Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zimbabwe: Farmers under attack!

The lives and property of South African farmers in Zimbabwe are once again under attack by land-grabbing, savage, heathen terrorists.

The civil rights initiative AfriForum has demanded in a lawyer's letter sent to the Department of Trade and Industry, that the South African Government should intervene urgently to protect the lives and property of South African citizens in Zimbabwe. This follows after South Africans farming in Zimbabwe, are once again being subjected to a renewed and intensified onslaught, starting this past weekend. AfriForum is also currently obtaining legal advice regarding possible action against the Government, if such protection were not to materialise – Source

It is already hard to believe that South African citizens in Zimbabwe, who play a vital role in the future development and stability of Zimbabwe and who work their butts off to manage productive land to keep Zimbabwe on the map, have to revert to High Court Orders for the protection of their lives and property!

These hostilities are taking place while the entire world is focused on the Soccer World Cup here in South Africa, and while the minds of the majority in South Africa are fixed on the ecstasy and merriment this event is evoking, and also on how much money they can make, -- legally and unlawfully!

While all this is going on, there’s no doubt in my mind that the up-and-coming baby-terrorist, Julius Malema, has his dummy stuck deep in very dark places among the ranks of the youthful black terrorists of Zimbabwe, and that malevolent thoughts have been discreetly flying back and forth between South Africa and Zimbabwe, in the hope that no one will notice.

(In early April this year ANC youth leader Julius Malema arrived in Zimbabwe to a hero’s welcome. Hordes of Zanu-PF supporters gathered at Harare airport chanting his "Dubula ibhunu" song which is now outlawed in South Africa.)

I think there’s been more than sufficient evidence to prove that these barbarians have absolutely no regard for life, property, or The Law! What's more, is that the racially prejudiced, so-called guardians of Law and Order in Zimbabwe, -- the Zimbabwe Republic Police, are doing NOTHING to protect these farmers.

If the Zimbabwean police are not doing nothing then it it’s obvious that members in their ranks are beneficiaries of the land grab. A report published in April 2009 implicated many police officials and judicial members, as wells as Former Lands Minister Didymus Mutasa, and two of his relatives. Click here to view the April 2009 report.

Where is the worldwide outcry?

More than 30 years ago mere rumours that human rights were being infringed when Ian Smith (an upright true Christian) was running the country, was the big driving force that eventually placed Robert Mugabe in power. Today the infringement of human rights is blatantly evident, but yet there is no major worldwide chorus of disapproval. Why? Is it because these unfortunate farmers and their families are White, or is it because they have not adapted to the ways of the savage heathen?

I know the answers to these questions, but I’m afraid that my explanation will only lead to talk of religion, conspiracy theories, and dark politics that few people will fully grasp nor understand. I’ll reserve my thoughts for now and simply report the current facts.

The current facts are:

  • The home of Mike Odendaal on the farm Wolwedraai at Chipinge has been vandalised and his employees have been driven from the farm.

  • Mr P. Hapelt (86) of the farm Grasslands at Somabhula is being terrorised by farm invaders in an effort to drive him from his farm - his workers are also being intimidated and his cattle have been moved.

  • Geoff Carbutt of the farm Oscardale at Bubi has been arrested and forcibly removed from his farm.

  • Game on the farm Denlynian Ranch of Ian Fergusson at Beit Bridge have been slaughtered.

  • Members of the Zimbabwean police force have cut the power supply to the farm Highfields in Nyamandhlovu, with the result that the owner of the farm, Gary Godfrey's 10 000 chickens, 130 cattle and 260 sheep are fenced in without access to any water. In addition, 25 families settled on the farm, as well as their cattle, are also without water. The police have refused officers of the SPCA access to the animals.
Several Zimbabwean farmers are also currently being subjected to similar violations of rights.

The Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe have also received the following reports:

  • Manicaland - a farmer's wife was barricaded into her house in the early hours of Tuesday 8th June 2010 and subsequently given 4 hours to vacate the property. She is in possession of a High Court Order to remain in occupation.

  • Manicaland - a farmer was removed from his property over the weekend, his equipment has been vandalized and the farm foreman was beaten unconscious last night. The farmer is in possession of a High Court Order to remain in occupation.

  • Manicaland - a farmer in possession of a High Court Order to remain in occupation has been subjected to a long lock-down situation with alleged police protection for an orgy of looting of equipment, farm inputs and crops.

  • Manicaland - The owners are in possession of a High Court Order for the settlers to be removed. This is a BIPPA farm with Malaysia. It is alleged that a prominent Minister has visited the property and informed all settlers to remain in occupation and that all High Court orders must be ignored.

  • Mashonaland East - An elderly woman has been removed from her homestead on her daughter-in-law's farm who has since been told that she is to vacate by Thursday this week. It has been proven that the beneficiary's offer letter is not correct. The farmer is in possession of a High Court Order to remain in occupation.
The above incidents are not happening in isolation. Similar events have unfolded all over the country.

The full report concerning this disturbing news can be viewed at
The AfriForum report can be viewed here in English and here in Afrikaans.

PS: -- See also the report by Robb WJ Ellis, dated 10 June 2010-06-11.
“Right now the ZANU PF are training youths at the bases around the Pfungwe rural area in Zimbabwe….” To view the full report by Robb WJ Ellis, visit


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