Sunday, October 24, 2010

Willem Ratte

Although I am not personally acquainted with ex-commandant Wilhelm Fredrich Ratte or any of his supporters, and consequently cannot provide readers with any personal insider views of this living legend, I still feel obligated to utilize this blog to show the world and the Marxist-Communist rulers of South Africa that I will support this iron-willed God-fearing man, and other men like him, until the day I breath my last breath.

The former 32nd-battallion officer and warrior needs no introduction, so none will be provided here. Readers who do not know who this man is, or why he is making headlines again are welcome to click here to view a concise yet thorough synopsis, compiled by Mike Smith on the SAS blog.

If Willem Ratte was not a dedicated Christian, and if he really was the scoundrel the ANC government has made him out to be, I would have not have wasted my time researching his background. I would also have serious considerations about the usefulness of even mentioning his name on this blog.

I have already published a few articles related to the persecution of Christians, on the sister blog, TIA 4 CHRIST, the most significant being: The Persecution and Genocide of Christians In Africa. It is not the lukewarm Christians who are being persecuted, but the hot-blooded fiery ones, like Willem Ratte, who steadfastly refuse to allow the spirit of error to rule their minds, - come hell or high water!

(For those who are unfamiliar with the spirit-concepts of error and truth I am referring to in this article, may I suggest that you have a peak at the latest posting on the TIA 4 CHRIST blog: The Spirit of Error, and the Spirit of Truth.)

Whenever Marxist-Communists take charge of a country, the first people they will harass, persecute, and slaughter are the Christians. The world’s history books contain numerous examples of this phenomenon. In modern-times however, and primarily in so-called ‘liberated-democratic’ countries, the harassment and persecution takes the form of officially authorized legal actions, -- in other words, the oppressors can utilize the flaws of a man-made legal system and its laws to torment, manipulate, and control, whomever they wish.

In the light of the above, I am thus surprised that a man like Willem Ratte is still alive, and has not been savagely murdered yet like so many other white Christian farmers living in remote areas of this country. (Maybe his superior survival skills as a soldier has something to do with the fact that he is still with us today.)

Willem Ratte is no ordinary Christian. By fate, and possibly divine interference as well, he became one of South Africa’s most finest and most professional high-ranking military officers. This assertive claim comes from one of Willem Ratte’s own apprentices, Eeben Barlow, former commander of the famed 32 Battalion's Reconnaissance (Recce) Wing, and later founder of the Private Military Company (PMC), also known as Executive Outcomes. Willem Ratte was also well-known for leading his men by example, and for performing his duties according to Christian principles, despite the fact that he was also a professional soldier.

Willem Ratte was never a boastful or self-righteous man. His legendary status emerged as a result of how others perceived him. The testimony of the German-Austrian academic lecturer and journalist Dr. Claus Nordbruch, who was honoured with, among other awards, the European Freedom Prize for his persistent and courageous fight for freedom of speech, published a small booklet in 1996 entitled Willem Ratte, the legend: The life and ideals of a German Boer in the fight for freedom and justice in South Africa. The English version (PDF format) can be downloaded here.

In the final paragraph of an addendum to this booklet, dated June 1996, Raymond Rademan - one of Willem Ratte’s many trusted friends states: “Willem always gave thanks to the Heavenly Father and acknowledged that it was Christ who gave him strength.” This testimony by Raymond verifies that Willem Ratte’s conduct during the past few years had nothing to do with making an impression on politicians, or winning the favour of men, or with glorifying himself. His allegiance was thus always with the Spirit of Truth, hence his fearless and obstinate refusal to bow to the spirit of error. His bravery, and the fact that he does not even fear death has little to do with his military background, - it has everything to do with the Spirit of Truth that dwells within his soul. It is this fearless die-hard spirit that the ANC communists fear and hate the most!

The worldly liberal view does not understand this, and will perceive Willem Ratte’s attitude as downright foolish and reckless. They will also do everything in their power to prove how correct they are. They will not for one moment stop to reflect on how their actions and their warped views are playing directly into the bloodstained hands of iniquity itself.

I might as well get to the point right now, and not wait till the end of this posting to reveal the real reason behind Willem Ratte’s latest arrest and ‘unlawful’ detention. Although it is only my personal opinion, I believe I may be close to 95 percent of the truth:
  • The latest unlawful arrests and trumped-up charges are irrelevant, for all the government is doing right now is testing and monitoring the strength of their adversaries, and also advertising to the outside world, via the media, that they are the peacemakers and that they are ‘sorting out’ a politically incorrect rightwing threat. The fact that no major threat exists is also irrelevant, for all that matters is that the Chinese and other Asian associates with business interests in the country, get the general impression that the ANC government are doing an excellent job of keeping the peace and weakening and/or eradicating a potential thorn in their flesh, - namely the white Christian Boers, people whom they fear and hate with a passion!

  • At the same time intelligence agencies are also monitoring the views and emotions of the general public with the aim of identifying possible future activists, most likely according to the standard categories of red, yellow, and green, - ‘red’ being the most severe threat, and ‘green’ the least. Obviously, their endeavours are also part-and-parcel of the ongoing psychological warfare, which is designed to promote fear among the general public, and to remind us who is boss. (We can do whatever we want, whenever we want with whoever we want, - because we can!)
The irony of the matter is that the recent government exercise has been a futile one, because they will never, not in a 100 years, break the spirit of men like Willem Ratte. By the looks of things the latest exercise may even backfire in their faces, because those who follow the spirit of error, are…. prone to making errors. The only dilemma with the ANC government though, is that they have become notorious for sweeping major blunders under the carpet, - but that too shall pass!

I do not wish to repeat what has already been published about Willem Ratte, but for the record I think it is fitting to mention certain aspects that will confirm why I believe he is a devoted Christian and not a racist, violent, rightwing lunatic. The following facts, which were derived from the writings of Dr. Claus Nordbruch, also demonstrate that Willem Ratte’s activities did not always represent the interests of the Boers only:
  • Willem Ratte was one of the key founders of the Ombili Foundation in Namibia, a charity foundation which serves to protect the rights of the indigenous San people (also known as Bushmen). The project is still active today and focuses on upliftment-projects such as teaching farming skills to the resident Bushmen.

  • During October 1993, when the Zulus in Khatlehong were besieged, and almost starved to death by the ANC terrorists, Willem Ratte, with the assistance of the Pretoria Boer Commando, organised the delivery of food, medical supplies, and other essential provisions to the besieged Zulus. While accomplishing this compassionate task Commandant Ratte and his men came under heavy fire from automatic AK-47 rifles. Although the shooting did not stop after the supplies had been unloaded, Commandant Ratte and his men left the area without any loss of life.
Until recently, just before the latest police-raid and his arrest on September 30, Willem Ratte managed a "humanitarian" organisation from his farm Eenzaamheid, near Balmoral in Mpumalanga where he accommodated and also trained young homeless white men in building-trades such as welding and bricklaying. I’m not saying that this is the case, but SO WHAT if some of these homeless boys were taught the art of shooting with a pellet gun! (The chances are pretty good that one of the latest charges concoxed against Ratte and nine other accused, namely possession of dagga, are related to one or more of these homeless kids.)

The other preliminary charge against Willem Ratte and his nine fellow-accused relates to the possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition. According to the counsel for the accused, Johan van Wyk, the arrests were unlawful as there had been no search warrant for the farm where they were arrested, and that the men had not done anything unlawful. He also said that five of the 12 weapons seized were pellet guns for which no licence was required, while the others were licensed. He said many of the 5 000-plus rounds of ammunition seized were in fact pellets. Source

At time of posting Willem and one co-accused are still being illegally detained in the police holding cells in Witbank. An urgent application in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria for their release failed. Willem refuses to apply for bail, and has been on a hunger strike since October 1. The remaining eight accused were granted bail, and are expected to return to court on November 30. Source

Although I could not find any online media report confirming that Willem Ratte will be appearing in court this coming Monday (October 25), a support group on Facebook have announced that his next court appearance will definitely be taking place on Monday, 25 October 2010 at 08:30 in Witbank.

The court building is in Delville Street, between Botha and Haig Avenues. Supporters have made an urgent request that as many people as possible attend the court proceedings to show their solidarity.

The following publications make mention of Willem Ratte. The list was compiled by using the search function on Google Books. Out of print publications are not listed:

  1. Willem Ratte, the legend: The life and ideals of a German Boer in the fight for freedom and justice in South Africa, by Dr. Claus Nordbruch. (Free PDF Booklet)

  2. 32 Battalion: The Inside Story of South Africa's Elite Fighting Unit, by Piet Nortje. (

  3. Writing A Wider War: Rethinking Gender, Race, & Identity In South African War, by Greg Cuthbertson (Author), Albert Grundlingh (Contributor), Mary-Lynn Suttie (Contributor).

  4. The politics of war memory and commemoration, by T. G. Ashplant, Graham Dawson, and Michael Roper. (

  5. Victory or Violence - The Story of the AWB of South Africa, by Arthur Kemp. (

  6. History after Apartheid: Visual Culture and Public Memory in a Democratic South Africa, by Annie E. Coombes. (

  7. Hybridity and its Discontents: Politics, Science, Culture, by Avtar Brah and Annie ... Also available as an eBook)

  8. Mercenaries: an African security dilemma, by Abdel-Fatau Musah, and J 'Kayode Fayemi. (

  9. From Fledgling to Eagle: The South African Air Force During the Border War, by Dick Lord. (

  10. Executive Outcomes Against All Odds, by Eeben Barlow (

  11. The Buffalo Soldiers: the story of South Africa's 32-Battalion 1975-1993, by Jan Breytenbach (

  12. Volk, Faith and Fatherland: The Security Threat Posed by the White Right, by Martin Schönteich.

  13. They live by the sword, by Jan Breytenbach

  14. Buffalo Battalion: South Africa's 32 Battalion : a tale of sacrifice, by L. J. Bothma

Byt vas manne, en hou kop!

I’ll be posting regular updates concerning the Willem Ratte case in
the comments section of this posting.


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

may the RAT and all other apartheid murderers who invaded sovereign countries or killed the native south african people ROT.

what kind of perversion of christianity (by the way a religion that was practised by africans and orientals many centuries before it came to the heathens of europe!) causes somebody to think that its right to oppress others, exploit them and torture and kill them?

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Anonymous October 24, 2010 6:50 PM

Oh my! It’s completely normal for someone to loose their mind every odd now and then, but PLEASE… not on this blog!!!

Go away… and please don’t come back, until you’ve researched Genesis and the true origins of evil. If you need help, I’ll gladly assist…
You’re welcome to e-mail me anytime.

Cmdt. Willem Ratte has not murdered one single soul in his entire life, not even during warfare. Quite amazing don’t you think… Now there’s something to brood over!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I pray for Commander Ratte and the first poster should be more civil.It is safer.From America

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Cmdt. Willem Ratte’s case was postponed to next week Monday (1 Nov 2010), which means he will be unlawfully detained for another week. The charges have now been changed to Child Pornography. WHAT NEXT?

The latest evidence was presumably found on one or more of the four laptops confiscated by the police. There is apparently no evidence that these laptops, or the evidence found, have any connection with Willem Ratte. These actions (dirty tricks) by the ANC government is a sure sign that they are deliberately victimizing (persecuting) Willem Ratte.

I think Willem Ratte should get a new lawyer!

Here’s an update posted, in Afrikaans, 5 hours ago by Edwin Clarke on the Facebook page, called: “Vriende van Willem Ratte”.
Group URL:!/group.php?gid=153834657985203

Vandag is nog 'n swart dag in die duiwelse strategie van die SA skewe regstelsel. Eers is Willem Ratte aangekla van "hoogverraad", "terrorisme" en onwettige wapens en ammunisie. Toe die polisie geen bewys hiervan kon vind nie verander die aanklagtes na "diefstal" en "dwelmsmokkel" met 'n "plantasie dagga". Die diefstal aanklag is nou teruggetrek en die plantasie (gevind op die perseel langsaan) was toe klein genoeg om op te sit. Bonop is al die klein daggaplantjes reeds drie dae voor die polisieaanval uitgetrek en op die grond gestrooi om te vrek deur inwoners van die koshuis wie dit toevalig daar gesien het. Dus was die "plantasie" reeds vernietig toe die polisie daar toegeslaan het. Vandag is die klagte teen Willem Ratte verander na "kinderpornografie". Vier skootrekenaars is op beslag gele deur die polisie en daar is geen bewys van koppeling met Willem Ratte nie. Vriende van Willem Ratte se nou openlik dat die polisie vir Willem Ratte wil dood maak met hulle duimsuigklagtes. Willem verskyn weer volgende Maandag in die hof.

Laager said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I think that every South African concerned about justice should petition Amnesty International and bring Cmdt Ratte's case to their attention

If the western media does not want to talk about this case then let us bring it to the attention of the world's churches and human rights organisations.

Mandela had fairer treatment than this man

Write to Amnesty International at:

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks Laager for sharing this. I will also post the info on the facebook page entitled “Vriende van Willem Ratte”.

There doesn’t seem to be much interest in this man’s plight at all! There are a mere 66 group members on the facebook page. I invited about 120 people to join and show their solidarity, however zero members have responded to my request. It’s pathetic!!!!!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Free Cmdt. Ratte. Letter to Italian Ambassador in South Africa

Letter sent via e-mail - 27th October 2010.

For the attention of Dr. Elio Menzione,
Italian Ambassador in South Africa
796, George Avenue, Arcadia 0083

Dear Mr. Ambassador,
yesterday, 26th October 2010, our President, who is visiting China, urged the leaders of that country to continue “the path taken” on human rights. A proper act, because human rights must always be defended, even when abroad.
As Italian I’m addressing to you, Italian Ambassador in South Africa, concerned about the fate of Cmdt. Wilhelm Friedrich Ratte (Willem Ratte), war hero and Boer patriot, jailed in the prison of Witbank, in hunger strike since the 1st October.
The persecution of political opponents can never be justified, much less by smear campaigns.
A few months ago was brutally murdered the Boer leader Eugene Terre’Blanche, and South African mass media tried to justify the murder with inventions of all kinds. The fact cannot and must not be repeated.
I urge you to do everything in your power, in order that human rights of Cmdt. Willem Ratte would be respected, and his life would not trampled on.

(mobile: XXXXXXX)

Sourced from:

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I found this notice @
It was posted 4 days ago on 26 October 2010

A Mass protest meeting is being planned in the town of Witbank on 01 November where the trail of Willem Ratte continues. Ensure that you get to Witbank early ( preferably the previous day) as all the roads and highways leading into and out of the town will be blocked by Boere on tractors, trailers and trucks, demanding the unconditional release of Willem Ratte.

You are advised to arm yourself ( for your own protection) and to take provisions for a minimum of 3 days as there are no telling how the enemy would behave.
Commandant always said that there would come a time to make a stand.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Goodluck and godspeed.If I were not in America I would attend.Be strong Commander your freedom is near!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Ex-Cmdt. Willem Ratte was granted R2 000 bail in the Witbank Magistrate's Court today (Monday 1 Nov 2010).This was confirmed by his lawyer Jurg Prinsloo. It is not sure if Willem Ratte actually applied for bail, or if the State automatically bestowed the privilege. My logic tells me that his lawyer probably drafted an application statement, which was signed by a frail and weak Wille Ratte. (Ex-Cmdt. Ratte had been on a hunger strike since October 1).

The fact that bail was establish at a low charge of R2000 was probably due to the reason that Willem Ratte was not a wealthy man. It thus had nothing to do with the fact that he court building was in danger of being blown to smithereens by a handmade bomb…

Police spokesman Eddie Hall said : "Police found a 9kg fire extinguisher which was cut open on the top and a pipe was connected with some putty to a battery pack and watch. You could see it looked like a bomb and could have had explosives inside”.

The court was cordoned off and evacuated while police secured the area.

Police were not yet certain if the package was related to Ratte’s appearance. (The odds are, it probably was!)

According to his lawyer Jurg Prinsloo, Ratte has to comply with the following bail conditions:

- Pay R2000 in cash ;
- Report once a week to a police station indicated to him ;
- Remain within the borders of South Africa until the case is finalised ; and
- If he comes across his passport, which he believes is in the possession of police, he must hand it in to the investigating officer. -- ???

The case was postponed to 30 November 2010 for further investigation.

At least Willem Ratte now has the opportunity to build up his strength, - mentally and physically. I hope that he will be guided by the Spirit of Truth!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


A charge of obstruction of justice had been laid against the investigating officers involved in the illegal arrest and detention of Willem Ratte. This latest news was confirmed on Friday by the Herstigte Nasionale Party (HNP).


The essential elements of this offence are
(1) defeating or obstructing
(2) the administration of justice
(3) unlawfully
(4) intentionally
S v Oberbacher supra (n 108) at 817A.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The case against Willem Ratte and others was withdrawn by the State about 4 days ago. Not a word of this was mentioned in the media, yet they were quick to crucify him when the unfounded rumours were rife. More info here.

sasmart said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@anonymous....sovereign country was invaded? Do you know what you are talking about? It was men like Mr Ratte that made South Africa a sovereign country, and yes, he is a native african of the country. Born and bred in South Africa. Are you? Obviously not, because then you would have KNOWN that no one was opressed, exploited, tortured or killed inside this country by the Europeans. Such savage behaviour has been practived by people travelling from the north to the south, spreading fear, mayhem and disaster in their path. Since the present government (who were not, unfortunately, as aware of the dangers they were allowing through our borders at the time they took over the management of the country) have not curbed the flow of these militant savages, and only since then, has oppression, exploitation, TORTURE and murder become possible, and a very real, grave reality, in South Africa. Read the daily newspaper called The Sun, and see what your people are doing to each other. The previous government were saving them from themselves. Mr Ratte was saving their lives from the savages threatening anarchy. How ignorant you are.

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