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Savage dogs, vicious criminals, and the ANCYL

I realize that I may be covering a bit much in this posting, but the tragic murder of the AWB leader Eugène Terre'Blanche over the Easter weekend, coupled with the ongoing acts of vengeance and genocide of white farmers in South Africa, has motivated me to recount these stories. The one ‘shorter’ story is about vicious dogs, and the other is about suspicious and/or victimized farm workers. I’m at a loss really, how exactly I should describe these people, but read this post and decide for yourselves.

Pay particular attention to the last few paragraphs in this posting, which proposes that the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) is in fact a well organized terrorist syndicate run by gangsters.

Savage Dogs

Many years ago when I was still a young teenager, I once knew a man who loved Alsatians. He lived on a smallholding where the dogs were free to roam on his property inside and outside his home. At any given moment he always had about five of these dogs roaming around the place. We used to visit this smallholding quite often. At first I was a bit weary of coming anywhere near the animals, as they seemed quite vicious, but as time went by the Alsatians eventually became accustomed to having me around.

There was a dam on the plot where we spent many enjoyable moments cooling off during the hot summer months. Sometimes the Alsatians joined in the fun-and-games, --- until one day one of the animals got so excited, with water splashing about and so forth, that he decided to have a taste of human flesh. The bite mark left a deep nasty scar running across my face, from my right eye to the bottom of my chin. I suppose I could count myself lucky for not losing an eye that day, but the nasty-looking scar remained there for many years, as a constant reminder that Alsatians cannot be trusted.

I later learned that the same dog attacked someone else again, but the owner refused to get rid of him, --- despite all the warning signs that the dog was a menace! He apparently loved the dog so much that he simply couldn’t find the courage to put the animal out. I joined the South African Police Force a few months after that incident – with scar-face and all! I never went back to that smallholding again, so unfortunately I have no idea what happened to that vicious dog, or its owner.

To this day, I’m not too fond of Alsatians. I don’t hate dogs, but whenever I see an Alsatian I keep my distance, as far as possible!

Since the above incident, I have seen many dog-owners bitten by the very same dogs they cared for, fed, housed, and groomed. I’ve read many stories in the newspapers of how seemingly placid and obedient dogs (man’s best friend) have turned on their masters, or their loved ones.

Any man, who is worthy of calling himself a man, and who respects his life and the lives of others, will get rid of the vicious animal as soon as possible, without hesitation, because a dog who attacks once will attack again!

What normally happens in these cases, is that sooner or later another puppy dog replaces the old one. The process repeats itself. The animal gets fed, groomed, spoiled, trained, etc… All the while ‘the master’ hopes that this time round the extra coaching, lots of lovable attention, and expensive dog food, will keep the animal docile and obedient. Then one day, -- when least expected, the animal attacks again.

Some people take a lifetime to learn that they don’t really need vicious dogs in the home.

And now for the second, totally different but similar story…

About four weeks ago I accompanied a close friend of mine to his family farm near Rustenburg. A large steel shed on the farm, with about 4-Million Rands worth of equipment inside, had been totally destroyed by fire. My friend wanted my opinion on the matter.

A team of forensic arson specialists had already visited the farm the previous week, and declared that it definitely was arson and that the fire was started by igniting large amounts of fuel inside the shed. Neither the owner nor the police had any idea who committed the crime. In fact the police investigation into the matter was carried out in the usual pathetic ‘don’t-really-care’ manner, which South Africans have simply come to accept as the ‘norm’.

It was my first visit to the farm and the first thing that struck me on my arrival, was the amount of black folk freely strolling around the farmyard. They were everywhere, and not everyone seemed to be working! In the kitchen there was a big fat mamma-of-a-maid making a huge pot of pap. On the back stoep, where we were sitting, there was another one sweeping the floor with a grass broom. Another worker had just finished mowing the lawn and was cleaning a large steel drum used for braaing meat. Others were just strolling around doing nothing (like the Alsatians in my first story).

I noticed two young black kids enter the kitchen at the back door carrying buckets of fresh milk, but I never saw them coming out. When I asked the farm-owner where they went, his reply was, “they’ve gone through the front door to clean the front stoep.” I was absolutely stunned, but kept my pose and also my mouth shut. I learned that the only watchdog on the property was a massive Boerboel, who apparently would not hesitate to attack any ‘stranger’ that showed signs of aggression towards the farm-owner or his wife. The huge beast lay sleeping, motionless on the floor of the stoep amidst our company, and only got up when the fat mamma stepped out of the kitchen to fill his food bowl with pellets. I could not believe what I was seeing, and had to try really hard not to show that I was busy freaking out!

The shed was completely demolished. What remained was a heap of twisted metal and rubble lying on the ground. It was walking distance from the main house, and also not too far from the kampong (compound) which housed the black farm workers. Although I was no arson expert, my observations and common sense told me that large quantities of highly flammable fuel must have been used to start the fire. (According to the farm-owner no flammable fuel was ever kept in the shed). Several very old tall trees standing near the shed were scorched pitch-black, all the way to their highest branches. It gave a clear indication of the intensity of the blaze.

I learned that the owner and his family were not at home when the shed burnt down. The black folk were the only people on the farm, -- but yet they knew nothing! They had already been questioned by the owner on the eve of the disaster, and also by the black police officers who arrived two days after the incident. Not one single black person saw or heard anything!. I found this to be rather odd, because the enormous fire and the heat must have been hard NOT to notice in the dark of night. Also, --- several wooden shelves high-up inside the shed apparently carried an assortment of heavy steel pipes, which must have caused quite a clattering racket when the shelves collapsed, and the pipes came tumbling down on the cement floor below.

If I was still a cop I would have dragged all the farm workers in, one by one for extensive sessions of questioning, until the truth came out. I would have sifted out possible suspects and used the polygraph-test to assist me with the investigation. I was really puzzled why this was never done. I also learned that not a single statement was taken from any one of the farm workers. This is how things work in the “new” South Africa!

It was obvious that the farm-owner loved and respected his farm-workers. As far as he could remember there had never before been any incident of this nature on the farm. He grew up with the black folk while his own father was still managing the farm. He also spoke their language fluently. He accepted the fact that the small black community was basically part-and-parcel of the farm. The farm would not be the same if they weren’t there. He refused to accept any submissions by me that his own farm-workers were somehow involved in the burning down of his shed, or that they were possibly protecting the suspect or suspects.

At that point in time, my thoughts wandered off to visions of possible insurance fraud. However, I quickly abandoned these visions when it became apparent that nothing was stolen from the shed, and that there simply was too much expensive equipment destroyed by the fire, -- equipment that could easily have been removed and concealed before the fire started. I aso learned that the insurance company agreed to pay the owner a miserable sum of just over R100,000. This was nowhere near adequate compensation for the enormous loss the man had suffered!

Now from the little experience I have regarding the investigation of arson, I know that, besides questioning witnesses, questions should also be asked at the nearest fuel-depot, a minor task the black police officers neglected to do. (In this case, there were quite a number of neighbouring farms and smallholdings where fuel could have been purchased or stolen, hence the reason why the police never bothered!) Secondly, arsonists usually come back to ‘inspect’ their handiwork. Thirdly, arsonists sometimes accidentally injure themselves while committing the deed.

While sharing my views with the farm owner, his eyes suddenly grew larger as he blurted out the name of his suspect. “Jack! -- It can only be Jack,” he said.

The owner suddenly recalled that he had a quarrel, several weeks before the incident, with a young and very arrogant black man in the area, known simply as “Jack”. The young man wanted work and the owner had no work for him. The more he was told that there was no work available, the more cocky Jack became. The farm-owner had no choice but to chase (and swear) Jack off the property.

Jack came back, the morning after the fire, to again ‘negotiate’ a work contract – the exact reason that started the quarrel weeks earlier! Jack was reasonably docile during his second visit, but could not keep his devious eyes off the pile of rubble were the shed once stood. The farm-owner also noticed that Jack’s left hand was covered in bandages, but Jack had some other reason, besides flames, for his injuries. Jack lived on a nearby farm where large quantities of diesel-fuel was stored. He was also acquainted with all the black workers on the farm. The farm-owner expressed his dismay that, in spite of all these related details, he had not suspected Jack sooner.

All this info was given to the police, but to date Jack has still not been approached for questioning, and probably never will be. The owner is afraid to pursue the matter privately for fear of further retaliation.

THIS my friends, is how things work in AFRICA – and I suppose in many other places in this world! It only takes one rotten apple to corrupt and/or scare hundreds of others!

The next morning I decided to locate Jack with intentions of questioning him, and also to find out if he would voluntarily agree to undergo a polygraph examination. Jack was nowhere to be found at his place of residence. However, the general impression I got from the owner of the farm where he was living and also other workers, was that Jack was a real troublemaker. I finally managed to locate Jack’s father, but it was quite obvious that the man wanted nothing to do with his son. I learned that Jack was only 23 years old and that as a member of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL), he apparently regarded himself as being ‘in charge’ of that area – whatever that meant! This information was given by Jack’s father, but it was later confirmed by one of the elder locals at a nearby store, who incidentally also regarded Jack as a menace in the area. When I asked why, the reply was somewhat vague, but boiled down to the fact that Jack was behaving against the wishes of the elders in the community. In other words, he was a disobedient kid!

Despite the fact that everyone seemed to know exactly who Jack was, the man managed to evade me all day. Many, especially the youngsters, were reluctant to talk to me, and some even ran away when I approached them. My time (and my patience) eventually ran out. Besides, I was already going beyond my ‘call of duty’ - so to speak, while treading on unfamiliar and dangerous ground, without any hope of receiving remuneration or any other form of gratitude for my services.

The episode with the demolished shed, the defensive farm-workers, scared youth, angry elders, and the rumours that Jack was possibly affiliated with the ANCYL, had my mind racing with all sorts of wild images and ideas.

Manifesto of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL)

Back home where I had access to my pc, I decided to explore, for the first time in my life, the ANCYL’s manifesto on their website. I was shocked to see how racially biased (Anti White) this document was. I couldn’t believe that our world-class democracy allowed such an outdated and racially prejudiced document to exist in the public domain!

The Manifesto, which readers can view for themselves by clicking here, was issued by the Provisional Committee of the ANC Youth League in March 1944. Nelson Mandela was a founder member of the Youth League and participated in the drafting of the manifesto. In the preamble of the manifesto it states among others that “African Youth must be united, consolidated, trained and disciplined because from their ranks future leaders will be recruited.”

Allow me to quote a few paragraphs from the manifesto’s ‘Statement of Policy’, just to illustrate the irrational bigotry this document displays:
  • The contact of the White race with the Black has resulted in the emergence of a set of conflicting living conditions and outlooks on life which seriously hamper South Africa's progress to nationhood.
  • The White race, possessing superior military strength and at present having superior organising skill has arrogated to itself the ownership of the land and invested itself with authority and the right to regard South Africa as a White man's country.
  • He (the African) has been defeated in the field of battle but refuses to accept this as meaning that he must be oppressed, just to enable the White man to further dominate him.
  • The majority of White men regard it as the destiny of the White race to dominate the man of colour. The harshness of their domination, however, is rousing in the African feelings of hatred of everything that bars his way to full and free citizenship and these feelings can no longer be suppressed.
  • In South Africa, the conflict has emerged as one of race on the one side and one of ideals on the other. The White man regards the Universe as a gigantic machine hurtling through time and space to its final destruction: individuals in it are but tiny organisms with private lives that lead to private deaths: personal power, etc, etc.. bla, bla, bla…

Simply put, --- I am convinced that the ANCYL is a terrorist organization lead by the gangster, Julius Malema, who in turn has the full backing of President Zuma.

I have a hunch that the ANCYL have appointed 1000’s of “Jacks” in strategic locations across the country with the sole purpose of victimizing their own people and instigating vulnerable kids and young thugs to commit acts of violence. The ANC Government does not care how many of their own youth is sacrificed in the process. I’m referring here to the 1000’s of black youths who commit crimes in this country, and the few 100’s that get caught doing it -- or who, as in the case with Eugène Terre'Blanche’s murder, turn themselves in. These black youngsters have been indoctrinated to believe that they are liberation fighters!

The Nationalisation of land is the driving force behind all this chaos, and there’s already enough evidence to show that they will be following the Zimbabwe Model to achieve their aims.

This is the reason why White people living on farms get tortured and murdered for nothing, and why acts of arson are committed without anything being stolen. They are applying the same terrorist tactics the ANC used during the apartheid era, and the revulsion of it all, lies in the fact that these youth are being coached as the future leaders of South Africa.

An explicit truth is the fact that the exposure of the ANCYL’s real motives and the tactics they are employing will definitely NOT be revealed by the ANC Government. In fact, they will deny all allegations of a conspiracy, and will do everything possible to defend these thugs.

This risky situation leaves Whites in this country with no choice but to launch their own plans of defence and self-preservation. If Whites intend making this country their home, then our children need to be taught survival skills very quickly!

See also the related article on the blogsite of

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sawhat said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

If I understood correctly, the manifesto dates from 1944. That was an entire different time. As such the ANCYL should rethink its manifesto as I agree with you - this is freaky!

Interesting to read is that Nelson Mandela was a founder member. He was indeed a terrorist as he fascilitated the beginning the of the ANC's military wing, now incorporated into the SA military.

No wonder that spend 27 years in jail for high treason. But one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Yes, this is really freaky! One would think that they would have updated their manifesto to be in accordance with the latest democratic principles of ‘equality for all’ etc.…

Another scary factor, considering that this is a Youth League, is the fact that membership of the ANCYL is only open to all South Africans ABOVE THE AGE OF 18 YEARS! Now where does the youth fit in with this?

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

The farm story is another example of clueless Afrikaaners who are addicted to cheap black labour.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Anon 11:16 said:

"The farm story is another example of clueless Afrikaaners who are addicted to cheap black labour."

I'm afraid it is not that simple. Laws have been passed that give farm workers the right to live on the farm, even if they no longer work on the farm, they cannot be removed from the property.

Clearly the farmer is doing the best he can, with whatever came with the property.

He can of course refuse to have any contact with the blacks living on his property, but then they would suffer more and the farmer would probably be murdered.

gabagool said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The farm story is another example of clueless Afrikaaners who are addicted to cheap black labour.

CLUELESS. Yet, he BUILDS SOMETHING, not DESTROY something, which, we, in the white world leave to long as its not too complicated and involves actual thought.....and effort.

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