Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Barbaric behaviour disrupts SA schools

The Afrikaans “Beeld” newspaper had a story splashed on their front page today with the heading, “Stakers pluk kinders rond”, which in English basically translates to the fact that protesters (militant revolutionaries) are abusing and exploiting school kids.

Although nowhere in the entire article does Beeld give any indication what race of people were involved in these barbaric acts, it is quite obvious that African militants were responsible. The Marxist-Communists (followers of Cain's Way) taught these people exactly how to create chaos!

I’ve taken the liberty of translating the Beeld article into English:
(My own comments are in brackets in italics)

Chaos broke out at several schools in the Vaal Triangle yesterday morning as protesting teachers and students (of the black African variety) intimidated other teachers.

Eye witnesses (black pupils) fear intimidation and attacks and don’t want their names mentioned.

A grade 10 pupil (a black male child) from the Vereeniging High School said they were busy writing exams when about 100 protesters, apparently teachers from another school (all black African teachers), stormed into the classrooms and started forcefully pushing them around. They were ordered to all go to the school pavilion (or else -- typical Marxist monkey-tactics, such as cutting off body parts, and torturing and exterminating people with fuel-soaked tyres, will take place on a grand scale!).

According to the boy the protestors were aggressive and had vuvuzelas and sticks with them. (He probably did not recognize the crude petrol bombs, Molotov cocktails, they also had with them.)

The boy alleged that he saw how the rebels slapped a teacher in the face, and how they tore up the exam papers.

A mother of a 17-year old pupil said in an e-mail message to Beeld that her daughter was hysterical when she phoned. “The children were threatened that they will be hurt if they phoned their parents. I am 15 km from the school and it feels as if I’m losing my mind.”

A teacher (a white teacher) from the General Smuts High (which boasts 100% black pupils) told how protestors cut and flattened the boundary fence to get access. The group had sambokke (whips). They also broke windows and threw dustbins from the first floor.

“I was rebuked for being a racist. A protestor told me that it was not the apartheid era anymore, and that it (the protest) had nothing to do with me.” (Yep, that’s what these followers of Cain think of white teachers who serve in THEIR SCHOOLS!)

Beeld learned that several pupils and teachers left for home earlier out of fear for their safety. Some pupils are too afraid to return to school today, after protestors threatened to burn down the school.

The unlawful behaviour is in conflict with the decision made by the State Unions that the strike would initially only be for one day (last week Tuesday).

The Unions will be announcing today whether or not they wil accept the State’s offer of a 7% salary increase and a housing subsidy of R700.

Mr Paul Colditz, chief executive officer of the Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools (Fedsas), has expressed his shock at the “barbaric behaviour”.

He has advised schools, who are members of Fedsas, to call the police for help. If there is an emergency situation, the school governing bodies must close the schools and obtain a court order against the protesters.

Mr Charles Phahlane, spokesman for the Gauteng Education Departement, said that the department strongly condemns the disruptions and destruction of school property.

The original Beeld article by Alet Rademeyer follows (in Afrikaans):

Chaos het gisteroggend by verskeie skole in die Vaaldriehoek uitgebreek toe stakende onderwysers leerlinge en ander onderwysers geïntimideer het.

Beeld het verneem daar was wanorde en in sommige gevalle is skade aangerig by skole soos die Hoërskool Vereeniging, die General Smuts High School, Riverside High, Selborne Primary en die Laerskool Handhawer.

Ooggetuies vrees viktimisasie en aanvalle en wou nie hul name genoem hê nie.

’n Gr. 10-leerling aan die Hoërskool Vereeniging het gesê hulle was besig om toets te skryf toe sowat 100 betogers, vermoedelik onderwysers van ander skole, by die klaskamers ingestorm en hulle begin rondruk en -stamp het. Hulle is aangesê om almal na die paviljoen te gaan.

Volgens die seun was die betogers aggressief en het vuvuzelas en stokke gehad.

Die seun het beweer hy het gesien hoe van die stakers ’n onderwyseres in die gesig klap en hul toetse opskeur.

’n Ma van ’n 17-jarige leerling het in e-pos aan Beeld gesê haar dogter was histeries toe sy haar gebel het. “Die kinders is gedreig dat hulle sal seerkry as hulle hul ouers bel. Ek sit 15 km van die skool af en dit voel of ek van my kop af wil raak.”

’n Onderwyser aan General Smuts High het vertel hoe betogers die skool se heining geknip en platgetrap het om toegang te kry. Dié groep het onder meer sambokke gehad, vensters gebreek en asblikke van die eerste verdieping afgegooi.

“Ek is uitgekryt vir ’n rassis en ’n betoger het aan my gesê dit is nie meer die apartheidsera nie en dat dit (die betoging) niks met my te doen het nie.”

Beeld het verneem tientalle leerlinge en onderwysers is uit vrees vir hul veiligheid vroeër huis toe. Van hulle is ook te bang om vandag terug te keer nadat van die stakers gedreig het om skole af te brand.

Dié onwettige optrede is in stryd met die besluit wat staatsdiensvakbonde vroeër geneem het om voorlopig net een dag (verlede Dinsdag) te staak.

Die vakbonde kondig vandag aan of hulle die staat se aanbod van ’n 7%-salarisverhoging en ’n behuisingstoelae van R700 per maand aanvaar.

Mnr. Paul Colditz, uitvoerende hoof van die Federasie van Beheerliggame van Suid-Afrikaanse Skole (Fedsas), het sy skok en teenkanting teen die “barbaarse optrede” uitgespreek.

Hy het skole wat lede van Fedsas is aangeraai om die polisie se hulp in te roep. As daar ’n noodsituasie is, moet beheerliggame skole sluit en ’n hofbevel teen die betogers kry.

Mnr. Charles Phahlane, woordvoerder van die Gautengse onderwysdepartement, het gesê die departement veroordeel die ontwrigting en die vernietiging van skooleiendom ten sterkste. Source: www.beeld.com

As always the Afrikaans liberal press are extremely cautious when they report on matters that have a direct bearing on the true nature and character of the Marxist-Communist, whose ways (Cain’s Way) has not changed since time began. Of course, we must not forget that the names: Marxist, Communist, and Cain, do not exist in the heads of these so-called broad-minded contemporary South Africans! Their minds are thus obsessed with demonstrating that we are all one-and-the-same, no matter from what background, race, culture, or religion, we happen to come from.

Above the headlines in today’s Beeld Newspaper, dated 17 August 2010, Beeld boldly printed the heading of another story (with a picture of a white school kid) urging readers to go to page 6, to see how white school boys also behave as barbarians. The heading of that article read "Pta-skoliere het hom glo gepak". This is a technique that popular Afrikaans publications use all the time! It is known as fair and balanced reporting, - but in reality it is nothing more than a well planned psychological operation, for the real story has nothing to do with violence at schools. (Click here to view the article, The PSYOP Strategy of Satan In South Africa).

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