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Has South Africa gone to hell?

On Friday morning (5 Nov 2010) I awoke to find that my car had been broken into. I made the grave error of leaving my wallet in the cubby-hole the previous evening. It was all the thief wanted, - my money and my bankcards, -- well that was what I thought at the time! The crime was committed in a parking lot, behind locked gates and solid high brick walls covered at the top with barbed wire, in an area that is patrolled 24-hours a day by security guards. The incident did not even upset me because I’m used to it!

In fact, I don’t even see the point in having security guards patrolling the complex, because all the criminals who commit crimes in the place are already living in the complex. Many of the people who own apartments here don’t live on the premises, and rely on local rental agencies to find suitable tenants for them. Unfortunately, ‘suitable tenants’ refer to tenants who are able to pay the deposit and the monthly rent; It does not refer to people who have a clean criminal record. The other problem is that nobody seems to care if there are ten people living in a one-room apartment. The fact that the 60-year old white caretaker is afraid of blacks, is another story for another day!

Later that same morning while travelling back on the N1 highway after doing business in Centurion, my rear tyre hit a piece of steel (broken suspension spring) that had just fallen off a truck. The impact completely destroyed the tyre and also the alloy rim. It was at that point in time when I discovered that my spare wheel had also been stolen.

While I was waiting alongside the road for assistance, a friend of mine called me on my cell to inform me that one of my ex-colleagues - an age-old buddy of ours had been ambushed by robbers at his home. He was in a critical condition. The gang of robbers attacked him at the main gate leading to his property, and pistol-whipped his face so badly that his wife couldn’t recognize him. (The incident happened in the suburb of Mayville in Pretoria, but I couldn’t find any reference to the incident in any newspaper, which makes me wonder how many similar incidents are not being reported by the media!)

On Saturday morning (6 Nov 2010) I awoke to discover that there was not a single drop of water in the taps. On further enquiries I learned that the main water supply serving the entire suburb had apparently burst. A black municipal official explained that it may take up to three days to repair the damage. He could not say what exactly caused the damage. The suburbs affected were Waterkloof, Elardus Park, Moreleta Park, Wingate Park, Erasmuskloof, and Constatia Park.

(I’ve just noticed that has also mentioned the water incident.)

By 16:00 there was not a single supermarket in the entire area that stocked bottled water. I saw with my own eyes how one man cleared the entire stock from the shelf at the local Spar. Bystanders stood watching in disbelief while the man filled his trolley to the brim. I asked him if all that water was for his own consumption at his own household, or if he was going to re-sell it? He told me to fuck-off!

(I cannot help but wonder how this type of attitude has contributed towards the country going to hell.)

On my way out at the local Spar I walked straight into a scuffle between a drunken black man and two security guards. It was the third incident of this nature that I had witnessed at the entrance to the local Spar during the past week. While driving out of the Elardus Park shopping complex I noticed another fistfight going on near the entrance of Meat World. It seemed as if the security guard was on the losing end of the brawl, because he kept on falling on his backside, - or maybe he was the drunken one, - who cares!

Now before anyone gets the impression that maybe I am just living in a bad area, and that maybe it is time I move to a better one, allow me to explain:

About 20 years ago this area in Pretoria-East was considered as one of the exclusive upmarket areas of Pretoria. Back then, property prices in this region were beyond the reach of most average folk, and when you sold your property you got a better than average return on your investment. Today this is no more the case! The savages of Africa, a dysfunctional segment of the community with a dysfunctional culture, have taken control of the region, and have caused property prices to plunge to all-time lows, and the crime rate to soar to all-time highs.

Besides a few secluded spots situated in the harsh dry regions of the country and a few places in the Western Cape, there are no ‘better’ suburbs to move to in South Africa. Every single so-called ‘exclusive’ suburb is under siege by criminal gangsters. Although the province of Gauteng is by far their most favourite paradise, every single major city in the country in every province has been contaminated by this scum.

Police vehicles are often seen patrolling the area where I live, but I have on more than one occasion witnessed their corruption and involvement with criminal elements in the area. Their suspicious activities have been reported in writing to the Minister of Police on numerous occasions, but to date no feedback has been received. Illegal drugs are available on every street corner near a shopping centre or a taxi rank in the area. The illegal drugs are hidden in dustbins, strategically placed near the corners. Local folk think that the police presence in these spots are part of crime-combat and crime-prevention, but it is not! The police are there to collect their ‘protection-money’ from the drug sellers; that is the sole reason why the police are visible in the area. When drunken brawls or other forms of violence break out in the area, you’ll notice how quickly the police vehicles suddenly vanish from the scene.

If you’re one of those people who think that everything is just hunky-dory here in sunny-ol’ South Africa, because the current system is working well for you, then good luck to you! I am tired of warning you about the looming chaos on your doorstep; I am tired of pointing out to you that your money will not be worth a dime when the water runs dry, when the fuel stations run out of supply, and when the power to your homes are cut-off, - for mark my words, this is going to happen!

I am also sick-and-tired of begging people to help our poor drug-addicted children escape from their misery. I may just as well remove the “Adopt A Drug Addict” logo in the sidebar of this blog, together with all the other adverts. I was hoping that donations and the proceeds of affiliate programs would assist in making this world a better place for our drug-addicted youth, but it seems that South Africans would rather gather in their droves to save the rhino, than save their own kind, - a sure sign that they’ve either lost their minds, or have forgotten where their priority lies.

Although it is understandable that the media cannot report on each and every incident going on in this country, there is still ample media-evidence coming from all the provinces that the country has indeed gone to hell.

For the record I will just mention a few random incidents that occurred recently in the Pretoria region:

Pretoria Magistrate's Court burns down

A blaze that ripped through the third floor of the Pretoria Magistrate's Court brought the wheels of justice to a halt. 1000’s of police dockets and court files were destroyed. (This was the third inferno at the same court building in a matter of weeks. The picture on the right shows the latest incident.)

‘You Whites are the Enemy’ (Afrikaans Article - ‘Jul wittes is die vyand’)

A white man living on a small-holding near Pretoria-East was threatened and assaulted by a senior black official working for the Kungwini municipality.

Woman kills robber in shootout

Pretoria - It was like a scene from the "Wild West" when a woman and a robber opened fire on one another during an attack on a smallholding in Boschkop, in the east of Pretoria over the weekend.

Campers attacked with panga and picks

Pretoria – A woman’s ear was nearly chopped off and her arm broken when she fought to protect her family from four men armed with a panga and pick handles.

See also the latest report - Attacks against whites soar to 10 a day, on the blog Afrikaner Genocide Archives.

Now you tell me, has the country gone to hell, or what?


Flora Toadfoot said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

In my humble opinion, if you want to know what hell is like, come and live in South Africa!!

Flat White said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

It sure has gone to hell, and so has the rest of Africa. There is not a single place on this continent that can tell you a success story. Some people try to hold up Botswana as a great example, while half their population is dying of AIDS and they have only the most basic of infrastructure. Some think Namibia has it made, while it's a corrupt state with officials displaying amazing levels of incompetence, sponging on the few remaining whites.

I moved to Australia, and will never return.

It's all going downhill. Those who think things will improve, or even remain as it is, are suffering severe deception.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Yes I am afraid so. SA has gone to hell and is proceeding to futher depths of hell. Very depressing. Some say the end times are at hand, and we should not be suprised as it is told in Revelations. The real suffering has not yet begun, I must say I do not know who God really is, but I do know what he isn't.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I guess whites are blameless? See this

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


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