Sunday, January 10, 2010

Predictions for 2010

Making sensible and accurate predictions about Africa’s future, is no easy task. One would presume that as you get older, wiser, and more observant about what is going on around you, the words should simply flow naturally, but they don’t!

This article should have been published near the end of December 2009 already, but I must confess that all the stress and drama of 2009 has sedated my thoughts, because I’m really battling to think straight. The more I rattle my brain trying to figure out what peace and prosperity awaits White guys like me in this beautiful assorted rainbow nation, the more negative I become. This is not good, --- not at my age, and talking to a shrink is not going to help either, so please don’t even suggest I do such a thing! I can already see the psychologist sinking into a pit of depression about halfway through my first session!

As stated in my previous predictions for 2009, the outlook all depends on what side of the fence you happen to be looking from. Are you looking into the future from behind the security walls of your tranquil luxury estate, with the confidence that if you lose your job, the monthly interest earned on the savings in your bank account should be more than sufficient to keep you going for at least 6 months, --- or are you pondering the prospect of survival from your ravaged farm and empty wallet, wondering whether it is safe or not, to visit the family burial site to put flowers on the graves of your loved ones who were so senselessly slaughtered by savages.

Although the few predictions I made for 2009 were reasonably accurate, this does not mean that my future forecasts can be relied upon. I am not Siener van Rensburg!

Now with all the warnings and disclaimers in place, allow me to continue…

FIFA World Cup 2010 – An unrealistic soar in prices!

With the FIFA World Cup dominating the scene during 2010 here in Southern Africa, certain forecasts are relatively easy to predict. The year 2009 has already shown a gradual upward trend in the price of basic foodstuffs and luxury commodities such as cigarettes and alcoholic drinks. It is thus safe to predict that this trend will continue to a point where the average citizen will be forced to scrap even more items from their grocery lists. If you do not belong to the upper-class high-income bracket, then you can forget about a night out with your drinking buddies, --- unless you live in some remote town where soccer balls are banned and where the bar-owner is your brother.

There is also no doubt that the government will unveil a budget plan this year that promises serious pain for the average hardworking taxpayer. Someone has to pay back the millions that government officials have squandered and stolen, and that someone --- is YOU!

Hotel fees and prices for rental accommodation have already shot through the roof, and it’s hard to believe that people have resorted to daylight robbery by asking anything between R3000 to R5000 per day for a three-bedroom house, -- a house that is not even situated in a Security Estate! Hopefully this madness will be momentary, and things will return back to normality after the FIFA World Cup.

High-demand services such as plumbers, electricians, transport industries, etc… are going to be charging ridiculously high fees during this FIFA event, and the question remains, --- will they be charging these same high fees for the average citizen who are living outside the perimeters of FIFA’s restricted areas?

An attractive opportunity for criminals…

While the FIFA World Cup will be seen as an attractive opportunity for law-abiding South Africans to commit ‘legal’ daylight robbery, local criminals as well as foreigners attending one or more of the events, will push our crime-stats to all-time new heights. Robbery and common theft will occur on a mass scale, as never before witnessed in the history of this country, --- and it will only be the really stupid ones that get caught. You can guess who they will be! Our Judicial System and Prison Services are going to be tested to the limits!

Everyone, except the criminals (‘cause they don’t care a damn) will be constantly reminded that crime does not pay, and that armed criminals will be shot. Drug-dealers who so shamelessly make a killing by murdering our children will once again prove that crime does pay. For every illegal drug-lab or syndicate the police will smash during 2010, five more will pop up. Although this subject qualifies for a separate posting, I’m briefly mentioning it here, because this evil trade is going to flourish in the year 2010 and beyond, --- mark my words!

The year 2010 will also see a couple of 100 or more drug-rehabs springing up like mushrooms in all the major centres of the country. Whether they will be jumping on the bandwagon to make money, or whether they will be dedicated to the rehabilitation and/or protection of a child’s best interest, is a matter that remains to be seen. (At present there is not one single rehab in the country that can help our heroin-addicted kids. The majority of these children die a slow and lonely death on the streets. Some will be lucky if they reach the age of 30.)

FIFA World Cup and potential areas of risk for companies:

1. Access control: The prime concern for organisations in close proximity to stadia, fan parks, public viewing areas and base camps will be access, or lack of it.

2. Transport mayhem: When considering the transport requirement of tens or hundreds of thousands of people, combined with the state of our transport systems, we can expect tremendous pressure on all routes.

3. Staff shortages and productivity: Will staff be able to get to work? Will they want to get to work? And if they are at work, what percentage of the time will they be spending focused on their jobs?

4. Outages: All 2010 stadia will have built-in back-up generators, in line with FIFA’s requirements. Yet, keeping in mind that the World Cup takes place over winter, one cannot exclude the possibility of there being serious power and other utility outages.

5. Pandemics: The idea of a pandemic may be a little stale to those living in a modern city, but simply look at the world’s current pandemic status in terms of Swine Flu. With the influx of people from around the world in 2010, a pandemic cannot be discounted.

Click here for the full report on 2010 business risks.

News and Info in the Media

Our local media will do an excellent job of entertaining us with all the ‘insider’ info, gossip and scandals of soccer players and other celebrities (as they have always done in the past), but there will also be subtle, yet forceful, reminders that crime and terrorism is under control, and that even law-abiding citizens better watch their step, --- because no-one can be trusted. In fact CONTROL, in the form of ‘high-tech’ Law-Enforcement as well as physical body searches, is going to be the dominant theme in 2010 … and beyond. This approach will be an attempt to place South Africa in step with the worldwide, Western trend, but officials are in for a surprise when they realize that This Is Africa, and that Africa simply cannot be treated in a Western fashion.

Controlling the masses will be a real challenge for the authorities in 2010, even long after the FIFA World Cup. The system has basically created too large a flock of dumb lawless sheep, who need to be kept in check, using force if necessary. This brings us to the next problem….

Illegal Immigrants

In South Africa they forgot to close the gates and neglected to secure the boundary fences, so millions of foreign sheep sneaked in looking for greener pastures. The number of illegal immigrants are unknown, but it is estimated to be more than 6 million. See my previous posting in this regard: Illegal Immigrants - is anyone counting.

I foresee that our ANC government is not going to do much about this little problem in 2010. Besides the fact that the damage has already been done, there is not one single cabinet minister with sufficient intellect to come up with a feasible solution for this mess. The possibility that we will be seeing sporadic waves of xenophobic violence during 2010, is highly probable. The solution is quite simple: We can go back to the old Apartheid pass-law system and issue the Metro cops with the authority to harass everyone for their ID-documents. They are already doing it in the predominant White suburbs all the time, asking every WT they stop at a roadblock for a drivers license. All they need to do is extend these operations to the city slums and Black townships, but then again these areas are far too dangerous for the cops. Maybe they should get the army to do this job! No, that wont work either; because the army will demand danger pay. Okay, maybe I should just shut up. Sorry, I forgot, --- This Is Africa!

Shall we dare go behind the scenes?

As stated before in this article, CONTROL is going to be a dominant theme in 2010, but I’m not sure how many people actually realize that all this control is NOT going to make this world a safer place. In fact, no amount of control or new regulations, are going to stop the savage in our society from committing evil deeds. Nor does our ANC government really care, because they work for the Synagogue of Satan, --- hence the reason why, if your eyes are wide open, you’ll find that every move they make will irritate the hell out of you, --- and I’m not talking about Zuma’s wedding dances here!

RICA – Raving Incurable Criminal Act

One of the government’s key crime prevention initiatives towards making South Africa a safer place to live and work, is this RICA nonsense. RICA or the Regulation of Interception of Communication Act is a new law that has been passed by the South African government that makes it compulsory for everyone to register all new and existing cellphone numbers. This new law came into effect on 1 July 2009. Existing subscribers will have 18 months from implementation date to register both their prepaid and contract SIM cards. SIM cards of subscribers that fail to comply with RICA within the specified time period will be DEACTIVATED. The full text of the law is available on the South African Government Information site.

Now this is GOVERNMENT CONTROL ON A GRAND SCALE, because just about EVERYONE, including kids, carry a cellphone wherever they go. Almost all the people I know will be totally devastated if they do not have a cellphone number, so obviously these people will do their law-abiding duty and comply with the requirements of the act.

The criminals in our society are already one step ahead of this new law.
They will definitely not be supplying their full names, ID numbers, phone numbers, nor proof of residential or employment address. Obviously 1000’s of criminals, who depend on cell phones to run their business, will provide fraudulent documents when they register, and by the time the authorities have figured this out, it will be too late.

Now that I’m thinking straight again, and the words are flowing, I realize that there is so much more to write about, --- but it’s time to end this posting, before it gets too long.

May God Bless Africa - Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika

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