Monday, November 30, 2009

16 Days Of Activism – A Worthless and Destructive Cause!

The 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children is a United Nations campaign. It takes place annually from the 25th November (International Day of No Violence against Women) to the 10th December (International Human Rights Day). It is the eighth year that South Africa is taking part in this global event, but every year the violence continues to spiral out of control, simply because primitive savages living among us don’t read newspapers, and neither do they surf the internet. So the bottom line is, --- this stupid campaign is another white elephant, a futile waste of money and energy! This year the campaign
will cost the South African taxpayers over R3 million – View full report here.

Although this campaign appears to support a worthy cause, with the aim of eradicating from society all forms of violence against woman and children, it is in fact, nothing more than a shrewd scheme, designed by the Synagogue of Satan.

If this statement shocks you, then please allow me to explain…

Satan and his brood of vipers are intent on destroying the sacred consecration of marriage, --- and even more so when children are involved! The United Nation is but one organisation, whose ultimate aim is to endorse the works of satan. Yes, I know this sounds like a crazy conspiracy, and that the modern liberal-thinking individual seriously doubts the existence of satan or God, --- but stop and think rationally, just for one second!

Ask yourself: --- “Why do these modern-day sentiments exist?” The answer is not complicated: Satan is a shrewd little snake, -- always alert, always scheming, and forever devious, one step ahead, every step of the way!

Before scheming any evil plot, satan will first calculate how to deal with his opponents. The basic plan is very simple:-- Win as many souls as possible, and scorn those who refuse to follow. Hence, you will find that in this modern age, Christians and other religious folk who still believe in Christian family values, are often scorned and ridiculed for their beliefs. Regrettably, this has led many Christians to take the passive route, and to follow the majority like blind sheep. The activists and extremists are quickly labelled as “lunatics”, who belong in a mental asylum.


This global campaign, with over 2000 organizations from over 154 countries participating, was carefully designed to coincide with the most important ‘family’ month of the year.

December is a time when families wind down. Schools close, and many families prepare for a time of relaxation and family-bonding. It is also the month of Christmas, a traditional Christian holiday. In most Christian societies this is also a time for forgiveness and reflection, --- and a time for New-Year resolutions. People tend to sort out their differences and plan new strategies, preparing to turn a new leaf, so to speak, when the New Year begins in January.


There’s no doubt that December-month is also a very stressful time for many folk. It is a season of madness, a time categorized by over-expenditure, and over-indulgence. Liquor stores make record sales, and drug-dealers make a killing during this time. The police services have their hands full in December to combat all sorts of outrages behaviour, ranging from reckless driving, to aggravated assault and also murder. The majority of so-called ‘domestic’ cases involves the excessive use of alcohol. Ask any policeman on patrol if you don’t believe me! Alcohol or drugs are involved in 99.9 percent of all cases involving domestic abuse or family violence.

The 16 Days Campaign places an enormous strain on Police Services, because the requirements of the ‘Domestic Violence Act’ compels them to take immediate action, no matter how trivial the incident may be. To complicate matters, The Act has considerably broadened the definition of ‘abuse’. A small family quarrel can thus easily end in a family tragedy when the police arrive to lock up the wrongdoer, which in most cases, is usually the male head of the family.

It is thus no wonder that December-month also happens to be the time when divorce cases escalate to new heights. With an astonishing 52% of all first marriages (in South Africa) ending in divorce, one would think that the government would at least spend a small portion of the State Budget on promoting the benefits of a united happy family, -- the joys of fatherhood, motherhood, and how important it is for the wellbeing of our children to grow up in a happy stable marriage. WHAT? The government wil never do such an outrages thing on a grand scale, because it flies directly in the face of what satan is trying to achieve. Families must be destroyed. The head of the family must be separated from the main body, --- at all cost!


The impulsive answer to this question, is YES campaigns are sometimes necessary, in order to restore the balance of ‘normality’ in certain sections of our society.

I think it was the wise Mother Teresa who said that one should not support any Anti-this or Anti-that campaign, but that we should rather focus our energies on positive thoughts, in other words, --- on taking pro-action. The 16 days campaign focuses on the negative. It draws our energy towards the ugly side of humanity, creating the impression that we are all inherently evil, and that you’d better be cautious when dealing with that friendly chap next door, because he may just be out to rape your wife or sexually abuse your child, the very moment you turn your back.

Millions have been spent world-wide on promoting this campaign, but in reality it does very little to encourage peace and stability in our societies. The problem just escalates every year, promoting the concepts of mistrust and fear. The ever-popular concept called, “The Law of Attraction”, perfectly illustrates the point I’m trying to make.

Sometimes the devil unwittingly exposes his own flaws. While we have ‘democracy’ on the one end telling us that we are all equal and that we all have rights, we have on the other hand, numerous examples to prove that this is far from the truth. The ‘16 Days of Activism’ is one of many world-wide (United Nation) campaigns that conflicts directly with the various diverse cultural groups in our societies. Any right-thinking civilized man, whether he is a Christian, a Muslim, or an Atheist, knows deep in his heart that it is wrong to behave in a violent or abusive manner. Any man with upright morals will go out of his way to protect their woman and children, and many will gladly give their own lives to protect others.

But then, on other side of the scale you’ll find the primitive savage, with his primitive cultural beliefs, living among us. This savage has absolutely no regard for human life or dignity. They wil rape, plunder and slaughter to their hearts content, and THEY LIVE AMONG US! They will rape babies because their primitive beliefs have convinced them that this despicable act will protect them from AIDS, and yet, they live among us, PROTECTED BY OUR STUPID DEMOCRATIC LAWS, which adamantly persist that we are ALL EQUAL. The ‘16 Days of Activism’ should have been directed towards this Scum-Of-The-Earth, --- but it is not! WHY? Because it would be considered RACIST – that’s why! Clever little bugger this devil, isn’t he?


The Domestic Violence Act, plus the Firearm’s Control Bill, works hand-in-hand with the ‘16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children’. It was carefully designed to work with these two Acts. The police are constantly reminded by their managers to adhere fully to all the requirements of this Act when cases involve woman and/or children.

In reality, the police don’t really need extra laws to empower them, or to take action against the cowards who beat their woman or kids. (The police need laws to protect THEM, when they shoot the bastards!) For centuries, assault, rape, crimen injuria, etc.. has always been a criminal offence! The same rules apply when children are molested. Moreover, the rights of women and children are fundamental human rights entrenched in and protected by our Constitution, a fact that every policeman is well aware of.

It so happens, (and I have insider info regarding this), that during the 16 Days of Activism, the police confiscate a record number of LEGALLY OWNED firearms. The chances that the offender will ever see his firearms again, are rather slim, even if he is found not guilty. Furthermore, in South Africa these confiscated firearms tend to mysteriously disappear from police stations, and land up in the hands of the murderous savages. In March 2009, the press reported that the SA Police Service had lost 8286 firearms over the past three years. (Click here for more details regarding this pathetic state of affairs).

Obtaining a protection order is a relatively easy process. It’s also a free service provided by the State, and only requires the ‘applicant’ to make a short statement under oath, to set the process in motion. Once the order is made effective, the ‘applicant’ is then empowered to call upon the ‘Troops of the Nation’ as soon as any stipulations in the order are contravened.

In most cases the victims of abuse are not aware how much power the State has placed in their delicate little hands. They are simply told that the police will protect them and will lock the offender up as soon as a transgression occurs. “Don’t worry the State will protect you!” What they don’t tell the applicant, is that the lawbreaker will loose all his firearms (standard procedure in all cases), and that he will spend a night, or maybe an entire weekend, locked up with stinking savages in a flee-infested cell before appearing in court. The officials also don’t tell the applicant that once charges are laid, the State can refuse to withdraw these charges, even if the victim insists on it. (This rule does not seem to apply when celebrities are involved.)

The sinister motives of satan and his cronies run very deep….

It works on the following principle:-- Let us create a dysfunctional society, then give them enough rope to hang themselves! And while we’re at it let’s take away all their hard-earned money as well!

The Family-Law court-system here in South Africa and in many other parts of the world are poorly equipped to deal with these issues. In fact, the entire system is geared towards destroying families, both financially and emotionally. Millions and millions of rands are spent annually trying to find ‘democratic’ solutions, but time and time again, year in and year out, solutions are never found. While the true reasons behind domestic violence (drug abuse and excessive alcohol consumption) are totally ignored, --- the chaos continues to spiral forward, uncontrollably. All that is left at the end of the day are more broken hearts, broken families and more fatherless children. --- and oops, I almost forgot to mention the legal firms (divorce lawyers) who are growing richer by the day!


Minister Mayende Sibiya, (Minister of Women, Youth, Children and People with Disabilities in South Africa), said: “The continuing incidents of violence necessitates a review of the arrangement and program around fighting gender based violence and child abuse that have been implemented over the past ten years.”

I cannot agree more with this statement, but guess what Minister Sibiya? Solutions will never be found no matter how much time, energy and money is spent on this issue! 16 days of non-violence, no rape, no child abuse, no sexual harassment. --- What in this savage country? NEVER!

I refuse to wear your stupid white ribbon, because the real perpetrators don’t have a cooking clue what it means! BUT, if I catch a savage molesting a child or abusing a woman, you can be sure that I will rip his bleeding heart out with my pocket knife, and shove it down his throat! I do not care whether your demoncratic laws will protect me afterwards, or not!


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