Saturday, January 2, 2010

Strength and wisdom of Julius Malema

I simply could not resist sharing this…
I was visiting a friend yesterday, who worked for a government department in Pretoria, when a New Year’s message popped up on his cellphone. The message stunned us all. It is difficult to deduce whether the message was a prank, or not.

The message came from one his black superiors (his direct boss) and read…..

“In the name of the ANC led cde (comrade?) Jacob Gedleyehleka Mhlanganyelwa Zuma, we wish you a prosperous 2010. I hope God will give u strength, wisdom and vibracy (sic) of Julius Malema in 2010?”

How does one respond to this type of message, when you’ve been fighting for a promotion during the past five years, and when you’re in constant risk of losing your job simply because your skin colour happens to be white? The sender of the above message is known to be a rather serious character, who in the past has openly proclaimed Racist, Marxist, and anti-Christian views in the workplace. Is this an indication of what lies ahead for South Africa in 2010, --- or was this just a foolish prank?

In the current political climate it is best not to respond to messages of this sort, almost as if you had not received it at all. Save it for future reference, but do not respond! Deliberate traps of this sort are going to intensify from now on as these Marxist bastards get more and more arrogant by the day.

Although I know who the name of the sender was, I have refrained from mentioning any names for purposes of protecting innocent people involved.

Please let me know if there are any other South Africans out there who have perhaps received similar messages!


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When you send an sms wishing somebody a Happy New Year, you do not politicize it, and nor do you go to the trouble of spelling Jacob Zuma’s full name out like that. It is obvious this message was intended to provoke the recipient.

A simple “Happy New Year!” would have been sufficient to get the message across. The black ‘elite’ have already succeeded in claiming top government posts for their own kind, and now they are victimizing white subordinates in the workplace. It’s happening all the time and in every large corporation. The writing is on the wall! They will not stop with their conceited, and offensive attitude towards hardworking whites in this country, until there are no more whites left to keep picking up and repairing the damaged pieces. The country has already gone to the dogs, but when there is no Whiteman around anymore to put the wheels back on, the country will finally go down the drain like Zimbabwe did.

Idiots like Julius Malema should be criminally charged for instigating hatred. If Zuma can only, just once, slap this apes ears a little and reprimand him openly in public then maybe there’ll be a glimmer of hope left for this beautiful country and its people, but it appears this is not the case. The future does not like bright. God help us!

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