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South African Politics for Dummies


Whenever I get the urge to write an article for this blog my first step is to check what has already been published, as I really don’t see the point in wasting time on a subject that has already been thoroughly covered by someone else. It will be great if other bloggers would also follow this custom, or at least acknowledge their sources when they copy/paste material!

It is unfortunate that ‘politically correct’ verbal garbage, online and in printed form, is on the rise, so much so that one can hardly describe it as a mountain anymore. I suppose the word ‘astronomical’ best describes the current state of affairs.

I’ve also noticed that a vast number of authors have already written manuals associated with “Politics for Dummies”. However, I was unable to find one single article devoted to the subject of “South African Politics for Dummies”. I did however find Australian Politics for Dummies, Canadian Politics for Dummies, British Politics for Dummies, -- but nothing really worthwhile in the sense that one can say, “here is a definite and truthful guide to South African politics, - for dummies!” So dear readers, I’ve decided to compile my own version! This distinctly African version will go one step further and will highlight the unnatural element that has crept into the political systems that govern us.

Please consider what you are about to read here as a summarized version, because the subject of politics in general can be rather confusing. When it comes to South African politics, it borders on the irrational and totally bizarre, -- but there’s a valid reason why this appears to be the case.

Please take note that I DO NOT consider the regular readers of this blog as “Dummies”. I am merely attempting to present the facts in a simplified, easy-to-read, manner that will be understood by the majority of people who happen to surf and browse ‘political’ blogs such as this one, -- not that I consider this blog a political one, -- but never mind!

The bottom line is, if you live in a community where things are planned and organised, and you willingly pay your taxes, then you are in fact already a politician! The origin (etymology) of the word “Politics” confirms this! All of the cities in Ancient Greece, such as Athens, Sparta, and Corinth, were referred to as city-states and the Greek word for a city-state was polis (πολις). We still see the word polis used today when developed cities of the world are referred to as a megalopolis or metropolis. (Source)

If you live in the jungle or the African bush, far away from a ‘metropolis’, and have absolute no connection whatsoever with any ‘metropolis’, then you are NOT a politician, - i.e. in the modern sense of the term. However, as soon as your activities, or the land you occupy, interferes with the interests of the state, then you will automatically, whether you like it or not, be dragged into the intricate and complex affairs of politics. Incidentally, the origin of the words ‘policy’ or ‘police’ also have their roots firmly embedded in the exact same concepts related to polis (πολις). (Source)

For purposes of this posting I shall refrain from discussing ancient and biblical practices that relate to the concept of politics, as it will rank this article beyond the scope of its intended purpose.

Politics, in its most basic form, is a set of social relations involving authority and power.
In this sense it is an entirely natural process. Even our animal kingdom has a whole set of rules and regulations that fit perfectly into a category that we humans can relate to as ‘animal politics’. Each species of animal have their own politics, and surprisingly it does not differ much from the basic form that modern human politics has evolved into.

In the animal kingdom the politics of each species integrates naturally with the politics of other species. Powers struggles usually take the shape of physical confrontation in some form or another, and occasionally animal-fights will even end in death. In the lion kingdom, for example, the surviving loser will become a lonesome drifter. In human terms we call them migrants. In most cases, - in the animal kingdom and also among humans, the squabbling has always been about territory. Although territory is still a prize worth fighting for, the focus has long ago shifted to a new kind of territory, namely the lobes in our brains, - the ones that control rational, logical, and sober thought.

Mankind has for centuries sorted out their political differences in much the same fashion animals do. It’s a completely natural phenomenon that still manifests itself in various regions of our planet. Oddly enough, animals sort out their differences in a far more civilised manner than humans do. This is an obvious indication that an unnatural or malevolent element has crept into the human system of politics. You will, for example, not see a whole pride of lions attacking and killing another pride of lions. If you ever do witness such an extraordinary event in the animal kingdom, you can be sure that an unnatural element was the cause.

The malevolent (evil) element in human politics has for centuries been fighting for territorial dominance in one way or another. As the process gradually evolved the marvellous simplicity of natures way of doing things was deliberately hidden and distorted. This is one of the reasons why today satan-controlled TV channels will over-exaggerate the violent and often deadly characteristics of animals. Some of the material screened is so violent that children have nightmares about it. This is only one of many fear-techniques used to indoctrinate and condition the minds of humans, and to remind humans that we are not animals and thus cannot learn from their social behaviour.

The division of politics into two separate categories, commonly called “LEFT-WING” and “RIGHT-WING”, is a fairly recent phenomenon. Our history books will tell us that the phenomenon dates from the French Revolution era (1789–1799). During the French National Assembly people supporting a secular society sat on the LEFT. Supporters of the monarchy and the Church sat on the RIGHT. It was a period of extreme radical social and political upheaval in French and European history. The absolute monarchy that had ruled France for centuries collapsed in three years. French society underwent an epic transformation as feudal, aristocratic, and religious privileges evaporated under a sustained assault from liberal political groups and the masses on the streets. (Source)

A study of the causes of the French Revolution will reveal that a variety of unnatural ingredients were thrown into the equation long before the revolution started. Rising bread prices caused widespread famine and malnutrition. This lead to disease and death, and intentional starvation in the most destitute segments of the population in the months immediately before the Revolution. The famine also extended to other parts of Europe.

High unemployment and high bread prices caused more money to be spent on food and less in other areas of the economy. The Roman Catholic Church, the largest landowner in France at the time, levied a tax on crops known as the dîme or tithe. While the dîme lessened the severity of the monarchy's tax increases, it worsened the plight of the poorest who faced a daily struggle with malnutrition. It is important to note that this unnatural state of affairs was brought about by intentional design BEFORE the Revolution started. One can speculate who exactly was behind these malicious acts, but in the end it should be quite evident that an immoral and wicked force was behind it all.

Southern Africa’s current political climate is in the exact same unstable predicament.
The situation is so volatile that even minor rumours of a possible increase in bread prices sparks off violent rebellion. This has happened in Zimbabwe and recently in Mosambiek. In South Africa more than a quarter of the labour force is jobless. According to this report the unemployment rate is projected to increase to 24.3% this year from 21.9% last year. Another shocking fact is that 43 percent of South Africans survive on no more than R16 a day!

Modern-day ‘democratic’ politics has evolved into a cleverly planned scheme whereby the citizens of the state have been conned into believing that they are all equal before the law and have equal access to power. In reality it simply means that every vote carries equal weight, - the rest are all lies! If we apply this same democratic principle of ‘equality’ to the natural world, then it basically places the vultures and the hyenas on the same level as the lion. This state of affairs would legally permit the vultures and hyenas to feed with the lion, despite the fact that it was the lion who did all the work and who hunted and killed the prey for food.

True freedom and true democracy in South Africa will always be concepts that exist somewhere in the future. In this respect it sketches that familiar picture of the carrot dangling in front of the donkey. Furthermore, the roots of South African democracy has a parasitic (bloodsucking) trait, because the majority, who now keep the ANC government in power, were in fact nourished by another system (apartheid) which fed, refined, enlightened, educated, and also protected these masses to a certain degree. Imagine just for a moment what it would have been like if "majority rule" was implemented in the days when the hunter-gathering Bushman and various other primitive African tribes still roamed the grasslands and plains of Southern Africa? I shudder to even imagine what kind of picture such a scenario would have sketched. I cannot help but visualize a whole troop of chatting monkeys sitting in a cage, with two grumpy lions stuck in the corner.

To a certain degree this is exactly what has happened in South Africa. Although there are still a number of intellectuals in the country, the vast majority have been hijacked by the Marxist-Communists rulers. Chatting monkeys are now dominating the political scene and some are even beginning to irritate others members of the troop. The chattering monkeys have in fact become a protected species. Only members of their own troop are allowed to discipline, reprimand and unseat them, - if the need arises. When they’re unseated they usually fall with their backsides in butter anyway! The grumpy lions have had all their teeth and nails pulled to ensure that the monkeys can prosper and live in freedom without fear of being attacked or eaten alive. There is a process currently under way to cut out the lions’ tongues, as there’s a mistaken belief that this may stop them from making that ear-deafening roaring noise when the monkeys pull their tails. If you want to, you may sign a petition to stop this barbaric behaviour.

All jokes aside, -- the complex diversity of the so-called ‘Rainbow Nation’ in South Africa makes it near impossible to determine which candidate will best represent your views. In fact there is no guarantee whatsoever that any political candidate, or any opposing political party for that matter, will keep to its original policies and plans and remain in power long enough to carry forward the interests of their followers, and also implement processes that will bring about positive change. The multifarious situation in South Africa is made further problematic, because it is only a small minority of the citizens who actually keep the wheels and cogs turning. Roughly 10% of this minority support the ruling government. 6 percent of these people happen to be white.

Gwede Mantashe, chairperson of the South African Communist Party and Secretary-General of the African National Congress, announced on television on Tuesday evening (21 Sept. 2010) that, "We would love 50 percent of white South Africans to vote for the ANC to fulfil our dream of becoming a truly non-racial party." (Source)

Comrade Mantashe is very shrewd black intellectual communist. Many of the statements he makes are based on truth, and appear to be direct verbal attacks on the ANC. He has often condemned the rampant corruption within the ranks of the ANC, and there’s even been rumours of his unseating. He has also criticised the manner in which Cosatu handled the public sector wage negotiations. His ‘truthful’ remarks are merely an attempt to show that there is transparency and accountability in government, for comrade Mantashe works for the government! His approach is simply part-and-parcel of Cain’s Way of doing things. He was right when he said that white votes will fulfil a dream. Only time will tell whether the majority of Christian Afrikaners will fall for this deception, or not!


The communist deception has been covered in several articles I’ve posted on this blog, as well as the sister blog Tia 4 CHRIST. Unfortunately the articles have not been clearly labelled with the heading “Communist Deception”, but where the articles speak of a top elite that controls global powers, or anything that resembles the works of satan on planet earth, you may consider it synonymous with the term “Communist Deception”.

Related articles published on the sister blog, Tia 4 CHRIST, are as follows:

The deception has its origin since the beginning of our current age, and began more-or-less at the time when the biblical Cain was banished to the East, but let’s not move in that direction now! Several postings on this blog have already placed emphasis on the correlation between the ‘Way of Cain’ and the current predicament we happen to find ourselves in.

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