Saturday, April 10, 2010

What has anger achieved?

I am so disgusted with this whole AWB – Malema affair, that I can hardly find words to describe how I feel. At this point in time there seems to be way too much anger, hatred, disrespect, and a whole lot of uncertainty floating around from all angles and all directions. If this carries on for any longer, then I am going to seriously consider closing down this blog. The last thing I need right now is to be accused of instigating hatred, or even worse, --- that I am encouraging a race war!

Since starting this blog in December 2008 I’ve received a few threats, which I have not taken very seriously. In the current unstable climate however, with emotions running higher than usual, I’ve suddenly realized that I need to watch my back. I’ve also been called all sorts of names, ranging from, -- “You’re a racist pig!” to “You’re a hypocrite!” Here’s a recent one I’ve decided to keep on the blog, just for the record!

Is EVERYONE really angry, or are we simply being hoodwinked into believing this?

There’s no doubt that a large number of folk in this country are really very upset right now, and I genuinely believe that many, especially those who have lost loved ones in the ongoing genocide perpetrated by the black savages, have every reason to feel extremely angry. No one deserved to die in the manner Eugène Terre'Blanche did, and the fact that certain black people happily celebrated his death, has also made me feel very angry indeed.

Some people like Malema are always angry. I think he was born that way! His outburst the other day when he humiliated a BBC journalist in public was a perfect example of how nasty he can get. BUT, Malema does not represent the entire nation of black youth in this country! In fact, there are 1000’s of black people in this country who also think the man is an idiot. For obvious reasons their views seldom get published in the MSM.

Most members of the AWB have been angry since the day the organisation was born in 1973. What has their anger achieved since then? – Absolutely nothing! Although I’ve heard that more than 3000 new members have recently signed up, after their leader was murdered, the organisation’s numbers still DO NOT represent the majority white Afrikaners living in this country. There’s talk in the media that the AWB wants to avenge the death of Eugène Terre'Blanche, but I really doubt whether people with this attitude actually represent the true wishes of the majority AWB members!

I happen to be friends with many AWB members. Many of these members come from my ‘Afrikaans’ mother’s side of the family. They are decent God-fearing people. Most of them are hardworking farmers who understand the Blackman’s mind far better than the average city-dwelling whitey (stadsjapie). I have spent much time with this side of my family, and although they’ve also expressed their disgust in the way things are going at present, I have never heard them express any desires to go to war, or to start killing people.

On Wednesday this week I attended a funeral at Hartbeespoort. An old family relative of mine had finally lost the her fight with cancer. About 80 percent of the men-folk present at the funeral were members of the AWB. Two of the mourners present were black woman, and one of them was honoured with the task of helping the men carry the coffin to the grave. (This was the first time that I’ve ever seen a woman carry a coffin, nevermind a black woman!) Everyone present at the funeral showed their final respect in a civilized manner. During the entire proceeding, at the church, at the graveyard, and later back at the church where refreshments were served, there was no talk of revenge or hatred as a result of their leader’s recent murder.

Now let’s briefly examine the manner in which Eugène Terre'Blanche’s funeral was run.

His family specifically asked people not to wave flags during the proceedings, but yet these requests were blatantly ignored. Granted, --- emotions must have been running really high, and not everyone got the message sent out by the family. Nonetheless, a funeral is supposed to be an orderly sacred affair where people gather quietly to show their final respects to the departed.

It was obvious that a certain element in the AWB ranks chose to use the event for their own selfish rewards, and to show the entire world how angry and upset they were. Their behaviour showed little respect for their leader. It was this same mentality that caused the fiasco back in 1994 in Bophuthatswana when a small group of angry AWB supporters decided to ‘invade’ the place. A reasonably accurate and unbiased report concerning the Bophuthatswana coup can be viewed here.

The bottom line is that we have extremists (people who hate) on both ends of the spectrum. Both sides have their own unique reasons why they feel that way, BUT in my opinion it has become a smouldering compost heap, – a murky mixture consisting mainly of a black-coloured catalyst, -- namely the ANCYL! The stench has become unbearable, but when you look at the compost heap from a different angle, you realize that in reality it consists of a handful of aggrieved radicals who are crying out for attention.

The black radicals on Malema’s side (the future leaders of this country – God help us!) far outnumber the militant whites in this country, but yet those who speak of revenge and war are so blinded with rage that they don’t see this. The compost heap needs a good dose of water to cool the heat. I believe Malema's mistreatment of a BBC journalist, which was broadcast all over the world, has just done the trick. Hopefully there will be some more cold water on its way soon!

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Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hey you are doing a stirling job. I am an Orthodox priest and I see the truth in what you say.

God bless you

laager said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Since ET's death I took the trouble to educate myself about the AWB.
I read their website and can find no reference to rage, hate or violence.

Certainly their past history was very much a case of a reckless bull in a china shop. Those that did transgress the law were duly apprehended, charged and served time through the due process of law.

If their party was registered in the UK they would be considered Nationalists just like the SNP and Plaid Cymru the Welsh nationalists. Yet they are described as Right Wing Racists, Facists and Neo-Nazis. Ironically the colours of Manchester United and Saracens rugby Club are also red, white and black yet these labels are not attached to them.

ET's only crime was that he boldly stated what he believed in and unfortunately wrapped it up in quasi-military imagery. In truth, a breath of fresh air compared to the sanitised mediocrity of UK politicians

Of course Malema and the ANCYL are free to do the same and the pc-left-wing-liberal UK media do not say a word against their revolutionary darlings.

The Truth will emerge in due course.

Concerned South African said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Will anyone be posting here or anywhere for that matter on what is or not going to happen with the mysasucks blog.



Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Concerned South African,

I am also clueless as to what exactly is going on with the mysasuck blog. I am monitoring the situation and wil keep people posted via this blog. Just bare in mind that I’m not on a PC 24 hours a day, and the chances are good that some other blog will probably be reporting on the situation before I can.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hi TIA, Knorrig here. As you may have seen, all hell broke loose on MYSAS...with Gonville scuttling his own ship...VLOK! In any case, I managed to leave a comment advising All to stay in contact via your and TIA's blogs. Could you pls leave a message on your front page re this issue....and direct MYSASers to

It's an old back-up blog being activated again by the DR......bless her lovely soul, great GIRL!

Cheers vir eers,

(DR has my contact details)

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

It's done!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks TIA! :)


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