned that I will be posting a follow-up article dealing with, among other things, the worlds western intelligence services, and how they have been utilized by the International Judaics to further their many evil agendas, with special focus on Southern Africa.

Unfortunately, some of the crucial (and scarce) publications I need for this article were loaned to friends, who have not returned my books yet. Also - it’s a bad time of the year to write about this topic, so I’ve decided to postpone the publication of the proposed article to a more suitable date.

Thank you for visiting this blog, and for the many ‘warriors’ who have supported me during the past year.

I wish you all a safe and happy festive season.

Stay Alive!

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The follow-up article to this posting (the first in a series of articles I intend publishing over an x amount of time) was posted on January 5, 2011.

The KGB was not a Rock Band!

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A posting recently published on the sister blog TIA-4-CHRIST should provide some insight as to why the term "International Judaic" is often used on this blog.

See the article: Joseph of Arimathaea and the Lost Chapter of Acts

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