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Why our democracy is a farce

In the closing paragraph of my previous posting, Memoirs of an Apartheid Cop, I committed myself to answer a few questions which, among others, included the reasons why the so-called superpowers in the USA and the UK allowed a Marxist government to take over the reigns in South Africa. I always had a rather simplistic viewpoint on this issue, but when one takes into consideration the complexity of the whole matter and the many role-players that were involved in the political clutter of events, I realize that I have embarked on an almost impossible mission. There is simply no way I can express views and provide sensible answers in simplistic and concise terms without generating scope for more debate and more questions, --- especially in a blog post where one would like to keep things short and to-the-point.

Readers who are interested in a quick 16-page crash course are welcome to read the excellent and objective article from the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, written by Richard Cummings in 1995, about one year after South Africa’s first democratic elections. Visit to view this article.

My primitive views have always upheld the notion that the influential Oppenheimer crowd and their dealings in diamonds and gold had a lot to do with the handing over of power to a Marxist ANC Regime, but when one starts digging for facts it doesn’t take long to uncover a mountain of muddy evidence which clearly indicates that Western “prosperity”, and economic self-interest were the real reasons why the structure of apartheid had to be discredited and dismantled at all costs, even if it meant that full-scale warfare was going to happen sometime in the future! In the eyes of the western world it was totally unacceptable that a handful of white people could be allowed to hold so much wealth, power, and prosperity. How dare they?

While digging deeper and sifting through the rubble of falsehood and deception, fleeting images of a global conspiracy kept flashing through my mind. Eventually I was unable to ignore the awareness of a “New World Order”, --- and the deeper I dug the more realistic and sensible this perception became. The philosophy is simple: Create chaos on a global scale, present solutions to these problems and make lots of money in the process. For the plan to work you need masses of half-drugged, hungry, stupid people living in fear, --- because half-drugged, hungry, stupid people living in fear are easy to manipulate and abuse. And that’s exactly why South Africa was handed over to a bunch of Marxist, low-class, criminals, --- all in the name of so-called “democracy”. Can you understand now why this country is in chaos?

There is no perfect man-made system of government. Unfortunately, there never will be! The only systems that can really function well and that can maintain a reasonable peaceful society are those who uphold strict moral and sober principles, governed by leaders who set an example, and who encourage citizens to live moral and sober lives. The apartheid system, with its man-made flaws, secret Afrikaner Broederbond society -- and all, tried very hard to play the role of God in a complex social order characterized by groups of different ethnic races, cultures, and beliefs. I can recall the days when organized sport on a Sunday was forbidden. In fact, all forms of public entertainment were forbidden on a Sunday. No shops were open on a Sunday. No one forced you to go to church on a Sunday, but that specific day was reserved as a religious holy Sabbath day because God commanded it to be so. You did not dare cut your lawn on that day. Most pubs closed long before 12:00 midnight, and there weren’t many of them around in those days. Religious instruction in the Christian faith was a compulsory subject in all schools; --- I will never forget the day when Mr Biggs, our Religious Instructor at an English High School, gave me six-of-the-best with his polished cane because I neglected to do my homework. Even the teachings of the evolution theory were forbidden in schools because it was considered to be non-biblical.

Let’s get back on track …

There is no doubt in my mind that during the tedious process of dismantling apartheid “God” was also dispelled from the system. Why else was the phrase, "In humble submission to Almighty God," eliminated from South Africa’s new constitution? Millions of people all over the world did not perceive the triumph of Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress (ANC), as a desirable event, but their voices were soon made silent when politicians and the media embarked on a mission to boost Mandela’s status to the heights of sainthood. See the article, “Mandela - The Legend and the Legacy” for more info regarding this issue.

Western leaders not only failed to recognize the independence granted to self-governing territories (Homelands) for different black ethnic groups in the country, but they also failed to appreciate the innate conservatism of some black Africans, and their willingness to work with white leaders. The fact that South Africa has one of the most complex ethnic patterns in the world, which among the black population alone includes groups such as the Khoi-San, Xhosa, Zulu, Ndebele, Sotho, Shangaan, Venda, Tswana, Ndebele, Swasi, and Pedi, --- appears to be an aspect that the western powers “conveniently” never wanted to accept or understand. These Homelands, which were all in a natural process of transformation and development, ceased to exist on 27 April 1994. In the name of democracy all these unique and colourful ethic groups were absorbed into one pathetic “Rainbow Nation”. Can you see the logic behind the New World Order?

Just throw the whole bunch of conflicting cultures and beliefs in one steaming pot and then sit back and watch the drama unfold!

Apartheid doctrines taught that each black population would eventually achieve maturity as a nation, just as the Afrikaner people had done, but instead of encouraging growth and development among these different black tribes and their Homelands, the USA and their cronies proceeded with their attempts to break the country economically by imposing sanctions, while discreetly and covertly funding the Communist-backed ANC movement. What a bunch of hypocrites! I shudder to think how much money was channeled towards the procurement of Chinese and Soviet arms and ammunition, and how much death and destruction was caused by this. The liberal media has been ominously silent on this issue. Why?

For several years after the first democratic elections in April 1994, South Africa’s poverty problems and high crime rate was blamed squarely on the “disastrous” apartheid policy. Fifteen years later, the majority of the country’s citizens, including an ever-increasing number of white Afrikaners, are still living in poverty, and the crime rate is among the highest in the world. In fact, social problems have escalated to uncontrollable heights. Drug abuse in South Africa is twice the world norm. 237 000 South Africans are totally dependent on drugs and will feed their addiction at all costs. 1.97-million South Africans are alcoholics. Alcohol abuse and drug addiction cost the economy R20-billion a year in accidents, injuries, assaults and medical treatment. If you don’t believe me view this source.
Should we still blame apartheid for this?

My patience is running out!

I’ve been extremely patient these past few years, hoping for some miracle to occur, but at this very moment in the year 2009 I am thinking, “What am I still doing here? I’m sick and tired of listening to all the liberal democratic crap about how we should stand together as one nation. Why? What are we going to achieve? The mighty evil forces behind the “New World Order” have already “covertly” infiltrated and infected every single segment of our society. They’ve been doing this secretly for years right under our very noses. Ask yourself this question: For what reason would a South African secret society called the Afrikanerbond (previously known as the Broederbond), which has been operating since 1918, actively support the dismantling of the official policy of apartheid? The answer is here. (Sorry, but it appears that this link has been removed!)

Racial tension, hatred, crime, greed, debt, poverty, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, fear, you name it, --- are all tools of the democratic trade. Stop and think for a moment. Why are these problems escalating in every single country where democracy has been introduced? Don’t be fooled by the fact that there are dozens of systems, laws, and procedures, in place that are combating these issues. In fact, most laws that were recently implemented for seemingly beneficial purposes have only served to contribute towards further confusion, turmoil, and fear. Prime examples of this in South Africa and other democratic countries in the world are the Firearm’s Control Bill and the Domestic Violence Act. Both laws work hand-in-hand to serve a common more sinister purpose, but the majority blindly continue to support it. The Firearm’s Control Bill effectively pacified the small rightwing threat and also disarmed the vast majority of law-abiding citizens in South Africa, leaving them vulnerable and exposed to armed criminal gangs. The Domestic Violence Act has made no significant change in protecting our woman and children from violence and abuse. In fact, this ridiculous one-sided law has destroyed thousands of families. It has left thousands of innocent men homeless, unemployed, and alienated from their kids. “You cannot see daddy ‘cause his a dangerous lunatic!” Even insurance companies are depicting men as dangerous, high-risk, individuals. It’s all part of the global plan to dehumanize and emasculate men, the customary head and father of the family, --- and to ultimately place this responsibility in the “incompetent” hands of the State. The sacred consecration of marriage has become an absolute farce in democratic countries. It’s a well-known fact that in South Africa, divorce has become a multibillion-rand industry.

Every year, between 25 November and 10 December, billions of rands are spent on a campaign promoting 16 Days of activism for no violence against women and children, but every year the problem just escalates. Have you ever wondered why? Who are the real perpetrators here? The real perpetrators are the godless, immoral, scum-of-the-earth, who were created by a godless evil government system that in fact promotes emotional, psychological, and economic abuse in our societies. And they have the nerve to create a law that, among others, states, “Physical, emotional, verbal, psychological and economic abuse constitutes Domestic Violence.” What an utter farce!

I started writing this article with the purpose of explaining why the so-called superpowers in the USA and the UK allowed a Marxist government to take over the reigns in South Africa, but it seems that I have touched on a few aspects that are influencing societies globally. Although a lot more can be said to clarify and support various issues, I do believe that I have answered the question. I’ll leave it up to you the reader to do your own research. I hope I have not discouraged my South African readers from voting in the upcoming elections on 22 April. If you have any doubts I encourage you to read my previous post, “Be careful who you vote for”.

God bless!


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Profound Glenn - Your site looks absolutely terrific. Your skills as an analyst haven't diminished since your top cop days in Forensics. Writing about it is much better than sitting around waiting for your arteries to harden. Jax

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2Ch 7:14 and My people upon whom My Name is called, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then I shall hear from the heavens, and forgive their sin and heal their land.
The word of God has all the answers.

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