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Our Dishonest, Misleading Media

The main-stream-media (MSM) in South Africa are trying very hard to create the impression that the crime situation in this country is under control, while the true state of affairs is exactly the opposite. The situation is beyond chaotic, --- it’s a bloody war zone!

A picture says a thousand words, and the image portrayed in the photograph on the front page of today’s Pretoria News clearly shows that our cops, armed to the teeth wearing bullet-proof jackets, look more like combat-soldiers patrolling the streets of a war-torn country.

There is so much crime going on here i
n my hometown (Pretoria) that the local media here can hardly keep up. Although it’s understandable that not every incident can be covered by our crime-reporters, it is unacceptable, --- and near criminal to portray the misleading image that the country is safe.

Unreported Crime - Pretoria

At a medium-sized shopping centre around the corner from where I live, in a relatively ‘upmarket’ area of Pretoria-East in the ‘tranquil’ suburb of Elardus Park, there have been several incidents of horrific crime during the December holidays. The local post office, the bottle store, and a jewellery shop have all been attacked and robbed by large criminal (Nigerian) gangs.

The post office and the jewellery shop were robbed on two occasions in the same week. Not one of these incidents were reported in t
he local press. In the latest incident at the jewellery shop, which occurred the day before Christmas, the shop owner shot and killed one of the thugs in self-defence. This incident was also never mentioned in the local media, despite the fact that it was reported to them by several business owners in the centre.

I also learned from a reliable source, a policeman and close friend with whom I’m personally acquainted with, that more than 200 laptop computers were stolen during the festive season in MORE THAN 200 SEPARATE INCIDENTS in various ‘upmarket’ suburbs of Pretoria.

Unreported Drug Bust and Police Corruption

The same source reported that a drug-bust took place at a block of flats in the city centre in Paul Kruger street on Monday morning, 28 December, after police received information that a large consignment of heroin and other illegal drugs had been delivered to Tanzanian drug-dealers operating in the area.

NOW LISTEN TO THIS…. The senior commanders of these cops REFUSED to supply vehicles and other equipment for the raid. The raiding squad, which consisted of four policemen and one lady reservist (volunteer) had to walk by foot to the drug-nest they intended to raid. These dedicated cops are fully aware that members in their own ranks are on the payroll of the Tanzanian and Nigerian drug dealers. The Tanzanians control the south zone of the city while the Nigerians control the centre and northern regions.

The only reason why the raid was a huge success, was because these cops deliberately spread misinformation that the raid was going to take place on Wednesday. The pounced earlier than expected and confiscated vast amounts of heroin and dagga (marijuana). At the time of writing this article, the street value has not been determined yet, but it is estimated to be near R500,0

Among other stuff confiscated, the police also found original charge-sheets, which were stolen from police dockets at court. These charge-sheets contained the names of drug-dealers they had previously arrested and who were released,
back on the streets, under dubious circumstances.

An unrealistic false impression…

The forthcoming 2010 Soccer World Cup is the obvious reas
on why this false impression of peace and safety is being portrayed, but let’s be rational here: The ‘Law of Probability’ will clearly reveal that 1000’s of soccer fans attending this event will be going home feeling rather disheartened, vowing to never-ever return to this God-forsaken place. Although I almost feel at fault for saying this, I also feel it’s my duty to warn the unwary public that an undetermined number of soccer fans will be returning home DEAD in body bags. I really feel terrible for saying this, but this is unfortunately going to happen, --- mark my words!

Terrorist Threat?

Another disturbing fact that simply cannot be ignored is the likelihood that ‘al-Qaeda’ terrorists may decide to strike at US citizens or US installations during the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The motivational factor behind a suicide bomber’s brain is sex, and if you understand how this works, you will also understand the hazards involved. These young randy ‘terrorist virgins’, -- their veins pumping with testosterone hormones, have been brainwashed from an early age to believe that if they die for the Islam Ideology, he will be greeted in Paradise by hordes of beautiful sexy virgins, --- a fitting reward offered by Allah for the services rendered. Promises of fantastic limitless sex with 72 virgins is what drives these fanatics to blow themselves up. (For more info, view my latest article: 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup and the Terrorist Threat).

Obviously, the ‘Law of Probability’ will also conclude that 1000’s of soccer fans will enjoy the superb hospitality of South Africans and our fine mild-winter weather during their stay in the country. 1000’s will return home thinking that we South Africans are complaining about nothing and that our horrific crime has been over-exaggerated by lunatic bloggers.


Note how the use of fancy terms, such as, ‘high-visibility presence’, ‘crime intelligence capabilities’, ‘integrated crime fighting strategy’, --- and so on, are used to baffle us with bullshit!

Take note also, --- the contradiction in the report:

National police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Vish Naidoo said while they could not divulge how many crimes had taken place at shopping malls, it was clear their crime fighting strategy had been effective.

This report is in direct contradiction to the Daily Sun, an African tabloid aimed at the black working class, whose headlines this week, as displayed on the street-poles in the neighbourhood, read: “WHAT A BLOODY XMAS!” This newspaper, which boasts an average daily readership of 2.29-
Million, does not have an online presence yet, so unfortunately I cannot refer readers to any online sources. For future reference, see www.dailysun.co.za (Under Construction)

The Misleading Pretoria News Report…

High police visibility, co-ordinated campaigns between private security companies and intelligence-driven operations at shopping malls have led to one of the country's safest festive seasons in recent years.

With the festive season nearly halfway through, police and secur
ity organisations are beginning to breathe a collective sigh of relief as criminals continue to be kept at bay, especially from normally vulnerable areas such as shopping centres.

This was the message from police, criminologists, shopping malls and consumer goods organisations on Monday as authorities geared up for the New Year weekend celebrations.

"It is clear that the police have got it right this time," said Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA) crime prevention programme head Michael Broughton.

Broughton described the low number of attacks not only on malls, but also on cash-in-transit vans and ATMs, as a blessing.

"The planning that we have done with the police early in the year is paying
off. We are seeing the results of a well orchestrated crime-fighting strategy which is yielding results way beyond what we expected. What the police have done through their iron fist and deadly force security approaches has worked wonders in ensuring our malls are safe," he said.

Broughton said the approaches had seen police flooding shopping centres and surrounding areas creating a high-visibility presence on the ground and in the skies in the form of roadblocks and foot and air patrols.

Broughton said while they did not have the exact tally of the number of attacks at shopping centres across the country, it was clear so far from the low
number of reports of attacks which the council had received that the police's festive season crime fighting strategy had worked.

Unisa criminologist Professor Anthony Minnaar said the develop
ment of specific crime fighting strategies between the police and organisations such as the CGCSA had led to a safe festive season.

"Other major contributions to a safe Christmas include the beefing up o
f police's crime intelligence capabilities and the deployment of the tactical response teams in the country's major cities.

"All of this forms part of the police's integrated crime fighting strategy which will hopefully be used not only during the festive season but all year
round," he said, adding that the most successful part of the strategy had been the high police visibility in malls, suburbs and on the country's roads, which proved to be a major deterrent to criminals.

National police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Vish Naidoo said while they could not divulge how many crimes had taken place at shopping malls, it was clear their crime fighting strategy had been effective.

"The joint co-operation between police, private security companies, mall security and banking associations, as well as the deployment of the
tactical response teams have dealt a major blow to criminals intent on targeting shopping malls.

"Added to this is the maximum deployment of our forces on the ground to create a high level of visibility," he said, adding that leave had been reduced
to a bare minimum to ensure enough police officers were on the ground.

Naidoo said: "Not only have we been successful through our special interventions in combating shopping centre robberies, but also cash-in-transit heists, ATM bombings, hijackings and house robberies, which shows our strategies are effective in dealing with all types of crimes."

Source: www.iol.co.za


William Dicks said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Hi there,

I have been checking in on your blog every now and again. I am also from Elarduspark, close to Cornwall View. It is amazing how the media can twist the news by what they say AND don't say. Keep it up!

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

@ William Dicks

Thanks for visiting!

I like the Christian flavour of your blog as well and will bookmark it for future reference.

Maybe all the journalists took leave over December.... Anythings possible now-a-days!

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