Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Race War on Facebook

I discovered this disturbing news on the superb blog managed by Adriana Stuijt, at Adriana has invited people to freely copy anything on her blog, --- so without any further ado, here are the first few paragraphs of this distressing story:

By Adriana Stuijt

Members of my Facebook site recently alerted me to a number of ‘Africanist’ websites in volatile South Africa where radical islamists are very actively inciting black South African members to ‘kill all the whites’ there. This incitement to kill all Europeans is often targetted towards the increasingly besieged Afrikaans-speaking minority -- but has also been targetting all the Western football fans planning to travel to the World Cup 2010 tournaments in South Africa in June.

This is no idle threat: a very real threat of terrorism against the WC2010 exists, according to a top expert’s warning from the SA Institute for Race Relations. Their report specifically raised the alarm about the active presence of such Islamist-Radical cells inside South Africa – and which are ‘very likely’ planning attacks against the WC2010 tournament venues. The report points out that this will be ‘the largest single gathering of Westerners outside the USA and Europeand as such represents a very attractive target for El Qaida’. The report has however been practically ignored by the SA mainstream news media and also not widely reported outside the country: Read it:

Pakama Ngceni started the antiwhite Blackwash Facebook site. These radical websites – including the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania, the Azanian People’s Liberation Army and another site with the ominous name of Blackwash. The latter site was co-founded by (a former Reuters news agency intern) journalist Ms Pakama Ngceni and a fellow-student Mr Ncebakazi Manzi two years ago. Miss Ngceni did a brief stint at the international news agency in Johannesburg in 2009 but now has no further links with them. (Ms Ngceni replied to our request for comment by writing that …”(you are) not entitled to my comment on what you term to be a strange anomaly in my journalistic abilities.”)

Together all these groups have launched a hate-mongering campaign on the South African Facebook pages – with people with Arabic-sounding names and pictures actively encouraging the black members to start a race war against one of the most visible and defenceless minorities in South Africa.

Radical Islamists incite blacks to kill whites:

Yuhani-Yunus Hossayn claims he is from Uap in Northern Cape radical islamist postings on PAC. The most worrying aspect of all this growing hate-speech campaign is the very active participation of clearly radical Islamists – with names such as Ahmed El Saud; Abdul-Aziz Hossayn; and Juhani Hossayn -- with the latter claiming that he hails from Uap in the Northern Cape in a posting on the Pan Africanist of Azania Facebook page.

This campaign to kill all whites is well beyond just a mindless threat from a few angry young blacks: more than 3,140 white farmers have already been murdered on South African farms since 1987 – often after hours of mutilation and torture - and primarily by young black male gangs whose members frequently are armed with illegal AK-47s. Yet despite numerous complaints to facebook management the site was still active on February 25.

Meanwhile the number of armed attacks against whites – primarily Afrikaans-speakers from all accounts -- inside their own homes and also in public places is growing rapidly: Slaughter of whites continues and Hatespeech against SA whites is often deadly.

Click here to view the rest of this story on the pages of Censor Bugbear (Uncensored South African News). The relevant Facebook Pages (Print Screen Copies) and their postings have also been reproduced on her blog.

Adriana Stuijt is a retired South African medical journalist. She formerly worked as a journalist for several prominent South African newspapers such as the Sunday Times, Rand Daily Mail and the Cape Argus newspapers. She is currently living in Rotterdam, Netherlands.


It may be a good idea to report this group and/or any of their threats, as this will provide Facebook with some idea of the magnitude of the problem. This can be safely done without placing your identity at risk.

If you’re a Facebook user, my advice is to NOT get involved in any of the discussions on these groups, but to rather ignore their threats and racist hate-speech. It’s a known fact that Facebook is being used as a tool by law enforcement agencies and other government agencies who monitor activists and potential terrorists. Let these extremists ramble on with their threats, --- and give away all their little secrets!

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Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

what's happening to the whites in south africa today, will happen to all whites around the world in the future. In 40years, whites will be chased into the mountains and be living like the teleban today.

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Many whites living here, especially the youth, are already being transformed into half-savages. They have no guidance, no morals, no respect, no future, and no identity. They worship false gods together with their black ‘adopted’ brothers. There are very few with a little savvy upstairs, mainly the Afrikaners, who earn an honest living here while still upholding high Christian values within the family circle. If only this country had more of them!

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