Monday, March 29, 2010

Has Cain’s Way become the norm?

Dear readers, you’ve probably noticed that postings on this blog have not been that frequent this month. Besides the fact that this blog is a one-man-band run solely by myself – and no one else, and that keeping up with all the pulsating events going on in Africa is a rather tiresome task, the main reason for not posting new stuff here lately, is that I’ve been working on a series of articles, which I’m posting on the new sister blog called, “TIA-4-CHRIST”.

The 4-part series which I’ve named “PAINTING A PICTURE OF EVIL” concerns, among others, the exploits and escapades of a biblical character called Cain. Yes that’s correct, he is the son of satan, the chap that murdered his brother Abel, and whom God banished to the East! Part 3 has been posted and I’m currently working on Part-4 – the final chapter, which I intend posting sometime next week, God willing.

Most folks, with whom I occasionally socialize when I get the urge, think that Cain’s story is just another ancient myth, -- another old legend that has no bearing on current events. As soon as I tell these folk that it does have a bearing on current events happening right under our very noses, and that Cain was in fact a real-live historical figure, whose super-human satanic influence on humanity changed the world, I’m usually greeted with an attitude of complete apathy. I end up keeping my mouth shut, while the subject nimbly changes to the Blue Bull’s latest victory, or some other boring sports-topic.

I’m wise enough to understand that when a few people get together for a quiet braai and a few drinks, after a strenuous week, ancient evil mythical figures or mysterious biblical characters are the last things people want to talk about. Although I can comprehend why people tend to avoid negative or depressing subjects that may spoil the atmosphere of the moment, it sometimes boggles my mind how the ‘Way of Cain’ has become the norm.

What has happened to us? Have we all become insipid, brainless fools? What has made the subjects of sports, entertainment, fashion, idols and superstars, the most popular topics of discussion today? Sure enough, there’s nothing wrong with a little entertainment or sports every odd now and then, but has it occurred to anyone that we are being horribly distracted, step by step and inch by inch, every single day and at every opportunity, in EVERY sphere of our lives -- or is it just me that senses this?

I’ve reached a stage in my life where the ramblings and ravings of fools no longer interest me. I’m referring here to our Marxist government, their conniving bunch of supporters, and their influential masters sitting in high places, who have managed to bring the people of this country to their knees, without any resistance whatsoever.

Although it may sound unfair to blame our government for the moral decay of society, as ‘high morals’ is something we, especially Christians, should uphold no matter what the circumstances, it is an indisputable fact that our government and their supporters cannot wait to see the last White Christian leave this soil, --- dead or alive!

The so-called ‘violent’ protests we witnessed in Mamelodi near Pretoria and other locations across the country recently, can hardly be called a resistance force. The violence, riots, and looting, reminded me of the old ‘apartheid’ days when our brave and diligent young policemen had to subdue and control the crazed black masses, who in their turn were influenced by some other ominous force.

It suddenly dawned on me that this ominous force has been in our presense since ancient days, and as far back as the times when the ancient Sumerian civilization was thriving. This multicultural civilization, the first of its kind, arose in the fertile Tigris-Euphrates river valley and was known in biblical times as the Land of Shinar (Babylonia). The Greeks later called this place Mesopotamia. Today it is known as Southern Iraq.

The Land of Shinar (Babylonia) was the country to which Cain journeyed after he was banished from Eden, and all authority suggests that the first inhabitants of that country were black people, -- in other words, ancient people who had migrated from Africa in various stages, as confirmed by modern-day archaeogenetic evidence. There is no doubt in my mind that Cain married into this African family living in Asia, but I’m not going to discuss these aspects here. For those who are interested, you’re most welcome to surf along to my latest posting (PART 3) on the sister blog.

According to Jewish history, Cain built and founded seven cities in that region. The bible mentions the name of the first city built by him. It was called Enoch and named after his first son -- (Gen 4:17). Archaeological excavations and other evidence suggests that the ancient city in Southern Iraq called Uruk, Unuk or Erech may possibly be the biblical city called Enoch (Click here for more info).

The building of so many cities in a relatively short time could only have been achieved by a large workforce who were supervised by masters of the various building trades. In other words, a few white masters and many black slaves, --- exactly like South Africa was built in the ‘apartheid’ era! The only difference between the South African apartheid era and the Sumerian era is that Sumerians flourished for 3000 years, while ‘apartheid’ only lasted for a mere 46 years.

Although there are various reasons for the collapse of the ‘apartheid system’ and much has already been written on this subject, it is my belief that the system had to be dismantled purely for the sake of allowing Cain’s Way to flourish. I know this sounds rather blunt, but that’s the way this whole world is going, step by step and inch by inch!

What exactly is the Way of Cain?

According the Oxford English Dictionary, the phrase “Cain” means to “raise the roof”. According to the Odhams Dictionary of the English language, the term means “to create a violent disturbance”.

In my humble opinion, the ‘Way of Cain’ is in direct opposition to everything that represents decency, goodness, honesty, righteousness, and truth. The people who follow Cain’s way are easily identified by the hooligan manner they behave, the way they blatantly tell lies, and also by the way they try to conceal their identities and the true facts.

Here’s a quick example of how the true source of an evil identity is concealed:


The word cannibal is said by some to be derived from Carib, the name of the people of the Caribbean Islands. Many encyclopaedias today and even the online Wikipedia proclaim this falsehood to the world.

In reality the name was derived from the name of the man who instigated it (Cain) and the false God (Baal or Bel) invented by Cain. Cain was the first high priest of Bel, hence we get Cainbel or Cannibal. Afrikaans – kannibaal.

Shakespeare used ‘cannibal’ as a well-recognized term in his time for eaters of human flesh, and as the West Indies had only been discovered ninety to a hundred years before, and the name of 'Carib' was not known until much later, it could hardly have been corrupted into 'cannibal', nor is there the slightest evidence that such a forced and unlikely corruption ever took place.

The False God Baal and Child Sacrifice

The pagan religions practiced child sacrifice. One of the many pagan gods, Baal, was worshipped as the key to fertility and prosperity. To entice Baal to bless their land, mothers were required to present her firstborn child to the priest.

Baal was represented by a huge stone, or brass, statue carved in the image of a bull’s head and the upper body of a man. The arms were extended to receive babies and fire belched from a hollow area in the chest.

As the priests of Baal carried each baby up the stairs and laid the victim in the arms of the horned idol of Baal, the baby was consumed in the flames. This was the religion of Baal and of those who worshipped Asherah. The Ammonites who worshipped Molech and the Phoenicians who worshiped Kronos also practiced child sacrifice. These pagan religions required the parents to have their children pass through the fire as a sacrifice to their demon gods.

In South Africa more than 80,000 babies per year are offered to Baal through legalised abortion. Obviously, in most cases the mothers are not even aware that they are committing murder or that they are ‘involuntarily’ following Cain’s Way. View the article - Abortion is Murder.


Witchcraft is another practise initiated by Cain, and goes hand-in-hand with muti killings, and other traditional cultural practices which we are supposed to ‘respect’.

Then we get authors like Isak Niehaus who in his book, Witchcraft, Power And Politics: Exploring the Occult in the South African Lowveld (Anthropology, Culture and Society) informs us that witchcraft in South Africa is a “misunderstood practice”. The only reason why I’m featuring his book on this page is because Niehaus demonstrates how the ANC and other political groups used witchcraft beliefs to further their own agenda. Very interesting indeed!

King Sargon = Cain of Genesis

According to Wikipedia, a man called “Sargon” is the first individual in recorded history to create a multiethnic, centrally ruled empire.

A short but yet well documented book called “Sargon The Magnificent”, written in 1927 by Mrs Sydney Bristowe, illustrates the possibility that King Sargon of Babylon was in reality the Cain of Genesis. The author utilizes evidence from works by leading Assyriologists and from Babylonian inscriptions and drawings in support of her identification of Sargon of Akkad with the biblical individual called “Cain”.

The book "Sargon The Magnificent is available online as an E-Book, or can be purchased from

A limited preview edition (with photographs) is also available on Google Books.

I found Mrs Bristowe’s little book extremely fascinating, and would recommend it to anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of this subject. The book will also convince you that the biblical Cain and the historical figure known as ‘King Sargon’ were indeed one and the same individual.

I was also intrigued when the author confirmed my personal beliefs that the “Yellow” races owes its origin to "a very early blend" of Cain's race with a black race, and that this proposition is in accordance with Ethnological doctrines. This explains why the Chinese have always assisted Africa – (for they are brothers), and why nothing good can ever come from The East.

By saying this I am by no means implying that all Asians or all Africans are from the devil, --- for since ancient times Cain influence has journeyed to all corners of this earth and to all nations. The elite followers of his ways have long ago, in an attempt to play God, taken control of the world’s resources and finances, and are sitting in high places, busy figuring out how best to take control of our minds.

Our governments are the appointed puppets, and if they do not produce the required results in a prescribed time, they will be GIVEN the power to get real nasty. Pay your taxes and obey their stupid laws as far as possible. But whatever you do, don’t follow their wicked ways, don’t surrender your firearms, and don’t rely on their support for your spiritual growth or your survival. Be your own entrepreneur!

And lastly…

Bly blank my volk!

Click here to download a free copy of this article in Adobe PDF format.


laager said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

"The building of so many cities in a relatively short time could only have been achieved by a large workforce who were supervised by masters of the various building trades. In other words, a few white masters and many black slaves, --- exactly like South Africa was built in the ‘apartheid’ era! The only difference between the South African apartheid era and the Sumerian era is that Sumerians flourished for 3000 years, while ‘apartheid’ only lasted for a mere 46 years."

Exercise caution when you use the word "slave" in the SA context.

Certainly the Dutch had slaves at the Cape but they were bought in from West Africa and Indonesia. The Trekboere first encountered South African blacks c1780 in the East Cape. The British abolished the slave trade in 1807 and emancipated all slaves in the Empire in 1833. This was one of the grievences leading to The Great Trek. The first trek parties departed the East Cape in 1834. They headed north to avoid contact with the Xhosa

Southern African blacks were therefore never forcibly captured, sold to another party and set to work without remuneration - i.e. as slaves.

Yes, they did contribute their labour to the building of South Africa but they were paid for their work. This was low wage capitalism and not slavery. In the case of the indentured Indians in the British colony of Natal this was a slick circumvention of slavery but also low wage capitalism without the prospect of a raise. Only freedom from serfdom at the end of a 5 year contract.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks Laager for your excellent input here.

When I used the phrase “a few white masters and many black slaves…”, I was of course speaking from the “other” point of view. In other words, the mistaken worldview and also the view our government is propagating.

Dark Raven said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

A brilliant post as usual T-M, and thanks for the links to "Sargon The Magnificent"..

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hi DR, thanks for popping in.
I've noticed that the folks at Mysucks are also posting some brilliant stuff!!!

Shannon said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Oh Wow, awesome post as usual, busy downloading e-book as I type.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks Shannon,

Please spread the word...
We need as many people as possible to to see the truth!

Also, don't miss the 4-Part series on my other blog

The series is called "Painting a Picture of Evil". Part 4 - the final epsisode will be published shortly.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Response to your post regarding "Yellow" races:
The Chinese and Blacks were part of God's sixth day creation and they are separate races. Adam was created on the eighth day. He was the first farmer and white person, the first flesh man in line of the Adamic race. Abel and Cain were non-identical, fraternal, twins (having different fathers). Cain's father was Satan and the offspring in this lineage are Kenites, or sons of Cain. The Kenites run all of media and international banking, so if you want to get a glimpse of what "Cain's race" looks for them. Wake up from your slumber and repent!

djrob420 said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Amazing! You are not alone in wanting to talk about Cain and the likes after a long week and a couple drinks. Just wanted to let you know. I can talk about Cain's lineage for days. God bless. Yeshua is King!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Outstanding and extraordinary collection of nonsense. An orgy of religious ramblings, racism and right wing zealotry (they do go admirably well together). Well done. I'm putting you up for a prize on "Worst of the web".

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ Anonymous - April 15

And your point is?

Macaw said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@Anon...well, give us your views on this subject then (if you have any), or did you forget to take your medication...?

There are items in the article that I might not be certain about, but then I do research. What have you done?

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

All races were created on the 6th day, Eth Haw Awdam (The Man) was created on the 8th day. Cain and Abel were paternal twins, Cain of Lucifer, Abel from Adam. YAHOVAH said to Noah to take 7 of all clean things (this includes the races) and 2 of unclean things. Noah cursed Ham for having intercourse with his mother (that is what "seen his fathers nakedness" means)not YAHOVAH. And I doubt that Ham married a Negress.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Cain understood the methods of farming, but because the ground would not yield produce of any kind to him, he needed people to work the ground. He acheived this by teaching the black heads, techniques of irrigation, which would supply them with an unlimited amount of food, once he had their confidence he introduced gods & goddess into their culture by establishing the priest hood of his own progenity who preached Idolitary, slavery, human sacrifice and cannibalism.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Cain did not first travel to the land of Sumer, but East to the Land of Nod, the country of Mongolia, where he took on a wife, ever wonder why the Chinese have the DRAGON as head of their Zodiac?. I believe these people were created on the fifth day, Genesis chp 1 verse 21 has the first mention of the word soul, in the Hebrew "Nephesh".In Chinese history, they to speak of a Noah, a fair and just man, they also tell a story of a flood down the Yanze and the Hang-ho river that desimated fertile land, destroyed cities and killed an untold number of people at the same time of the flood of Noah, which I believe Cain and his progenity then left for the the Land of Sumer. When Cain made known to the Father of his punishment of that which he received, he made it known that if others were to find him they would kill him. Cain knew of other people, but did not know of the people of Sumer at that time.

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