Monday, February 22, 2010

The simmering ‘ANC Classic’ Pot

Not a day goes by without me having to remind myself that This Is Africa, a land where descriptive keywords such as immoral, dishonest, corrupt, malicious, and wickedly disgraceful, are hardly sufficient to describe the true nature of the elite (heathen) rulers of this land.

How is it possible that our ANC government can spend R5.3-million PER DAY, on travel, restaurant expenses and accommodation, while the vast majority of citizens in this country are living in shameful poverty, and crime-ridden fear? (See the latest news further down in this posting).

The video below reveals how black people in the townships are still hoping for a better tomorrow, --- 20 years after their black god and hero, Mandela, was released from prison! With the country already on its knees (in more ways than one) and with the speed things are deteriorating since Jacob Zuma and his gang of thugs have taken over the reigns, it will not surprise me in the least that unknown billions are being pumped into this country to immobilize a brooding upcoming revolution, --- a revolution, which if not kept in check, will make past revolutions look like a picnic in the park.

Maybe this is the real reason why FIFA is holding their 2010 Soccer World Cup on this soil, and why the government is doing their utmost to convince gun owners to surrender their firearms.

An excellent article concerning the Soccer World Cup and its ‘Parallels of Nazism with the ANC’ can be viewed here on the blog of Sarah Maid of Albion.

In mid-August 2010 when all the excitement and drama of the Soccer World Cup vanishes like mist over the ocean, --- all the state-of-the-art crime-fighting equipment procured by the government to combat possible terrorist attacks, unruly crowds, and crime, before and during the event, will remain in the country in the hands of our Security Forces – and no one else!

This equipment includes, among others, state-of-the-art information and communication military technology, as well as R665-millions worth of special equipment, for crowd-control and high-tech monitoring equipment. Source:

Now do you for one moment think that all this equipment is going to be utilized to its maximum to eradicate crime in the country, after all the soccer fans have gone home? No, never, --- for the simple reason that Safety and Security is BIG business in this country, and it’s no secret that the ANC-elite has a big finger in the pie. Their strategy is to leave the pot of chaos simmering and to remove the heat just before boiling point. The evidence of a simmering revolution have been scattered in the pages of various media reports for months now, but some people do not recognize it as such.

For now, everything seems honky-dory as citizens are kept in check with rubber bullets and teargas, fired at university students and angry residents, --- but there’s one simple truth we must never loose sight of, and that is the minor difference between hot water and boiling water.

At 99 degrees Celsius water is hot. At 100 degrees it boils and turns to steam. There’s only one degree difference!

And now for the latest news…

The ANC government has spent R158-million a month, or R5.3-million per day, on travel, restaurant expenses and accommodation, the Democratic Alliance said on their website.

Last year the Democratic Alliance set out in some detail the amount of money an ANC executive was spending on luxury cars. They also detailed the huge amounts being wasted on conferences and advertising.

Across the board it appears that, wherever there is room for indulgence, it has been excessive and unnecessary, the DA said.

The DA revealed that the problem extends to the amount government is spending on travel, restaurant expenses and accommodation. The DA asked a generic question to each national department and, of the 19 departments to have responded to date, between March 2008 and September 2009, a total cost of R1.7-billion has been incurred.

The 19 departments represent roughly half of the national government. The DA estimates that the full cost, between all departments, runs in excess of R3-billion. This means that the ANC administration is spending about R158-million every month, or R5.3 million-per day, on travel, restaurant expenses and accommodation, the DA concluded.

The five departments that have been identified as the biggest food spenders were:
  • International Relations: R426-million
  • Justice and Constitutional Development: R292-million
  • Labour: R159-million
  • Public Works: R134-million
  • Rural Development and Land Reform: R134-million

The DA also found that the Department of Finance was making extensive use of first class travel and could have saved a significant amount of money had it used economy class.


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