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Facebook silences Adriana Stuijt

Adriana Stuijt is a retired South African medical journalist, who now lives in the Netherlands. She formerly worked as a journalist for several prominent South African newspapers such as the Sunday Times, Rand Daily Mail and the Cape Argus newspapers. Adriana also manages two popular blogs, namely: ‘’, and ‘’.

This blog first mentioned Adriana Stuijt on 25 February this year when I cited an article of hers, Radical Islamists Incite SA Blacks to kill all Whites. The article urged Facebook to close down the group “PAN AFRICANIST CONGRESS OF AZANIA”, who were responsible for inciting this violence. Despite numerous requests from 1000’s of users, Facebook never banned the group. Maybe the group changed their evil ways, -- I don’t know!

Adriana Stuijt was still active on Facebook this morning, diligently gathering and posting information from various sources pertaining to crime and other issues related to South Africa. This is what the lady does. She simply feeds the news to all her members, and seldom comments on issues. One of her last entries on my news feed concerned a story in the Afrikaans Volksblad about an ‘International’ shooting incident that occurred weeks ago on the border between Lesotho and the Free State, just outside Wepener. Five heavily armed robbers were apparently shot dead during a shootout with the Lesotho police. Volksblad claims that the South African media kept quiet about the incident, as the country did not need news of this sort, -- especially not a few days before the 2010 Soccer World Cup! The Afrikaans version of this story can be viewed at The English version is at

(Strange that today, the ANC Government had no problem boasting to the press about their accomplishments regarding the exposure of a rightwing plot to kill blacks. Why wasn’t this kept under wrap? What was Police Minister Mthethwa’s real intentions when he mentioned that the suspects were planning an attack on black townships? Surely, this kind of news cannot be beneficial to South Africa’s image – a mere month before the big sports are due to begin? Anyone reading or viewing this news would automatically think, “Well, if they’ve caught some of these extremists, how many more are out there? If they’ve found arms and ammunition, how many more have NOT been found yet?” Minister Mthethwa did not divulge much during the press conference, BUT he simply couldn’t resist giving away that minor bit of pointless detail! And to think that he based his statement on simple hearsay evidence only! --- Let’ see where this leads, and how the media reports on the story tomorrow!)

Back to Adriana’s issue…
This afternoon when I logged on to my Facebook profile, all Adriana’s news feeds were missing. When I searched her name, nothing came up, -- she had simply vanished like mist over the ocean! I then surfed over to her blog were I discovered that Facebook had blocked her account. I also discovered that the poor lady had also received death threats. The posting is dated 4 May 2010, and can be viewed here.

Stay tuned, --- and stay safe!

PS – If anyone has news concerning Adriana Stuijt’s sudden banishment from Facebook, please leave a comment on this post. Comments are not moderated!

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Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

This kind of Crap makes me SICK !! Sometime I wish all the whites WOULD pack their bags and piss off to somewhere where they will be appreciated and respected. Let the perpetrators of ill in this country stuff it up good and proper - they'll soon be begging us to come back and dig them out of their sh*t !! Although I don't know the lady, the death threat is disgusting and I hope she is in protection of some sort.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

dear Anonymous,
reading your comment, I cant help but add my two cents worth. People like Adriana, tries to bring to the front how many white people are killed mostly old helpless people, by people who feel they have been done in by the past. two of who was my dear parents. my mother, 71 , and my father, 75. They never had any domestic help in the form of house or garden cleaning.They did everything themselves and didn't believe in help. They welcomed people of all races at their food what did they do wrong to be brutally murdered??. the coroner/doctor called the murder of my mother "gruesome" in court, they did unspeakable things to her, and my dad lived for another 5 months in vegetative state. The guys, David Kgoatla, and Stephen Seipeng had both in excess 15 previous convictions each, some of which was rape of minors(own race), drugs, aggravated assault, theft etc etc....judge Mavundla even said,while everybody in this rainbow nation tries to live in harmony, they have never learnt their lesson and there is so many poor people that will not do what they did! He gave them 3 life sentences plus extra 15 years each for what they did. what did my WHITE parents do wrong??? they where part of a PAST, where a few people took it upon themselves to keep races separate (quite often with violence and bloodshed) ....but to get to the point, yes after this most probably my sons will grow up hating the "black" race, even though I try to teach them that in a country with 20 to 1(maybe more) blacks to white ratio, you do get the same ratio of "bad apples" amongst white people as well....but somehow I dont think it will happen. Many generations will pass before this country learns respect, and love for the next culture......Alice(in my own

A Stuijt said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

To update your article: I was allowed back on Twitter and on Facebook some time ago. I've also opened my own archive, so that none of my articles can be deleted again. I post daily updates of the atrocities being committed against minority groups in South Africa. I also have a facebook account: I have a faithful following of friends who spread these reports all over the internet. Over the past few years, the atrocities especially against Afrikaners in South africa have grown to new levels of horror, indicating the steady collapse of South Africa into a criminal society where Mob Justice, necklacings and Lynchings by black communities who 'take the law into their own hands' are increasingly becoming the norm.

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