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There’s a War against Christians!

Yesterday I finally published the last chapter in a series of articles I’ve been working on. The series of articles in 4 Parts, which I’ve named, Painting a Picture of Evil, was published on my sister blog
This is Africa 4 CHRIST. I’m glad I’m done with that series! The final chapter nearly fried my hard-drive, and also my brain!

While doing research for these articles I discovered an online non-profit organisation called International Christian Concern (ICC). After doing some more reading and confirming the facts on several other sources, I’ve decided to share some revealing info with readers, hence the reason for posting this article on Tia Mysoa, and not on the sister blog.

The ICC is not a Mickey-mouse organisation! They are a voice for the persecuted in the US Congress and Senate in the White House. They meet with Senators, Congressional Representatives, and State Departments to influence policy, affect legislation, and to provide behind the scenes pressure on countries that imprison and murder Christians.

This organisation is dedicated to assisting and sustaining Christians who are victims of persecution and discrimination due to practicing their faith. The ICC have recently published a report listing the World’s Ten Worst Persecutors of Christians. The report in PDF Format (1,213 KB) can be downloaded here.


North Korea
Saudi Arabia

TAKE NOTE: The list above are only the TOP TEN countries where Christians are being imprisoned, tortured, and killed for their faith. The African countries not listed among the Top Ten are Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, Morocco, and Algeria.

Countries on the above list are not ranked from 1 to 10, but North Korea is by far the worst offender. It is ruled, with an iron fist, by Communist totalitarian dictator Kim Jong II. Religious freedom and human rights are non-existent in North Korea. Reports estimate the number of Christians imprisoned to be around 200,000.

In 2009, the North Korean government took new steps to combat religious activity, and halted cross-border support from Chinese Christians. The government set up false prayer meetings and infiltrated underground churches as new tactics to entrap Christian converts. The government is also known to frequently search suspected locations of Christian gatherings, and to regularly seek out and dispose of underground believers in an effort to completely annihilate all Christians within its borders. Captured Christians faced severe methods of torture, including being used as guinea pigs for chemical weapons.

South Africa does not feature in the report, and neither is it mentioned anywhere on the ICC Website. This could mean a number of things. Either no one is reporting on the appalling situation, --- or the number of Christians being tortured, raped, and murdered are not being ‘officially’ counted, --- in other words, there ‘persecution’ is hidden as ordinary crime among all the government red tape.

I suppose South Africa’s new constitution, which declares the country to be a so-called “secular state”, has a lot to do with the fact that crime against minorities and certain religious groups go unnoticed in the main stream media (MSM). I don’t think there is one single media institution in this country that has the nerve to publish headlines which state, “Another Christian Murdered!” If they do this then obviously they’ll be forced to mention all the other religious divisions as well, -- but is this really a problem for journalists? Surely it cannot be that difficult to establish the religious affiliation of crime victims? Is this truth not being reported because journalists and editors follow orders from top bosses who pay their salaries? See the article on the New SASucks Blog -- Who Controls the Press in South Africa? --- and decide for yourself.

Over 75% of all South Africans proclaim to be Christian, yet so many refuse to make a stand for righteousness. It disgusts me that so many of these so-called Christians have voted for political parties with a non-Christian agenda, that endorse abortion, homosexuality, ancestral worship and other immoral practices? What has become of us?

Have we all been so dumbed-down by the evil propaganda in the MSM that we are too afraid to make a stand? Have South Africans become too obsessed with saving their own skins, -- or what? Isn’t it time for ALL Christians (an estimated 75 percent of the population) to unite and start shouting for assistance to organisations such as the ICC and others, who are willing to represent persecuted Christians worldwide, and who are willing to report these atrocities to the highest seats in World Governments?

I wonder what the Muslims in South Africa will do if their numbers started drastically declining as a result of violent crime? According to the 2001 census, Muslims only make up 1.5% of the population. Do you think this small group of people will tolerate the situation if their members are tortured, raped and murdered, at the same rate South African Christians are? I don’t think so -- there will be one massive united outcry – that’s for sure!

South African and Western Christians are not aware of the severity of Christian persecution. They are not aware of what is happening to their brothers and sisters around the world, -- nevermind Africa! I don’t blame them for their ignorance, for the satan-controlled MSM declines to report on these issues. In South Africa news related to the 2010 Soccer World Cup is far more newsworthy at this point in time!


The entire African continent is slowly but surely becoming an incubator for radical Islamic ideologies. This is happening despite the fact that the “progressive” school of thought has shown that extremism has no place in Islam, but it’s also obvious that their religious leaders cannot control the situation. Therefore, -- it’s only a matter of time before the radicals in the north will have conquered Southern Africa.

It will be interesting to see what the next South African census in 2011, will reveal regarding the religious affiliations of its population. There’s no doubt that the stats concerning the number of Christians will be problematic, due to the increased number of so-called ‘traditional African beliefs’ that have combined Christianity into their doctrines. It will not surprise me in the least to see that, since 2001, there has been an exceptional growth in the numbers of Islamic followers.

South Africa’s gradual decline into a third world hell hole can basically be attributed to the fact that the number of Christians, who faithfully practiced TRUE Christianity, have dwindled in their numbers. This of course does not mean that Christians are to blame. The majority fled the country about 15 – 20 years ago to live in peace among other Christian Nations, leaving a small handful to cope with the tedious task of constantly putting the wheels back on all the broken wagons, and scooping the water from a sinking ship.

The remnant of Christians in South Africa have been so demoralized with soul-destroying racial hatred and violence perpetrated by the black savages in our neighbourhoods, our farms, and in our government, that you can actually see the exhaustion and despair written on some of their faces, no matter how hard they try to conceal this. However, the good news is that true-and-faithful Christians don’t easily give up. They have this amazing ability to recover their strength, especially in crisis situations.

So with that said, allow me to disclose the crisis facing this continent, -- a crisis that is fast spreading south, and which will soon be knocking on our backdoor if we don’t take measures NOW to prevent it! The following are extracts from the ICC report, and deals with three African countries.


Eritrea became independent from Ethiopia in 1993. The People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), the country’s ruling party, has excluded all other political parties, thereby monopolizing power within the country. PFDJ is a communist regime which fiercely restricts religious freedom and controls nearly every aspect of society with an iron hand. Freedom of press and other basic human rights are also restricted.

As part of its oppressive polices, on May 21, 2002, Eritrea issued a decree which effectively outlawed all religious organizations other than the Eritrean Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church and Islam. All religious organizations, including several evangelical churches, were forced underground and many of their members were imprisoned.

Even members of government-registered churches are not immune from persecution. Several leading members of the Eritrean Orthodox Church are currently imprisoned, including the Patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church, Abune Antonios, who has been under house arrest for resisting government interference at a church service.

Christians in underground churches are forced to meet in private homes. When the government finds such meetings, all Christians present are sent to prison. Currently, there are more than 3,000 Christians imprisoned in Eritrea. Many are kept in metal shipping containers, military barracks and prison cells under inhumane conditions.

Many Christians have been paralyzed or killed in prison due to torture and lack of medical attention. Imprisoned believers are given minimal food and water. Eritrean Christians have remained imprisoned for years without ever having been convicted for any crime before a court of law.

Eritrea is seldom accessible by foreign media or the international community, therefore most cases of persecution are unknown.


The Nigerian government, both at the state and federal levels, has failed to contain Islamic extremist violence against Christian minorities in the North. Christians are facing horrific attacks waged by the Islamic extremist group, Boko Haram. These terrorists waged jihad against Christians and government officials. Several innocent civilians were killed, including three pastors who were murdered for refusing to convert to Islam. Boko Haram also destroyed more than 20 churches. Unlike the previous attacks by Islamists that targeted only Christians, the Boko Haram insurgency was mainly waged against government officials in northern Nigeria. One goal of Boko Haram was to implement a strict form of Sharia law over all of Nigeria, including the South where Christians are the majority.


Al-Shabaab, an Islamic insurgent group, controls much of south and central Somalia and is waging relentless war in an effort to control power within the government. The internal fighting among Islamic insurgents and clashes with the Transitional Federal Government (TFG), as well as a severe water drought in the country, has resulted in the worst humanitarian disaster in the world today.

Al-Shabaab has been designated as a terrorist organization by many Western countries, including the United States. The group governs according to a strict interpretation of Islamic laws in regions under its jurisdiction. Al-Shabaab’s objective is the complete eradication of Christians from Somalia. It carries out cruel and inhumane punishments on individuals that they consider to be offenders of its interpretation of Islam. Such punishments include flogging, hand amputations and execution by stoning.

It has often been said that South Africa is the pulsating heart of Africa. In my opinion, this is so because it was built mainly by dedicated Christians. However, the heart is useless if there is no soul. The soul of Africa (what’s left of it) is being devoured, bit by bit, by evil forces that are intent on destroying the last remaining Christians on this continent. It is not fair to expect a small number of brave Christian missionaries to fight alone on the front lines of the battle for the soul of Africa!

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Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Dear brain washed christian!

Eritrea is under the threat of invasion from Ethiopia, Ethiopia is occupaying Eritrean land, Ethiopia is 10 times bigger and population wise 60 million more. The ones that are being arrested in Eritrea is not because of their religous belives, its cause of them not obeying the law of serving in the army like every adult has to mandatory. imagine is the U.S was attacked not by so caled terrorist but an real invasion, every citizen would have to join the army, even you, and the ones not defending their country would be put in jail. sad as it may be.

btw The Eritrean President is Christian.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Dear Anonymous @ April 17

Firstly, President Isaias Afwerki is NOT a true Christian! The fact that he is a member of the Orthodox Church does not make him a Christian. In fact his actions are totally Unchristian! The true Christians are being persecuted by the dozens in Eritrea. Isaias Afwerki has done nothing to stop this. He denies all allegations of persecution, but yet boasts full religious freedom for all! The truth is that HIS church feels threatened by an evangelical revival, hence the reason why he silently approves the persecutions.

Secondly, I am fully aware of Ethiopia’s invasion and occupation of Eritrean land, but cannot see the sense in what you are saying about the arrests taking place. People get arrested for various reasons, but how come it is only Christians in that country who are paralyzed or killed in prison due to torture and lack of medical attention?

Lastly, I do not appreciate being called a brainwashed Christian, particularly not on my own blog! – But I’ll leave your comment here, just for the record, and in case who want to leave more comments.

ሚካኤል said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

hey i am proudly eritrean and knows most causes of persecution,truly speaking isaias is a dictator equivalent to king HEROD in the bible(dont forget how herod has passed) or north korean president, by supporting persecution anonymos 17 what what.... you are also antichrist or a confused politician where you may only know that song of border ,does persecuting the pope of orthodox mean he is also with the politicians ?????? because non of this issue is related with border or with ethiopia ,you had to wash your brain and come again for comment dont hide your name if you are proud of your comments

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