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Unravelling the mystery of South Africa’s ancient stone structures.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of soul-searching lately and in the process I have also been reading a number of recently published books, which provide fresh viewpoints on subjects that appeal to my interest such as astronomy, archaeology, anthropology, ancient history, religion, and associated topics. Much of my attention was focused on the origin of the various races, and also on solving the mystery of the ancient African temples and stone structures that have recently become the focal point of new research and ‘revised’ scrutiny in southern Africa. This posting will reveal some of my thoughts on these issues. Feel free to disagree!

The scientifically-supported perception that all humans alive on Planet Earth today have their origins in Africa, and that this all began about 200,000 or more years ago, is a fact that I have always found difficult to grasp. Although I have always held on to my belief that the Black Races, which I often refer to as the pre-Adamites or the ancient hunter-gatherers, were God’s first and oldest creation on earth, and that the location of this creation was the African continent, I’ve also believed that a second ‘formation’ event, involving a totally different species of man, occurred much later in Eurasia. However, despite my many arguments on this issue, as well as confirmation thereof in the Book of Genesis, as well as other sources, most people (Christians and non-Christians alike) refuse to accept the ‘two-creation’ scenario. In fact, I’ve been labelled a racist for my way of thinking, -- yet I’ve also noticed that these same people who call me a racist have not read all the articles I’ve posted regarding this issue - (See links to related posts below).

Although I’m no expert on matters of anthropology or archaeology, I have been following the two opposing theories of evolution and creation and their respective arguments for many years now. When evidence in support of the so-called ‘Out-Of-Africa’ theory started accumulating since the 1990s, it confirmed opinions that were already firmly fixed in my mind.

Many questions still remained unanswered, but I think the most crucial one is: -- what happened to the once magnificent ancient African Race, who lived thousands of years ago in southern Africa (aka Cradle of Humankind)? We know that a certain percentage migrated out of Africa and populated the rest of the planet, and that this happened roughly 70,000 years ago. National Geographic’s Global Gene Project has, by way of public donation of DNA samples, traced humanity's migrations to specific regions. For example, the Middle Eastern marker, M89, represents a wave of migration out of Africa that occurred around 45,000 years ago. Every non-African has M168, which appeared in eastern Africa around 60,000 years ago. Source:

Various experts are of the opinion that the ancient Africans, who eventually settled in Asia and Europe where radiation from the sun was less intense than Africa, gradually acclimatized and as a result their skin-colour became lighter. In scientific terms this means that the selective pressure for eumelanin production decreased in these individuals. (Click here for more technical info.) I must admit that it took me a while to absorb this hypothesis, but when a mind-boggling 70,000 years of evolution is thrown into the equation, then I suppose it becomes a highly plausible reality. One can thus understand why dark-skinned Africans who live near the equator in Africa don’t need suntan lotion to protect them from the high levels of exposure to the sun, as the larger quantities of eumelanin in their skins provides all the protection they need.

Despite the fact that all this scientific evidence makes perfect logical sense, - once you put your mind to it, it still does not explain why the world’s leading scientists, mathematicians, astronomers, archaeologists, engineers, architects, medical specialist, -- you name it, are those who happen to have a deficiency of melanin-producing genes. It also does not explain why some races, such as the Mongolian groups exhibit distinctly different physical features than the rest of us.


Recent research into ancient southern African history, carried out by people like Dr. Cyril Hromnik, Richard Wade, Johan Heine, and a few others, has revealed that Africa was once home to a vast community of intelligent humans. Amazing evidence of ancient temples, and the remains of a huge ancient metropolis that once formed part of a larger community that is estimated to be in the region of 10,000 square miles, are just some of the incredible discoveries that are now being researched.

The number and extent of these ruins, in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa, can be observed by anyone with access to a computer, and by performing a low flying search using Google-Earth. The following coordinates will help you get started:

  • Carolina -- 25 55' 53.28" S / 30 16' 13.13" E
  • Badplaas -- 25 47' 33.45" S / 30 40' 38.76" E
  • Waterval -- 25 38' 07.82" S / 30 21' 18.79" E
  • Machadodorp -- 25 39' 22.42" S / 30 17' 03.25" E
The fact that many of these ancient structures were built accurately in alignment with specific geographic points, as well as astronomical phenomenon such as solstices and equinoxes, is more than sufficient proof that intelligent beings were involved in the design and construction of these ancient formations.

What makes these discoveries even more astonishing is the fact that they are evidently so incredibly old! One ancient monolith ruin, discovered by Johan Heine, and named Adam’s Calendar, also located in the province of Mpumalanga, has been dated to be more than 75,000 years old, thus predating Stonehenge by thousands of years. The ancient stone structure was designed along the same longitudinal line as the Great Zimbabwe Ruins and the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. It is apparently also aligned with the rise of Orion’s belt when it rose horizontally on the horizon some 75,000 years ago. Many of these ancient African ruins are riddled with sacred geometry, Reiki symbolism and the Phi factor or golden ratio of 1,618.

This all sounds very impressive, but it still does not provide a shred of scientifically viable proof that the modern Black African had ancestors who possessed the ability to uphold and pass their expertise and intelligence on through the ages. I have given this issue much thought, and I’m particularly concerned about the large number of half-educated Africans who are of the opinion that their progress on Mother Earth was suppressed by the ruthless actions of the Whiteman, in the form of slavery, colonization, oppression, racial discrimination, and propaganda.

Although some of these negative perceptions of the Whiteman are not entirely unfounded, I am not entirely convinced that factors such as the African Slave Trade, colonization, or racial discrimination, had any major impact on the degeneration of the Black African in the long run. I’m also not convinced that any of these aspects had anything to do with the fact that the Black African’s IQ is on average far lower than the White and Oriental Races. (See the article Race-mixing, IQ, and the Future on this blog for more info regarding the IQ issue.)

The decay, corruption, warfare, hunger, and poverty we see today in Africa is not due to the Whiteman’s actions, but yet Whitey’s brain is being thoroughly indoctrinated to feel guilty, and when Whitey happens to permanently reside in Africa the feelings of ‘responsibility’ can eventually mess with Whiteys’ mind! It is a most undesirable situation, and it grieves me deeply, because the true culprits have always, since ancient times, been the Asian influence from the East, hence the reason why China today basically owns Africa, and why the evidence of their influence, which lies scattered throughout southern Africa and also in the genes of several African Tribes, have been suppressed all these years.

A brief study of the history of slavery in this world will quickly reveal that slavery in ancient cultures was known to occur in civilizations as old as Sumer, and it was found in every civilization, including Ancient Egypt, the Akkadian Empire, Assyria, and ancient Greece. In the Roman Empire, 40 percent of the population of Italy were enslaved.

The Blackman’s argument that his future hopes, dreams, and life were completely shattered because millions of Africans were shipped off the continent to the America’s, thus holds no water. The practice still exists in modern times through illegal human trafficking, and it’s still quite prevalent in many regions in Africa as well as countries in the East.

The Greeks as well as philosophers such as Aristotle accepted the theory of natural slavery i.e. that some men are slaves by nature. This brings me back to the issue of Africa’s ancient temples and recent evidence of vast ancient communities in southern Africa. Who designed and built them, and for what purpose?

Although I am not in total agreement with all Michael Tellinger’s suppositions as documented in his book ‘Slave Species of God’, he does confirm what I and others have always suspected, and that is, that the ancient African Race (God’s First Creation) became a Slave Race, at some point in time, under the control of a sinister, more powerful intelligent force. Tellinger came to the hideous conclusion that we are ALL victims of a deliberate genetic manipulation originating in Africa, and that gold-craving gods were responsible.

I refuse to accept this Zecharia Sitchin style of thinking, and also his assertions that white Europeans are hybrids between the slave species and the Annunaki from Mars who are called Nephilim in the Bible. Tellinger presented this absurd theory to explain the technological advantage whites have over other races. Despite all these mind-boggling theories there does seem to be a fine thread of truth between all the fiction, which supports what other experts have concluded regarding the mysterious ancient ruins in Mpumalanga.

For many years people have always thought that the ancient ruins in southern Africa were mere cattle kraals built by local tribes. Professor Thomas Huffman from the Witwatersrand University, apparently conceived this idea in the 1970s. Recently Professor Tim Maggs, an archaeologist, confirmed this viewpoint. It turns out however that neither of these men knew anything about cattle, and nor did they bother to examine all the ruins thoroughly, -- because Dr. Cyril Hromnik, currently employed by the University of Cape Town, pointed out that some circular ruins (supposed cattle kraals) had no entrance, and that certain entrances were way too narrow for the thinnest and most lean cattle to fit through. Hromnik concluded that the ruins must have been temples, and based his conclusions on the fact that the stone structures were, in certain places, built according to astronomical solar alignments.

Hromnik also supports my own theory that a race of sea-faring people with a Hindu culture (Indians) from the Asian continent arrived on the east coast of Africa and Mosambiek in search of gold, and that these Asians used their own advanced technology (and superior minds) to design and build the various stone structures that have been discovered in the Mpumalanga region. Hromnik also wrote a book on the subject called, Towards a New Understanding of the History of Sub-Saharan Africa. More detailed notes and comments by these two gentlemen can be viewed online in the archives of Rapport. Take note that the report is written in Afrikaans.

For obvious reasons officials in the ANC government have severely criticized the viewpoints of Professors Huffman and Maggs. Any theory that even vaguely hints towards a ‘Central Bantu Cattle Culture’, or any image of early Africa that does not sketch a picture of exclusive Black African dominance, is simply shrugged off as a ‘misinformed’ theory. The government’s fanatical approach to this issue was clearly conveyed in an address of the Premier of Mpumalanga, Thabang Makwetla, during one of the sessions of yet another so-called ‘democratic debate’ held in February 2007 in Nelspruit. (Click here to read the debate.)

I personally think that learned men such as Maggs and Hromnik have deliberately avoided the issue of Black Slavery in their theories, not only because of the worldwide negative stigma attached to the term, but also because of the ruthless persecution-tactics of the Marxist-inspired South African government, and their craving for land. I believe there is already sufficient evidence to show that the various stone structures are a combination of cattle kraals, human dwellings, food storage facilities, sacred (Hindu) temples, and lastly --- prison holding-cells for hordes of gold-digging slaves, who were forced by their masters to stay in the region against their will!

The scope and enormity of the stone structures, coupled with the similarities in design and construction methods, indicate that a huge organized workforce was utilized in a relatively short period of time, -- almost in haste. The possibility that this workforce was exploited on a mass scale (in other words, slavery) by a foreign race from the East cannot be ruled out. Michael Tellinger has perhaps hit it on the nail by implying that a slave species existed, and that they were exploited for purposes of mining gold. It is a real pity that he has merged his narrative with Zecharia Sitchin-type pseudoscience!

In my opinion, the dating-accuracy of these ancient African ruins are also dubious, as the possibility exists that those same gifted beings who designed the structures possessed the talents to calculate the position of celestial objects BACK IN TIME, -- hence the reason why it appears that certain stones were aligned with the rise of Orion’s belt when it rose horizontally on the horizon some 75,000 years ago. THESE STRUCTURES MAY THUS NOT BE THAT ANCIENT AFTER ALL!

If those ancient architects and astronomers designed the stone structures in a manner that would create confusion later, then they definitely succeeded in their goals! Perhaps one of the logical explanations why they did this was to conceal their involvement in mass human incarceration and slavery, but I suppose there could also be other reasons.

The old Greek philosophers who assumed that some men are slaves by nature, will turn in their graves today if they see how the wheel has turned full circle, and how, owing to the flawed system of democracy and the Whiteman’s feelings of guilt, the slaves now rule southern Africa. It is no coincidence that the Chinese and the rulers of Black African States are still closely related in more respects than just plain commerce and trade, --- since the bonds between the two were likely forged by way of fearful domination way back in ancient times.

A final alternative theory…

Before I end this article I must present one final alternative theory, which will throw a spanner in the works in my own theory as detailed above, as well as the research efforts of archaeologists and anthropologists worldwide. It is a theory that will be dismissed outright as utter nonsense simply because it has a biblical connotation, and also because it will imply that many age-old mysterious stone structures we see on earth today, and other evidence of ancient human existence such as tools or markings on stone, may not be from our current earth age, but a previous one. Bear in mind that Planet Earth is about 4,550 million years old!

The theory is commonly referred to as ‘The Three Earth Ages’ teaching, but I suppose it goes by other names as well. In short, the theory suggests that the first three English words in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning…” literally signifies the beginning of our CURRENT AGE. The next few words in Genesis 1:2, “And the earth was without form…” where the words “without form” translates from the Hebrew word (tohuw) that means, to lie waste, a desolation, -- implies that you cannot lie waste or desolate something unless it was once in a good condition previously. In other words, there was an age (the first age) before our existing age when the earth was NOT desolate. The first age came to an end (was destroyed) possibly by water at a time known only by God. “… and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” – (Genesis 1:2)

Jeremiah 4:22-27 in the Old Testament also makes some reference to this first earth age.

“I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the LORD, and by his fierce anger.” - (Jeremiah 4:26) Emphasis added.

For a comprehensive, easy-to-read, study on this subject I highly recommend a visit to

Well dear folks, I really don’t know how to end this posting with an appropriate conclusion that will please everyone. If there is any truth in the theory that a first earth age existed on Planet Earth, long before our current one began, then I’m afraid mankind has wasted a considerable amount of time and money digging around all corners of the earth for answers. Maybe the time has arrived that we should stop the internal strife, back-stabbing, and squabbling among us, and concentrate on our present (current age) and forget about probing into the ancient past, for the more we do so, the more questions we generate -- and the more bewildered we become.



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