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2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup and the Terrorist Threat

I am always amazed to see the amount of rubbish and outright lies published online concerning ‘Osama bin Laden’ and his ‘al-Qaeda’ terrorist organization. There’s no doubt that the Americans themselves (combined with the fact that any idiot can publish whatever they want on the Internet), is largely to blame for this mess. I suppose the failure to capture this mastermind-terrorist since the 11 Sept 2001 (9/11) tragedy, has obviously played its part in stirring the conspiracy pot.

A lot of stuff one reads online is extremely dubious, and one cannot help but wonder what some of these people were smoking. The website, whatreally for example, is but one of 1000’s that believe that there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called al-Qaida, and that it is all a huge conspiracy. They furthermore state, "Ana raicha Al Qaeda" is colloquial for "I'm going to the toilet". This name comes from the Arabic verb "Qa'ada" which mean "to sit", pertinently, on the "Toilet Bowl ……. So, if you were forming a terrorist group, would you call yourself, The Toilet?”

YouTube is also swamped with ‘Sept 11’ conspiracies and so-called evidence that al-Qaeda does not exist. And to think there are people out there who believe this nonsense!

There are also numerous unsubstantiated rumours floating around that Osama bin Laden is dead. The fact is, --- as pointed out by Peter L. Bergen in his book Holy War INC. – When you go looking for Osama bin Laden you don’t find him, he finds you. For all we know, he could be living in Cape Town somewhere!


Al-Qaeda is an Arabic term meaning ‘The Base’. It’s a name imposed by Western officials and media sources, and not by Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden founded al-Qaeda in 1989, but only realized later, after 11 September 2001, that it was a term the Americans had given it. The name was first brought to the attention of the public in the 2001 New York trial, when four of bin Laden’s associates were accused of the 1998 United States embassy bombings in East Africa.

Many articles promoting conspiracy stories will claim that Osama bin Laden has never mentioned "al-Qaeda" publicly, thus implying that it must be a conspiracy, or that it therefore, does not exist. See how easy it is to twist the truth!

There’s no doubt, that in the secret world of spies and terrorists, CIA agents will often pose as members of al-Qaeda, and what we see or read in the media could simply be deliberate misinformation. In the book ‘Holy War INC’ the author devotes several pages on America’s connection with bin Laden, and how it came about that American Stinger missiles landed up in the hands of the Iranians, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda itself. The author also deals with of the CIA bungles, and the misinformation circulating in the Western world regarding Osama bin Laden. Anyone who, after reading this fascinating and informative book, and who still believes that al-Qaeda is a mere myth, needs their head examined.

Before I continue, I would like to publish the punch-line of this post right now, and not wait until the end, where it normally goes. If anyone has to ask me what the hell is going on here, -- why are people killing one another, have they all gone mad? My answer would be short and simple:

We are all caught in the crossfire, in a war that is raging within the structures of the Synagogue of Satan --- God Help Us!

The main reason why I’ve decide to write about this subject, is because South Africa will soon be hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup, and security-issues surrounding this event are on everyone’s lips. With America planning on sending 30,000 more soldiers into Afghanistan, the traditional hideaway of Osama bin Laden and location of the founding base for al-Qaeda, it makes sense to ponder the role al-Qaeda will be playing in these games (pardon the pun).


I have chosen to use data from Peter Bergen’s book ‘Holy War INC – Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden’ because Peter Bergen is a reputable terrorism analyst, and also one of the few Journalists on this planet, who knows who the mysterious bin Laden is.

Peter Bergen is a national security analyst for CNN. He has travelled repeatedly to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to report on bin Laden and al-Qaeda. His most recent book ‘The Osama bin Laden I Know: An Oral History of al-Qaeda's Leader’ - (Free Press, 2006), was named as one of the best non-fiction books of 2006 by The Washington Post.

In 1997 Bergen interviewed bin Laden in person with former CNN journalist Peter Arnett in Afghanistan. In the same year, Bergen produced bin Laden's first television interview, in which he declared war against the United States for the first time to a Western audience.


Al-Qaeda has evolved into a global terrorist network with cell groups, operating not only in the Middle East , but also in the UK and several western countries. To complicate matters, --- al-Qaeda members have split into faction groups who operate under various names. In the war torn African country of Somalia for example, a hardline Islamic militia group known as ‘al-Shabaab’ have been largely responsible for most of the death and destruction taking place there. Al-Shabaab is nothing more than an al-Qaeda-inspired militant group.


According to officials in the Somali government, hundreds of foreign fighters have joined the insurgency from countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Gulf region and Western nations such as the United States and Britain. Some of the foreign jihadists have taken up leadership positions in militant groups including al-Shabaab.

One American national of Somali origin was killed while fighting for al-Shabaab in Mogadishu in July. Also in July Australian police arrested four men linked to the group, raising concern it may be seeking targets outside Somalia.

On September 17, al-Shabaab insurgents struck the main African Union military base in Mogadishu with twin suicide car bombs and killed 17 peacekeepers. Rebels said the bombing was revenge for the U.S. killing of Kenyan-born Salah Ali Saleh Nabhan, a most wanted al-Qaeda militant.

Al-Shabaab has threatened to strike Uganda's capital Kampala and Burundi's capital Bujumbura because both nations contributed troops to the 5,200-strong AU peacekeeping force AMISOM. Source -- (Reuters)

I was busy typing this article yesterday when I heard the news that a suicide bomber reportedly disguised as a woman killed 19 people, including three cabinet ministers, at a graduation ceremony for medical students in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. This happened on Thursday, 3 December.


The name ‘al-Shabaab’, which incidentally means "The Youth" in Arabic, has also popped up her in South Africa quite recently.

On Monday, 21 September this year, an al-Qaeda splinter group (later identified as al-Shabaab, by certain media sources), telephoned the US embassy in Pretoria and apparently gave detailed plans about alleged attacks planned against several US government buildings in South Africa. The US embassy and USAid offices were among the buildings identified as being under apparent threat.

To me this doesn’t make sense! Why would a terrorist phone in to warn of an impending threat ahead of time? Nevertheless, the warning led US government installations around South Africa, including the US embassy in Pretoria, to shut down for two days. The South African Police stated that additional security measures were immediately put in place. These measures included the deployment of static police units to the US embassy and consular-general offices in Cape Town and Durban. Click here for the full story.

Then on the other hand, when you start thinking like a terrorist, the motive for a pre-warning becomes crystal clear....
It is a clever strategy which guarantees the mobilization of more military personnel in and around the targets the enemy has identified. The pre-warning informs the recipient which targets are going to be attacked, but a specific date is never given.

Al-Qaeda has employed this same strategy in the past, and Peter Bergen’s ‘Holy War INC’ mentions several examples. However, in most cases preventive measures were never taken, --- the warnings were ignored!


South Africa’s National police commissioner Bheki Cele, has recently stated that security plans for next year's FIFA Soccer World Cup meets “International Standards and have been used as a benchmark by the United Nations”, although he did not explain how. Source:

To date, 90 percent of available tickets for the 2010 Soccer World Cup have already been sold. Outside South Africa, the United States has bought 84,103 tickets, followed by the UK (48 388), Germany (25 112), Australia (17 876), Canada (11 662), Switzerland (11 045), Japan (10 558) and Brazil (8 006).

I do not wish to cause panic, and it is my sincere wish that this soccer event will be an enormous success. All I know, from taking a fleeting look into our recent past, is that ‘International Standards’ and the presence of UN forces have not stopped al-Qaeda from planting bombs in strategic locations. These extremists are always one step ahead. To them, the so-called ‘International Standards’ of the civilized world mean nothing! The al-Qaeda threat is thus a REAL threat for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, and for obvious reasons our National Police Commissioner can never admit this openly in public. Even if this event was held in the USA, there can be no guarantee that terrorists, or any other lunatic for that matter, will not strike and cause havoc.


There resides in the heart of the Islamic fanatic, a burning hatred towards the United States of America. The US government provokes disgust and revulsion in their minds, simply because US actions have caused the death of millions of their followers, which includes, among others, an estimated 500,000 Iraqi children who died as a result of UN sanctions on Iraq in 1990. The motive for every single attack planned by al-Qaeda has always been revenge, and to die or commit suicide for the cause is the ultimate honour, --- an extraordinary spiritual experience, nothing more and nothing less!

In March 1997, when Peter Bergen held his interview with Osama bin Laden in the mountains of Afghanistan, in a small hut with a flickering kerosone lamp illuminating the faces of Arabs and other dark-skinned Africans, --- Bergen, in his final question, asked bin Laden about his future plans. Bin Laden replied: “You’ll see them and hear about them in the media, God willing.”

It’s all good and well that precautions for the FIFA World Cup next year will keep criminals and soccer hooligans outside South Africa’s borders, but what about the hooligans, the criminals, and the extremists who are already living among us, -- inside our borders? There is no full-proof technique that will ensure the safety of the public nor the competitors during these games. Security officials thus have no option but to watch the crowds like hawks, and to treat every single spectator like a potential suspect.

I will definitely not be attending this event. I cannot stand the sound of that stupid thing they call ‘the vuvuzela’. I’m also convinced that the horrible sound this thing makes, will scare off the most hardened terrorist!

What does it sound like? Try this wav file from


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Just for the record...
Osama bin Laden was killed by US forces in Pakistan.

The mastermind of the September 11th terrorist attacks of 2001 and the world's most wanted man for almost a decade died in a hail of bullets fired during a helicopter assault led by US Navy SEALs.

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