Friday, September 4, 2009

RACISM – it hurts my eardrums!

I wish I can write about something more positive and uplifting, but unfortunately I cannot do so while I witness my beloved country South Africa grinding to a halt.

Ignoring the newspapers and other mass media is a good starting point if you wish to develop a positive and happy outlook on life, but lately even this simple technique cannot guarantee that you will keep your sanity.

Indications that this country is on the verge of collapse are everywhere! The walls started cracking 15 years ago, and every little crack in the wall, no matter how small, was blamed on the apartheid system --- pronounced “Apart Hate”.

The white, God-fearing Christian rulers back then took the diplomatic peaceful route thereby avoiding full-scale warfare and much bloodshed. One doesn’t have to be a genius to figure out that millions of innocent people, majority black, would have died if a war did break out back then, but yet the majority of blacks in this country still cannot grasp this fact!

A war is fuelled by the flames of hatred, which then leads to provocation and finally retribution (revenge). If the flames of hatred are left burning then surely peace cannot prevail. Apart Hate has slowly malformed into a new kind of hatred called RACISM! This word is broadcast endlessly and at every opportunity, and it’s becoming a real irritation to my eardrums! I happen to be tuned into 702 Talk Radio most of the day but when Redi Direko comes on the air (in the mornings between 09:00 and 12:00), and starts her racist claptrap, I prefer to listen to the “Sounds of Silence” for three hours.

Fuelling the flames of hatred

How exactly the flames of hatred are fuelled is a subject for another posting, but here are a few pointers:

Top positions in government were given to blacks, but they stuffed things up, --- totally and completely! The majority of South Africa’s 283 municipalities are in a state of paralysis and dysfunction, due to mismanagement, corruption and outright incompetence. Even the capital city (City of Tshwane) was recently forced to take out an overdraft of R1.2 billion after it was unable to pay Eskom, Rand Water and others for services rendered. This fact, on its own, does not add too much fuel to the flames of hatred, but when the mayor of Tshwane, Gwen Ramokgopa, openly lies to journalists, stating that the council is NOT in a financial crisis and that municipal services would NOT be disrupted, --- now THAT FUELS HATRED, --- particularly if the water supply to my home and the electricity keeps shutting down for no apparent reason. This has also happened recently in the suburb of Newlands, a small “upmarket” suburb near Menlyn in Pretoria. No one seems to know why, and one can only presume that it has something to do with the major upgrades taking place here in preparation for the 2010 world cup.

Blacks were given jobs in local libraries, post offices, schools, -- you name it! The wheels started falling off the very moment these posts were filled, but when you complain about bad service you’re a RACIST! They seldom tell you this in your face, no, --- they wait until one of their kind, like Redi Direko, comes on the air and then they loudly proclaim to thousands of listeners how racist white people are. THIS FUELS HATRED!

Libraries and Post Offices are Closed!

Local libraries in many suburbs have been closed at irregular intervals. This has been going on for months now! The majority of these libraries do not have telephones and other essential equipment to function properly. Vast amounts of books in many libraries have also been stolen or thrashed by African baboons.

Operations at many post offices and mail centres throughout the country have virtually ground to a halt. At this very moment (while typing this) dozens of striking post office employees are protesting outside the Labour Court in Braamfontein. There have been reports of striking workers intimidating and attacking people at a nearby post office. Windows have been smashed and buildings have been vandalised. (I’ve just learned that the Labour Court has granted an interdict stopping the strike at the Post Office. The interdict prohibits the striking workers from coming to within 500m of Post Offices and Mail Centres – Source)

The signs of collapse are almost too many to mention here, and it’s an undeniable truth that the colour “black” features most prominently in all this.

Besides the uncontrollable violent crimes happening on a daily basis, committed mainly by blacks, we also have mutinous black soldiers protesting outside the Union Buildings, masses of striking black workers all over the country, black owned minibus taxis threatening violence against the new bus rapid transit (BRT) system, …. and so on! Then out of the blue when the story popped up about the Canadian government granting refugee status to a white South African, what happened? The whole thing was immediately branded "RACIST" by the South Africa's ruling party (ANC).

There are already allegations of “excessive force” used by the police during the protests at the Union Buildings. Imagine if those policemen involved were all white! Not only would they have been labelled “RACIST” --- they would also have been dragged off to a disciplinary hearing! The Khulumani Support Group would most likely also have stepped in later to claim damages on behalf of the soldiers.

I’ll end this posting with a little humour:

The farmer and the baboons...

Long ago there was a farmer who owned some land. He was near bankrupt and the banks refused to loan him any more money unless he came up with a good crop. He was an upright man who never touched alcohol in his entire life! He had a small plot of mielies. It was his last hope. But, a few days before the crop was ready for harvest a large troop of baboons suddenly made their appearance on his land and caused havoc on his farm and also in the mielie field. The farmer tried everything to get rid of the baboons. He fired shots in their direction, but that didn’t help much. He then fired more shots and killed a few but that only made the baboons angry. They left quickly but returned later with more baboons. This time round they were even more aggressive and more arrogant. They broke down all the fences and gates and scared away the two last remaining cows on the farm.

The farmer didn’t give up – his livelihood was at stake! He set a trap and managed to ensnare one baboon. He painted the baboon white and let him loose among the rest of the troop. The plan worked like a bomb! The entire troop of baboons took off like bats out of hell, followed by a confused white-coloured baboon who tried his very best to catch up. They had hardy reached the boundary of the farm when they realised that the white baboon was one of their own. They savagely attacked the white baboon by ripping his intestines out. The white baboon died on the spot and the troop returned to the farm.

The farmer was devastated when he realized that his plan had failed and that the baboons were now intent on destroying everything else on the farm. Feeling quite depressed, he took his last savings and purchased a case of cheap whiskey. He sat on his front porch while sipping the whiskey – neat out of the bottle! Finally, after polishing one bottle the farmer got up, opened another bottle – took a large swig of neat whiskey, and in a loud voice he proclaimed: “You guys are welcome to stay here and do whatever you want! Tonight I am going to drink this land dry --- from right under your very feet!”

Afrikaans: -- “Vanaand suip ek hierdie plaas onder julle gatte uit!” Okay, I think it’s time for a glass of red wine now!

Stay tuned for my next posting, which will attempt to explain why things have gone so hay-wire in this country. My next posting will also expose the real culprit responsible for this chaos.


Uncle Cracker said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks for the heads up on SASUCKS. Nice post TM. I like the Tolla van der Merwe style Afrikaans humour at the end. Hehehe.

They just call us racist, because it is a synonym for WHITE. It is their way of calling us "Kaffirs".

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