Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Kill the boer, kill the farmer!"

For how long must we still tolerate the racist outbursts, threats, and incitement to commit acts of violence, by this crazed lunatic and utter corrupt-and-rotten savage called Julius Malema? If a small group of whites had to gather at Church Square in Pretoria and start chanting, “Kill the kaffirs, kill them all!” – they would be made captives of the State in no time!

ANC Youth League president Julius Malema went on another racist tirade yesterday, calling for white people to be shot and accused them of being rapists. Malema led students at the University of Johannesburg in a song saying: “Shoot the boere, they are rapists.” View the full story here in the Sowetan Online News.

For the record...
The slogan "Kill the boer, kill the farmer" was fashioned by Peter Mokaba, who also served as ANC Youth League president. He first used the slogan at a rally in Cape Town in honour of Chris Hani in 1993. Just like his successor Malema, Mokaba is also a confidant of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the former wife of Nelson Mandela.

Mokaba died at the age of 43 of acute pneumonia and respiratory problems at his home in Sandton, Johannesburg, on 9 June 2002. At his funeral, held at Pietersburg (Now Polokwane), ANC supporters chanted “Kill the boer, kill the farmer”. A well-circulated video showing Nelson Mandela singing this song at the funeral with his communist comrades, can be viewed on youtube at this link.

Extreme Hatred

This extreme hatred towards the white minority of South Africa has been propagated for decades. In the early 1980’s the Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA) adopted the slogan “One Settler, One Bullet!” There is no doubt that this hateful slogan plus the one currently used by the ANC Youth League has contributed to the extreme violence being perpetrated against the white minority of South Africa today. When will it end?

Rotten Apples

This arrogant little fraudster called Julius Malema has dared the SA Revenue Service to arrest him for tax evasion. He also recently said: "I will never retreat. I will fight in the spirit of Peter Mokaba." It now appears that the so-called spirit of Peter Mokaba is just as rotten as he is. The whole applecart and all its rotten apples, starting from Malema who sits at the apex of a tender triangle that has Malema at one corner, and Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale at the other, is about to topple, but my guess is that Zuma will do his very best to cover up this rot. An insightful article, reported by Business Day and written by Jacob Dlamini, reveals some of the corruption. Click here to view the article.

Jacob Dlamini is author of Native Nostalgia. The book was published in 2009, and is available at Kalahari.Net or

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More Info...

All the sordid, updated news related to this uncultivated animal, named Julius Malema, has been published on Wikipedia. Click here for the permanent link.


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Nietswetend van dit onderwerp of de current situation in Suid Afrika - ik woon in The Netherlands - denk ik dat dit erg gevaarlijk is. People (black and white) zouden juist samen moeten werken en zich realiseren dat ze tegen elkaar worden opgezet door machten die dit vuile spel achter de schermen spelen! Samen voor Afrika, net als in het lied: 'Ons vir jou Suid Afrika'!

Dark Raven said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

this piece of dog crap is allowed to continue spewing his racist anti white hate speech, because it is all the ANC rabble has left to keep their unhappy toi toi-ing masses from hauling their thieving black arses into the streets and necklacing them.
They allow him to continue with the 'Blame Whitey' mantra, because they know their dumb fuck brother voters are becoming exceedingly unhappy with their non performance since 1994.
Clever would be for SA Whitey to do like the ANC founders did, and put thoughts and ideas into the void craniums of the black masses, and let those very nogs run the ANC right out of town with matches tyres and high octane petrol...the climate for that to happen has never been better!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Pres Zuma now warn political leaders to be carefull what they say… excuse me is this directly aimed at Malema who have been saying kill the boer kill the farmer… For those who do not know this song refer to all white people. If this is not political it must be criminal so for al the white people that intending to attend the world cup, be very afraid of what could happen to you. 3000 white people been murdered does not make this Goverment think it is a problem. 3000 white people killed and it is still okay to sing kill the boer kill the farmer… so now it has happend a boer and farmer has been killed, and in the townships the people are “happy” Is South Africa happy at such a tragic statistic 3000 white people killed. Our goverment is not concern that this is something to be concerned about… 3000 white people killed by black people….

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

S.Africa: 2010: Attention: President Jacob Zuma - Do you want a Race War with the Afrikaners IMMEDIATELY?
Date Posted: Sunday 04-Apr-2010
[I would like to ask everyone a special favour. Please, please, please, spread this following message around via email, website or blog or by any means you have. It is a statement I am making and I want President Jacob Zuma as well as people inside and outside South Africa to read this. If President Jacob Zuma does want a racial war against us, then let's have it now. Jan]

I think we should stop pussy-footing around over the issue of ANC race-baiting which has been going on now for months. Julius Malema, as the head of the ANC Youth League has been stirring up race hatred and inciting racial hatred against whites for months now. Now he wants to sing "Kill the Boer" songs despite court orders against this and the ANC Govt is rushing to defend this in court. Julius Malema is constantly slandering and attacking white people and inciting racial hatred towards them, in public. Then he claims that white people want to kill him - a claim which I think is also fraudulent actually.

Let me state a few simple facts:-
1) We Whites in South Africa have NOT been plotting any kind of war against the Govt.
2) We Whites have NOT been accumulating arms or ammunition.
3) We Whites have NOT been building bombs, carrying out terror operations nor engaging in assassination.
4) We Whites have NOT been engaging in any race hatred nor race hate speech nor singing songs about killing black people.
5) We Whites have NOT been carrying out any strikes nor burning nor breaking any property.

We Whites HAVE been going about our business quietly. We have been paying our taxes and been law-abiding citizens.

We have noticed that:-
1) Julius Malema, the head of the ANC Youth League has singularly, for months on end, been making the most racist statements imaginable which have been spread in the mass media.
2) Julius Malema has not been taken to task by the ANC.
3) Julius Malema has in fact been defended by the ANC who are willing to go to court so that he can sing in public rallies, the song: "Kill the Boer".
4) Julius Malema has been defended in person by President Jacob Zuma who has told us that Malema is being groomed to be a future President.
5) Julius Malema at this time is on official business, sent to Zimbabwe to speak to Robert Mugabe and to the ZANU PF Youth League. He has gone there on the instruction of our Govt. He is openly speaking and saying that in South Africa the White Farmland is to be seized using the same methods as were used in Zimbabwe in 2000.

During all this time of Julius Malema's actions, the ANC has in its official capacity supported him and so has our President Jacob Zuma. Zuma has openly defended his actions in speeches.

So here is my message to President Jacob Zuma:-
If you desire a racial war against us White people, and against the Afrikaners in particular, then let's not play games any more - just come out and say you want to go to war against us. If you have been making clandestine preparations for our genocide and for a series of moves that will lead to our genocide, then so be it.

We do not have any arms or armies, except those personal firearms which we have been licensed to use, and if you wish to have a war against us, to exterminate us completely, then we will fight with what little we have right here, right now. Just tell us when you want the war, and we will meet you wherever it is that you wish to fight us.

Julius Malema is your agent. He works for you. If you do not shut him up with IMMEDIATE EFFECT, we will regard this as a CLANDESTINE DECLARATION OF RACIAL WAR AND INTENT TO GENOCIDE AGAINST US BY YOU.

Thank you,
Jan Lamprecht.
South African Citizen.
Owner of: AfricanCrisis website.
Posted By: Jan
AfricanCrisis Webmaster

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Get out!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Julius Malema needs to shut his fat mouth. because he has no say in this what so ever. If it weren't for the boer, South Africa wouldn't be the country it is today.

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