Monday, May 10, 2010

Never argue with your mother!

It has always amazed me how the White Race living in South Africa can hand out donations and gifts to total strangers in such abundance. It is not the ‘giving’ part that amazes me, as I have no problem with people who are charitable. I often do this myself with stuff I don’t need anymore.

What does boggle my mind somewhat, is that the people on the receiving end, on average, have absolutely no religious, cultural, or racial affiliation with those from whom they so eagerly take. I’ve always had the philosophy that charity starts at home, but I’ve now realised that this attitude of mine is slowly turning me into an outcast.

It all started when I objected to the fact that my dear elderly mother, who has worked her fingers to the bone her entire life, was knitting woollen blankets for charity. I discovered that the whole charity-business was organised by a local school, which is about 50-50 multicultural, but which I predict should be about 99% black before the year 2012. The blankets had to be delivered to the school every Friday of the week, from where they were distributed to needy blacks living in the bordering townships of Mamelodi and Atteridgeville. I asked: “Why can’t these beautiful woollen blankets be donated to poor white families?” -- And that is when the trouble started! --- “JY Meneeeer ___ is a donnerse rassissss!”

Now, -- I don’t mind being called a racist every odd now and then, but when my own mother addresses me as “Meneer” (Mister), it’s a clear indication that I had upset her deeply. Explaining my actions didn’t help much either; it only added fuel to the flames! When I told her that these same people, who so eagerly receive these warm comfy blankets -- knitted by fragile white hands, were of ‘another kind’ who do not know how to give, nor how to look after things, and that it had always been that way in this country ever since I can remember, my dear mom simply said, “Ja, en wat is jou punt?” (Yes, what is your point?).

I should have kept quiet there and then, but when I’m worked up, like a steamroller, I cannot stop, – unfortunately! I continued… “We whites have given, and given, and they have taken and taken, only to come back begging for more! We’ve given them the whole damn country, and look what they’ve done with it! The only thing they’re good at, is rearing and harbouring 100’s of little murderers, rapists, robbers, -- and more beggars!

My dear old mom was quick to remind me that I (her one-and-only son) had almost lost my life about 3 years ago when a drunken White scum-of-a-man pulled a gun on me, and that in the ensuing scuffle for my life I got so badly assaulted that I couldn’t walk or talk for nearly 3 weeks. She then rambled on to mention a whole string of names, starting with the King of Teaze, Lolly Jackson, -- mentioning in-between a whole bunch of names I cannot recall right now, and ending with familiar names such as, the drug king Glen Ugly-okie, the pedophile Gert van Rooyen, and that other white traitor – Carl whatisname – Niehaus.

Just when I thought she was done, the ol’ lady brought up those White lawyers in Durban, Shepstone & Smelly, who stole more than R100,000 from me. The whole sordid business is a rather touchy and complicated affair, but ultimately my dear mother was right! Scum comes in many colours and in many flavours.

“I’ll give my blankets to whom I please,” she said. And that was the end of the matter – full stop!

Thank goodness my family do not read the stuff I publish here! I can just imagine the outcry:
“What, -- and you call yourself a Christian!”

By the way…
Solidarity Helping Hand needs your support now!


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Over on SAS there is a very good clip on the dreadful state of decay that downtown Johannesburg is in.
It reveals the classic miconception that "buildings create slums"
Buildings do not create slums
It is the people that inhabit the buildings that create the slum


The only hope that the authorities have of making any kind of headway into this effectively insoluble problem is:

Secure the borders.
Repatriate the illegal immigrants
Stop the breeding

Educate the masses - i.e. teach them job skills
Promulgate business friendly legislation to encourage investment and job creation

All these actions are the remit of the Government of the day.
It has not happened in the last 16 years of their watch - so why should it suddenly start happening now.
Actually the current mess is a direct consequence of their incompetence and lack of action.
It is interesting to note that the officials in the U Tube clip trying to cope with this mess are white and Indian.
Not a black man in sight. Guess where they are?
Sitting in plush offices, wearing smart suits and not really giving a damn would be an educated guess.


This week is Christian Aid week in the UK

The audio-visual package that CA is circulating around the UK was presented in our church. It focused on an uneducated , unemployed, unemployable, mother with 8 children, who had been abandoned by all the sires of her children, “living” in appalling slum conditions in Nairobi Kenya.

Her Government and City Council are doing absolutely nothing for her. So the begging bowl comes out to the UK to dig her out of the mess she has created for herself.

Christian Aid, one of many UK charities working in the third world, manages a budget of about £65m pa. Multiply that by say 100 and that is a big sum of money raised through private subscription going to the third world. The UK Govt Aid Agency manages a budget of £9 billion. Now factor in all the other G20 countries in the EU, the USA, Canada, Russia and China and it all adds up to mega billions being poured into Africa.

And what is there to show for it?
In South Africa alone the ratio of black to white is 7:1
The scale of the problem and the numbers are simply against you.
As always the whites create the charities which try to alleviate the hardship.
What hope is there of addressing the problem, particularly when there is such an incompetent Govt in control.

During the “evil” days of apartheid many white South Africans were engaged in jobs that addressed all the social ills seen in this video clip.
To are large extent they were well managed and under control.
Unemployment ran at 5% (now 50%) most people had a roof a reasonable over their heads and were not hungry
The United Nations condemned our efforts as “A crime against humanity”

The question we should now ask ourselves is:
Should we really care any longer?
We did our best. The rest of the world said it was not good enough.
So let them now come in and show us how it is done.

We should concentrate our efforts on assisting our fellow white people.
The ANC has ensured that 800,000 of our fellow whites are now living in poverty.
As the saying goes; “Charity begins at home”
Let us look after our own and the blacks can ask the Congo, Kenya etc to come to their rescue.

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The lawyer firm Shepstone Wylie has screwed many people out of their properties. They’re in cahoots with the Judges of the High Court. Corrupt to the bone this lot!!!!

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