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The conspiracy to murder Deon Helberg

This blog normally does not make a big issue of publishing the details of fresh horrific crime stories, because there are simply too many. Besides, there are plenty of other blogs and online news-sites reporting on these matters on a daily basis.

It has however become quite apparent that the South African print-media will rather give prominence to sensational crime incidents and/or stories that will attract international interest, than report on the equally horrifying murders of White farmers in the country. For example, when a British tourist Anni Dewani was recently murdered in Gugulethu almost every single newspaper in the country covered the story on their front pages. News of the killing was also extensively covered by the UK media. While the entire country and the police were making quite a fuss about this tragic murder, local newspapers largely ignored the horrific triple-murder that took place in the Limpopo province on a farm near the town of Vivo. (The Limpopo murders were mentioned in my previous posting.)

Yesterday the Afrikaans Beeld newspaper had a rather interesting crime story, with accompanying photographs splashed all over their front page and also on pages inside the newspaper. In brief, the story is about a 47-year-old Pretoria woman, Manda Reyneke, who allegedly contracted two Nigerian men to assassinate the 21-year-old Blue Bulls rugby player, known as Deon Helberg.

Besides the fact this will be an interesting story to follow when the finer sordid details unfold sometime in the future, I’ve decided to post the story here because it is also a typical example of another ANC/Naspers PSYOPS. To help you understand what this means, I suggest you read this article on the SASucks Blog.

Afrikaans newspapers are becoming progressively more active and also more shrewd when it comes to playing on the emotions of their readers with the purpose of ultimately influencing their future behaviour. Although the story about the Deon Helberg incident appears to be a truthful account of the events, the story explicitly promotes the notion that the two Nigerian criminals are the heroes of the day. Is this the beginning of a new campaign to create the perception in our minds that we should now tolerate Nigerian criminals in our society? (Sorry, I sometimes think aloud while typing.)

According to the news report Deon Helberg was, at some point in time, in a relationship with the daughter of Manda Reyneke. Although it appears that elements of passionate obsession and jealously may be behind Manda Reyneke’s motive for planning the murder, it is possible that there may also be other motives, which will obviously come to light later when the criminal-trial takes its course. (A family member of Deon Helberg has denied that he ever had a relationship or affair with Reyneke.)

Whatever her motives, Manda Reyneke, who also happens to be the wife of a prominent Pretoria doctor, decided that she wanted Helberg dead. She hired two Nigerian men to kill Helberg and requested them to make it look like a botched hijacking. She also gave them R30,000 to buy the weapons, ammunition and other equipment needed to commit the crime, and promised to give them more money when the ‘job’ was finished. According to media reports the total contract price for the murder was R120,000.

This is where the story gets really interesting, because I know for a fact, and also from personal experience, that the vast majority of Nigerians living in South Africa do not earn their income by lawful means. Besides being notorious for their illegal activities in the lucrative drug-business, these scum-of-the-earth criminals will dabble in any activity that promises to make quick and easy money. The Nigerians are also notorious for committing Internet fraud (known as Nigerian 419 Scams) and EXTORTION. it must also be noted that the term “Nigerian Organized Crime” has in fact became an acceptable term used in Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide, and not only in Africa.

In the case with Manda Reyneke it appears that the Nigerians decided to make contact with Deon Helberg, the man whom they were hired to assassinate. There is no doubt in my mind that they were hoping to make some more easy money from the deal, and probably never even used the advanced payment they received from Reyneke to purchase the required ‘equipment’ they needed to finish the ‘job’.

At the end of the day the two Nigerians decided that it would be far more lucrative and also safer for them if they became State witnesses. Although it is not clear at this stage why the Nigerians decided to spill the beans to the police and also cooperate with them, I am reasonably sure they would not have done so if it were not lucrative, or beneficial for them in some or other respect.

(My suspicions are that the Nigerians did not trust the woman who hired them, were sceptical that she would pay the full R120,000 once the ‘job’ was done, had already spent the R30,000 on other stuff, and thus wanted the woman to stop pestering them to complete the ‘job’. The fact that Deon Helberg was a celebrity could also be a reason why the Nigerians changed their minds, as his death would have attracted way too much attention.)

The police then decided to perform a typical sting operation, which involved conning Manda Reyneke into believing that Helberg was indeed dead. A photograph depicting the bloody corpse of Helberg was staged by the police. The photograph was then sent to Reyneke’s cellphone from the Nigerian’s cellphone. This was enough to convince Reyneke that the Nigerians had successfully completed the ‘job’. She then made arrangements to meet the Nigerians in the parking lot of McDonald’s at Atterbury Valuemart in Pretoria-East to pay them her first instalment of R10,000.

The photographs I’ve posted below tell the rest of the story.

Reyneke will appear in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on Monday on charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

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Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The sad truth is that Rugby is the Religion of the white South African. Once a rugby player is involved, the status of the incident goes to spectacular levels. If this was just some run-of-the-mill engineer or doctor, or even a normal hardworking farmer it wouldn't have reached the front page.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Whatever their motives surely it is a good thing that the Nigerians did not carry out the hit? They were heroes. Or are you trying to say that the dishonest Nigerians shouldn't have bothered pretending that they wanted to do good and should have killed Deon? What makes you so sure that the only reason that the thuggish Nigerians turned in the rich white Afrikaans woman who hired them to kill her former lover was to make more money off the intended victim? This reads as a one eyed piece aimed at discrediting 2 people (who happened to be black Nigerians) who did the right thing and rather than commit a murder they tipped off the victim to be and saved his life.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Dear Anonymous @ 2010 5:52 PM

Thanks for visiting!

It is true that the Nigerians in this case eventually did the right thing (after waiting a couple of months), however according to the news reports they did not initially approach the police, but went directly to Deon Helberg and told him that they were hired to kill him. This is already an indication that they possibly had ulterior motives. Maybe they were hoping that the young Helberg would feel intimidated and offer to pay them more NOT to kill him, but this is mere speculation on my part. The true facts will hopefully come to light during the trial.

We must not forget who controls the media in South Africa at this point in time, and that many articles (not all) that are published in the press are written in a manner that will influence peoples future outlook on life. Your comment shows that you do not understand the concept, called a ‘psyops’, and I do not blame you, because it is a concept that the majority were not meant to understand. In fact the media has already succeeded years ago with the task of conditioning the minds of the masses.

At this very moment the country is being flooded by African foreigners, and unfortunately 1000’s of Nigerian criminals have already, since 1994, found fertile soil in the country. I’ve had many dealing with Nigerians in this country over the past few years, and have not yet come across one that is not involved in criminal activities of some sort. The two Nigerians in this case were also criminals. No one knows how many people these men have already murdered in the past. They were hired assassins remember! In my eyes they can never be heroes!

The Afrikaans press in this country have the opportunity to report on 100’s of horrific crimes and other newsworthy items, but time-and-again sensational news will be splashed on the front pages that subtly influences the way people think. Bear in mind also that the Afrikaners are the problem children of the ANC, and if they want to continue living in Africa then they have to start tolerating the ways of the Black African. This specific article is without any doubt a newsworthy and interesting item, but it also spells out the message that the White Afrikaner is also a scum criminal – just like the Nigerian criminals! It is indirectly telling the Afrikaner to shut up and accept the fact that we are all one big united Rainbow Nation. One of the purposes of this blog is to expose this falsehood!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

HI Tia.

You are welcome and thanks for your response.

Pysops/Psychological operations are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to foreign audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behaviour of foreign governments, organisations, groups, and individuals (taken from Wikipedia). Yeah yeah yeah! I'd looked it up the first time before I responded but didn't think much about it because I'm sorry but I don't but into for that psychobabble crap. You'll probably say that by my response I've already been influenced but we can leave that aside for the moment.

"This specific article is without any doubt a newsworthy and interesting item, but it also spells out the message that the White Afrikaner is also a scum criminal – just like the Nigerian criminals!" Spot on! The article is dead right about that.

"It is indirectly telling the Afrikaner to shut up ..." well, they shouldn't shut up but they shouldn't pretend that all the evils in South Africa are perpetuated by black people alone. The White Afrikaner, despite being white, is not without blemish. I think all races have good people and bad people. Crimes should not be pinned on one race alone.

... "and accept the fact that we are all one big united Rainbow Nation. One of the purposes of this blog is to expose this falsehood!" I agree that you are not united but you still are a Rainbow Nation.

I accept that Nigerians the world over are notorious for being criminals. It is just that you are negatively speculating about the motives of the Nigerians in this instant and not giving them the benefit of the doubt. Even if they have previous criminal records the important fact is that they did NOT make the kill this time round. I think too much emphasis was made on the Nigerians in your piece (I know, I know, you did that to expose the falsehood on one big united Rainbow Nation) but in doing so you shifted the attention from the most important detail in this story which was, a 47 year woman discarded by her daughter's teenage lover hired gunmen (their race is irrelevant just as hers is) to kill her former lover. This crime wasn't about race, it was about a stupid woman with too much money at her disposal and with no regard for human life (even if Deon is trash for sleeping with mother and daughter he doesn't deserve to be murdered - maybe just horsewhipped).

Duan Wanty said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I get this whole story but what I do not get is why he slept with his girlfriends mom. Why do you think? Tell me on

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


14 Nov 2011
Manda Reyneke pleaded guilty in the Pretoria District Court to charges of enticement to commit assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. She was sentenced to three years’ in prison, suspended for five years. In other words, she doesn’t go to jail if she behaves herself for the next five years!

Full news report here

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

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