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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eleven year old girl raped during farm attack

I received an e-mail yesterday written in Afrikaans, requesting urgent assistance for a family who were involved in a farm attack earlier this year. The request was made to Solidarity by a person employed by a welfare organization. I think it is appalling that this family had to wait 3 months to get help, and that so-called ‘State-subsidized’ institutions are totally ineffective when dealing with crisis situations like these.

I have republished the original request here, as I am aware that many of my readers are familiar with Afrikaans. An English translation is also provided at the end of this posting for readers who do not understand Afrikaans.

Take note that some of the details of this incident have been removed to protect the family involved.

Beste Helpende Hand ondersteuner

Helpende Hand het verlede week die skokkende versoek ontvang:

Ek is in diens van ‘n maatskaplike organisasie en het tans 'n gesin onder aandag wat dringend gespesialiseerde diens nodig het.

Die gesin was betrokke in 'n plaasaanval. Die dogtertjie van 11 is verkrag, haar sussie van 14 en haar ma was ook by en haar oom is geskiet.

Die gesin is baie getraumatiseerd en my organisasie beskik nie oor die nodige fondse om vir hulle spesialiteit dienste te bekom nie.

Ek is aangeraai om julle organisasie te kontak en vertrou dat julle op 'n manier kan help.

Gespesialiseerde dienste wat dringend gelewer moet word is:
  • Gesinsterapie
  • Traumaberading
  • Pastorale begeleiding
  • Sielkundige berading
  • Materiële hulp na al die onverwagse kostes.
Daar fondse gevind word om al die bogenoemde dienste te borg.*

*Die naam van die maatskaplike organisasie, provinsie, maatskaplike werker en van die detail-besonderhede is weggelaat om die gesin te beskerm.

Helpende Hand het die saak ondersoek en bevind dat die gesin reeds sedert Februarie gespesialiseerde hulp benodig. Hulpverlening word belemmer deur die finansiële probleme van staatsgesubsidieerde maatskaplike instellings. Toegewyde maatskaplike werkers, wat ten spyte van hulle onmenslike las nogsteeds ‘n waardevolle diens lewer, moenie nodig hê om in sulke krisisse nog vir fondse te soek voordat gespesialiseerde hulp aan die slagoffers verleen word nie. Wanneer misdadigers hulle spoor van verwoesting op menselewens agterlaat, soos in hierdie gesin se geval, is gespesialiseerde hulp dikwels dadelik en dringend nodig.

Om nie net met die spesifieke geval hulp te verleen nie, maar om soortgelyke probleme in die toekoms te voorkom, het Helpende Hand ‘n MISDAADHULPFONDS gestig. Met die Misdaadhulpfonds wil ons hierdie graad 6 dogter, haar gesin en ander misdaadslagoffers help om onmiddellik toegang te kry tot spesialishulp. Finansies mag nooit ‘n rede wees hoekom ‘n kind in nood nie gespesialiseerde hulp kan kry nie. Beskikbare fondse word nie aan maatskaplike instellings betaal nie, maar volgens meriete, direk aan die diensverskaffer, ten einde te verseker hulp kom by die nood uit en word nie deur begrotings geabsorbeer nie.

Helpende Hand vra elke ondersteuner om hulp met die volgende:

Ondersteun Helpende Hand se MISDAADHULPFONDS.

Donasies kan in die Helpende Hand se rekening inbetaal word:

Bank: Absa
Rekeningnommer: 407 225 0017
Tak: Centurion
Takkode: 632005

Om die MISDAADHULPFONDS volhoubaar uit te bou, vra ons ʼn debietorder donasie van R50 per maand. U kan 0861 25 24 23 skakel of die webbladsy besoek by

Helpende Hand versoek ook sielkundiges, terapeute, pastorale beraders, maatskaplike werkers en ander kundiges wat bereid is om in krisisgevalle hulle dienste aan te bied, om hulle besonderhede aan Helpende Hand te stuur by Hierdie inligting word op Helpende Hand se databasis geplaas sodat ons in nood weet ons kan by u hulp kry.

Ondersteun Solidariteit se Misdaad Protesaksie op 19 Mei 2010. Meer inligting is beskikbaar by

Raak betrokke by u gemeenskap deur ‘n Helpende Hand tak te stig . Inligting is beskikbaar by

Ons land is in krisis en duisende mense se lewens word deur misdaad verwoes.

Waar hulp nodig is moet ons dit vinnig en effektief kan gee, anders bly dit maar woorde sonder dade.

Dr. Danie Langner
Uitvoerende Direkteur
Solidariteit Helpende Hand


English Translation:

Dear Helping Hand supporter

Helping Hand received this shocking request last week:

I am in service of a welfare (social) organization. I am presently attending to a family who urgently require specialized treatment.

The family were involved in a farm attack. Their daughter aged 11 years was raped. Her sister aged 14 and her mother witnessed the rape. The children’s uncle was shot during the incident.

The family is severely traumatized and my organization does not have the necessary funds to accommodate the needs of this family.

I was advised to approach your organization (Solidarity), and trust that you can provide assistance somehow.

The following specialized services are urgently required:
  • Family therapy
  • Trauma counselling
  • Pastorate guidance
  • Psychological consultations
  • Pertinent assistance after all the unforeseen costs
That funds be provided to sponsor the above-mentioned services.*

The name of the welfare organization, the province, the social worker’s name, and some of the details of this incident have been removed to protect the family involved.

Helping Hand has investigated the matter, and found that the family needed specialized treatment since February already. Assistance is being hampered by the financial problems of State-subsidized social structures. Dedicate social workers, who deliver a valuable service in spite of their inhuman burden, should not struggle to find funds in crisis situations like these where the victims urgently require specialized treatment. When criminals leave their mark of destruction on the lives of people, as in the case of this family, specialized treatment is often required immediately and urgently.

In order to provide assistance, not only in this case, but in many similar cases as well, and to prevent problems of this nature to happen in the future, Helping Hand has decided to establish a CRIME ASSISTANCE FUND.

With the CRIME ASSISTANCE FUND we want to help this grade 6 girl, her family and other crime victims to receive immediate specialized treatment. Finances should never be an obstacle for providing a child in need with specialized treatment. Available funds will not be paid directly to social organizations, but directly to the service provider, according to merit. This will insure that assistance will cover the need immediately and that funds will not be absorbed by budgets.

Helping Hand is asking every supporter for help with the following:

Support Helping Hand’s CRIME ASSISTANCE FUND

Donations can be deposited directly into Helping Hand’s account:

Bank: Absa
Account Number: 407 225 0017
Branch: Centurion
Branch Code: 632005

In order to uphold and develop the CRIME ASSISTANCE FUND, we ask a debit order donation of R50 per month. You can dial 0861 25 24 23 or visit the website at

Helping Hand also requests psychologists, therapists, trauma counsellors, social workers, and other professionals who are prepared to provide their services in crisis situations, to send their details to Helping Hand vie email: This information will be placed on our database so that in a crisis situation we will know where to find help.

Support Solidarity’s Crime Protest Action on 19 May 2010. More information is available at

Get involved with your community by establishing a Helping Hand branch in your area. Information is available at

Our country is in a crisis and thousands of people’s lives are being destroyed by crime.

Where help is needed, we must be able to provide it fast and effectively, otherwise it just remains words without action.

Dr. Danie Langner
Executive Director
Solidarity Helping Hand
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