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Extraterrestrial Contact


20 September 2009

I’ve noted from the Live FeedJit Stats on this blog, that many visitors from the USA are landing on this article. I’m most grateful for the increased traffic this article has generated, but I’m not quite sure if my visitors are getting the message that this whole business is a SCAM. The so-called, “Planet Balqui” photographs, which Ken Adachi, and Don Nicoloff from BBS Radio claimed were taken on another planet, were stolen from photo-sharing sites on the internet.

When I originally posted the article (see below), I took on Ken Adachi’s open challenge when he stated, “I challenge anyone to designate the location of the volcano seen in one photo, or the location of the mountainside community in the first photo. For that matter, the locations of any of these beautiful photos.” He also makes reference to an unusual species of tree, not seen on earth.

About two weeks after I published this post, a visitor to this blog (see comments to this post) exposed the “Planet Balqui” scam, and also provided the direct links to the photo-sharing sites, proving that all the photographs were taken here on planet earth.

I immediately contacted Ken Adachi, Don Nicoloff, and also the people at BBS Radio, requesting an explanation for this. It’s been more than a month now, and I’m still waiting for a response from them. Meanwhile, --- they have continued selling the scam, using Jesus Christ’s name, mixed with typical “New Age” doctrines. Be careful!!!!!!!! This is not mere entertainment, --- in fact, it’s not even amusing at all!

Here are the links to the actual sources of the “Planet Balqui” photographs:

Winter 4

Winter 5
This is an iStockphoto of Mount Fuji from the south, at dawn.

Another photograph of Mount Fuji.

Winter 10
This is the amazing photograph of the alien tree. It was photographed in Poland here on our very own beautiful planet earth.
The same location in Poland, but taken during summer.

Southern Hemisphere Balqui?
No, --- in actual fact this is Nicaragua, planet earth!

Balqui-Northern Hemisphere-22?
This is Russia, Middle Ural, Chusovaya river, --- planet earth!

My original post (24 July 2009).....

This story is way out of Africa!

In fact this story originates about 41842.9 kilometers (26.000 miles) above Africa from somewhere in outer space.

Many months ago I bookmarked a site called and as the months went by I would occasionally pop in to browse some of the articles published there. The articles covered a wide range of controversial and interesting topics, some of which take some time to explore and to absorb, --- hence my reason for book-marking the site.

This week, after a long absence from my computer, I decided to catch up on some reading and landed on an article concerning extraterrestrial contact, which I found by clicking on the “Current News” section of the educate-yourself web site. I’m one of the many souls on this planet who, apart from a belief in a Higher Entity and/or Creator of the Universe, don’t easily fall for anything that my eyes cannot confirm. I’m also quite aware of the fact that there is a lot of bull-dust, smoke, and rotten filth, floating around on the Internet and that one must keep an open mind when viewing the stuff.

Although there have been many weird stories about ET’s, this specific story about extraterrestrial contact is a reasonably fresh one, and apparently occurred on 29 May 2009, during Don Nicoloff's radio show, “Evident Footprints” on BBS Radio, a live Internet Talk Radio Network based in California, USA – where else? I am not exactly sure what BBS stands for, but in the descriptive language of Afrikaans I believe that an appropriate name world be, “Blerrie Baie Strond”. English readers can figure out that one all by themselves – sorry I don’t run a translation service on this blog!

The story is basically as follows:
While Don Nicoloff was interviewing Jim Murray, a researcher, inventor, and scientist, --- a caller who introduced himself as General Jeremiah suddenly appeared on the radio waves. The call came in near the end of the show and the show was apparently extended to accommodate the sudden appearance of this bizarre intrusion. The so-called General, who spoke in a perfect Southern American accent, informed listeners that he was from the United Galactic Federation and that he was calling from a large spacecraft called the Alliance, located 26,000 miles above earth. Yes, I know this sounds totally unbelievable, but read on….

Evidently it was not the first time that Don Nicoloff had been in communication with General Jeremiah, but it is the first time that the General had ever gone public by formally introducing himself on the air and talking about the United Galactic Federation, explaining that their members come from a federation of 574 planets. He said the Federation was overseen by a group of wise men, 21 elders, who typically lived a life span of more than 500 years. The General said that his group began to visit earth on a regular basis about 33 years ago (ca. 1976).

It also came to light that this so-called General was not of extraterrestrial origin, but was born right here on planet earth. During the subsequent interview he mentioned that he was able to speak several languages and that he had access to highly advanced technology and sophisticated communication devices that were beyond description. He claimed that they “The Alliance” had the most highly advanced intelligence network in the galaxy and that they have been monitoring the governments on earth for some time.

He also mentioned that he was able to establish that approximately 2 million people were listening to the radio show at that very moment; ---- This included about 10,000 listeners who were residing on the “Alliance” spacecraft at the time. He also explained during his call, that the other members of the crew and the members of the United Galactic Federation's 574 planets are also humans, just like you and I.

The entire mp3 audio file of this wacky interview can be downloaded from the direct link at the end of this posting. In my opinion the entire show was designed to promote Don Nicoloff’s radio show, and to create the impression that his show was attracting a very large audience from various countries. In my opinion, it’s all a load of nonsense, a very clever hoax, -- but go-ahead, listen to the interview and decide for yourself!


If you’re a Christian who believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ I caution you to be open-minded when listening to the interview. On second thought, --- maybe you shouldn’t even bother downloading the 28.4MB file at all! The interview is conducted in a civilized manner and many refined references concerning Jesus and The Messiah are made by the commentators. The notion that Jesus made His appearance on 574 planets in our galaxy is strongly promoted by the man called “General Jeremiah”. He also states that we (on planet earth) crucified Jesus. His reference and manner of speech implies that we, the people living on this planet, should feel guilty about this. It’s a load of crap --- BEWARE! There are also “unsubstantiated” references to the fact that vast numbers of human beings have already populated the Moon and Mars. This bit of info almost had me switching off my media player, but my curiosity urged me to continue listening. There’s plenty of talk about love, respect, peace, and other stuff that may appeal to the average God-fearing individual, --- but don’t be fooled by all that! Also, --- the voice of the man who calls himself General Jeremiah sounds a bit authoritarian, i.o.w. – a typical government and/or military official, which makes me wonder who exactly is behind this hoax?

If this was meant to be entertaining then I’m afraid that the use of the name Jesus – The Messiah is in bad taste!


The planet Balqui photos are the sole reason why I’ve decided to publish this story on this blog.

It is alleged that a couple of days after the radio show call-in, General Jeremiah sent Don Nicoloff a number of photographs that show outdoor scenes from a planet called Balqui. The photo album on Don Nicoloff’s web site displays a total of 26 photographs. I have displayed only 4 photos here that appear somewhat extraordinary.

Ken Adachi, the editor of the web site, admits that the scenery appears very similar to what we might see on earth. He also claims that there is something surreal and sacred in the topography of these photographs, but in my opinion the photographs are not as fantastic as he proclaims them to be. There are numerous locations on planet earth with similar topography and there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever in these pictures to prove that the photos were taken on another earth-like planet somewhere in our galaxy.

With a bit of Photoshop beautification any photograph can be transformed into something surreal. Ken Adachi has proclaimed an open challenge to anyone who can disprove the validity of these photographs, but the man makes no attempt whatsoever to provide the originals, --- nor does he make it easy for anyone to contact him. He states, “I challenge anyone to designate the location of the volcano seen in one photo, or the location of the mountainside community in the first photo. For that matter, the locations of any of these beautiful photos.” He also makes reference to an unusual species of tree, not seen on earth.

Well my dear viewers, I don’t know how you feel about this, but I’m always ready for a challenge – no matter how imbalanced it may seem at this point in time! Follow the direct link to these photos at the end of this posting. After you’ve viewed and analyzed the pics please come back here to leave your comments.

I have already identified a couple of flaws in some of the photographs but these flaws are not enough to disprove the wild claims made by Ken Adachi. The only way to disprove the fact that these photos were taken on another earth-like planet is to find the exact same location on planet earth. When you view the pics please bear in mind that the people living on the hypothetical planet of Balqui are supposed to be highly advanced beings who use anti-gravity cars that fly.


The various photographs are in an assortment of different pixel sizes and some are framed, which already tells me that they were manipulated by graphics software.
Several photographs depict typical “commercial” man-made pine forests. Why would a highly advanced society need wood or the byproduct paper? Other photographs depict a poisonous plant that resembles Digitalis purpurea ‘Foxy’ – a plant that only flowers in summer. There are also a few aerial photographs of farming land which, when enlarged, clearly show dirt roads and divided plots of land that one would typically find in many rural communities on planet earth, and not in a highly advanced society.

I repeat --- The only way to disprove the claim that these photos were taken on another earth-like planet somewhere in outer space, is to pinpoint the exact same location on planet earth. If this is a scam, let’s expose the truth and start searching!


The web site: Educate-Yourself

Direct link to article:
Extraterrestrial Contact ~ Don Nicoloff's 50 Minute On-Air Conversation with the United Galactic Federation from 26,000 Miles in Space on Friday, May 29, 2009 (June 7, 2009)

Download mp3 audio file here (Warning - 28.433KB)

View and Download Planet Balqui Photographs

Home Page BBS Radio

Don Nicoloff - Evident Footprints

Web site: Direct Light Productions

Legal Stuff:
The photographs of Planet Balqui are courtesy of the United Galactic Federation, Galaxy of Hendon. © 2009 by Don Nicoloff / Direct Light Productions (Lol)


Jacqueline said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

It's not April the 1st is it ?

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


Ken Adachi, the editor of the web site,, has revealed that there has been a second call-in from General Jeremiah of the United Galactic Federation. This occurred on July 28, 2009 on Don Nicoloff's BBS Radio show -- Evident Footprints.

Highlights of the interview can be viewed at the following direct link:

I’m extremely sceptical about all this. There also seems to be a deadly silence on the Internet - regarding this issue. With 1000000’s of bloggers out there in Cyberspace one would expect a blizzard of comments to emanate from this news. When I registered a daily Google Alert for, "Planet Balqui", the only single response I received was my own article from this blog. This is really weird!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Download said photos, then go to the website,, an image search engine, and feed it the photos, you will find that these were mostly swiped from photo sharing sites. A lot of them are HDR photos, which is why they look 'mystical' You will find the tree photo in context - somw sort of willow covered in frost. And the mountain is a stock image of Fuji. Duh.

Not only are you being duped, there are likely copyright infringements here.

Sorry, I would post the links, but can't copy/paste to this comment box.



Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

BTW, I am of course a member of the illuminati, and have gone to great lengths to post these photos on web sharing sites under various aliases to discredit General Jerimiah. I am part of a vast conspiracy of course - the only reasonable explanation. I mean, that makes the most sense right? LOL! What a bunch of nutjobs.


Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks to Peter, --- Ken Adachi, the editor of the web site, "" and his cronies at BBS Radio have finally been exposed!

They're not only a bunch of "New Age" weirdo’s, but they’re also a deceiving, lying bunch of thieves who stole the so-called Balqui Planet pics from photo sharing sites on the internet.

Peter supplied me with the following info and links -- the actual sources for the photographs:

Winter 4:

Winter 5:
It is obvious when you look at google earth, this is Fuji, from the south, at dawn. You can see the road running up, and the draws are very distinctive. I suppose Aliens could have built an exact replica of Fuji, I mean if they can build a 30mile long spacecraft, why not?


Winter 10:
same place in summer:

Southern Hemisphere 4, actually nicaragua

Chusova river...?

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

I listened to both broadcasts and my intuition was this was a hoax. The reason I listened to both was because the site contains quite a bit of information that has been uncovered by various resources and seems to be legit.

Over the years though I have questioned the credibilty of this site and Ken Adachi. I think he is a disinfo agent of the likes of Val Valerian (aka John Grace), author/editor/publisher of Matrix books and website.

A couple of observations from the two shows:

General Jeremiah, didn't seem to possess the intellect to command a ship of 26,0000 beings.

First broadcast there were 21 elders presiding over the Federation. Second broadcast in July there were 24 elders...hmm.

Then there was the question having the most advanced technology in the Universe but relying on Don Nicoloff's sleuthing and fact-finding skills just in case...

Oh, and after 3 YEARS the General and Company think they have created a way to neutralize chemtrails when Wilhelm Reich technology has been doing it for years...WTF??

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

re: "decieveing lying bunch of thieves" is possibly a bit harsh. I think rather that they are, like my favorite breakfast cereal, just flaky and nutty. I think they believe this nonsense themselves. As for the previous post, Wilhelm Reich and chemtrails technology? If you believe that, I have some metal shavings embedded in resin to sell you at about 400 times what it cost me to make them. LOL! Yeah, I got yer friggen orgone generators right here! Real nice, Half price!

Now worship me as your reptilian overlord!


Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

As a Black South African, I take exception to the veiled racist thrust of your blog. Yes blacks are at the forefront of the "conditioning" for a one world communist government. Hence THEIR dumbing down. Hence the wars and manipulation by foreign forces of the continent. Agree, Black people need to take more responsibility for their continent, and stop blaming whites. I also agree that Afrikaners were as much victims of the system foisted upon them by Cecil John Rhodes, Oppenheimer, Rotchilds. The Boer War and the suffering of woman and children was vicious. In all freedom struggles there were always whites on the side of Blacks(Slavery, Segregation). White people in Europe were duped to fight wars of conquests on behalf of their masters(secret societies).

I used to think that people researching the NWO were only rightwing fanatics. But Black "leftwingers", such as Immortal Technique, Professor Griff, are exposing the same NWO.

Which says one thing, if "rightwingers", white patriots talk about a secret government, and black "leftwingers" talk about the same thing(and reject Obama by the way), then they must be on to the truth.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Are these guys thinking their audiences are all 6th graders or what? Can't believe Don, Ken, and the "general" are talking nonsense, with such seriousness on their faces!! What's wrong with these gentlemen? This is definitely more hilarious than the Two Men and A Half!!!

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

They are all a bunch of "New Age" fanatics, who smoke too much pot. The sad thing is that they actually believe themselves.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Contacted Ken Adachi through his site telling him about the photos being stolen from the various photo sites. Never received ANY answer from him.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

An update on this situation:

Don has posted some information on his website concerning our efforts to point out that this nonsense is in actuality... well.. nonsense. It is really an amusing read.

Turns out that the person we thought took the pictures actually stole them from Ken, and back-dated them to 2006! This was determined through "forensic examination"

I am the Canadian they refer to, or one of them anyway. I had sent an email that was not terribly rude explaining what I had found. They didn't have to "track me down" because I gave my name. Personally I can't wait for them to "expose" me! lol!

I hope they don't send any deadly orgone my way! Or maybe General Jeremiah will nuke me from orbit!!!

Here is the link: enjoy!

Peter (the pathetic intelligence agency-sponsored puny-brained evil minion)

P.S. I am sweating....

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Thanks for the update Peter!

I’ve been away for a few days, hence my late response.

Strange that they did not mention Africa as one of their “traceable” sources!?!

I wonder how long they’re going to let us sweat? (lol)

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Dude, time to move out of your moms basement.

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Please check out the latest posted photos by Don Nicolof of the alleged UFOs and chemtrails - an absolute fraud and scam in my opinion.
It seems Don thinks his audience are idiots and will fall for his con game. How much is he making off his show?

Anonymous said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

Greetings - if we might re-kindle this thread, below is a copy of a post made elsewhere a week ago:

Ken Adachi has posted a purported letter from the General, with his claim of being the UFO captured in the recent Dome of the Rock videos, to True Ott, who has some favor in the alternative community (you must know).  It contains a story even less plausible than the Galactic Federation/Balqui schtick.  He writes in a rather “girly” (!!!) manner – I can say that, I’m female – of how he and his crew celebrated after defusing an incendiary device.  No small feat, but strange that a man of his supposed caliber and extraordinary experience would highlight such a thing, especially in this way.  He then goes on to relay a less recent incident of being shot at while in his yard, saved only by the fortuitous impulse to bend for a rake at the precise moment of would-be impact.  Alright with me so far, such things do happen.  But it’s the follow up comment of how the airborne craft “covering him” – which, despite its other-worldly prowess and powers including superior psychic attunement somehow lacked the capacity to anticipate and prevent the equivalent of a garden variety, street thug driveby – took retaliation on the assailants by reducing them and the Caddy they drove (pretty low tech for interdimensional enemies, ay?) to a molten clump.  And then, says the General to Dr. Ott, he deposited the remainder of the unsuccessful hit men on the steps of the Whitehouse, sure it cracked them (with its weight, presumably), appended by a sarcastic note to POTUS.  Ooookay.  

So we should believe that a dude who’s vulnerable enough to get (almost) knocked off in his own yard can make it all the way to Barry’s door with an unwieldy object that would probably require a crane for us mere mortals to transport, and, in this post-Patriot Act era, summarily dump it with enough force to do surface damage, and live to tell about it.  Bro, if you got it like that, and you’re here to help We the People, just change the regime, already.  

Maybe you’ve posted over there already, but this whole Gen. Jeremiah thing has long been roundly trounced in the ATS fora.  I think Ken Adachi maintains an interesting compendium of information, but has a screw loose.  I’ve checked in intermittently since he began his site. Believe though I’d like, that 26,000-mile phone call from space was also a bit much for me.  I’ve written Mr. Adachi, too; he doesn’t answer me, either.  

His appearances on Don Nicoloff’s radio show are too regular and numerous to be interviews, as he mischaracterizes them.  Now that they’ve added ZS Livingstone to the mix, it’s become a two-hour bloviator fest.  What punishment, trying to find the morsels of wisdom buried in 120 minutes of these slow-talking deep-thinkers.  I appreciate his passion, sometimes even his insight, notwithstanding his rabid homophobia.  I might have reserved judgment a while longer, except that he further cheapens the dialog with his all-caps virtual shouting, misspellings, and impatience with conflicting analysis.  It seems too juvenile for an enlightened, septuagenarian, retired marine, if I have his bio right.  

Tia Mysoa said... .....Click here to refresh this blog

From an anonymous source :

After reading this posting, especially the discovery by Peter @ August 11, 2009 5:30 PM

I sent an e-mail to Ken Adachi which he posted at the bottom of this page:

Ken demanded more proof, which I eventually found and sent to him, but he refuses to print it.

So, here it is, are you ready?

"The Mountain on Planet Balqui"

is obviously... (drumroll please)...

Mt. Fuji from the Southside

Not that it matters in our everyday lives, but I just thought you might be interested in knowing that little fact.

Well, back to more important things, like hugging my wife and children.


Anon :-)

Jolie Angel said... .....Click here to refresh this blog


They created a fictional story around this photos.

General Jeremiah and the Balqui Planet NOT EXIST!!!
Please stop spreading this nonsense!!!
The pictures circulating on the Internet belong to the series of Nature by Photographer Piotr Tamborek and can be enjoyed in his portfolio and
some criticism about this Balqui Planet can be seen in
All photos are copyright the photographer Piotr Tamborek, and may not be used without written permission.

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