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South Africa – A Drug Dealer’s Paradise!


In a previous posting on this blog -- (Why the big drug dealers never get caught), I placed emphasis on the fact that drug-smuggling is a massive global network, with tentacles reaching into the very core of government, and concluded that it was for this reason that the worldwide war on drugs will NEVER end.

In this posting I will briefly be covering two infamous drug-related cases that have been making headlines in the South African press, --- just to jog your memory, and also to illustrate our government’s apparent lack of enthusiasm when dealing with the drug epidemic in this country.

The Jackie Selebi case – Former Police Commissioner and President of Interpol

Way back in April 2006 Jackie Selebi, who then held the esteemed positions as National Police Commissioner and also President of Interpol, was implicated in a drug-smuggling scandal and allegations of corruption. The same team involved in his prosecution are also handling the case against Glenn Agliotti, who is alleged to have strong links with organised drug-related crime and racketeering. Agliotti, who happens to be a close friend of Selebi, was arrested on 16 November 2006 in connection with the murder of Brett Kebble, a South African mining magnate, who in turn had close links to factions in the African National Congress (ANC), --- the corrupt and pathetic bunch of Marxist criminals who are tasked with the responsibility of ruling our country.

Kebble was shot dead in 2005 by unknown assailants, but on 27 October 2008, The National Prosecuting Authority officially recognised that Kebble orchestrated his own murder (In other words, an assisted suicide). Hardly 2 weeks later, Brett Kebble’s father reached a R15-million out-of-court settlement with John Stratton, one of the men accused of killing his son. Stratton, is yet to be extradited from Australia to face the charge. According to Agliotti, Kebble had planned his own ‘murder’ with his former security head Clinton Nassif.

In the meantime, while these cases drag on endlessly, giving our media much to write and debate about, our former National Police Commissioner – Selebi, is still a free man. The ANC government paid the man over one million rand to sit comfortably at home, PLUS according to this source, the ANC government has paid more than R7-million in legal fees towards Jackie Selebi’s defence. Mafia style criminals – the whole bunch of them, I tell you!

The Sheryl Cwele case – wife of South Africa’s Minister of Intelligence

In my previous posting, I briefly touched on the matter concerning Siyabonga Cwele, South Africa’s Minister of Intelligence, whose wife (Sheryl Cwele) was implicated in an international drug trafficking scandal in June 2008, when a 31-year old mother (Tessa Beetge, a mother of two young daughters), was arrested and imprisoned in Brazil, after being caught with 9kg of cocaine worth R3-million in her suitcase. Tessa Beetge was sentenced to eight years imprisonment, but more than a year after her arrest, Cwele and another accomplice, a Nigerian druglord by the name of Frank Nabolis, had still not been arrested.

Nabolis was finally taken into custody in December 2009. Sheryl Cwele’s arrest followed near the end of January 2010, but hardly a week later (5 February 2010) she was released on bail by the Pietermaritzburg High Court in the sum of R100,000.

IF CONVICTED, Sheryl Cwele faces a minimum sentence of 15 years behind bars. While the state had earlier indicated it would be ready for trial in October this year the chances are, if Selebi and Kebble are anything to go by, that this case may also drag on endlessly for years!

Accomplices to Murder

As far as I’m concerned every individual involved in the dirty business of illegal drug-trafficking are accomplices to murder. Whether they were dealing, or conspiring to deal in drugs, or procuring people to transport the stuff, --- everyone involved in this racket knows that they are dealing in an illegal substance that can lead to death, --- and in most cases it is our innocent kids who suffer the consequences. Our newspapers are full of stories of young children and families whose lives have been ruined by these drug-dealers. It’s an epidemic of gigantic proportions and also one of the main reasons why South Africa’s crime rate is so high.

A Heartless and Uncaring Society?

South African’s are truly a strange mixture of diverse people. Some will gladly welcome foreigners into the country with open arms, while others will react with xenophobic violence. The White minority are usually the ones who freely give their money and time away for charity. Some do it because they can afford it, while others genuinely believe that black beggars may be angels sent from God to test their faith. These people will give away their last penny if they have to! The majority black folk still feel that the world owes them something, so why then should they freely give? In the end, when you add everything up, the figures will show that South Africa is a heartless and uncaring society.

Helen Zille, the leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), has repeatedly advised the ANC government that the crime rate in this country will drop drastically if they can sort out the drug problem. She has repeatedly urged the government to bring back the specialised crime fighting units we used to have in this country, --- but nobody in the parlement is listening to her. It is also obvious that the DA has no major support from the public regarding this issue. This is another reflection of how heartless and uncaring our society has become. It’s a real pathetic state of affairs!

Creating a false impression in our minds…

News reports in our media regarding the odd drug-related arrests are a mere drop in the ocean. These few reports create the false impression in the minds of the public that our government is trying. Some even believe the lie that we are actually winning the war against drugs. The truth is that we are NOT winning the war on drugs and our authorities are NOT TRYING HARD ENOUGH to exterminate this evil! In fact there exists no such thing as excelling in your job, or going that extra mile, -- not in any government department in this entire country!

Africa – A frustrating place for the White Christian!

Large consignment of heroin, cocaine, and other illegal drugs, are still pouring into the country at an uncontrollable rate. Foreigners, --- mainly Tanzanian and Nigerian drug-dealers, who are living comfortably off the fat of the land, are becoming more and more ruthless, and are now even targeting children as young as 8 years old.

These drug-dealers do not target Black communities when they sell the hard lethal stuff such as heroin or cocaine. No, for obvious reasons they target the White affluent, largely Christian communities! However it is these same White affluent communities that are now becoming more dangerous than the so-called Black townships. The drug lords have infiltrated the Boer-lagers so to speak and are turning White kids from Christian households into criminals. These kids will do anything to get their next fix! Then, --- when you visit your local police station to report a crime, who do you find sitting behind the counter? A Black officer who bluntly refuses to speak Afrikaans, and who can hardly speak a word of English. Africa is truly a frustrating place!

Private drug-rehabs are popping up everywhere in the country, but yet it is near impossible to find one that isn’t fully booked. Our prisons are also full of young adults, awaiting trial and/or convicted for offences related to armed robbery, car-hijackings, theft, shoplifting, you name it, --- all crimes related to the problem of drug addiction.

The age-old issue of corruption, which has become a fundamental ingredient of the African way of life, remains a factor that will always hinder any honest efforts to combat the drug plague. I’d rather not comment here on the number of corrupt police officials in high ranks, who are on the payroll of drug-dealers, but I can assure readers that my sources are reliable. Besides, I’ve also learned quite a lot about the drug-scene by working closely with young victims of drug-addiction, and also a fundraising organization dealing directly with these issues (See the web site -- ADOPT A DRUG ADDICT, and also the other related posts on this blog).

The overall impression I’m getting is that our ANC government is working towards a sinister agenda, designed to destroy minority groups in this country. They want this entire beautiful country all for themselves!

Their ineptitude in dealing with the drug epidemic is but one small cog in the works, but this issue on its own is sufficient reason to pack up and leave for safer and greener pastures, --- for the sake of your family and your children!

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